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Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

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Mike Rowe the host of "Dirty Jobs," tells some compelling (and horrifying) real-life job stories. Listen for his insights and observations about the nature of hard work, and how its been unjustifiably degraded in society today. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (4374)
Alan Hans (1 day ago)
Wow, amazing! Good work
Grant Davis (1 day ago)
I work at a warehouse and everytime I sweat it makes more satisfied than sitting at a desk because I’m standing on my feet and burning calories and getting exercise. I start to emphasize with the working man and it just humbled me and makes me grow closer to Jesus.
SG pro (2 days ago)
Such a pleasant dude, if he's running, I'm voting.
254JROCK (2 days ago)
Trump 2020 hes a job maker
Rohan Desai (2 days ago)
Kirill Popov (3 days ago)
I am not sure what I've learned from this, but I know I learned something
Jerome Walton (6 days ago)
I’m supposing that the 1500 dislikes of this video are a joke. No one who listens to this and the sincerity of Mike Rowe can not hear the wisdom it contains. From a graduate of a union electrical apprenticeship who is now an owner of a remodeling contracting company.
J W (3 days ago)
The dislikes are a reflection of a sick human society. Wait until there are no more skilled tradesman out there due to the lazy new generation of young people who rather not get dirt under their nails or do the work a community needs to have done. Yes laugh and belittle those who are tradesmen, there will be a day humans will wake up and find out how wrong they were about those hardworking smart honest tradesmen who deserves a lot more respect then they Currently get.
Jim Hill (6 days ago)
Mr. Rowe has the ability to put the problem is English and offer real solutions. There are so few people that can do this.
Jim Hill (6 days ago)
This man has always been a genius.
Penny miller (8 days ago)
I enjoyed reading the comments as much as the show both were terribly insightful I didn't know mr. Rowe was worth 35 million I'm happy for him I don't think that changes the way he tries to help people I don't think having money makes you a bad person as a housekeeper for 30 plus years I raised my kids all by myself and I have to say that I agree with him that we are happier class I've worked for all the classes I've even done free work for people that couldn't afford me and I have to say at it everyone the middle class rules they're more understanding of my needs they're more happy to pay you what you're worth they don't demand extra things like the rich do for not no pay and I think it's only a shame that within the last 10 years since the recession things are just now coming back to where I can make half the work that I was doing unfortunately I've lost my house I've lost my car I've lost everything I've been bicycling for 3 years all in all I have to say it was a good living but my children are growing and even though they're making it the economy sucks balls and the faults of that is these companies that refused to take it as it comes and rather insist by their own laws to make more money every year you can't continually draw money from the economy to make the children of the Walmart family richer than all the rest of the Americans in this country and expect the middle class and the poor not to suffer all around us the kids are committing suicide there's homeless people there is a greater and greater distance between the classes which when I was growing up we didn't have class distinction that's what made us Americans a lot of things have changed some of them for the good some of them not so good I respect Mr row and I wish him the very best
sbnsbaker1 (9 days ago)
So, Obama Promised You something??? If he’s Talking, he’s Lying!!!!!!!!!
kenneth worde (10 days ago)
Except the military?! , who write a check? Up to and including their life and everything in between who pay a huge price that are betrayed, do a series then get back to us?
kenneth worde (10 days ago)
Great Stuff! Should be mandatory!?
Ladovinka513 (10 days ago)
Haven't seen Dirty jobs series, but is there any job he tried that's 100% female?
Paul Nicholson (10 days ago)
For a guy that was basically winging it, I'd say you delivered a very clear and needed message!
Con More (11 days ago)
this is beautiful. i love the respect for the lower classes. been in law school for three months and this video is so refreshing. lawyers are awful lol
francuaci hernandez (11 days ago)
Bite those testicles
Blade Runner (14 days ago)
Now that there is a great American man.
Ethan Crowley (14 days ago)
The force is strong with this one! Mike Row what an amazing mind!
MrsPeebles62 (14 days ago)
I think it's wrong to cut into an animal when they are alive period!
gabe6841 (15 days ago)
Can we get some sense please? There are things called emasculators that dont need teeth. Also what they dont tell you that the humane society and the avma also supports anesthesia for castrations
abc def (16 days ago)
Misleading Job Descriptions and Bad Jobs https://youtu.be/6nhSeZp_elU
Marten Kuebler (16 days ago)
This guy is dumb as a rock.
John Berry Conway III (17 days ago)
Hold up....is it just me or is he the narrators voice from "The Sandlot"?
William Reilly (18 days ago)
Well he just ruined the sixth sense and the matrix for me
Jem (19 days ago)
He made me think of my job moving pianos and when I looked closer in the video 11:00 I realized there's a yamaha grand on the stage. My company usually moves atleast 10 of those a week. We move them in a different way than what is considered "Safe" or "Right" With this being a trade job that's been passed down generations from my boss's family. We were always taught to fold a moving blanket in a very specific way and to tip on the pedals. Most people would've said that we need to use our expensive tipping tool, or a fake leg and remove the lid All of those things take extra time. Which wastes money and is completely unnecessary. I never thought piano moving was as advanced as I've come to find it is. Everytime we move a grand piano it's like jacking up a car on it's side so that it's flush with the wooden board under it and the dolly underneath that is set properly to evenly distribute the weight. Then the legs come off and everything has to be wrapped a certain way. Again, some customers are surprised we don't carry seran wrap in our trucks. We just use two commercial grade rubberbands to hold the lid and part of our wrap in place and use e track ratchets that connect to the board to secure everything. It all stays together even on long trips and it doesn't take us more than 15-25 minutes to move one of these behemoths. If you took all those extra steps you might be in there an hour or more.
Deplorable D (20 days ago)
The west has offshored all of this... leaving behind a chasm among the working class. Not everyone can, will, wants to be or would be good at writing code, doing desktop publishing, managing share portfolios etc. Some men are best suited to working in small groups in a challenging outdoor environment - you know, they way all of human society worked for 100,000 years.
Kelley Knapp (20 days ago)
I also wanted to say my hat's off to Plumbers electricians framers anyone who works with her hands and when they walk away from the job at the end of the night they know what they have accomplished and they can look back and see it. There are not a bunch of paper pushers who have nothing to show for what they have done all day.We go home at night and we sleep well.
Kelley Knapp (20 days ago)
Thank you Mike, I did not go to college I graduated high school had been working with my dad and construction as a home builder since I was about 5 years old and I went into that even when I was in junior high and High School and have done well and now my son wants to work with me to learn what I know. Everyone seems to think that a 4-year college is your way but if you can find what you love to do then you can do what you love and you can go far. My hats off two welders,
MotoX Champ (21 days ago)
Mike Rowe is a legend.
Jesse Hawkes (21 days ago)
You know what... maybe I should take up that union apprenticeship, America needs people like me
themanzl (21 days ago)
less skilled workers, and more liberal arts majors. That's a bad trend. My friends in the trade business always says there are not enough workers, but there's PLENTY of work to go around.
fdggfgdfgd (22 days ago)
is he from TMZ?
Dman Simpson (23 days ago)
Mike Rowe is an Eagle Scout, he had to started somewhere so like if your an Eagle Scout
TopTierExcellence (24 days ago)
currently working at a bottle/scrap metal depot; 18 out of school - couldn't get a job anywhere, was told "yeah, we'll give you a call" only to wait & never hear back from them. Things will hopefully get better, $11.25/hr
Sune Jepsen (24 days ago)
Jesus this is worse than a horror movie.
Yo whuddup Itsyaboi (25 days ago)
This was suggested to me in 2018. I had no clue that it was from 2009 until he said that they were planning to keep on with the show. I was like damn, I thought they went off the air a while ago lmao. Love Mike though. Genuine guy.
Samsonian (25 days ago)
Whole new meaning to ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’.
tank7063 (27 days ago)
I grew up in Craig and remember when this episode first aired I was excited that he came to our little town and shot the show there
Joj (27 days ago)
Do you think this guy ever has a weird time in the bedroom? I mean, he literally has a mike rowe penis.
thrice bang (28 days ago)
Really like this dude
Lainey Wright (1 month ago)
I love you, Mike. You go it right, you know. There is not one TV show that portrays a blue color worker in a good light because we are not appreciated, we are looked down upon. It used to gall me to hear the DJ say, "on your way into the office this morning..." My office was a nasty, dangerous environment that was bitterly cold in the winter and smotheringly hot in the summer. They didn't care if I lived, or died, but I was damn good at my job and for the first 35 years liked it. However, in the final 7 years, they almost killed me as I could not keep up with the physical strength of an 18-year-old newbie. The old ox surrendered the yolk and let the youngins take the lead. But, I was damn good at my job, until the bitter end.
lucaboden (1 month ago)
Sexy Dilf
KJ Boulware (1 month ago)
Mike Rowe is a great storyteller. And I admire the way he celebrates the value of every job.
Nine Nifty Facts (1 month ago)
My balls hurt...
Justin boatman (1 month ago)
This is awesome... thanks Mr. Rowe...
patrick miller (1 month ago)
I'm a welder. Everybody in my high school was going to college for liberal arts degrees that don't mean anything. I'm very glad I chose trade school. It's great to work with your hands and see your workmanship and to actually be a part of building this country. Long live blue collar workers!
kopfgeldjagar (1 month ago)
Hard to believe this was completely impromptu.
EDGAR LAZCANO (1 month ago)
Damn this is in 2009 not 2018
EDGAR LAZCANO (1 month ago)
The dislikes are because of the Hilary comment LOL
Nightlight 06 (1 month ago)
Poor lambs :(
Joe Milton (1 month ago)
I wish I could give a double like to this video.
abc def (1 month ago)
skid rowe liar !! no good jobs !!!
Ronak Chakraborty (1 month ago)
16:44 A wild Blackberry has appeared.
Hell Raiser (1 month ago)
Snowflakes would melt if they watched this video.
pgbcredneck (1 month ago)
nothing like getting "T-Bagged" in the chin will help realize the worth of laborious jobs of reality, and the uselessness of "ideology" complaining about it. The scales are up side down, the ones doing "it" are getting paid less than those talking about "it", but we're still getting it done.
Turn Zer0 (1 month ago)
Mike Rowe came out to the ship that I worked on for a week or so. Real honest guy.
brett fausone (1 month ago)
millennials love a smooth talker lol
Indie Fury (1 month ago)
You should follow your passion as i hate my job. Its not because you were a failure as an operah singer people should not follow their passion Mr. Rowe. All americans think about is money and status no think of creating value and improving lives first. School should focus in skill creation and entrepneurs instead of stupid theory no one uses. Practical first theory last unless your an astrophysist. Its not normal to waste 1/4 of your lifetime in school. In the old days people would just learn on the spot by the company hiring them, the family business not the money making education system.
1moartime (1 month ago)
I like listening to this guy. Approved.
lee Roberts (1 month ago)
Colleges are so middle class college graduates of gender or race studies liberal arts or art degress cannot rise to the upper class it's a filter so the rich can stay rich. Four generations of trade workers investing wisley and passing on througg managed trust can make a aristitricratic level of wealth of
teopini (1 month ago)
where has Mike Rowe been? One of the best hosts ever
Connor Wright (1 month ago)
Well I’ve castrated a couple thousand lambs we use the rings the rings have a disinfectant on them yes they lambs are in pain but only for max an hour not a day. If you cut the tails and testicles off and they bleed they are prone to getting infected and getting fly strike which is when flies lay eggs on the lambs the eggs hatch and maggots come out and they feed on the flesh of the lamb which can hurt for months if not treated. So I am all for the rings. Also another way to do it is burning them off.
Alexander Stone (1 month ago)
None of this is funny...not one bit of it.
Bargert: 76 (1 month ago)
I love doing manual labor, especially if it helps others. That sort of work is what is fulfilling to me, but I’ve been programmed to become a Surgeon.
Tadji Bowen (1 month ago)
Mike Rowe, look me up on FB Michigan
MTheory (1 month ago)
MIKE ROWE announces 2020 Presidential bid!!!!!! MIKE ROWE 2020!!!!
MEMSUS (1 month ago)
I too had a revelation the first time I put sheep's balls in my mouth.
Stan Perry (1 month ago)
I love this one ... im so happy and sad and emotional ... I feel understood and lost at the same time ... thanks ted for sharing ...
Boom137 (1 month ago)
My testis are making a strange feeling after watching the first 8 mins
Jason Hatt (1 month ago)
14:38 The Honesty of a Commander of Soldiers of Fortune.
Robbie Jack (1 month ago)
You should never cut away that quickly from a lecture in front of an audience. Give us a few seconds so we can see how the crowd received it at the end for christs sake. Mike Rowe is fucking GREAT.
Bathrobe Carpenter (1 month ago)
I’ve heard time and time again, there’s freedom in labor. I’ve experienced it. I hope others do too.
OriginalOrigins (1 month ago)
Why would i be a welder in florida making the same as someone that works at target
GhostDogg o (1 month ago)
Well doing a certain dirty or dangerous job for one day is okay , doing said job for years if you somehow remain unscathed is defeating. No one wants to do any of that, soon all the craftsmen are dead and then you'll see lots of jobs open up again and heck it might become lucrative doing that manual labour again .
DIRTNAP (1 month ago)
dont read comments people are being ridiculous and sensitive about “minimizing safety” and if you’re here to post one he meant that safety is important but don’t push it to unreasonable standards until your job consists of being the safety monitor
Jasper Stephens (1 month ago)
As an old friend once told me, "I'll be late to my own funeral, cause I'll be at work"
Sarah L (1 month ago)
Thanks for the spoilers dude!!
Tayton Keller (1 month ago)
I’ve been to Craig
Eric Schoeman (1 month ago)
So you like your job thats good
TMS (1 month ago)
I remember when I would literally stay up past midnight to watch this tv show
Chris G (1 month ago)
jsphfrtz (1 month ago)
As I come here to watch a man who champions things like trade schools over things like overpriced unnecessary education - YouTube forces me to watch a York St. John University online master's degree program advertisement for thirty seconds, in order to watch the TED Talk with Mike Rowe.
Otis Collins (1 month ago)
A President America could all relate to and love !!! Mike Rowe for President 2020 !!!!!!!
Stacey Rashkin (1 month ago)
I totally understand where Mike is coming from. He does make sense but he's leaving out some information., not intentionally though. Corporate executives kept fighting over the decades with labor and Union officials. It was always a battle to try and give the people doing the shittiest jobs the proper compensation for said job. Corporate Executives constantly chipped away at the benefits and compensation of those jobs enough to where it wasn't worth it for people. They've done that specifically because they want to change those jobs over to automated jobs. They have been trying to eliminate the human quotient for as long as time has existed. I have plenty of friends that work in corporate manufacturing and have said exactly that. They don't like it but it's the honest truth. So don't point a finger at people being lazy and not seeing opportunities, many opportunities have been yanked away from Americans and that is the biggest problem facing this country
MondoBeno (1 month ago)
Not everyone wants to go to work in a suit and tie and sit at a desk all day. Some people need an active job, where they'll be "doing" and not just "checking." The floor traders at the stock market are always in better health than the guys in the cubicles. Yes, the traders wear ties, but they're on their feet all day. Sitting all day and staring at a screen can ruin your heart (and posture too.)
jeffg24LT21 (1 month ago)
Most positive Youtube video along with possibly the most positive Youtube comment section I have ever seen...
The_Loser (1 month ago)
Mike Rowe is a Rowe module of what a man is. Knowing we are not always right and moving on.
Tomi Antenna (1 month ago)
Wow, he managed to belittle the SPCA, PETA, OSHA, Hillary, unions, and all in under twenty minutes telling ONE story. This lowest common denominator faux-educational TV show C-star who is basically an anchor for an advertising segment should probably not be a source of your political direction.
Ruben Wahab (1 month ago)
For one he surprised me with his eloquency, and I don't see how he was belittling those instutions, or Hillary for that matter (haven't heard her name being dropped in the entire talk). He was in my experience showing just how "formal" institutions like those mentioned are regarded by some in the tougher trades. Ofcourse nothing on TV should be a source of your political direction, but I do not think you grasped the central point that he made.
Cameron G (1 month ago)
This guy must have a pretty impressive CV.
stephen kost (1 month ago)
Love Mike Rowe's spoken word. But, here's a reality check, in no more than 15 years, society will be almost completely automotized, roboticized. There will be no more dirty jobs for people to do. When things become automozied and roboticized, what happens to the economy? People will be living for nothing. We will finally realize our dreams of getting others to do our work for us. But, where will our income and spending come from? Well, we'll have to keep printing "money" ad infinitum. And just GIVE it to everyone. I bet Mike Rowe doesn't like that idea, at all.
Psychedelic Lizard (1 month ago)
Something about the camera resolution almost makes me smell the seats in there.
Im on my bed in a fetal position watching this. geezus...
Benny BooBoo (1 month ago)
Comes as a shock to a lot of people when they learn that it's easier/faster to castrate with your teeth than with a knife.
Taaz Doherty (1 month ago)
Hes so sexy
yandre20005 (1 month ago)
The dislikes are from frustrated millennials
Andrea Rush (1 month ago)
So.Good!!!!  Thank you.
Corey Robinson (1 month ago)
lady in the back needs to get a glass of water...
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose (1 month ago)
MIke Rowe can be my stepdad.
Isaac (1 month ago)
The problem is, my generation doesnt want to work, or, at least work hard. They want air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. They want to stay dry. They want to sit in a nice swivel chair with lumbar support. Im not afraid to get dirty or work hard. As of right now, Im 22 going on 23, and I was in a tech high school for welding, became a welder for a while, and now Im in the water and sewer game. No regrets.

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