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5 Magic Tricks Gone Horribly Wrong * Magic Trick FAILS

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The top 5 magic tricks gone wrong caught on camera. Magicians who either injured themselves or their assistant while performing tricks, all caught on video, live. In this top5 list, we countdown 5 horrible magic trick fails caught live on camera. Everything from a clown who tries to do a fire trick at a kid's party, to a VERY dangerous knife thrower who doesn't know when to quit. And an escape artist who keeps almost drowning himself. Some of the worst magicians to ever take the stage and their magic tricks revealed to NOT be so "magical". Magic fail!
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Text Comments (748)
Just A Channel (1 day ago)
I will burn that clown alive .How dare tha bastard play with animals like that
Uggggh number one made my toes curl up. 😬
The guy in Amsterdam was a true showman. He ended the show with as much grace as possible, even reassuring the volunteer not to feel guilty. Fuck it must've hurt though, that blood came out instantly haha.
Inky Boi (8 days ago)
Who feels bad for the girl who accidentally cut the magician’s hand?
Blaine Fiasco (9 days ago)
That nail one is probably fake. He is a magician after all. He pulls the nail out and there's no blood on it or her hand... or the bag.
Michael Nix (11 days ago)
3:15 No, no, no... he was also the chef. The birthday boy requested fresh roasted tendies.
Jemi (11 days ago)
I dont think animals should be involved in magic tricks again, i mean u should really be a professional magician and always making sure that it is really safe
Pepi Doktorova (12 days ago)
Someone should have kicked the guy with the dove in the face..
Springlock Gamer (13 days ago)
Poor Dove :(
Avery Christy (16 days ago)
Happy birthday kids. Next we'll pin a tail to a real donkey.
strydom666 (17 days ago)
Murray is immune to tricks and tomfoolery, try harder.
jon doe (22 days ago)
Omg... the girl has a knife in her head, but he still may of broken a record?? Lmao omg...😂😂
Kiss Kiss (24 days ago)
"When doves cry"
Proxima Saur (27 days ago)
Me: Fucking regrets watching #2 askjsdkjasdkjsdajdalkhdslkhfsalkjhkjdshlkfsalhdsalkhdsl........................ Real life is scarier then ghosts, aliens and monsters :(
. (30 days ago)
OHHHH FUCK THE 1 i am sooo sorry aahhhhh fuckkkk
Azratus (30 days ago)
3:44 Ouuuuch :O
Iya Gingco (1 month ago)
R.I.P dove.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I would rather not watch magic tricks than sacrificing the life of doves
Shark_gamer97 (1 month ago)
Omg you see that man climb the box he’s a hero
Allan David (1 month ago)
The guy's stunned reaction to Murray is priceless!
Shaolin Steel (1 month ago)
"Daniele it's not your fault" yes it is, who throws like that
Nuno Gonçalo Moreira (1 month ago)
02:14 Ahahahah indeed!!! Lol
Another reason to HATE clowns. And that nail "magician" I would literally beat the shit out of him.
Kingomegared (1 month ago)
Murray almost made me forget that I just watched a dove burn to death
2# Is straight up South Park.
Kovai Magician2 (1 month ago)
He killed the dove
Melody R.P. (1 month ago)
AWWWWW NOOO! I should have skipped to one :( :( :( :(
Milan Borizovski (1 month ago)
Raz , Dwa .... AAAAAAAHH!!!!
Rosa Cellulosa (1 month ago)
The fuckin idiot who set the dove on fire better not try doing that "trick" again😠😠😠😠
Ashton (1 month ago)
Ooooooooooooowaaaa! .......owa
Levi Madison (1 month ago)
10000000parse of evre 1
Hardcore Jubul (1 month ago)
The count was more important than the cut. That host. smh
Eryn Little (1 month ago)
Murrys a smart kid🤣
Nick Roberts (1 month ago)
Houdini said... If you ever actually put yourself in danger, then you're an idiot ! TRUE !
betchalife (1 month ago)
2:09 "Ayyee yaee yaee yaeee Ha ha ha" *extremely nervous laughter*
game nation (1 month ago)
People Eat chicken everyday never realized about and just burn the dove skip video???
Valentin Cocendau (1 month ago)
that girl who threw a knife is so bad at it reallly she pushed the knife handle to the guy she should have refused if she knew that she cant throw a knife but no she thinks she can do it
johnsen estrella (2 months ago)
poor dove
Sophia Lee (2 months ago)
It is very dangerous.
Tyler Kheang (2 months ago)
HHHEYYYAALLL NAWWWW!! That dude gonna burn in hell for killing the dove
ich absolut (2 months ago)
the third trick is the point why i hate when animals get used for a trick. i perform magic now for yearsand never worked with animals. that is something that should be banned!
Rebecca Morrison BTS (2 months ago)
2. I am those kids screaming
Rebecca Morrison BTS (2 months ago)
3. I hate blood
junior scientist (2 months ago)
murray u ended the mans career fella
Jimmy David (2 months ago)
You gave no "viewer warning" on the first 3... So, you assumed that nobody would have issues with seeing a woman cut her head, a guy slash open his hand and some dude nearly drown to death (twice), but god forbid footage of an injured pigeon (??) Lol.
Wayne Matsumoto (2 months ago)
I Dont like the clown Its like Abusing a dove!
Em De Es (2 months ago)
No one’s skipping to 1
Gacha Taky (2 months ago)
3:21 what was that?
Azratus (30 days ago)
It was a little bird. :(
I fucking hate the dove one. HE FUCKING KICKS IT. it reminds me of the worst zoo keeper ever where the guy has all different kinds of animals on the table.
Love for Piano (2 months ago)
That clown should have burned himself instead.... 1st one was just for TRP 🙄
Devaraj 43 (2 months ago)
Poor bird...,😢😢😢
snoger50 (2 months ago)
So #2, this is why doves cry?
Jennifer Barnes (2 months ago)
I should have skipped the dove one...
Maciek Dziki (2 months ago)
03:28 SŁUCHAŁ? pora na śniadanie? tutaj?! XD greetings from poland ;D
KissMyAspergers (3 months ago)
I have a family friend on my dad's side who's a magician. He once hurt himself by fucking up a knife-related trick (basically the nail trick at the end of this video)... at a kid's birthday party. Best part was the mom being too busy screaming at him about how she was going to sue him to call a fuckin' ambulance.
Lululu (3 months ago)
The nail thing happened to me but with a pencil
Orleanborn Lyngdoh (3 months ago)
I feel pity for the bird..
Ilayali Valdez (3 months ago)
“She does have a cut but do we know how many that was??!!”
Aa I (3 months ago)
Next week's video...top 5 new careers for failed magicians.
HARDMANALIVE (3 months ago)
I suppose none of you ever had Dove Diablo before? Don't knock it till you try it!
I Dont Care (3 months ago)
I actually feld horrible..watching this. Why i did it.
Misscottonrose44 AJ (3 months ago)
Poor dove he or she didn't do anything!!
Stranger By The Minute (3 months ago)
NUKE!!!! Thank you SO much for the warning about the dove. I am extremely hypersensitive when it comes to animals and I am tired of having panic attacks and being traumatized just because I enjoy watching videos/shows/films. I try to avoid any form of media involving animals, but sometimes there is just no warning whatsoever. As soon as you said "If you're an animal lover", I got the hell out of there. Appreciate it, man.
Sarah Becker (4 months ago)
That's why you don't fucking use animals for "magic" tricks or tricks in general! 😡😡 That poor birdie. Could've tried saving her the moment she caught fire at least, but no - Oopsie, she's on fire, let's kick her around like it's just a burning object instead of saving her! Hate humans so much.
Shiny (4 months ago)
In the end we can be glad nothing VERY VERY bad happened. If you think about it all of those could easily end way way worse.
Irate Puffin (4 months ago)
Oh that poor dove!! 😞
Hate Monger (4 months ago)
Anal clefts make me smile
Dustin Atkinson (4 months ago)
I thought number 1 was a knife
Jalala 110 (4 months ago)
Dis is stupid
Vulvee (4 months ago)
Murray is savage!
Jamie Johnson (4 months ago)
Hey Mr. Nuke, I love your voice an videos. Cause I really hate that dude “chills” voice thing he does. Thanks for just being you👍🏻
paulie w (4 months ago)
Love Murray
mook_butt (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for that warning, which I definitely should have heeded. The thing that sickens me the most is how no one tried to help the dove (I'm pretty sure there was no helping it, but even just making it look like they were trying to help would have made me feel some relief). I'm honestly so glad you included that bonus video.
Harlee Haines (5 months ago)
I’m in tears 😭 poor animal 😖😢😭
JGVP JGVP (5 months ago)
Polska Na Miniaturce XDD
Dillan M (5 months ago)
The nail was the best - and I’d actually never seen a dove burn alive so that was educational.
ᅳSupreme (5 months ago)
Hope the #4 guy is alive and well and one day sees this comment *So that he can see that Im calling him a fucking dumbass*
Hakosoft The Eldritch (5 months ago)
2:10 she fucked the man's hand.. she walks away like its not her god damn business. Women's logic -_-
imlitabich (5 months ago)
The nail one looks fake
Grete Grünmann (5 months ago)
stop teasing me with those comments im not gonna watch the dove part
Grete Grünmann (5 months ago)
thanks for the skip thing i wish every youtuber would do that
E (5 months ago)
.......The nail one....that....was...WHAT THE FUCK?!?!
Cool girl 123 (5 months ago)
Great channel and content.
Super Idiøtic (5 months ago)
I skipped the bird one. I hate to see clowns, but also to see animals get hurt in any way, shape, or form. So I'm glad I skipped it!
Johnny Truong (6 months ago)
3:57 The moment when the shitty magician realizes he made a booboo.
Super Nez (6 months ago)
You obviously haven’t seen the video of the women being beheaded on stage by a chainsaw
iiyxstar (6 months ago)
The poor girl when her hub sliced her😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
iiyxstar (6 months ago)
I was rlly anxious I nearly cried
UnBeatAble Gaming (6 months ago)
Last one is funny
And that is why I never volunteer for tricks lol
René Sivertsen (6 months ago)
2:09 can't stop laughing
Tiny Tobi (6 months ago)
That doveeeee!!! D;
old POWER (6 months ago)
lol the girl that got hit by the knife it's really her fault if she works with a lunatic that doesn't care about her safety.
Mrs. Thomas (6 months ago)
"Let's hear it for Murray" Yup, that one made Momma and Daddy proud! Smart kid!
Tevaliant (6 months ago)
Rest in piece 🕊
Beamer Benz (6 months ago)
Ha ha ha. Im bleeding. Ha ha ha
emilyvos (6 months ago)
Poor dove!
Arthur H (6 months ago)
fuck #2 what a bastard >.>
Rachel Foulks (6 months ago)
The guy with the knives and the guy with the nail should not do magic.
Kanishka Sharma (6 months ago)
i actually skipped the dove one... I'm just really sensitive
candi cane (7 months ago)
I'm amazed, that not a single Polish person commented, about the show "Pytanie na sniadanie" in which, the magician smacked reporter hand, on a nail. It was fake though, to bring the station more views.

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