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JELLY GUMMY BEAR ► https://goo.gl/TmjSDa Maybe you, as well as the rest of our audience, have dreamed of being somehow different. Usually people want to have some special talent or an incredible look. To achieve this, many people get piercings, paint their hair with some strange color or tattoo their whole body. However, some people don't need to do anything to be different: that's the case with Jono Lancaster. He has a truly unusual face, but we don't think anyone would envy him: this guy is unique because of his very rare condition and his love for life. You won't believe it, but in addition to accepting himself as he is, he... Well, we won't ruin the surprise and we'll tell you everything in order. Today you will discover the story of an unusual child adopted by a rich family.
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Alison Goeller (18 hours ago)
These people are true beauty in a false ugly world. All of my Love to You Dear Hearts!!!!
Neri Alaniz Perez (19 hours ago)
THis person is just like Auggie from wonder~ ......... im happy for him :)
mari brenner (20 hours ago)
What a fantastic story!! Thank you so much!!
lee Howarth (22 hours ago)
The guy has a great life.is mother and father are the ugly ones.along with the hater's on ere 🤨
Nguyệt Cát Đinh (1 day ago)
Looks don't matter. Belive in your self
My mum left me in Ghana and then a new person adopted me and now I can speak English and I can go to school touching right
That’s similar to my story
jenny wilson (1 day ago)
This is awesome
Lukasz Balysz (1 day ago)
Bert Almaro (2 days ago)
here in Philippines if you dont have high salary and your appearance also not that good your gonna ended alone..
HelloItsMe 196 (2 days ago)
His different, I’m different, your different
Cohen Caruana (2 days ago)
He is a strong hearted person!! Love this video!!
Burhan Koksal (4 days ago)
This guy looks like MoMo
Dimitri Barnnyk (4 days ago)
Just do plastic surgery!
Milan diu (5 days ago)
Reminds me of wonder
Dani Playz Roblox (6 days ago)
Did any one else randomly get this in your recommended
Alvin Atkinson (6 days ago)
I was abandon by my mom when I was young
Brianna Trenado (7 days ago)
I will share this video on social media.
KhaosGuardian Gaming (7 days ago)
8:03 Simon says hahaha get it
Lorde Lemon (7 days ago)
The guy in the thumbnail looks like flash from zootopia
Libemo Libemo (9 days ago)
Nathan Scott (9 days ago)
Everybody is a good person
Nathan Scott (9 days ago)
It’s ok to be different
Nathan Scott (9 days ago)
It ok to not have friends
Nathan Scott (9 days ago)
He is a great person
Mr. Ree (9 days ago)
This is just like Wonder 🤓🤓🤓
Fatima Hussein (11 days ago)
If you are going to adopt a child love them and take care of them and if not put them back in the adoption center and someone will take care of them better than you did 😅🖕🏿❤️🤗
Scarlett Murfin (13 days ago)
Dont be put down by someone if they say that you aren't normal. You are beautiful no matter what age or ability. You are special !
Tracey Hilder (13 days ago)
Beautiful 🥰
Ismail Khan (13 days ago)
But feed by maid
joshua stephan (13 days ago)
That's how the world is actually He inspires me a lot for the parents who left him they shall not always have peace ✌ God should always bless the lady who adopted him
I'mtheboss boss (14 days ago)
This made me a little sad
Kye Garvey (14 days ago)
He looks normal to me so I don't know why people don't like him doesn't matter what you look like only if you're kind it doesn't matter what you look like she looks normal anyway so I don't know why people think he's ugly because he's not
He came to my school
Thomas's Gaming Videos (14 days ago)
He is still prettier than me :DDDD
Lego Artist (14 days ago)
We have a girl in our school like that
Those Moments (16 days ago)
One of these people that are watching your videos have to be a millionaire
Pizza With tic tacs (16 days ago)
Vicky Currie (16 days ago)
He is a freak
BLAZE STORM (16 days ago)
he’s in a movie i’ve watched
Salvador Zariquiey (16 days ago)
0:23 he got to my school when I was in third I also gave do I m a hug
No Name Fortnite (17 days ago)
God bless that man
Francine Laurin (17 days ago)
A mothers love..enabled him to be who he is..Simon creates awareness, inspire others ..alongside his beloved spouse who also sees the heart! love this Love story..in all it's forms..moi, Canada 🇨🇦
Risky Wan (18 days ago)
I also have a sister with the same condition here in Africa
Ashton s Singleton (18 days ago)
I am glad he is fine
Nansereko Ruth (19 days ago)
handsome guy
reese vevo karma (21 days ago)
The only freaks here are those who think that they are better than those that were truly miracles from heaven
FlareGaming (21 days ago)
Looks don't matter....
david wainaina (21 days ago)
For sure love is blind
Annan Dobbie (21 days ago)
That’s very inspiring
Tong Anger (21 days ago)
We human are heartless
Samantha Joe Hunter (21 days ago)
Bravo! What a sweet man. 😀😀
Angielyn Lacanilao (22 days ago)
I his wife.. This only shows love always finds a way..
FakeNinja (22 days ago)
But he is nothin to ED CALUAG
Tina Boggs (22 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this video.
Jayona Jones (22 days ago)
chungus malone (22 days ago)
I'm glad he didn't give up in life, these are the people that truly like but a parent who only cares what a child looks like and not how he has a good heart and does not do bad things are the parents who I hate, good job John never feel sorry for yourself or it will just take over and you'll get depression in situations like this
Taoh Shaba (23 days ago)
every child is a gift to the whole world.where there is Life ,lets keep supporting each life,,,,,
Michael Kantner (23 days ago)
Such a wonderful video, it just shows you that you never judge a book by it's cover. It doesn't matter what you look like, it matters what's in your heart. He could have very easily become bitter and hateful, instead he decided that he is just as good as anybody else, and turned all his negatives into positives. And those people who made fun of him and all of the others with that condition, well look out, karma is coming for all of you, just because you are all ugly inside.
naruto uzumaki (23 days ago)
He actually look good
Kier Gordula (23 days ago)
Lydia West (23 days ago)
UNKNOWN GAMER (23 days ago)
xD boii
12_ ninjahprobigman (23 days ago)
Simon says to stop bullying
XxFoxiiixX 13 (24 days ago)
No matter how pretty or ugly you are As long as your Heart is pretty
marlynyair Señeres (24 days ago)
I salute you 💪 bro. Be strong in all the judgements , anyways life is so short. Enjoy
It’s mean
Why circle his face
AirBread Games (24 days ago)
Rare codishon called teachers are gayer by the day
Romeo Balderas (24 days ago)
Ayodeji Atunrase (24 days ago)
He looks so cool when training
Non violent Anarchist (24 days ago)
You never have a child tho in this scenario very wrong because they can’t make up their mind about psychological problems of the future and what they will go through in their lives of the child that’s where the line must be drawn the child can suffer dramatically very very wrong.imagine the child what she will go through in a cruel world?
Non violent Anarchist (24 days ago)
He can be in movies he can be anything he wants he is not ugly ,I’m an artist and this is uniqueness original I love his love of life he’s not boring and same as everyone else total respect my friend you are really unique more than special.
vinod sankar (24 days ago)
This is the best
O.wavey (25 days ago)
You are a great inspiration. You look great.
AL (25 days ago)
I think they look just fine......
I left a like for him
Dragon GamerPlayz (25 days ago)
My mom said if you are ugly then you’re smart👍🏻
jumoke Aladese (26 days ago)
Its the love that matters not the appearance the parents should of accepted him, he is blessed with a good mother and a good partner he does not need his parents, he has a good heart God bless both families wonderful stories
Evan Allen (26 days ago)
As much as I respect the last guy for his courage and love, he shouldnt of had a kid knowing a chance his kid will have the disease. This is an unnessecary burden.
Christopher CJ Mutambo (26 days ago)
wow. .so touching
RISHAV BHOWMIK (26 days ago)
It is not about respect it is just about preventing that disease from spreading. That disease seems deadly. And giving that disease knowingly to a child should be considered an offense.
Jill Rayes (26 days ago)
"Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder" 👁 Love has no face...❤ 🙊🙉🙈
Anthony Zertuche (26 days ago)
happy ending looks do not matter it is what is on the inside that matters
Birdythegodly Fortnite (26 days ago)
Not every one perfect
Simply Stella (26 days ago)
Hun, you spread your legs, not me, so when you give birth, and you give that child away, JUST REMEMBER, your the one to spread your legs, because you would rather spread your legs then treat a different child. And i bet that does pain you, it should. And if it doesn’t, thats just heartless. And why is your child like johno ugly you say? Well thats how he is, and he must get it from you, and your ugly heart.
Sarun M S (26 days ago)
Appearences doesnt matter its the will to live and flourish that really counts.
Josie Mukeli (27 days ago)
U know I'm just wondering Its a generic condition which means he inherited it from parents......... Why should u reject ur very own making
Matseng Sangma (27 days ago)
A big salute to the parents who adopted him. Heart touching videos
Sicily’s Vlogs (27 days ago)
Awe they are all so sweet ❤️❤️❤️
Trevor Daniel (27 days ago)
I feel bad 😞 for him
Valdrin Jajaga (27 days ago)
He is actually pretty built body wise
BigDogFish YT (27 days ago)
Screw his parents they don’t even care about him
BigDogFish YT (27 days ago)
He does not look ugly
Memeseara RB (27 days ago)
Lol "Simon Says"
aanugh (28 days ago)
SUPER CARS (28 days ago)
Why would you even reject this guy
Hamza Ahmed (28 days ago)
I would love to hear his voice
um (28 days ago)
i have to say, he looks so fucking cool

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