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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Superheroes have long ceased to be a hobby just for children and geeks: today almost everyone has watched at least one superhero movies. And it doesn’t matter who you prefer, Marvel or DC, because the characters in both universes are cool enough to have fans. But Internet rule number 63 says that any male hero must have a female version. In the form of amateur art, cosplay or even an official version, created by the authors of the original character; but the source is not so important. So, how do the female versions of popular superheroes look? Let's find out.
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Eftihis AstoXoC (9 days ago)
Magnitos daughter actually exists "Polaris" *source is down below* (maybe some spoiler too if your are new to the show) in a show named "The gifted" -is kinda crossed with X-Men saying about them but not showing anything-
James Cournoyea (13 days ago)
Change your video title...... cosplay bs any hero could be changed omg bs video. Hey here’s a video idea “superhero’s that could be animals you didn’t expect” and stick figure draw them.... would be on par with this shit.
Lego Guinea pig (13 days ago)
I am a super hero fan in marvel bolth DC
zeep geek (14 days ago)
4:24 when ur out to buy d!ck resulution enhensers but your outbof money
Lucas Lindell (14 days ago)
What about superman and supergirl from arrowverse
Fahd Mtb (14 days ago)
Female virgins
Epich Tex (15 days ago)
If I made a movie with all these actors it would not be a comedy ;)..... LMFAO 2019 SORRY FEMINISTS I JOKE
Marc (14 days ago)
It's Ma'am
Black Trump (15 days ago)
Hulk smash me!!!
Chrismatt Gardner (15 days ago)
Pepper's armor was called Rescue
Evelyn Mackenzie (15 days ago)
How about woman hero's as male?
Ryu Esguerra (15 days ago)
Does anyone notice where the arrow is pointing at the thumbnail Wth
naveen charakhwal (15 days ago)
Can you please tell me where you pick the music for every video.
Rexx Bailey (15 days ago)
Justin Sloan (15 days ago)
I'm sorry but did anyone realize that the female Green lantern cosplay was just cosplaying as another Green lantern it's not even like a female version of Hal Jordan
Dear Mr Who (15 days ago)
Monthly magazine for women https://www.facebook.com/Monthly-magazine-1286343534854623/
༺ DANNY ༻ (16 days ago)
6:08 I can totally see Shuri taking this role in the MCU. She's just as smart, if not smarter than Tony. She'd be the perfect character if they ever decided to go that route.
Factions_Creeper (16 days ago)
3:55 Stan Lee cameo, he will be missed.
alireza pasandeh (16 days ago)
PlayMoreZeppelin (16 days ago)
A female hulk... Michael Kelso invented that!
Michael Klump (16 days ago)
The female Thor was literally created just to push a fourth wave feminist man-hating agenda and should be de-canonized from the lore. Then again, so should most of Marvel Comics' stories from 2015 to now, as they're filled with just as much toxic political propaganda, Riri (ree-ree) Williams and emasculated Peter Parker, included.
I'll Be back (16 days ago)
Amazing video
Adrian Blom (16 days ago)
all the new Marvel characters suck ass.
Adrian Blom (16 days ago)
every women is Hulk ones a month.
Tye Cranton (16 days ago)
Jennifer Walter will NEVER replace the original but at the same time we desperately need a live action of she Hulk, stunning looks with a great booty is optional
Coffee (16 days ago)
I always expect it. Damn feminists
Rex Kenley Tan (16 days ago)
There is a female aquaman who was killed by Bryce Wayne, aka The Drowned. aka female Bruce Wayne
Solus White (16 days ago)
HULK EASILY SMASH SHEHULK... all the way to bonetown... Hulk actually looks like a "hulk", shehulk just looks like an over sexualized part-time bodybuilding green waman... compared to hulk she looks weak.
f150bc (16 days ago)
so now its done men as women and women as men ,now that makes werewolf look tame not really you see its the beast in us as a super hero ..even Superman had his female type but then he was always Superman not woman.Be sure of who you are and that will make you a super hero.
Kid Buu (16 days ago)
I'd smash hulk female
General G (16 days ago)
Where the fu** was Batman?
Southern Reble (16 days ago)
Where’s petscop 2
fox (16 days ago)
Oh sith hulk did it with his cousin DAMN!
swaggy g (16 days ago)
make petsop 2
Epic HL (16 days ago)
Wtf where is X-23
Sauce God (16 days ago)
A female hulk? Imagine hulk having a daughter or son with his power. Imagine that movie
Uriel Marcos (15 days ago)
It’s his cousin
Dimetri Drossos (16 days ago)
oh god
sponge fan (16 days ago)
Iallisios (16 days ago)
Testosterone decline in men over last decades... https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0076178
official kill (16 days ago)
So tits and hair
Favour French (16 days ago)
All the female versons look thick
Veny Tiware (14 days ago)
Ryu Esguerra (15 days ago)
Sparky_ Raichu27 (15 days ago)
Favour French no no you mean THICC
Arpit Jha (16 days ago)
RIP Rest In here Please.
The thor girl is sexy
Daemon Blackfyre (16 days ago)
This is stupid. I was expecting something like when Tony Stark was turned into a women. Not heroes with female counter parts. Loki isn't a hero.
Josh Birdsong (16 days ago)
Made on my birthday
gustavo fonseca (16 days ago)
Defec Tec (16 days ago)
Y tho
Mathew Williams (16 days ago)
Syed Jawad Ahmad (16 days ago)
I Love your voice
EUROPHOBIA (16 days ago)
(((Super heroes)))
Daniel Lewis (16 days ago)
Why in the shit do the movies change the characters so much? Especially the costumes.
Mr. Gameplay (16 days ago)
Pretend i said something funny and like my comment thx
a really cool bro (6 days ago)
HAHAAHAHAAHAAA. You are the funniest person I have ever seen on facebook.
Daniel Lewis (16 days ago)
8:13 the eyeliners is a dead giveaway that it's a woman.
Daniel Lewis (16 days ago)
Too lazy to create an original female superhero, huh?
Misty Shadow (16 days ago)
I’m not first but I am 110 Can I get a like?
Chris (16 days ago)
Isaiah Hollinshed (16 days ago)
all I need to say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA1mbZ_MMh8
Satyadeep Borah (16 days ago)
Feminism brother feminism
stunt masters (16 days ago)
Loki is not a superhero
The Brazilian Guy (16 days ago)
She attacc She protecc But most importantly... SHE HULK!!!
The Brazilian Guy (16 days ago)
+Chris Ah... Do i have to explain? r/Woosh is from Reddit website, r/Woosh is referring to people that don't gake jokes, people use them to mock other people... Also, google this, he protecc, he attacc meme... C'mon... I'm feeling like a normie explaining this...
Chris (16 days ago)
+The Brazilian Guy Clearly I have not seen that meme; just like I have no idea why people insist on putting that stupid "r/" in front of woosh when they write it.
The Brazilian Guy (16 days ago)
+Chris r/Wooooossh I know how to spell those words, and even more.. it's a meme, memes don't need to be grammatically correct.
Chris (16 days ago)
+Frank Ferreira I guess I just don't get it. How is bad spelling a joke?
Asim Malik (16 days ago)
It is all about money baby! Super heroes who don't make much money to sell out seats at cinema and merchandise get their story changed for more💰💰💰💰
stein (16 days ago)
Why you didn't include superman and Supergirl because ?
ROBLOX Girl16 (16 days ago)
Is it bad that I’ve never seen one super hero movie
Oni (16 days ago)
Just wait for the Feminists to see this
Lucifer (16 days ago)
U forgot She-venom and spider-women 🤣🤣🤣
Frank Castle (16 days ago)
Stop fucking up Marvel
shaharyar nadeem (16 days ago)
I love all female version :P
Lucifer (16 days ago)
RIP Stan lee
Jaylan Hilliard (14 days ago)
+MR.handsome 80085 lmao
Jonathan Arnasalam (15 days ago)
I can't believe that he died he was my favorite
June Cash (16 days ago)
MR.handsome 80085 wow it actually says Star Trek Federation University and some other stuff like..... Sir, That's Freakin Ugly (polite form), Shut the Freak Up (polite form), and more. Thanks 😁😃😄.
MR.handsome 80085 (16 days ago)
+June Cash just Google it 😀
DarkSide Blues (16 days ago)
Male characters being replaced by women versions, and we are shocked? I don’t think so. The misandry is strong in today’s society. It’s expected.
Dimetri Drossos (16 days ago)
Why are all of them supposed to look as hot as possible? Like really
Dimetri Drossos (16 days ago)
+Ricardo Aguina ya and because to girls the male superheros probably look hot as hell to lol
Ricardo Aguina (16 days ago)
Why not
Nathan Tedros (16 days ago)
raztubes (16 days ago)
Why are most of the male ones super jacked? Why do people ask stupid questions? We'll never know, I guess...
The Brazilian Guy (16 days ago)
MaLe FaNtAsY I guess...
Ak Channels (16 days ago)
Wow verry nice video...
Emedi Sheba Bin Bawili (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/dO3DMC1GJ-g https://youtu.be/sOfBsbLbFU0
Chris (16 days ago)
Spam isn't cool. You have been reported.
L VR (16 days ago)
No... just NO!
Youraverageweirdo -.- (16 days ago)
dab walker (16 days ago)
Hero Hunters Database (16 days ago)
I reccomend to watch the Aquaman film, i really enjoyed it
DarkSide Blues (16 days ago)
Hero Hunters Database I bet you aquawoman would smell like tuna.
kai-kun nightstep (16 days ago)
gatzooks (16 days ago)
Umm yeah no... we already saw how they butchered ghostbusters.... how about just for once they stick to actual female comic characters or better yet make their own... it’s not about if they look good or not, it’s about trashing legacies from generations of fans. Doctor who is already trashed in one season.....
Michael Klump (16 days ago)
gatzooks Samantha Lytton Get woke, go broke.
Dreadnaught 1270 (16 days ago)
Or what if it was the same Doctor just given another resurrection I mean it's one of the series main plot points no need to make it kill off a beloved main character that started it no need to pass down the torch to the feminists and shit on another beloved series because name one famous series where the main character was a female that passed down the torch to a male character if you can I will be shocked.
gatzooks (16 days ago)
Samantha Lytton exactly doctors daughter would have been cool, so many different opportunities.
Samantha Lytton (16 days ago)
Exactly I loved Dr who until this season I wish they would have done a spin-off with the Drs daughter instead or even one with lady me
Fulham FC (16 days ago)
We are only remaining 11 months and 24 days till 2020...This year is going fast
feature shoot (16 days ago)
Hulk lover like hear
A woman can't do a man's job
Zan Vandeventer (14 days ago)
GAMING MACHINE (tankionline) ikr
+TOSHI DESAI VIDS I'm not kid you are u idiot
Kawwai 3; (15 days ago)
disagreed \(^∇^)/
Black Trump (15 days ago)
No don't be sexist!!! Your mom's a woman.
My Guy (16 days ago)
yolanda Kikou (16 days ago)
Dimetri Drossos (16 days ago)
What about male versions of female superheroes? Oh yeah its 2019
Dimetri Drossos (9 days ago)
+Hà Anh Trần um yes i would but at least nowadays who gets away with rape? and have you ever thought that just male super heros were made first because and this is a fact, male bodys are superior for physical combat and the first thing people think of when they think if a human that is lifting buses of people and flying to defend a city is a man and only because of the feminist movement now there are very strong female super heros.
Hà Anh Trần (9 days ago)
+Dimetri Drossos But let's see, the female superheroes you just mentioned ARE the female version of male ones =)))) and true, I am a feminist, but I don't support lying, at all. But put yourself in women's shoes at least once, if you are brutally raped and no one believed you or even listen to you, would it be devastating?
Dimetri Drossos (9 days ago)
+Hà Anh Trần oh no, ok yes there are female super heros here are just a few Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Power Girl, Supergirl.yes there are female super heros and in fact wonder woman in most cases is way to powerful for who she is like and in wonder womans movie the world was full of higher level beings aka women and the swine, the easly seduced by power, the inferior race were males now if that doesnt sound sexist i dont know what is! i dont know any super hero movie that made women into a disgusting and shameful gender! tbh you sound like a feminist and i dont like how feminists think and how they think that women are always the victim. did you know that women nowadays accuse men of rape even tho they did nothing?! and the judges believe them without any hard proof!! that is truly disgusting! and the fact that some people think its ok in there stupid heads that they can go around saying a man just raped me or sexually assaulting them for the man doing nothing!
Hà Anh Trần (10 days ago)
do you even see female superheroes :))) or is it a man world :v
Dimetri Drossos (14 days ago)
+Michael D Knowlton be gone thot
Kingdom_Of_Cool (16 days ago)
This is great
Jason Irelan (16 days ago)
I'm a DC Comics reader, and Green Lantern is my favorite, and they've had lots of females wearing power rings. Take care and God loves you.
•Hunny• (16 days ago)
I'd let that female hulk smash anytime lol
Black Trump (15 days ago)
Green pussy your way. Lol
The Brazilian Guy (16 days ago)
John Cena: Are you sure about that?
Gabriel Jimenez (16 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Krystian Trebacz (16 days ago)
( 0???)
Brenda Bravo (16 days ago)
How about shocket
ZarterBoy (16 days ago)
Jason Irelan (16 days ago)
We get a She Hulk. Take care and God loves you.
*Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great. :)*
I eat penis because (16 days ago)
Oh god no
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
I eat penis because sub for a sub
VUF Berlick (16 days ago)
Shoot, more Its.......
Spongebob SquarePants (16 days ago)
Superheros have now *trans* form
Chris (16 days ago)
+Shangrilla I have seen you reply this on so many comments. Why don't you try something original; like creating original content to attract subscribers? I am willing to bet it will work better that begging for them.
Solus White (16 days ago)
Oh wow so does that mean the transformers are just former trans pipple?
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
Spongebob SquarePants sub for a sub
Archie 89339 (16 days ago)
Video posted 1 min ago what the
Erin Crowther (16 days ago)
Wanna hear a joke... Me too
se jay (14 days ago)
you wanna hear a joke your life
Michael Klump (16 days ago)
Erin Crowther I get it; you're the female version of being unfunny. Wait... Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy already exist, though.
Solus White (16 days ago)
... but I don't get it o.O
Erin Crowther (16 days ago)
Shangrilla ok sure
Blue bacon Lightning (16 days ago)
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
Joshy Jordan sub for a sub
Woahhh hulk looks different in the start
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
10k subscribers with no videos??? Sub for a sub
Awesome 8589 (16 days ago)
: )
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
Awesome 8589 sub for a sub
jhierho 18 (16 days ago)
I looooooovve your vidios
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
jhierho 18 sub for a sub
Weird Nate (16 days ago)
Shangrilla (16 days ago)
Weird Nate sub for a sub

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