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Funny Baby Playing With Water - Baby Outdoor Video

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☞ Video: Funny Baby Playing With Water - Baby Outdoor Video ☞ Link video: https://youtu.be/KcG1Y4hMU-Y Thanks for watching! Wait to see more new video everyday on Baby Awesome. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►About us: Welcome to Baby Awesome ! Our channel shares the content of hilarious videos compilation in life. New episode will be released every day. Follow and subscribe to Baby Awesome for not missing any. Our content build in this channel is owned by VIN DI BONA PRODUCTIONS. Thanks! #babyawesome #funnybaby #AFV
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Baby Awesome (2 months ago)
Hi guys! Thanks for watching! Please comment and subscribe to my channel! <3
1gì y kkil
TheGreatBlueUnicorn (17 days ago)
Shkoder Albania (23 days ago)
@Saira Saira 28in rouge q17yy66y
Julijanna Pelikánová (27 days ago)
Baby. Vtipy
Peque Lopez (1 month ago)
بهاء سيد (1 day ago)
So cute
Gorakhnath (1 day ago)
That's Cute+Adorable.
Md Samir (1 day ago)
so funny
فدوه 💖💖حبيبي
علي علي (2 days ago)
Annette Sylvester (2 days ago)
Year siro
Nurjahan islam (3 days ago)
Cut baby
Ruthtuyor Vlogs (3 days ago)
Its really cute! I want to watch it over and over again!
Pranab Bordoloi (5 days ago)
Friends beautiful all 😇😇😇
Mahaveer kumar (5 days ago)
Jewel Rana (5 days ago)
I miss my daughter I really love my daughter and nice video
روز محمود (6 days ago)
هههههههههههههههه فدووه 😍 حبيبيتي ❤
Israt jahan Ishu (7 days ago)
So funny😹😅😄
faruk khan (7 days ago)
সো কিউট বেবি গুলো।
Salman Khan (9 days ago)
Ma Sha Allah 😍
nojrol Ahmed (10 days ago)
wow nine baby
تغريد بهبت (11 days ago)
Lousy parents
febri karyanto (11 days ago)
Bayi nya lucu
Ales is very cute
Netra Saxena (11 days ago)
Thank u for sharing this! It made my day
Ridoy khan (12 days ago)
All so nice buby😘
Malik Omer (12 days ago)
HyddHello what is this what we
KP GRAM BANGLA (12 days ago)
ahmad ahmad (12 days ago)
Nowshin Sharmily (12 days ago)
Luningning Castro (13 days ago)
Omg so cute 😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺☺😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁
Aomr Aomr (13 days ago)
لجمال طفل صغير
Chloe Louise (13 days ago)
It’z Ultimate (13 days ago)
I don’t get how people find these funny like not the actual funny ones but the ones that actually get hurt people can die from these things
Fofo Fofk (13 days ago)
حلو الفديو
Hanif Khan (14 days ago)
I love this video
Eli San Agustín (14 days ago)
Qué bello k maravilloso ver puro angelito ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Teuccia N. (14 days ago)
7:18 🤣🤣 lol
Hoa Hà (11 days ago)
lol lol
Nguyen Zoey (15 days ago)
Oh, Look at them love life more
Baby Awesome (15 days ago)
That right <3
محمد محمد (15 days ago)
Sophia Plays (15 days ago)
3:11 that is me when someone says something funnny and I am drinking water that happened to me😂😂
Amal Purkaystha (7 days ago)
Sophia Plays hh
Melissa Garcilazo (15 days ago)
3:09 has me dead
Yusmykooj 》BTS《 (15 days ago)
0:54 se esta ahogandooo :"v
Rawan Karbo (16 days ago)
Hey i love how the parents record kids getting hurt just for views without helping .-. Specially this one: 0:14 i mean,he almost broke his spine and shes laughing bruh
kitty plays (16 days ago)
Jason Voorhees (16 days ago)
Why are babies in bikinis
DuckPlayZ -SS (16 days ago)
5:29 That water has perfect aim
ceylin duran (17 days ago)
All of them are very cute.
Mohammad Ali Milon (17 days ago)
so cute
Jamaal Joseph (17 days ago)
Poor little baby all the baby's kicking hurt now kicked out from the water dummy inference slippery on the floor dummy dummy dummy dummy
Jamaal Joseph (17 days ago)
Jaslynn Joseph
Bhavesh Desai (17 days ago)
So cute & nice baby
هادي نصير (17 days ago)
Caleb Cooper (17 days ago)
Why are some babies scared of water, I mean don't they miss the being in their mothers womb 🤨🤔
kitty plays (16 days ago)
Same thing I was saying in my mind
Hildenia Fonseca (17 days ago)
Vamos dar amor as nossas crianças para terem um futuro feliz brincadeiras maldosas não valem nem vejo não acho graça nenhuma
Denise Ortiz (15 days ago)
Osea que??
Kayon (17 days ago)
7:18 The whole city would have to be flooded before john filled that bucket
D S (16 days ago)
@Kayon oooh.... 😄😄😄. Thank you again 🙏🙏
Kayon (16 days ago)
@D S She said "John you're gonna be here all day if you're trying to fill that bucket."
Kayon (16 days ago)
@D S Awe I'm happy i helped
D S (17 days ago)
@Kayon bcoz I didn't get her language... And u explained it🤗🤗
Kayon (17 days ago)
@D S Yw
Kamiah Vance (17 days ago)
0:42 I cant breathe!!!! Look how she fell lol😂😂😂💀💀💀
Gamer Guy12111112111 (17 days ago)
TheGreatBlueUnicorn (17 days ago)
ᕼEᒪᒪO EᐯEᖇYOᑎE
Camilli Silva (18 days ago)
Qui Lindos e lindas
Есть кто нибудь Русский ??
Tali Mercury (18 days ago)
Ines A Dias (18 days ago)
julcia yt (18 days ago)
Kto z polski
Jannat Ahmed (18 days ago)
How sweet !!💝💝💝💝
Baby i love you!!!!!
saddler family (18 days ago)
So cute
Baby Awesome (18 days ago)
Thank you for watching. Do you have a baby?
حسن حسن (18 days ago)
I LOVE Because
Baby Awesome (18 days ago)
Thank you for watching <3
Yetxo Girl (18 days ago)
5:29 that got me laughing dead 💀
Shanoo 123 Shanoo 123 (18 days ago)
So cute baby I love you..
maeva nvl (19 days ago)
0:42 j’ai eu peurs pour elle
Emma White (19 days ago)
I have a twin so theres a chance i'll have twins
Mehedi Hasan (19 days ago)
4.30sec is besr
LilBree Gachaverse (19 days ago)
3:10 that child is getting possessed
Doughnut Princess (19 days ago)
Aww my name is phoebe too! 😁
Marlinfastestdriver (19 days ago)
I hate the older siblings in the video who kicks the ball when there’s a baby in front of u
McKenzie Stolarczyk (19 days ago)
They're most likely, no older than 3 or 4. They didn't know any better and im sure knew after that.
shuram xargy (19 days ago)
Đang yêu quá
Khadeja Henry (19 days ago)
I hate these babies
La unica razón por la que quiero tener hijos.
Miguel Ángel Bastos (19 days ago)
zqewwu zxcvfru nnm vcctf o
R.M Abeysinghe (20 days ago)
The babies are very cute but ...
Opulent User (20 days ago)
Wow I feel bad for the babies ! They have horrible parents!
Madhuri Manda (4 days ago)
khang linh (7 days ago)
Payson Moon (17 days ago)
No they arent the babys decide to do it
Md Fahim (20 days ago)
sreerupa mukherjee (20 days ago)
I am,was,will always ready to subscribe ,share,comment ,like yours vedio
Hayat Omar Omar (20 days ago)
يا جماعة اكو عرب بطياره
Sanjeev Kumar (20 days ago)
Very nice
akilandam p (20 days ago)
DR NITIN MULEY (20 days ago)
They are so cute
Belen Torres (20 days ago)
Mmmm 3:09
E G (20 days ago)
3:14 was wrong. With that baby
Hassan Maqbool (21 days ago)
Buvanaa Sivaa (21 days ago)
🤣 🤣
Cerys Bowden (21 days ago)
1:05 pure depression
3:45-3:49 "RETREAT RETREAT "😂😂
Chey D (22 days ago)
How crazy that was for parents to have their baby sitting in that water fountain at 0:49. It was so hard to watch and he was there for 10 seconds.. Wanted to grab him right away. Geez! All for a video. Crazy.
Liza Rizardo (23 days ago)
so cute😘🤩🤩😍😍😍😍
Prriti Bhat (23 days ago)
Kf Kf (23 days ago)
All of the baby very nice
ياي شنو ذول الجهال مين من عرب سحط لايك 👌💖💖💕💔
عالي عتابب (13 days ago)
FAHDAH Video (21 days ago)
خليل خليل (24 days ago)
ام ننوف تهبل

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