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Funny Videos 2019 ● People doing stupid things P11

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Hi my friends, please check our new compilation. Here is moments people funny videos and we hope that this video make your life more fun & you enjoy it :)) ## Thank you for watching !! ## Please Subscribe if it make for you fun !! 🔑 Music on video is provided & copyright by UMG (Universal Music Group) 🌟 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: 👍 ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinesbestfun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- *** For further details, please contact us by email "[email protected]". Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------- ☎ CONTACT US: [email protected]
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Text Comments (3375)
מירב גנאח (3 hours ago)
Taleb Phonee (4 hours ago)
مشالله مأطشين العلماء ⬇↙🔛
Galactic Galaxie (4 hours ago)
more and more langugues are coming from this video,whats next? RUSSIAN? JAPANESE? REEEEeEEEEEE the next langugue is english *because it is*
Gabro Jangula (10 hours ago)
1,36 😡😡😡
Comoy Whyte (12 hours ago)
Its so funny I almost pee my shorts
Ts Bymbaa (13 hours ago)
Best funny ever
Morena Ribas (13 hours ago)
Coblipu raho
Aniya Harris (18 hours ago)
dafeih 'iilaa alma' 'ana mayit
Aniya Harris (18 hours ago)
he push him into the water i am dead'
N A V Y (20 hours ago)
Samer Sleman (21 hours ago)
ehmad wajid (22 hours ago)
First one is like Teri maa ka boosda🔥🤣
Cris Adrian Garcia (23 hours ago)
Atlibachw Balcha (1 day ago)
Sihirli Dünya (1 day ago)
Jes Lin (2 days ago)
Gk lahakua xa
xShadowNinja (2 days ago)
Funny Videos 2019 ● *Korean* People doing stupid things P11
Langoen Sabey77 (2 days ago)
0:34 quá đáng quá nhở
michanya35 (2 days ago)
funny channel (2 days ago)
This is the English comment u were looking for
Galactic Galaxie (4 hours ago)
funny channel thank you
Apollo Chron (11 hours ago)
funny channel nword
Akkharat Wechsuwan (2 days ago)
funny channel Yay finally
Axa Chihuahua (2 days ago)
Ppsspp Ppsspp (2 days ago)
مظحك ولاكن ولاكن لااقع في الفخ 😄😄😅😅
Trinkwasser mit Käsefuß Geschmack. Eine neue Geschmacksrichtung?😂👏👍
حسين الزرفي (3 days ago)
Jane Henderson (3 days ago)
محمود يوسف (3 days ago)
MARTA SARAH (3 days ago)
Omg 😄😄😰😰😅😅ha ha ha. Like
Yael Aparte (4 days ago)
This is why it’s not funny
Yael Aparte (4 days ago)
U can create one like english pranks and filipino’s prank
Yael Aparte (4 days ago)
Ohh man I know all of these men’s and women’s know what happened but it’s not funny for me
Dat Vo (4 days ago)
Hahahahahahahahahhaahhaahahahahahahhahaah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
1:36 мне показалось что мужик гласил что это
Jace Norman (4 days ago)
Banana Hannah a banana haha
Andy Soriano (4 days ago)
ria rani (5 days ago)
oh god 😺😺😺😺😺
Thủy Tiên (5 days ago)
vn co k
Vèo Studio (5 days ago)
Hài vãi. Thịch thật
Mario Alvarez (5 days ago)
Just a handsome dude trolling lol
Nariah puff (5 days ago)
4:56 even girls prank stuff.😒
Luigi Badjing (5 days ago)
I think there just roleplaying BC the guys will see the camera guy but thats just not i really think they are just roleplaying to make a funny vid
Los Pescadores (5 days ago)
It’s just a regret
Los Pescadores (5 days ago)
Karma dose not exists
Sharma Media (6 days ago)
hahahahahaha the Best Video Best Funny Video In The World
Xx Valoria xX (6 days ago)
Sandals are Chinese’s worst fear
Raquel Rivas Monge (6 days ago)
QUE BUEN VÍDEO............
Raquel Rivas Monge (6 days ago)
Ms. DOT (6 days ago)
Seems scripted to me, really.😕😕😕😕😕
clan_47 (6 days ago)
elden mike (6 days ago)
Ranju Adhikari (7 days ago)
Vismitha Wijesinghe (7 days ago)
good comedy and very funny this pragramme😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Mehak Gill (6 days ago)
yes this is nice
İlker Baş (7 days ago)
Gachawolfies and cute (7 days ago)
This vine best fun are funny
Sidqiya Mahamood (7 days ago)
ijhhhhkiu7 ;k;,.lokljl;llj;.ll;';;;ll;';
Тупой китайский юмор. Отстой. Детский сад. Диззз👎
Karla Felix (7 days ago)
Haufen auf der Seele. (7 days ago)
Asian people are simply not funny.
Giorgio He (7 days ago)
Copiato dai social cinesi
Emine Salman (8 days ago)
Çok komik
ahmad king (8 days ago)
Katrina Stevenson (8 days ago)
Jesse Miller (8 days ago)
Staged videos, not funny just pathetic.
Marcus’s World (8 days ago)
This is so bad
Marcus’s World (8 days ago)
Not to be rude but why is this only asians
فاطمه فلاح (9 days ago)
Anita Eden . ((2)يومين قبل
Chloé Greene (9 days ago)
= ;68
Orxan Qedimov (9 days ago)
yudha duy (9 days ago)
rbsisbdoajdvs idisndiand mahxjDkdq HP sjshl TTS hf w eh
Maciej Kurpinski (9 days ago)
Głupi są i tyle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woody Coda (9 days ago)
Can you really consider these pranks? when both parties know what's going to happen
Jerena Mabini (9 days ago)
I think 98% of this video is scripted.
MINI MAKE (9 days ago)
Ecem Seyda Yesil (9 days ago)
Das mit den Haaren ist voll gemein
Raul Lopez (9 days ago)
6:48 BYE BITCH 👋💀👼
Raul Lopez (9 days ago)
I’m still trying to decipher whether China is impoverished, developing, or advanced... 🤔
Margarita Omelyanenko (9 days ago)
Полсотиррингибелью промышленных оранжевых
Aniyah Edey (9 days ago)
He was crying
Drubo saha Drubo saha (10 days ago)
so fany 😂😂
Gulistan Aslan (10 days ago)
super game 062 (10 days ago)
mario13 :O (10 days ago)
Kaliyah Dotson (10 days ago)
Are you OK
Geyse Franciela (10 days ago)
Eu. Gosto. Muito. E. Dou. Muita. Risada.
Jkv2 Gangsta (11 days ago)
Chinese vids r so fake
NSC Aqshal (11 days ago)
Fake Chinese video
UNP giming (11 days ago)
اكو عرب
Dj Sonu Remix (11 days ago)
さとしさと (11 days ago)
fuckin chinese
Olga Arias (11 days ago)
Aniyah Edey (11 days ago)
It was mean
Aniyah Edey (11 days ago)
0:42 was funny but the next was not
Brawl Stars Player (11 days ago)
these are not funny
Kenay Souza (11 days ago)
Heidy Chacon (11 days ago)
like si ves en julio
Rizabeth Villasfer (12 days ago)
惡念透過與 呃那天誒愛歐塔克 可哦誒噢五套 跑愛誒老婆 昂偶愛哦奧牛排 曾沛慈哦奧歐拉 哦帶歐俄砲破愛牛排 額頭破愛餐廳誒奧
Mèo Quỳnh (12 days ago)
Phim hay đó
Jovina Oliveira (12 days ago)
Gollin Sangma (10 days ago)

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