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Jennifer Beals - A House Divided

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A House Divided (2000)
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THE READ QUEEN (1 day ago)
White people are the evilest beasts on the planet!
Shannon Cunningham (8 days ago)
Mississippi Mud (9 days ago)
Julia was the hero in this true story.
Yavain Leitch (11 days ago)
Lovely movie brought tears to my eyes
Yasmine Nazarine (12 days ago)
That monsters raped her she bore haram child 😠woman sex with another man as aduteries they get pagans or rapid they bore kids those kids call haramy child is shame child I don't know why these black proudly call themselfe white blood? or their insesters is white blood today Millions black woman & man dream of white men white women to marrie have white child like "M JACKSON" dream of white women but he couldn't have it than he adapt white two kids from one white woman but for $ the other Latinos child they have their own father. This is today's black dream of wnite men white women & white child slavery time black was rapid or sex with white men they bore haramy kids 😡😠fuck you dick suckers pussy suckers
Sheila E (16 days ago)
No matter where a seed is planted, it will still be the likeness of that seed. Whether it's planted in China or Alaska. A man's sperm is his seed, therefore Jennifer is a Caucasian no matter what 'soil' it was planted in.
Angeliquelovely (16 days ago)
Jennifer Beals have a daughter and she is an Octoroon
brian mattsson (17 days ago)
ja Amrikaner er nogle svin først har i slaver derefter tager i landet fra Indianerne og så spiller i offer når muslimer gør det sammme med jer ville håbe at de sorte og indianer får magten over den dummme hvide mand så får han hvad han fortjener..
Ayee Vizzy (17 days ago)
Mama was a hustle'. Salute.
Shaena Niner (17 days ago)
He was a creep. There was nothing beautiful about him raping a child. SMH. I thought it was a relationship from the comments but what i just saw was not a relationship. She was horrified. I'm sure there were a rare few of relationships but not that one. But at least himand his mother loved the daughter and gave her a good life.
Tiana A (18 days ago)
I keep coming back to this movie and I get so emotional everytime because I keep forgetting certain parts. Such great acting in this movie. It was a weird kind of love and support floating in the background, people really kept their emotions and feelings to themselves back then and that's what makes it tougher, when the truth all comes out. Keeping the truth a secret can be just as hard as speaking the truth but only one of them makes your soul feel better in the end ♥
Kamilla Harris (19 days ago)
Fyi..... Julie gave birth at the age of 12 and the slave owner was 40 years old so he raped an 11 year old girl. This is some painful history and only one story
Jim Mauch (19 days ago)
The curse of the lost cause should be no more.
Tshegofalo Siele (19 days ago)
Black Beauty (20 days ago)
Joe Hall (23 days ago)
i work as a deputy sometime i worked in court room . we had a judge he never let the true father sign away his rights making the child a so called bastard child- he had the fathers give them their name then they could sign rights of the child away, and father would not be held to pay child support. this was rare cause mother could not get any government support by letting father walk away. these mothers just wanted to get away from the father. fathers didnt want to pay or have anything to do with child. in 30years about 4-5 times
nancy torres (24 days ago)
God is my witness God Bless America you already know my name so what I asked America take this story to the bank the world needs to know the truth come out of the closet because the world still becomes the world it's like you can walk out the door and for those who know love you see everything beautiful if you're really a human being I respect Humanity humbleness peace and love it's time to change America you only have one chance in this life I speak to universe it's time to change life is not a joke like Forrest Gump always said Tom Hank life is like a box of chocolate you will never know what you will get always love that movie yes there a lot of good white people in this world but there is also bad white people I retail business everyday all day I work 6 days a week and believe me when I know and see attitudes all day long the funny part is about retail when your white person they always get their way I believe that America should learn to not judge a book by its cover because in a day you would not know if it's God testing your intelligence and your love 4 people Humanity we're all being tested and please be now everyone of us have a book what's our name like the Holy Bible your life is being documented and if you don't believe me read the Bible or even Google it God Bless America in May 2019 become a better year my words is not about barking but if I bark if you see it that way is because I have much love before I die may God bless America make the world a better place we can do this if we can officially have more love and see eye-to-eye Merry Christmas t'god YouTube and universe God Bless America like I dollars is written on our dollars green money American green money
JACOB .S. OLANREWAJU (27 days ago)
i shed tears through out the film.........so wicked world!!!!
Cali Babii (29 days ago)
❤ ❤
Linda Bamer (1 month ago)
Does this entire movie take place in the dark?
Kriscien Chris (1 month ago)
I loved it when after she had years back, denied her mama...right there in the court while testifying...she pointed at her mama and said "that is my mother". So so dramatic...
Lee gorsuch (1 month ago)
There is words to Describe people who Decimate against people - ignorant stupid. Moron. This movie is showing how Badly Black People where treated . So glad That a lot of that is in the past , however we still have a long way to Go . We are all Americans and should be proud of that . So let Show that we are not Stupid and stop being Mean to people who Look different or have Different religion
Abba's Child (1 month ago)
Junk. The bad language just ruins the story. Not worth watching.
Ebonee P (1 month ago)
A Black woman is the strongest human being on earth,God bless the black woman💯💯
True History Shalom Sis 💕
Natasha Norman (1 month ago)
Ebonee Hines both the women in this movie went through some stuff! At first, I didn't understand what the black girl did in not being a mother to her, but towards the end that was explained so well! And the daughter, she had no way of knowing how to process everything, she was taught a terrible way of life, then had to deal with who she was, then trying to work out her emotions. In the end it was a beautiful story! But too many didn't turn out so well!
LC Johnson (1 month ago)
KindOld Geezer (1 month ago)
this is one of those things that really infuriates me, the mistreatment of others, and taking away their rights, along with the right of being innocent
Isabel McCue MBE (1 month ago)
Liked the film saddened by the realisation that USA especially is bringing back the hatred and this ridiculous idea of white supremacy , the only reason they were at the top was their rulers are evil and cause this myth that black people or the Real American population (what we were taught to call red Indians) and subjected to "cowboy" films showing they were savages and inferior. In this enlightened age how can people still think such a thing.  Gods not going to be happy with you especially if you have the stupidity to call yourself Christian.
Natasha Norman (1 month ago)
Isabel McCue MBE that is simply not true. It's what some idiots would like you to believe, but it is not true of the VAST majority of people.
Sharon Fauber (1 month ago)
It is sad how they treated young ladies back then. 💜
CKZ F (1 month ago)
Amazing film , so glad truth , love and justice won through in the end !
Sharon Fauber (1 month ago)
We are all God’s children. Love sees no color. 💜💜💜
Skye June (1 month ago)
Great movie. Thank you.
Donald Johnson (1 month ago)
What this movie did not convey was that the mother of Amanda America Dickson was actually 12 when she was raped by Amanda's father David Dickson who was 40 at the time. Julia Frances Lewis Dickson, Amanda's biological mother was 13 when she gave birth to Amanda on Nov. 20, 1849. Amanda was taken from her mother and maternal grandmother Rose Dickson and raised in the household of her white grandmother and mistress, Elizabeth Sholars Dickson. Throughout Amanda's childhood her father became wealthier and more famous, renowned for his innovative and successful farming techniques. David Dickson showed that farmers could profit from slave labor without having to resort to violence to keep them in submission. Although Amanda was showered with love by her father, her mother Julia, a household slave, was assigned as David's housekeeper and forced to engage in the act of procreation with David until his death in 1885. And although Amanda and her grandmother Elizabeth had a special relationship, Elizabeth teaching Amanda how to read, write, and present herself as a lady, Amanda was held as Elizabeth's slave until Elizabeth's death in 1864; Amanda was 15 years of age. David could not manumit Amanda due to Southern slave laws. Amanda America Dickson, known as one of the wealthiest woman of color in the 19th century as a result of her inheritance and knack for business and finance taught her by her father, had two children (sons) between the ages of 17 and 21. She died on June 11, 1893 at the age of 43 and without a will, from "complications of diseases" being the cause of death shown on her death certificate. For more info and interesting facts on the life of Amanda America Dickson not shown in the movie 🎥 , read: Woman of Color, Daughter of Privilege: Amanda America Dickson by Kent Anderson Leslie. Books by far are always better than the movie. Knowledge that comes from reading is quite different than any other method. All great leaders are massive readers.
magica oceania (1 month ago)
They really need to be teaching the stories of mixed raced individuals in school. Especially now that its even more common than ever for a child to be born of multiples races and nationalities to CONSENTING parents. Back then it was illegal in many ways and not talked about at all but it still happened, often through rape or people "passing" or not being told the truth of what they were. Its so important for people to understand its not just ~black and white~. And if people really knew how much of their ancestry was actually of multiple races, they'd think twice about the way they treat others and approach race as a whole issue.
Lcb312 (1 month ago)
I'm at 1:15 and want to smack Amanda. what a selfish brat she is being in that moment
Lcb312 (1 month ago)
ok. wow . these comments are frightening. it's like you people have no knowledge whatsoever of not even life in the south but America in general after the civil war. Dear God people. Go to Amazon and order a 1980's American history text book for $5. the outrage of the situation is hilarious. yes it's awful but not only was it commonplace it was out in the open . not only that after the civil war there was a literal drainage of men . I don't mean in a joking sex and the city " all the good ones are taken lol". I mean that 700,000 men died in the civil war. and those arw just somewhat documented. also it was very common for wealthy people to breed with in the bloodline. I just can't get over the obvious lack of knowledge but also the outrage of the situation. this was a small town . they didn't have Tinder if they needed to release sexual energy. they were isolated and repressed and confused ...I can't imagine the despair but it was what it was. but dear mother mother of Mary people !!! take a break from free YOUTUBE movies and use it to watch a ten minute video on the civil war . or something. jeez!?
Lcb312 (1 month ago)
the thing is we are all the same race!! homosapien. human. that is our race!! race has NOTHING absolutely nothing to with skin color , dna , heritage . I hace never understood how that has been so distorted and missused
discolady2 (1 month ago)
Please tell me who are the real TERRORISTS are please explaine to me I dont see black ppl doing things like that
MYB Misa (1 month ago)
Omg i cant stand it i cant believe humans treated humans like that
MYB Misa (1 month ago)
I feel the pain sonmuch i dont know why but it hurts do much
Ellen Smith (1 month ago)
2018 STILL watching.
PC 3 (2 months ago)
Christy Alllen (2 months ago)
Christy Alllen (2 months ago)
Christy Alllen (1 month ago)
Natasha Norman (1 month ago)
Christy Alllen it's never the baby's fault!
Fritz Stehr (2 months ago)
Too blurry, therefore I'm number 301 on the dislike button.  FFS, this isn't 1925 when a low grade visual mess such as that would have been excusable.
Mac a'Bhaird (2 months ago)
Sometimes racial prejudices die hard, especially when they are bound up in tradition. And so sad when they stay bound up - but wonderful it is when they do die - and we see so clearly the pure humanity that links us all to the same Creator.
Tyranae 1970 (2 months ago)
He was a Bomb-ass Lawyer for Amanda!! i was hoping the two of them got together in the end.
God's child (2 months ago)
The slavery is dead (at least this form of slavery, now there's another form of slavery: we are all slaves to our own desires, to the system, to the laws, to the "society"...).....but unfortunately the racism will never die.....
Shakita Gabriel (2 months ago)
This is a damn good movie glad I found it!!!
DOMINIQUE BROWN (2 months ago)
This was a real and good powerful movie
sharpaycutie2 (2 months ago)
Aside from the rape...if mabey he would've gotten to KNOW her and romance he the RIGHT way. Theu wouldve mabey been a couple. They work well Together. So...who knows🤷‍♀️
liqublue soul (1 month ago)
She was 13.
Anita Sanchez (2 months ago)
Great movie
Supersoul survival (2 months ago)
Better music would make this film extraordinary.
Supersoul survival (2 months ago)
David gave Amanda everything, even not knowing where in the world she was. He was sending money to the bank, not even knowing where she was. It's easy to understand his heart was aching with love. 🙂
Supersoul survival (2 months ago)
Julia is (was) one beautiful person. Imagine being in her shoes. She was bought for money, and impregnated by a white man. The scene after the baby is born is very well done. Julia realizes there's not going to be a man of color in her life, and only a white grandma and white daddy for her ½black baby. She doesn't want to nurse her baby, and what choice does she have in the matter of having the life she would have had as a free black girl/lady. Lucky for her it was a rather gentle "family", but the goal was money and property and profit. Still Julia suffered patiently through everything. I kindof wonder if she had any happiness, but she was so resolute in her humility, I feel that God was really helping her through. And maybe they all became a little color blind. Father didn't go looking for a white wife.
My Journee (2 months ago)
I am even lighter then the character Jennifer Beals is portraying in this movie and I have never even for a second denied or tried to hide my blackness. I love my culture and my people and I will always identify as a black women!
Arthur Bradberry (2 months ago)
She fine
Raymand Count (2 months ago)
I love this movie I can watch it over and over and over again
Tyona Greene (3 months ago)
Awesome movie, everyone needs to see!!! The Truth shall set u free... To God be the glory!
Twyn Colen (3 months ago)
Wonder why you have angry black women............
Ralph Hamby (3 months ago)
A GREAT Story! It makes me proud not to be a bigot.
sandy savelli (3 months ago)
wow .........lots of tears from me
Ailith (3 months ago)
ty for such a truly beautiful true story...i do believe that the future of our house is destined to be one and united and our family is the hu-man family...that holds within our hearts the most remarkable power of love...and there is no other which can match in all of the universe...xo
Marketta Walker (3 months ago)
A mother's love is eternal
Gia (3 months ago)
That’s a really good movie!
DiamondRubyJewel (3 months ago)
DiamondRubyJewel (3 months ago)
Gulimira Dyussenbayeva (3 months ago)
Great film I really enjoyed thanks x God bless us
Lennise Fuller (3 months ago)
I've never heard of this..What an amazing story❤
Cricket (3 months ago)
Not all white ppl agreed with such hate, disgrace, and filthy minds! It's sickening to me at what black ppl had to go through. What I don't understand is how 2018 ppl like myself see such hate tored whites that had nothing to do with the ignorant white man back then. .WHY???
Velma Williams (18 days ago)
Because it's a generation hate and guilt and black men did the same thing that the white men did rape their own kin and hide it under the covers by sending the child up north too be raised by a family member when the white men didn't give a fuck who they rape and disrespected their wife's so to tell you the truth I don't have no respect for neither one of them black or white just praying for a change in the men as of today and not live in the past but build a better future for are children today and stop the hate because there is no pure race
MsRoshae Watkins (3 months ago)
Wow. Love this movie. I found Ms Julia and Amanda in my family tree about a year ago!
Cheryl's Natural Again (3 months ago)
I despise slave movies... but love Jennifer Beals!
Connie Mcguire (3 months ago)
Black white or green, we ALL have crosses to bear, discrimination, persecutions...What black folks did to me and mine growing up in Watts, California, I have had to rise above...black folks have laughed in my face when I shared about how my baby brother had a bbq fork thrust into his head by a black neighbor boy and other such horrors...I have no more sympathy for any other color than another
Lcb312 (1 month ago)
Connie Mcguire I am so sorry to hear about your suffering. I have the upmost respect for everything you said. not to encourage negativity but not all white people were rich in America in this time. I could go on but no need. homosapien is our race. human . that is our race. so I have love for all my brothers and sisters but as far as the black/white divide I get tired of being stereo typed as white woman feom the south by black folks..the very thing they complain about. we just need to let the past go and get the orange asshat out of office. let's make the present America great !!
The Universal Mike (3 months ago)
These movies that try to make a romantic notion out of white supremacist racist power dynamic are sickening. Rape is rape.
The Universal Mike (3 months ago)
And she dies in 1893 at 44...
angelika opland (3 months ago)
Great film, amazing story!!
shammarre (4 months ago)
All I want to know is why was white people so hateful?????
Frank (4 months ago)
This was an excellent movie! The characters portrayed were fantastic. Great sound, storyline, and sound. It's funny how "all things do work together for our good" . What the enemy means for our harm has a way of turning around. In those days portrayed in this film it was well known the slave owner habitually raped not only the women but the boys as well. This slave master reminds me of Thomas Jefferson's relationship with his slave. The difference Thomas Jefferson didn't rape the woman who had all of his children whereas this one did rape his. At first I thought she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome but as the movie plays it is clear she begins to love him as he did her. He respected her opinions and valued her aptitude for business. Many will say "how did he love her when he raped her"? I think he ended up being remorseful for raping Julia. I think he loved his daughter why else would he leave property to her worth half a million dollars. I think Julia addressed him as "master" even as she got older as a way of being sarcastic. Thank you for the wonderful upload!
Artmiese 💋Elizabeth (4 months ago)
This is sad. I’m so happy I was born in the decade I was born. Thank God.
lina loves (3 months ago)
Same here.
Aisha coco (4 months ago)
Black power
miss fabulous (4 months ago)
My second time watching this movie,I think he really loved Julia,the daughter should have visited him more,it's such a nice story
1deadbuddhist (4 months ago)
Why do men rape women?
Veron Llewellyn (4 months ago)
Massa is dead thank you lord
melanated woman (5 months ago)
Jennifer Beals is a biracial woman, but never have I ever seen her play a full blk role like Hallie Berry, Eartha Kitt, and all those other biracial in Hollywood. She's at most, a C+ actress. If she'd taken "blk roles" being a biracial in Hollywood, she would have bn an A actress. But she chose what and who she wanted to play.
Kathy Saladeen (5 months ago)
Mixed children are beautiful
All Children Are Beautiful
Sonia Mullins (5 months ago)
Very brave women
Chè McFarland (5 months ago)
The poor girl :( why did the jerk had to rape her.
MoreporkOwl (5 months ago)
So glad his Will and Wishes were honoured...so glad he did the right thing by his child and her mother.
Tear jerker 😢
As much as I hate how things were back then I love watching these movies because I love knowing the truths about my history! I definitely love his acceptance of his baby girl 💞
Ronnie Adams (5 months ago)
You ask me the movies is good she entitled to everything amen
dr. siddhi (5 months ago)
Amazing, we're connected somehow and understandable.
dr. siddhi (5 months ago)
Good child
dr. siddhi (5 months ago)
I'm finishing it without skipping nothing
MJ Moore (5 months ago)
Hi, I am from Sparta ga...this movie is based on our town history..glad I researched and found this....movie thanks for the upload
Karen Boone (4 months ago)
I am from Sandersville Ga. Really enjoyed the movie.
Eboni Floyd (5 months ago)
JWayy 300 (5 months ago)
This is about my family
Sandra San Giorgio (6 months ago)
👎 boring
Kathleen Jones (6 months ago)
Younger generation seems to really don't give a Damn about their heritages what our ancestors with through to survive.
Shon9tilR (6 months ago)
I thought they were showing the scenes from Beloved. It’s just the same actress.
2Jurkie (6 months ago)
Shame one has to look at that irritating name of Jennifer .B all the time. Again one of those narcissistic idiots that can't get enough of seeing their own name on screen.

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