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The Serpent Statue - Saga of the Serpent Crown Part 16

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Spider-Man vs. the Serpent-Men plus the Spider-God Omm, The Unspeakable! Sources: Marvel Team-Up V1 #111-112 The Savage Sword of Conan V1 #197 Conan the Barbarian V1 #113 Thor & Hercules The Encyclopedia Mythologica Music by Shroud courtesy of Alex Mizell
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vasp99 (16 days ago)
Red Sonya did the best version of the Serpent Repellent Spell when she was fighting a serpent that wasn't a Set style serpent so the Serpent Repellent Spell did nothing to that serpent. So Red Sonya shouted, " Ka nama kaa la jeramma DAMMIT ! "
Rob Morris (2 months ago)
The Serpent-Men's fate, to go as spirits into Limbo, seems a lot like their treatment in Conan Animated.
CosmicComics (2 months ago)
This is all based on Conan mythology - good eye.
Alan Carnell (2 months ago)
That last panel reminds me of Spidey-Super Stories but for older kids that are into Lovecraft...
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Dhat kult шould nεver daje tyll dhe starz kame rajght agâîn, ænd dhe sekret prīēsts шould tejke grejt Kthulhu frʌm Hiz tōmb tu revîve Hiz subjekts ænd rezume Hiz rūle've œrth∴ #ArkhamReporter
Langston Richardson (5 months ago)
Waiting for that epic crossover pitch to marvel 2019: the fully opened rift to Set via the Serpent Crown versus Marvel Zombies versus the Symbiotes.
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Oddli Demon-Slayer шas kapable've tejking “Spider-Man 2” hiz apαrtment êârlier бut 4 som reazon akts lajke hi kan/t Kris-Kross dhe khazm befôr dhe staťue've dhe spider-dog∴
CosmicComics (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, following Thanos in Fortnight 2018 it's going be a full MCU Fortnight crossover in 2019
Gaby George (1 year ago)
9:51 Aka "I took it, and threw it on the *GROUND* !"
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Spodermen lejter шakes ʌp yn Doctor Strangelove's mænor шhere he/s infôrmed dhat dhi all-C-ing I've MAGA-motto шas uzed 2 look @ hiz шounds & sʌck aut dhe vεnøm∴
Ivo Rosa (1 year ago)
Looks like a proto skrull-war
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Hey, kids!! Power-porn for retards!!
kirby march barcena (1 year ago)
Ommmmmm....just humming.
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
“Yf U C Uncle-Ben wolking towardz U kyll hym” – Spider-Proverb
blackphoenix77 (1 year ago)
I really wish Omm the Spider-God and the spider-people would make a comeback; it's a shame that Spider-Man only encountered them once. I wonder if Omm is the same entity as the Great Weaver/Anansi (the being who is responsible for the abilities of all the spider heroes in the Marvel Universe)? Probably not, but it would be cool if he was.
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Dhe serpent-men hæd dheir шarriors бut dhey ńeeded somebodi шidh spider-blood 2 retrīēve dhe staťue∴
Gaby George (1 year ago)
CosmicComics sadly none of the Conan stuff will probably show up again
CosmicComics (1 year ago)
Now that Marvel has hit the reset button - everything that was has the potential to show up again. Even the Serpent Crown! Not sure about Omm, possibly some connection as he was created by Gaia.
Talltrees84 (1 year ago)
I thought Conan and his son Conn killed off all the Serpent Men. Oh well in the big picture Serpent Men don't really exist. Or do they? Conspiracy buffs like to talk about reptilian people from space.
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Onse Double-Slayer knoшs Spodermen iz nαt æ snake-in-dhe-grass-tyson he revealz dhat Kull must'have myssed æ feш sœrpønt-mεn bekauze dhe kvlt kontińued 2 egzist 2 dhe mαdern dagon∴
CosmicComics (1 year ago)
I thought I remembered reading that Conan and son killed them off but couldn't locate the reference when throwing this video together. I remember looking for it. Admittedly, I sometimes also get the adventures of Kull and Conan confused. They just blur together in the memory bank of my brain. And yes, Set is very much alive in modern politics. 1 in 25 American's "know" that Reptilians are running our country (No, I am not one of those 1 in 25). https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/04/12-million-americans-believe-lizard-people-run-our-country/316706/
Armin Achtduizend (1 year ago)
What I really don't get is the fact devilman/disguised serpentman gave spiderman the words which reveil his kind.
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (Original Video) /watch?v=yKFaGDrOfrI
CosmicComics (1 year ago)
Oblivion has to be one of my favorite all time villains. I had a lot of fun tying in his place into the creation of the Marvel Universe in a way I hadn't seen anyone else do. The info was all out there but nobody else had connected the dots. Hierarchy video is coming slow and will be in several parts. I feel it's time... something I need to do before the channel can move forward. All roads lead back to Quasar, eventually.
Armin Achtduizend (1 year ago)
Sounds cool, before your videos I didn't know about Oblivion. So curious how the hierarchy will turn out.
CosmicComics (1 year ago)
Awesome! Happy to hear you are enjoying the content. Will have to check out that channel recommendation. I think you'll really love the next few vids. Going to be looking at the Marvel Hierarchy - starting with Earth and mortals and then moving up the food chain. Should be fun but its taking a bit more time to research than usual. Appreciate all the support!
Armin Achtduizend (1 year ago)
Enjoying your whole channel, have watched all videos several times. Much more enjoyable then other comic channels I know. Well channel badguy now horror show comics is also great.
I love your show. And i love watching the subs accumulate. Everyone should enjoy this. How do you promote it?
MarvelBoi (5 months ago)
CosmicComics (1 year ago)
+Lost Age Comics I dont promote it all. (Shock/surprise) Purely organic. Maybe some time over the next year I will get more aggressive. Soooo stoked to pass 250 subs!!! I will go ahead and overshare since I was thinking about doing a channel update. Sorry for the slow drip of videos lately but I have been going through a messy breakup for the last few months. Right now my computer, mic, etc. Are all in boxes. New place tomorrow. Thanks for comments like these. They mean the world to me right now and make me excited about making more, upping the quality, etc. It may not have been much to you but I really needed that positive push right now. It's been hard keeping a channel going this year with somebody constantly telling me I am wasting my time. Sometimes you start to beleive them and then a comment like this totally makes my day. Thx.

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