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Light: Fellowship of Loux - Cinematic Trailer

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Gather the power of light to fight against the darkness in Light: Fellowship of Loux! Thrilling real-time battles between the light and dark! The Heroes of Light: Fellowship of Loux are waiting for YOU! Available now on iOS and Android. [App Store] http://bit.ly/lightiOS [Google Play] http://bit.ly/LightAndroid Visit the Official Light: Fellowship of Loux Facebook Page for events and updates: http://bit.ly/LightFB
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Text Comments (17)
Spirit Guide Mithy (1 year ago)
Maria kills Loux and now my or your heros have to gather the artifact of Loux
Wade Banner (1 year ago)
Love this game! It's like SW but with actually fair summoning rates!
minus (2 years ago)
edsonv sw (2 years ago)
gostei muito
Maarja Tamm (2 years ago)
Love the trailer! Nice work guys!
LTcuibap (2 years ago)
Good job publishing another good touchscreen game Com2us. At first I thought this game is a clone of Seven Knights combining with Summoners War's business model but after playing it for a week I figured out the skill and combat mechanics were in-depth design making LightFoL a very good tactical action game with RPG elements. This is truly a one step forward to creating a professional live-action game on touchscreen devices.
Straight Shooter (2 years ago)
hello com2us. can you all please make a video on putting for golfstar. thank u all guys.
Nakomis Skylark (2 years ago)
what is the name of the intro song????
Dragonisable (2 years ago)
this is crap
360coins (2 years ago)
i didnt get 74 crystals in summoners war for completing the game tutorial what a rip off com2us
Oto Suchomel (2 years ago)
Is this some kind of crappy mobile game?
lue thao (2 years ago)
already play this game, it's suck and boring
Emma cloud1068 (2 years ago)
but the trailers awsome
Αντώνης Γ. (2 years ago)
cant find it at the play store
Das Ding O.O (2 years ago)
Female Artamiel and Ferimon xD
Kev Flo (2 years ago)
holy shit. i cant believe it. they're alive. i though this company died
Kleine Nevith (2 years ago)

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