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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

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prince49 (2 months ago)
The story has a ridiculous amount of potential
namreg944 (2 months ago)
i'm sure he tries really hard, but Ian Gallagher keeps ruining things i love.
hornet pilot (3 months ago)
At this point I expect anything from EA to be a dumpster fire no matter how cool the trailers may have it appear. Sadly people are still going to naively jump on the hype train just like with Anthem...
Frank Gaudioso (3 months ago)
It definitely has that Force Unleashed look and feel but updated.
Nix the Mutant (3 months ago)
iam so pissed because i used the trailer and got a copyright strike thats stupid
Kouya Sakurada (3 months ago)
It’s going to get canceled or monetized because that’s what Star Wars fans deserve.
KING JOHN (3 months ago)
Hate EA hate Disney Still got chills down my spine ARGHHHHHHH!!!
Logan Rinke (3 months ago)
Just dont understand EAs logic here. People have been begging for an open world rpg star wars game where you can decide what roll you want to take and go out into the star wars universe. Instead they make a single player linear game that looks like its going to take a page from force unleashed and how that was played and make you play as a non custom character, In stead you get to play as the gay brother from shameless. none of this sounds original or even fun yet and I highly doubt EA can make this story worth 60$
JustFriendly (3 months ago)
I still want starkiller back. He had one of the best stories
Joseph Manderley (3 months ago)
EA Need i say more ?
Darth arr (3 months ago)
Cameron monaghan!!!!
False Shepherd- (3 months ago)
if you all are coming into this 100% negative, telling everyone to not pre order, EA will screw it up etc...why bother wasting your and my time here? I'm buying it and so will millions of others regardless. if you dont want to buy it, then dont buy it. you don't matter to me.
adam butcher (3 months ago)
Forgive me if im wrong but i thought there was only 12 months in the year, will be interesting to see the release date.
Liamv4696 (3 months ago)
"it's respawn, they won't mess it up" Ha. EA is involved. Just you wait..
Factboy12 (3 months ago)
A better version of Force Unleashed pleases me a lot. Imagine a better, more precise and impactful combat system than the Force Unleashed game. That would just be awesome. You see, I like FFXV and FFXV Comrades (multiplayer expansion). Those games got a cool looking combat, but the button input and gameplay is "Okay" at best. I wish I had more control of my character. To put it frankly, I wish that "Jedi : Fallen Order" has a combat system like "Sekiro : Shadows die twice" or the "Soulsborne" series, albeit less difficult or punishing and with more freedom and speed of movement. It would be a dream come true. The way I see "Jedi : Fallen Order" going is like this : - First, we get the single player game where we play as the good guy against the Empire. - Secondly, we get a DLC where we play as an inquisitor or someone from the Empire who hunts the last Jedis. - Third and this is my dream, we get a "Multiplayer DLC" where we create our own character, choose an allegiance (Jedi or Empire) and fight, do quests, battle, etc...
Chrizzie 78 (3 months ago)
Sees EA: "Nope."
MakoShark Films (3 months ago)
I'll stick with apex thank you
JoseMR2k11 (3 months ago)
EA stands for Everything's Ass
SSS Joker (3 months ago)
I don't trust any trailer this day's ea.
All what you want JZ (3 months ago)
EA told me to not buy battlefield V Now they are telling me to trust no one O...k.....
Austin Bluhm (3 months ago)
This is an ea game so prolly fucking trash
Robert Labayne (3 months ago)
This story could be cool but this guy is to overpowered. It’s not create own character and EA LIKE COME ON PEOPLE
Robert Labayne (3 months ago)
Guys it’s EA this game looks cool but will be shit
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
its not made by ea its just published by them (just trust respawn please)
yamyite (3 months ago)
Wonder if Katherine Kennedy made them use accept the past line in order to continue the game franchise 😂 It wasn’t always like this.... Star Wars used to be good!
Suzuki Akira (3 months ago)
Footde Coulde (3 months ago)
So far positive but it's EA so far they have made the right moves but I'm not gonna bored the hype train and will just cross my fingers that EA doesn't go it up.
They said "Trust no one" twice. Fine, i will not gonna pre-order.
Joel Atkinson (3 months ago)
Can someone tell EA the year only has 12 months please.
spoofghost (3 months ago)
EA game... no thanks.
Andrew Burley (3 months ago)
EA are making it remember dont expect to much besides cinematics if the jedi play as retarded as they do in battlefront it will be a terrible game however its like force unleashed then there could still be hope.
Patrick Carter (3 months ago)
No thanks EA, I will give you no more money after the soulless cash grab that was battlefront 2.
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
i agree with this... EXCEPT that respawn (the devs) is my only exception. after titanfall 2 and apex i know they make quality shit and i encourage you to at least give them a chance
Spoon (3 months ago)
Holy shit, this trailer looks better and tells more things than both star wars VII and VIII together
Aleksander M. (3 months ago)
nothiing special
mysterjm (3 months ago)
Now, Jeremiah Valeska is a Jedi
Shaun Sitcer (3 months ago)
is that Cameron Monaghan?
Kira Lee (3 months ago)
What a waste - this gives us no indication of what the actual game looks like!
Scoobs (3 months ago)
I look forward to the cancellation
FJ Bisso (3 months ago)
nice trailer but it's a total FAKE! there're only twelve months!! how can they release a game in the "fifteenth" month, duh!?
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
um... w h a t ? its coming out in november dude where did you hear it was coming out on the "fifteenth month"
Maeshup (3 months ago)
Why is EA even releasing a trailer for a game that is gonna be cancelled in two months? Why waste this kind of money?
neubii neubii (3 months ago)
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
let people do what they want lol im absolutely gonna because of one little thing... RESPAWNNNNNNNN
michael alfandary (3 months ago)
Respawn did amazing with work Titanfall 2, so I'm pretty optimistic with this
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
amen the second i saw wall running i flipped my shit
Sam The communist (3 months ago)
Whoever has high hopes Let me remind you EA EA EA
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
whoever is needlessly shitting on a game that isnt released yet let me remind you RESPAWN RESPAWN RESPAWN
Jay Fairless (3 months ago)
Thank you Stalin
ANim0s 56 (3 months ago)
the developers from TITANFALL 2 going to make this game huh.It's gonna be nice!
Jesus Lárez (3 months ago)
Why is the avengers theme playing?
Where's the gameplay that what's important
This was already announced a year ago and releases in 6 months and after the Scam Wars Battlefail games they should be trying pretty damn hard to convince everyone it's worth people's time this should've had gameplay
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
this is just the reveal not the gameplay trailer (that will probably be shown at e3)
get sassy (3 months ago)
wooow, wallrunning,this sure is respawn
This should have been the force awakens movie tbh.
Demon Hunter (3 months ago)
Don't pre-order. Wait for reviews! Remember Anthem Remember Andromeda Remember Battlefront 2 Remember Battlefield 5 Never trust EA
Demon Hunter (3 months ago)
@DumplingDoodle Respawn is a puppet. EA is the one pulling the strings.
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
Dom Bird (3 months ago)
Unless it’s a sports game 🤦🏻‍♂️
Iron Matrixs (3 months ago)
Demon Hunter dude I’m so done now, I tried to defend anthem and I got backstabbed, last time I ever preorder a game
milou80 (3 months ago)
@Aled Williams no matter respawn. they just make the game happen.But EA decides how it happens when it happens , if it ever happens and respawn doesn't have a say. They could kill it the day before release, or change it to include micro transations in the end despite what respawn said, doesn't mean they will, but they could if they wanted to. That's what peole worry about. EA could turn their vest anytime there's nothing stopping them apart from good will, that's completely aside from respawn's infamous game making skills which are not in doubt.
Quantelon Lp (3 months ago)
Thats my Birthday Lol
DVIL _DII (3 months ago)
Darth Gallager
Anthony Nadeau (3 months ago)
I still dont trust EA
Adesix (3 months ago)
SAS this on and was so hypet!!!
MrBranyace (3 months ago)
See now that looks pretty good, except for the bit where it comes from EA.
Luca Camino (3 months ago)
Gideon Unger (3 months ago)
EA business plan: Lets have bioware make a multiplayer game and respawn a single player game. what could possibly go wrong
Jay Fairless (3 months ago)
Aireeez (3 months ago)
I'm so hype to wait until 2021 EA DIGITAL SALE DELUXE VERSION ALL DLC included $9.99
Le Diable (3 months ago)
this should be called "Star Wars 1313: Remastered"
Toa Rivers (3 months ago)
what did respawn have to do to get ea to greenlight this
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
no clue... this was greenlit back in the titanfall 2 days i believe so they weren't even coming off the success of apex
TheTnuggs (3 months ago)
EA is cancer
MirageSmoke (3 months ago)
microtransactions be like: Blue Lightsaber 4,99$ Green Lightsaber 4,99$ Red Lightsaber 5,99$ Purple Lightsaber 19,99$ Second savedata 7,99$ Millennium Falcon (max lvl) 14,99$
STuDiX (3 months ago)
Gellai Tamás (3 months ago)
I like Star Wars but this game another EA bullshit!
Gotta love the modern era of gaming where a trailer for a video game is devoid of the most important aspect of a video game: the gameplay.
Enrique Ponzio (3 months ago)
CGI REVEAL trailers for big game launches are nothing new. In fact, they are the norm and gameplay trailers come next. I don't remember reading these kinds of comments when, for example, Halo 3's announcement trailer was released 12 years ago.
How is it that these cinematics are better than the last three SW films? 1:55 to 2:15 is epic AF!!!!!!!!!
waxlez (3 months ago)
except for the visuals this trailer is bare shit. booj booj booj
G - Taurus (3 months ago)
isn't that the gay son of gallagher's ?
Круто , надеюсь на закроют будто другие проекты
Jx Glenn (3 months ago)
I'm a simple man.. I see walllrunning Jedi's, I'm sold! I can pretend "EA was not in the game" for now. Ps : Amazing to see how good respawns new project looks. I want Titanfall 3 even more now!
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
if this game is successful then respawn will be 4 for 4! here's to hoping titanfall 3 is just around the corner
Exist64 (3 months ago)
Isnt this a little early? Last thing we need is another overhyped bug-fest
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
just trust respawn they know what they're doing
Denmark (3 months ago)
Looks stunning, let's see how EA is going to screw this one up too.
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
lets just hope they dont try to restrict respawn in any way
Rodrigo Ochs (3 months ago)
Jerome from Gothan
Valletta Petra Cyneran (3 months ago)
hmmm i like what i see so far.
ThorThrasher (3 months ago)
Trust no one, especially EA.
Glenn Parrington (3 months ago)
I wonder if there will be a female rogue character who 'kicks ass' and says very little, who can teach the male lead character how to survive.
Dark Soul Cole (3 months ago)
I cant wait to spend over $100 in DLC that means nothing for this game!!!!!!!!
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
its singleplayer only and respawn would never let anything like that happen
Yeşim Dursun (3 months ago)
Cameron 💕
ShadowCat (3 months ago)
I don’t see any Joker/Jerome comments, guess I’m here to make one then
LeeroyFan101 (3 months ago)
1:47 GIVE ME MY $2! Props if you remember that movie
Cameron Forst (3 months ago)
EA: *releases another game* That paper kid from Better Off Dead: *buys and instantly regrets* GIVE ME MY T W O D O L L A R S !!!!
MiFik (3 months ago)
you tha real mvp
KNJfan (3 months ago)
Cant wait for this to get butchered....
Gabri (3 months ago)
Jj Bj (3 months ago)
I swear to god, if EA gonna cancel this one too... However, looks promising.
FeelsGoatMan (3 months ago)
This doesnt feel like Star Wars at all. Also, what is Samuel L. Jackson doing in here, I thought his character died?
qpak oqpqp (3 months ago)
на крышка то !!!!!
GochEm 30 (3 months ago)
Don't say this game will be like Jedi Outcast clone!
Jonor Nokturl (3 months ago)
Looks like Shadows of The Empire and TFU. I'm fine with that
Monkey Funk (3 months ago)
Another cgi trailer that isnt show us the real gameplay footage
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
its just the reveal trailer I'm sure there's gonna be gameplay at E3 at LEAST
Daxam - (3 months ago)
Jonor Nokturl (3 months ago)
Remind anyone of Shadows of The Empire?
DevilsBathtub (3 months ago)
ZechsMerquise73 (3 months ago)
Nope... Until I see some guided wrist rockets, giant sewer monsters, and some of the most flying in a console game...
Gabo (3 months ago)
Just to me that the graphics look kind of shit?
Matías Arteaga (3 months ago)
Looks shit
MrBailey218 (3 months ago)
Don't forget to save up after you preorder to buy the day one "Awakens" DLC($65) so you can actually use the lightsaber in game.
Jonor Nokturl (3 months ago)
If there was day one dlc we'd know by now. It's Respawn, I trust em
CRY BABY (3 months ago)
Nobody believes EA.
Jonor Nokturl (3 months ago)
This is Respawn, look at their great track record.
Seín2000 (3 months ago)
Wait what is this!?!?!??!?!?
Jacob Medina (3 months ago)
This is gonna be like a badass remake of the force unleashed
Jacob Medina (3 months ago)
Jake Gregos (3 months ago)
for a cinematic trailer this looks like a 10 years old game
Konnor Jackson (3 months ago)
Looks good not to bad.
Jonathan_Gillispie (3 months ago)
Looks really cool and that's saying something considering EA's really spotty track record. Just hope they don't mess up the gameplay.
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
respawn are the devs... and if you look at their history... lets just say im confident this is gonna be great to say the least
Vulcan M (3 months ago)
Seeing how Respawn Entertainment made Apex Legends (which EA had very little say in production of what went into the game) I look at this game with optimism. Respawn delivered a great finished product that put a very new spin on the battle royal genre. Also I feel that Respawn has the ability to make a good story based off of the Titanfall 2 campaign. I can't wait to see how this game turns out. But with all this said, I still won't preorder the game. I never do for any games. I will wait for the reviews to come in and then make a decision if the game looks good, which I advise you all do the same.
Jonor Nokturl (3 months ago)
Finally, instead everyone just spouts "EA BAD SO THIS BAD!" Respawn is a great dev with their tracks record. I have high hopes
E P (3 months ago)
One of the few people with sense in this comment section, respawn is an amazing development team, and I have high hopes that this game will soar with them
Roland (3 months ago)
This is respawn we’re talking about here. This game is gonna be well taken care of
Roland (3 months ago)
DumplingDoodle because this is the internet and people will always have something to say
DumplingDoodle (3 months ago)
exactly! idk why people are being so negative

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