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Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 - Tremere Clan Introduction

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Voitan (1 month ago)
xxx tartersauce (2 months ago)
So, so far its: Thinblood Brujah Tremere Just waiting on Ventrue to be announced
Legion (2 months ago)
Toreador please!
Jermbot15 (2 months ago)
So we've got another discipline, "thaumaturgy" marked as a signature discipline. So we'll probably see presence as the signature discipline of the Toreador, seeing how auspex and celerity have made it into the game via tremere and brujah, dominate serving as a signature discipline of Ventrue, seeing how dominate didn't make it into the game with Tremere. So that really just begs the question, will obtenebration, obfuscate and dementation make it in as the fifth signature for the fifth fullblood clan?
Serko Kaya (2 months ago)
third person? this game is not skyrim. this is a action rpg for 3rd person!!!!! fuking studio bring 3 rd person you fucking money langering douchebags
💀BoneDaddy💀 (2 months ago)
It's all a little too on the nose. Too grungy. Where's that elegant and mysterious allure? The more fae like charm? I get the game is supposed to grisly but all the clans used to have a unique pull about them. Coming from a die-hard fan of the Tremere clan this just seems to lack that level of elegant and snotty superiority I got in the prior game. They were doing a ritual in what looked like a school science lab... Where are my gaudy ridiculous altars and creepy hooded figures? Where's the almost psychopathic fake friendly charm that masks the true nature of the backstabbing and vile Tremere? Either this guy is some weak fledging low in the pyramid scheme of the clan who's trying to make his own way, which is a take I could deal with, or the Tremere have been turned into back alley, low budget, wannabe Wiccans. Granted this is just honest advice from someone who adores their clan. Nothing more. Take it as you will.
Havalina Chiel (2 months ago)
Grungy ? How do you get to this conclusion , the language side is awful from what we see here . If the lore setting is so predictably pathetic , Bloodlines 2 **** off . . .
H2O Chi (2 months ago)
The pyramid is gone.
It's Mackie (2 months ago)
Considering how the majority of the characters are _probably_ going to be low-generation (high generation? I know the PC is going to be thin-blooded so I'm assuming everyone around them is going to be gen 10ish and below) Kindred left on their own after a mass-Embrace, I bet that this Trem is pretty low in the pecking order.
Video Start Time Helper (2 months ago)
The "Mage" Vampire Clan 👌

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