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The White Slave Ep 1

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“The White Slave” because Blood is the Same Color, is a production which narrates the story of Victoria, a woman who everyone knows as a marchioness who arrived in America to marry a prosperous merchant from the region. However, the truth is different, because years back in that same city, she was rescued from death and raised in secret by some slaves who became her family. She was taken from the arms of her loved ones and sent to Spain because according to the society of the time, a white woman could not live with slaves. Victoria is an indomitable woman and she will come back pretending to be someone else to seek justice and liberate her family. This woman is determined to face anyone who gets on her way to free her loved ones from slavery, confront her parent´s killer and reunite with the man she would give her life for. For Victoria everyone is the same color which is why she won’t rest until she claims justice and become heroin. The series has the highest production values, like movie optics with f55 cameras and impeccable art work. The lead role is interpreted by renowned Spanish movie star and Goya award winner Nerea Camacho who is accompanied by a luxury cast with Spanish actor Miguel de Miguel, Venezuelan actor Luciano D’Alessandro, Cuban actor Orian Suarez, Panamanian actress Miroslava del Carmen and Puerto Rican Modesto Lacen, among others.
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Rose Morgan (1 day ago)
AJ W (1 day ago)
Okay I kind of had to stop watching after the master whipped his slave and then started making out with her. And she seemed like she was cool with it. I find it a bit disturbing. It's never portrayed like that in North American slavery.
Huy gonorrea
E-Leazy (8 days ago)
This is more racist than white people taking on black slaves
Binta L Drammeh (13 days ago)
I have been following this movie on a channel called joy prime but is a very interesting movie
Phil L (14 days ago)
Whites were the first to end slavery in the lands they controlled. Judging Whites for having slavery is like judging someone for having a b-hole - everybody has one and every culture had slaves and some still do. Never mind that Whites were enslaved in America and still are today in the sex trade internationally. Never mind that 22% of free Blacks and 25% of Jews had slaves in America, we will only judge all Whites for this institution though at anytime in America only 1 to 5% of Whites had slaves - and that's pre European immigration of the late 1800's. Never mind that Whites invented democracy, liberalism and the unprecedented Bill of Rights. How did Whites get freedoms? - they invented them. They were not handed to them - they fought a personally financed war. Why didn't Whites give rights and freedoms to other people after they earned and invented them? Well, why didn't other cultures give them to Whites? Preexisting empires of the Chinese, the Arabs, and the Egyptians did not give freedoms to anyone let alone Whites. On the other hand Whites have pioneered giving rights to the world. Whites have created societies where anyone of any stripe or creed can come and succeed in systems invented and founded by Whites - and you can even hate Whites while enjoying this unearned privilege and have advantage over them. It is time that White culture be recognized for their absolutely unprecedented accomplishments as it relates to human freedoms. Whites are held to a standard that no other people are in an area that they actually have the best record in human history - unbelievable!
Riyad (21 days ago)
British killed million of brown skin Asian human too.....
Liota Rose (25 days ago)
He really whipped her then tried to smash lmao heck no
Liota Rose (9 days ago)
+BlackWoManIsGodOf AllPeopleOnEarthGetOverit nah i dont partake in ass whoppings and sex lmao
💅 it can happen 2 u too baby
Aicha (25 days ago)
2019 anyone??
Nirasha Perera (26 days ago)
Today America is shouting about Human rights , but they have punished ppl very cruelty.
Dead Mouse (1 month ago)
i'm disappointed..like ALL "The White Slave" shows it was turn to black slaves and nothing more of "The White Slaves" was done but a interracial relationship. guess i'll keep searching for actual The White Slave videos
jim Schlabach (1 month ago)
Lord aziz Mutairi (1 month ago)
I think Black are always savages! That’s the true.
Heather Graham (28 days ago)
+mo Gabriel Dude, saying that most of the evil committed in this world is by whites is just as ignorant & untrue as saying blacks are savages. Get your head out of elitist controlled education & mainstream media, it's a double edged sword. Evil has been being committed by all races for a long time farther back then THEIR education & fictional Hollywood movies will show you. And FYI, the elitist controlled world is about bloodline, not race. Many races are a part of those families so if you are worried about "equality," no worries, they hate blacks & whites equally. They just have set us up differently and have different agendas in how they use us.
mo Gabriel (1 month ago)
I don't hear me saying whites are savages eveb those most of the evil of this world are committed by whites
Victor The great (1 month ago)
Some of those Africans were muslims with Arabic blood 🌹
الحياه الانسان محمد فرج
Sparow Hawk (1 month ago)
Please could someone tell me where can I watch part 2.3.4 or other parts(English subtitle)
Gabrielle Cohen (1 month ago)
ExploringWithJennyO (1 month ago)
What kind of SHIT is this? The Slave Master whips the hell out of the female slave and then she wants to have sex with him??? Seriously? This is so wrong on so many levels; which is why many people seem to have a romanticized view of slavery. Female slaves were raped; which means they did not have sex on their own free will. I see elements of BDSM in this movie and that mixture should never be, especially when dealing with something as serious and REAL as slavery of the African people and diaspora. I am very disgusted and did not watch this film at all once the man and the slave were conspiring to have sex as if she is his Mistress. People are being taught wrongly. This is what happens when some white person tells THEIR perspective and offer their written narrative of slavery. I am disgusted; which is why I have been making my own films now and books to offer up the African American perspective and history as well. Plus I don't usually post a comment on channels like this, but I felt it necessary and maybe this comment will be deleted. It is just wrong to mess around with people's actual history.
Iria346 (1 month ago)
This is sick. He tore up her back by whipping her then he wants to make love to her. I would have scratched his eyes out.
Just Normal (1 month ago)
Iria346 you don’t get it
mufasa hunter (1 month ago)
95% of slaves want to South America
Andrea Mendenhall (1 month ago)
mufasa hunter true
Brodka Brodkal (1 month ago)
Beautiful movie! History shows how many mistakes we should avoid. Slavery was so unfair! God Bless all people! White, Black, any color!
Kathy Lucas (1 month ago)
Is there another part to this.? I really want to see it
Johari Thomas (1 month ago)
It's on Netflix under the title "La Esclava Blanca"
Cedric Smith (1 month ago)
Slavery is awful, and sad. I feel terrible for Thomas and the rest but that is messed up for Thomas.
Emma king (1 month ago)
Dónde la puedo ver completa ..está buenísima
Musagiki Michael (2 months ago)
Omg I can't blive this whites are so 😠😠
Nichole Tysoe-Short (2 months ago)
29:49 lol this is my time mark for when I pick this back up tommorow 😂
Nichole Tysoe-Short (2 months ago)
Moral of the story: we all bleed red.
Jazeerakiko Jaziira (2 months ago)
This movie is so so good 😊 please can we watch other episodes please 😍❤️
張鴻宇KennethChang (2 months ago)
Han is the best ethnic group.
anonymous anonymous (2 months ago)
"I'm yours, master." CRINGE
Evan Shore (3 months ago)
I wish I had a slave servant that would do anything for me and I could rape at anytime
Mythical Vigilante (3 months ago)
15:15 What is Cenk Uygur doin in this movie?
Jason Mares (3 months ago)
Silverbacks at its best
Jason Mares (3 months ago)
One word....( MAYATES)
Butter Pan (3 months ago)
Slavery and the truth is on this page https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MBHL9GF
Anthony West (3 months ago)
The full show is on Netflix you guys and it is so good 😀
Don't you worry British one day you also will become beggers.
Andrea Mendenhall (1 month ago)
Raja Hindustani already have!!
AiDie (3 months ago)
Episode 2??? I'm.watching on 26.12.2018 and this vid published in 2016. Still no episode 2 with English subtitles?
Promise EDEN (5 months ago)
I this telenovela in Brazil this is a spanish language version
Fel (4 months ago)
This is a Colombain Telennovela, Spanish its the original , in brazil in portugues its the alternative languegue version for that market.
Air After (5 months ago)
Hispanic black men, oml
Tatrice Flowers (5 months ago)
Wish you HAD English version.
PW Fountain (5 months ago)
Why is this so leave shit even on here still? And this is my Brazilians come to America and have racism towards black people. The women won't even date black man because of this shit!! This needs to be taken down!!
Lennise Fuller (5 months ago)
Saw it on the Telemundo channel and the name was in spanish with English subs❤
Fel (4 months ago)
The original is in Spanish, its a Colombian telenovela.
Lennise Fuller (5 months ago)
I saw this some years ago where's part 2?
veronica k (5 months ago)
White people are blue eyed devils...they are the most eviliest people in the world! Those are facts!
veronica k (5 months ago)
+snej Sjsj oh wow! You racist cunt! So that makes it ok? That they where treated better? Ignorant trash! Think before you speak..you piece of garbage!
Pink Cave Woman (5 months ago)
Oh good God. More slave shit. Whites need entire series about when AFRICANS AND MUSLIMS ENSLAVED US. SO WE CAN CRY CRY CRY. 😂👍
Chris Aldarmaki (5 months ago)
He really loved Sara
Tatrice Flowers (5 months ago)
It is disgusting how the European snow chimp romanticize such a tragedy in our history. Rape,murder,molesting,enslaving,kidnapping,seperating families,stealing our land's etc. The European snow chimp are very sick beings. And even today they murder black men women and children rape,kidnap,molest,steal from us etc and do it with no remorse.
Pradeep Kumar Sahoo (5 months ago)
Europeans are very bad people
MissCoco Brown (3 months ago)
+Miz I agree..the Africans was selling their people to the Arabs...the Europeans jumped on the bandwagon and started enslaving Africans and made it the worst slavery in history.
Miz (3 months ago)
+MissCoco Brown Scared to admit that your own people sold you guys off as slaves huh
MissCoco Brown (3 months ago)
Yes they are the devil
Thrasher209 (4 months ago)
You are very racist. Europeans have been enslaved back in history also, so dont put the evil of slavery on white people when its been committed by all types
Hanby Gang (6 months ago)
white peoples are devil
Ambriya Bachemin (6 months ago)
I'm in love with this show
Ambriya Bachemin (6 months ago)
+Omar Bonilla sadly you can only find the English subtitles on Netflix!
Rusik Qeniyev (6 months ago)
Zor kinodu
Urban News Today (6 months ago)
Black Chicken Unchained https://youtu.be/RGUajXOwUrQ
Tammantha Shaw (6 months ago)
Yes slavery in the West Indies/South America was just as cruel. Hatiti fought back and rebel and ended slaverly in 1803.
Tammantha Shaw (6 months ago)
Thank you for loading this in English, but could you please upload all the series in English transformation, I really would appreciate it. I saw all the series on you tube, but it was in French, I would really like to hear it in English, I still enjoyed it though.
PRINCE KYEI (6 months ago)
I really enjoyed watching all episodes on Netflix
allah hu akbar (6 months ago)
I have 15 slaves...slavery is a good practice...we must have 10 slaves
Cecilia Andersson (7 months ago)
What about episode 2 ???
Amara Villalobos (7 months ago)
x. Seraphina lol .x (11 days ago)
Yes yes yes
LYDIAH WANJOHI (1 month ago)
Please do.
Rylyn Rodgers (2 months ago)
letspoursomecherrywine (2 months ago)
guleet (2 months ago)
Can you upload the whole series on U tube ?
imaginary world (7 months ago)
Oh my god how brutal they were .What the hell with their humanity to tie them in ship like this.Fuck you all bastards for giving them so much pain to these innocent people.
An An (7 months ago)
Vanessa Botin (8 months ago)
Lucy Espila (8 months ago)
Difficult to watch!
Shevandy 55 (28 days ago)
Lucy Espila Exactly.
x. Seraphina lol .x (8 months ago)
Next episode?
ambarish kumar (9 months ago)
Proud to be black skinned.No colour would exist without black
Rollin Testigo (9 months ago)
Good HD
Alex Johnson (9 months ago)
Oh my lord why he burn the whole place down omg what did I just watch😭
Maïmouna SY (9 months ago)
les autres episodes sont sur 6 play a la rubrique stories
Esmée (10 months ago)
Svp je veux revoir un feuilleton colombien sur une plantatuon de café mais moderne j ai oubliè le titre
Flip Schram (10 months ago)
Rinsophy shimphrui (10 months ago)
Where is episode 2?
kpop BTSfever (10 months ago)
Why the title is *the white slave* when it's black and brown people who are being punished for everything and anything?
kpop BTSfever (10 months ago)
8:21 what the hell ? She's the one who made her drop the dishes on purpose 😕😐 but she's getting angry at her?😔
guleet (2 months ago)
She is a slave ! what do you expect !!
Genesis4:21 (11 months ago)
Good film. but The music is not fitting al ALL.
Shan Khokhar (11 months ago)
episode 2 ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Juan MARTINEZ ROMERO (11 months ago)
what king of 12 years of slave it's this?
sebatian (11 months ago)
@10:35 I'm confused....!!!!
Mbali Shongwe (11 months ago)
where is Episode 2?
lola bibop (11 months ago)
i'm very proud of my colour.we are so dashing.i really love this serie😘😘😘😘💞💞👌👌👌
TimelineProvision TP (11 months ago)
where did they learn words such as Naive and merchandise??? who made this film?
Johnson Moje (11 months ago)
Johnson Moje (11 months ago)
Baby TT (8 months ago)
anderson vasquez Bullshit black people live in every part of the world dickhead!
Juan fernando Jattin (9 months ago)
Johnson Moje in Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Jamaica, and more countries in America there are many descendants of Africans and many have music and customs, food of Africa
Juan fernando Jattin (9 months ago)
Johnson Moje This series was recorded in Colombia and is a true story. This series is not from Mexico, in Mexico there are no blacks, in Mexico most people are descendants of Indians (tribes of America). in Colombia there are many descendants of Africans and in Colombia they speak African languages, we even listen to African music, here there is no racism, here in Colombia there are multiracial couples.
Fel (11 months ago)
Its a Colombian Produccion. And Yes in South America ther are Black people too.
Lee Quincy (1 year ago)
One of the movies i watch and tears roll down proud black woman
keekee Comrie (1 year ago)
I hate films like this because it glorifies slavery black women gets bit, but loves the slave master European fantasy obviously
Panditch _ZA (1 year ago)
Dont dislike whites just becuase of those people in that time they are the one's that give us bad name not all of us are like that
MissCoco Brown (3 months ago)
It's rare...
Bin bina (8 months ago)
Panditch _ZA 💗💗👍🏽
Panditch _ZA (1 year ago)
Danm wtf
jami amelia Dior (1 year ago)
Black men are so hot
dude man (1 month ago)
+white man invented everything u use facts do you know why white farmers rape their pigs on farms , because white farmers think that is their sister because you Filthy pink CUNTS have the same colour skin of a pig 🐖🐖🐖🐷🐖🐷🐖🐖🐖🐷🐖🐷🐖
dude man (1 month ago)
Yes indeed we are hot and very unique ,did you know that the white male has a small little pathetic useless pink dick that he trys too rape his petdog with
21 Chavage (2 months ago)
Bidu Bidu black men are hot they are more alpha then white men haha you are in denial while in real life you are 800 lb
Bidu Bidu (2 months ago)
Lol...where did you find any hot Black man in this video? The hot guys were all Spanish
Bidu Bidu (2 months ago)
+Isabella Veller you are Brainwashed with lies
Emal Uriyo (1 year ago)
This movie is epic and very inspirational
veleli maka (1 year ago)
the slave ship looks like made in 21 century lol
V Dj (1 year ago)
in India 2018 still there is human slavery.hindu caste based system is a human slavery practiced by an out sider Eurasian upper caste filthy Hindus.read news in social media atrocities on Indian Dalit,which is neglected by Hindu news paper ,, Indian police n politicians.
V Dj (11 months ago)
Miguel Angel Sosa Rodriguez yes really
V Dj .Really?
Terry Ochingo (1 year ago)
One of the best soap operas I've ever watched.
nadege ahou Brou (1 year ago)
c est qui m a tellement même aujourd’hui hui jai regarde bravo aux ateurs le film est vraiment top
dap Sékita (1 year ago)
I like it soo mutch i love you ORIAN
Lucie BELE BEGOUT (1 year ago)
On peut avoir les résumés de chaque épisode ?
ibrahim karoli (1 year ago)
it looks like twelve years a slave
Brighton Basiyawo (1 year ago)
Watchin 2018😈
Chaima Chaima (1 year ago)
I'm loking for a drama where a king falls in love with his maid who is black. if any one recognize the drama plz tell me
Chaima Chaima (11 months ago)
It's DARK 23 no it's not but I likednit thank you
It's DARK 23 (11 months ago)
Chaima Chaima *You mean Merlin
i really like this and would like to watch the next episode.. can someone please tell me where i could watch this? or stream online?

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