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JELLY GUMMY BEAR ► https://goo.gl/TmjSDa Maybe you, as well as the rest of our audience, have dreamed of being somehow different. Usually people want to have some special talent or an incredible look. To achieve this, many people get piercings, paint their hair with some strange color or tattoo their whole body. However, some people don't need to do anything to be different: that's the case with Jono Lancaster. He has a truly unusual face, but we don't think anyone would envy him: this guy is unique because of his very rare condition and his love for life. You won't believe it, but in addition to accepting himself as he is, he... Well, we won't ruin the surprise and we'll tell you everything in order. Today you will discover the story of an unusual child adopted by a rich family.
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Zack Whaley (2 hours ago)
He said he had no friends but his friend offered him a job. WHAT
NeuroToxic (2 hours ago)
ngl he looking swag with that hair
dat boi (2 hours ago)
No ur mind is MY warehouse
ThunderBoy Games (2 hours ago)
Do a story on a YouTube named Bastrin he has ostosous perfectas Tell me how to spell it but Bastrin is a great man.
SunkM Productions (4 hours ago)
The book wonder is a great book that helps people understand that people who have Treacher Colins have a very hard time. And, it also teaches to be a friend no matter what they look like :3
BsB gamings friend (4 hours ago)
WOW the thumbnail supprised me
Lukas Lerat (5 hours ago)
I have a friend like that and he is awesome and I support him no matter what
Keyla Delacruz (6 hours ago)
I would've accepted him 😊
awsome dude cool man (6 hours ago)
Geese he ugly
Jessica 224 (7 hours ago)
The condition makes the two look like they’re always smiling
DemirPro_ (7 hours ago)
Who throwed acid on his face?
Bob Hatcha (8 hours ago)
How mean r his parents. I feel bad
Mini Beetle (10 hours ago)
He looks like Dr suess's cat in the hat mhhmm very nice very nifty I mean no offence
JIMBOB 24680 (17 hours ago)
Some people make me sick😭
DudeYT (17 hours ago)
1 like on this vid not my comment = a friend for him and a person who sees him as a great normal like everybody friend not a freak
DudeYT (17 hours ago)
i forgot to add friend infront of normal im sorrry
FuckBoyMcGee 123 (19 hours ago)
Dude looks like sloth from the goonies
Moosa Nimal (19 hours ago)
This made me cry😭😭😭😭😭
Nick_the_nugget_man (20 hours ago)
August Pullman all grown up
I met him last year in Norway Oslo
Leyanna Duncan (1 day ago)
this reminds me of wonder
Betty Traylor (1 day ago)
GREAT JOB. Be proud OF YOURSELF. I'm proud OF U
John Kukay (1 day ago)
He makes me think of Austin from Austin and Ally!! Don’t ask. I think he is perfect in looks but the fact that others can’t except that, well... SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
luca carello (1 day ago)
why not considering adoption.They re not heroes they r incredibly selfish
PixelBit (1 day ago)
is it really different that a millionaire adopted him?
:3 M Ø T H (1 day ago)
it is just me that i see him beautiful?
Playdead76 (1 day ago)
Judge people by looks lol he looks gay
samu rai (1 day ago)
he ask her in a gym, guess it worked out
Sukhmani Toor (1 day ago)
I would have Ben his friend
ArsoPenguin (1 day ago)
0:16 winchester pride.
Mr. Fister (1 day ago)
He looks like that and he got a girl friend? Still dont think ill get one ._. XD
Glynn Sajulan (1 day ago)
So inspiring😢😢😢
wonder???? I watched the movie and read two books who did
AngelGhost (1 day ago)
No he definetly is not normal.. He is so kind and so nice, that's what doesn't make normal. People now a days are just bullies....
John Holtzhausen (1 day ago)
what does looks matter its how nice you are
Cat Girl #1 (1 day ago)
I love how some people love those for they’re personality and not for the looks🤩
his smile is so cute ❤
April Murphy (1 day ago)
Its hard to believe there are grown people out there that would make fun of others like that. Why such cruelty. It makes me so angry.
The ploblem is, we are in a society that looks can attract attention, boys like attractive girls and girls like attractive boys, look a Bieber on TV for example many girls adore him to bits even when they don't even know him, and guys like pixie lots because of her looks ect, but as for unattractive people comes along, its the opposite, people pick on them, and like this guy here he got abandoned because of his looks, I'm sorry to say this but this is reality.
NIGHTMARE CORE (1 day ago)
Some people are heartless while others ignore while some actually care we need to fix this judging shit right now
SadowAlpha 15 (1 day ago)
I would be his friend 😀💕
Fwz Dev (1 day ago)
ok gf part .. shes in for money .... money gets you anything you want lol
Gacha Risx (1 day ago)
the dislikes, are his biological family
Isaiah Rucker (1 day ago)
Ahem, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! 2nd beauty comes from within
kimberly anne (1 day ago)
i have six toes
kimberly anne (1 day ago)
+Hyperon Lance how do you know ??? you dont even know :]
Hyperon Lance (1 day ago)
You're lying.
Brad style (2 days ago)
I feel bad for those kids 1 out of 50000😭
Obliterage (2 days ago)
Hyperon Lance (1 day ago)
He was born with a rare genetic device called trecha callen system.
Yeah most of the people in the comments so kind. But for real...
Hugo The Spook (2 days ago)
"You know that doctors are sometimes wrong about miracles" Yeah, they said i would die.
Kevin Ayala (2 days ago)
God bless him n his family not his real one tho fuk Them
Hyperon Lance (1 day ago)
Would you take a child who has multiples​ disability and a much harder task of raising a normal child?, I can see like dealing with someone with autism but all that?
Doodle Boy (2 days ago)
Is there anything common between Ant-Man and the guy???
This is a real life hero
Ben Viril (2 days ago)
Respect to these people
BG.Dragon 1 (2 days ago)
Now imagine ...in an instance we all get blind. Will your or mine face matter anymore? Nope. So why it is matter now ?
Cindy lopez (2 days ago)
So sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖😖
Dino Skywalker (2 days ago)
I would be friends with him I have no friends
Kid wolfy (2 days ago)
I would be his friend :/
The V Clips (2 days ago)
Bruh who wouldn't want the greatest derpy face ever
Ahh my heart....
4DB Ed8806 (2 days ago)
I'm normal except for me being androgynous and I dont even accept myself fully dang I need some self esteem lessons from this guy
Mrs Dee (2 days ago)
I know a entire African American family in my town that has this disease..
John Henry (2 days ago)
This dude is actually pretty cool
Cyber XD (2 days ago)
He looks sweet
Isabella Mcauley (2 days ago)
I’m proud of him for getting out and having a job and the family is beautiful
Tyler Jandreau (2 days ago)
Wow very inspirational
Sarcalogos Tortolero (3 days ago)
Don’t know who makes fun of a guy like this on the street
Tony Flamingo (3 days ago)
He looks like a sloth
Jeremy Hess (3 days ago)
I can understand kids being rude but I mean grown adults aren't we supposed to have grown up. Then there are the neighbors that made fun of the man and his daughter how fucking old are you really if you are a grown adult making fun of a kid.
jack jason (4 days ago)
Damn it what is the actors name at 0:19 with the tattoos
Carrie Godbold (4 days ago)
He is bootiful the way he is! And so are you. :)
Dwayne Sawyer (4 days ago)
Love is love and it can build bridges if you allow it to everyone is prefect and made in God's image and when you depise or laugh at people like them you're doing it to God
Ben Parton (4 days ago)
Good on jhonno
Anthony Bundy (4 days ago)
that dude looks cool. looks like rocky after a fight
Xavier22 Yeo (4 days ago)
I’ve seen a couple of videos about Johnny. He is a great bloke. The girls in our family think he’s cute. Some people need their lips down together
My Bad Highlights (4 days ago)
1:03 not saying that the skin colour is the problem but if your a white couple and your baby comes out black I don’t think the “dad” will love it as much as the mother will Not being racist just saying if a dad figured out he had been cheated on and wasn’t a dad don’t think he would necessarily love the baby
Ninetyfive (5 days ago)
He's pretty
Philip McGrion (5 days ago)
00:17 is that Jensen Ackles
S J P (5 days ago)
I feel so sorry for him and I'm glad he lives happily ❤
Mohamed Alali (5 days ago)
Proof not all heroes wear capes
Marvin Carlson (5 days ago)
i was bourne with touretts syndrom and when i was young it was really bad but for the most part i cured my self and it is not easy but now you would never know i have it. i have two beautiful children a beautiful wife who loves me and has money and a beautiful house.
DarkyD Penguin (5 days ago)
Wonder flashbacks
Absouloutly BUEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Tavish Place (5 days ago)
Wait, is this the kid Wonder was based off of
James Cimfl (5 days ago)
i like how you put slyvester stallone as rocky at the end.
blue unicorn (6 days ago)
my friend... BEST friend is disabled and blind. she doesnt think she is, but shes beautiful and smart but scared. im her only friend she always tells me. this video makes me happy to see that there are people out there who love these people, i think its beautiful.
Tyrone Wiebe (6 days ago)
GG jonno
Keagboy 3 (6 days ago)
is this CNN10? because the time of the vid is 10mins.
Shy Kiw_iiz1 (6 days ago)
This makes me think of the book wonder
Felix Jordan (6 days ago)
If she’s a millionaire where’s the mansion huh
Oscar Teodoro Sanchez (6 days ago)
I am a outcast so i know how he feels :)
War Freak (6 days ago)
I have a classmate like him at first were all weirded out of him but after a few days he began trying to be friends with us and im lucky i didnt have that disease and even tho my friend is gay i still accept his choose of gender and respect him his really nice and i wish the othee boys in our room stop bullying him and stop calling him a shark.....
ʚ Ellis (6 days ago)
He reminds me of a dr suess character, it’s like looking at childhood
BrianLees Loot (6 days ago)
My little sister has Down syndrome, and when the doctor told my mother she had Down syndrome the doctor kept on talking about having an abortion. What a terrible doctor, of course my mother did not have an abortion cause she loved her anyways. No matter what you look like you should never give up or have an abortion. No matter what love people for who they are not for what they look like
Jamie Mathieson (6 days ago)
I like this kid he is amazing
Ino145 (7 days ago)
Really cute girl, damn. Also, don't like the guys hair. xD
Nøva -. (7 days ago)
why would you bother adding someone else with the same condition who is basically irrelevant to the main story just so you can extend the video f u man
Mr. Sports (7 days ago)
Is it wierd that i like just finished wonder? (Book)
Pig lp - (7 days ago)
One of May Best Friends Had this syndrom
Roman Minaster (7 days ago)
'We won't ruin the surprise" *GOES ON TO RUIN THE SUPRISE*
SOLOMON DAKID (7 days ago)
This keeps on showing up in my recomendations.

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