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2019 NIGERIAN MOVIES. Nigerian movies is what we entertain our viewers, every hour any hour this is the channel for the lovers and supporters of all category of african online entertainment if here is not the right youtube channel for nollywood movies then there is none anywhere else. please feel to like and share our interesting nigerian movie, and watch our home movies with family and friends #NigerianMovies #AfricanMovies "SUBSCRIBE"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCF-aA9PWivAWt_F7RMTEw "PLEASE FOLLOW US ON FACEOOK":https://www.facebook.com/RAYPOWERTV "VISIT OUR WEBSITE"WWW.NILOBAM.COM Please support us "LIKE" and "SHARE" this nigerian movie We are always committed. THE LOUD CALL OF GOD https://youtu.be/Qg4hVLew0S0 THE MYSTERIOUS DAUGHTERS AGAINST A KINGDOM https://youtu.be/TDm-tysmW7o MY MOTHER'S GHOST SAVED ME FROM MY EVIL STEPMOTHER https://youtu.be/syCX-sCkjxQ ZUBBY MICHEAL THE GOAT KIDNAPPER https://youtu.be/lr47GTTP6M0 MY JOURNEY WITH THE INNOCENT PRISONER https://youtu.be/M17WJjPDZ48 SORROWFUL STORY OF THE PREGNANT STUDENT https://youtu.be/KlNp0whA8m4 THE DANGEROUS KIDNAPPER AND THE RICH KID https://youtu.be/6H-Uit4C50I THE PASSAGE OF GREAT OF KINGS https://youtu.be/pyDXsJaSer8 THE POOR ORPHAN GIRL THE QUEEN FOUND FOR THE PRINCE https://youtu.be/Cvgz4nkGtjA THE MESSAGE OF THE STRANGE MAD BEGGAR https://youtu.be/WkIY3kMt_gU HOW MY BROTHERS SOLD ME TO A RICH MAN AFTER OUR PARENT DIED https://youtu.be/hn0_D1-qR-k THE ERROR OF TRUE LOVE https://youtu.be/RM7VD-1rPNQ QUEEN THAT NEVER WAS QUEEN THAT NEVER WAS
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Lamin Sanyang (1 month ago)
we kindly waiting for part 3

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