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FINDING YOUR TRIBE (5 STEPS TO ATTRACT & ELEVATE) // Do you attract people who are inspiring, motivated, and going after their dreams? In today’s video I’m sharing 5 solid ways to attract your tribe. They'll challenge you, and you’ll love it! If you’re gonna be a boss, you gotta keep your tribe tight. A “tribe audit” will feel weird and uncomfortable, but GROWTH is uncomfortable. Today’s video will help you get really clear on what kind of people you want to attract into your life. RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Listen to Podcast Episode 021 “Build Your Tribe and Skyrocket Your Success with Lori Harder”: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/021 Lori Harder’s new book “A Tribe Called Bliss”: https://www.loriharder.com/tribe-called-bliss/ Watch my video “5 Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset (Execute & Achieve)”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qDSXFD7vJ8 Watch my video “4 Content Creation Hacks (Save Time, Be Productive & Build Authority)”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DOBVD68kfA&t=6s __________ Have you been thinking of using Youtube to grow your business business but you’re not sure where to start and you're scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide! I'll show you the right steps on how to rank on page #1 of google for more views, subscribers and leads for you business: http://bossyoutubestrategy.com Join our community in “Be Your Own Boss Mastermind” Facebook Group here: http://www.byoboss.today __________ TWEET THIS VIDEO: https://ctt.ac/s3n4W Say hi on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunnyLenarduzzi/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/sunnylenarduzzi Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyLenarduzzi Instagram: http://instagram.com/sunnylenarduzzi/ Listen to The Sunny Show PODCAST here: iTunes: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/itunes Google Play: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/googleplay Stitcher: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/stitcher Android: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/android TuneIn: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/tunein Spotify: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/spotify https://youtu.be/I6AoeEzOHaw http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/roadmap?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=how_to_create_tribe_video #byoBoss #mindset #entrepreneurship
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Text Comments (517)
Breana Turner (23 hours ago)
Confident Innovative Authentic Motivated and Open Minded
Ana M (3 days ago)
My ideal tribe members are authentic, sensitive and attune to theirs and other people's feeling, creative, kind and go after their dreams while having fun 😊❤️
Rebecca's Piano Keys (5 days ago)
My ideal tribe members are: motivated, creative, open, authentic, always learning!
AB Overland (10 days ago)
1. Adventurous 2. Outdoorsy 3. Tree-Huggers
Samantha Bagnall (11 days ago)
Great advice. Promise Boss no picking
Yasmina Peréz (13 days ago)
1. Self-motivated 2. passionate 3. Very caring, generous 4. Spontaneous 5. Positive ♡
Karla Mohtashemi (18 days ago)
Supportive, non-judgemental, loving, motivated, entrepreneurial, free spirit, fun, funny, adventure seekers, self care advocates
Anaya NowOrNever (19 days ago)
Boss ✨
Anaya NowOrNever (19 days ago)
Ideal tribe traits: 1: open-minded and curious 2: respecters of the Bible 3: driven to make more of their lives
Heather A Riggins (24 days ago)
Sunny❤️❤️Great video!! Thank you!!
Alisia Krastel (26 days ago)
Kind, fierce, open-minded, positive
Karen (27 days ago)
Loyalty, positivity, creativity and kindness.
One Guitarist (1 month ago)
I like to hang around others that are addicted to learning, love traveling, and love music. I can talk endlessly with my friends like this... and do!
Libby Brooks (1 month ago)
how do you get away from soul suckers? Theres this girl in my life who has been my best friend all through college, and then she started dating this guy that I feel has had a completely negative effect on her yet she does not see this. Being around her literally makes me depressed and exhausted and shes so fake and superficial. She is the definition of a soul sucker!! But... shes my room mate.. and will be for the next 6 months. The largest issues have to do with conversations surrounding common room mate discussions, like rent and utilities. Its having such a terrible effect on my life, and ive tried to tell her, and she gets extremely defensive and says im attacking her when im just trying to start this conversation. Help ):
3Lydiann (1 month ago)
SALT LAKE CITY Tribe! I’m calling you in!! Thank you! My Tribe 1) sees possibilities! 2) deeply cares for people, the planet & animals 3) are Creative and SUPPORTIVE!
Cosmic Conversations (1 month ago)
1. Authentic and Awake. 2. Depth and breadth of character 2. Interested in being their best possible self and supporting others to do the same.
Maria Estenio (1 month ago)
Creative Extroverted Positive
Cup of Kudos (1 month ago)
Good tips - I could pick up some of the 4 agreements, but then you took a left turn. Let go of being hung up on phrases like "pick your brain." research where the phrase comes from and try not be so judgmental. And no I would not have a problem if someone asked that question. Just silly.
Jehosephat126126 (1 month ago)
Britney Dickerson (1 month ago)
Fit-inspired, on fire for God, inspirational, driven, generous
It's real it's raw (1 month ago)
I am looking for honest people who love God and love people, who can critically think, are real, raw, and exhibit fruitful lives full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and who think and act on things such as: forgiveness, mutual exchange of energy, truth, honor, upright living, desiring what is pure, lovely, and admirable. I also want to be surrounded by people who believe that anything, absolutely anything, is possible. I want the kinds of relationships that when I am away from them I miss them and can't wait to have contact with them again because they encourage me onward in excellence mind-body-soul-spirit.
Zoukluv101 (2 months ago)
Inspirational, good motivators, good listeners, Confident, individual, pioneering, adventurous, broad-minded, philosophical, gd adviser, eloquent , spontaneous, good with sales and mktg themselves in the public arena.
John Tucker (2 months ago)
Open minded; Spiritual; Own their Emotions; Accepting but also Know when to, & that it's OK to, say No.
T Fred (2 months ago)
#Boss great video! Trustworthy Driven Reliable Giving Humble Motivated Risk Taker Relentless Tech Savvy
Eye of Krena (2 months ago)
Great listeners Self motivated Risky Courageous
Sam Schemm (2 months ago)
My tribe: goal oriented, motivated, healthy, disciplined, open minded #BOSSCLUB
Won Daesun (2 months ago)
1. Socially Entrepreneurial (me) 2. Healthy (me) 3. Practitioner of early (secular) Buddhism (me) 4. Open minded (me) 5. Personally Generous (hmmm) want to be more 6. Wanting to impact the world🌍 (me) 7. Driven (me) 8. Inspirational (me) but judge for yourself 9. Loves Holacracy (me)
Jessica Calderon (2 months ago)
Top traits: 1) Resilient 2) Humorous 3) Contentment 4) Goal oriented 5) Encouraging
Heal & Mend (2 months ago)
My ideal tribe is loving, light, healing, soothing, passionate, giving, understanding, and RESPECTFUL 🌹
SassyStyled Chic (2 months ago)
My tribe consists of goal getters faith based fun spontaneous inspiring creative entrepreneurs risk takers healthy loving kind caring and bold!!! 😉😊😁😋
Marta Pakula (2 months ago)
Gerry Dinglasan (3 months ago)
The traits of my ideal tribe members are, positive, goal-getter and honest.
CrazedPerformanceRepair (3 months ago)
BOSS... I here the "can I pick your brain" Every single day in my field in some kind of form. I'm here to give advice but it gets a bit much sometimes and I totally relate to this.
Wine and Wisdom (3 months ago)
Ambitious, funny, and optimistic
Love The Bunny (3 months ago)
My ideal tribe is nice and funny loves pets .
Esoterika (3 months ago)
Compassionate. Meeting their goals and dreams. Abundant
Queen J (3 months ago)
For a really long time I had struggled to find what I wanted to do in life I felt like I was a disappointment in life to everyone around me! I want to say that for a year I wanted to start YouTube but was to scared of falling with in life I learned that failure leads to success. So I decided to start my channel and well sunny has been the person that has taught me so much because at the beginning I was teaching myself then I came across her on my channel I have a video to help those who are struggling to find their niche go check it out! ❤️
Monica McGahan (3 months ago)
I love all the tips!! As always you inspire me. And Agree—-I hate it people say can I pick your brain,,, it makes me feel like I’m their last resort!
Moga Yoga (3 months ago)
My ideal tribe member is curious, open, positive <3
Delcio Gomes (3 months ago)
Really good and valuable tips! Thanks Sunny 😊
lovelightlife (3 months ago)
Positive creative weirdos who love themselves and own their weirdness and are ready to be the best version of themselves.😂
Real Fab Mom (3 months ago)
My ideal tribe; 1 supportive 2 driven 3 honest 4 kind 5 motivated 6 humble
Brie Pawlak (3 months ago)
It's more than 3 to 5 but got inspired when I saw the traits you guys posted!! CARPE DIEM - sieze the day! Creative Ambitious Risk Taker Passionate Enthusiastic Determined Innovative Elevates Motivated
Intuition 4 Nutrition (3 months ago)
Love this!! Mine are honest, optimistic and open minded!
Jordan Sparks (3 months ago)
Weird I just listened to Kati Morton say literally all the exact same things with the EXACT same analogies lol
Ntathu Allen (3 months ago)
The traits I like are: kindness, caring and thoughtfulness
Amanda Pasciucco (3 months ago)
Amanda Pasciucco (3 months ago)
My ideal tribe: Fun, awakened, do their inner work, embrace the human side of life, self-motivated, integrity, honouring, committed, discovery mindset, NOT out to save the world but very THERE to follow their passion to make a positive difference :) BTW... I chuckled at Number 5, as helping people not take things personally is what I do <3
Ava Doe (4 months ago)
Boss!!! I can't stand when people ask to pick my brain... No you can not!!! Boss!!
Michelle Cox Photography (4 months ago)
GREAT tips!! I need to do some homework now to get my "tribe" in order ;) Thanks for the powerful help!
Askhat Arslanov (4 months ago)
1. Person who urge me to take action 2. Person who help me solve the fear of failures 3. Keeping me improve myself: financial results, personal, spiritual.
Future Done Right-TM (4 months ago)
More great tips on getting to the right people into your world.
Tressa Bowles (4 months ago)
Uplifting, creative, willing to look outside the box! Those are the three best traits I see that make up me and the tribe I believe I will attract! This was a great exercise! Thank you!!!!
Victoria Drake (4 months ago)
Victoria Drake (4 months ago)
My top 4 tribe traits: - Driven - Inspired - Adventurous - Caring Bonus trait: Committed to make positive change in the world
Miss Jackie (4 months ago)
1. Genuine 2. Motivated 3. Responsible 4. Compassionate 5. Open-minded
Cody Wanner (4 months ago)
1. Doers 2. Silver Lining Seekers 3. Encouragers
Cody Wanner (4 months ago)
I’ve just gotten into your stuff Sunny! I really love it - thank you for making it - appreciate you so much!
Matthew Hyatt (5 months ago)
I need super positive, very outgoing, mission-driven and insanely creative people! Bring it!
50something Original (5 months ago)
My ideal tribe is: 1. Altruistic 2. Driven 3. Positive #bossclub
Ariel Chadwick (5 months ago)
- Honest - Driven - Loving
Troy Swezey (5 months ago)
"The company I choose is solidly singular, totally trustworthy, straight and sincere, polished, experienced, witty and charming." This is a lyric from a song by Fish, yet it works for me.
Positive Chick (5 months ago)
My ideal tribe are definitely positive, risk takers, decision-makers, innovators, healthy, creative souls, fun, encouraging, and purpose-driven peeps.
Sic Hippie (5 months ago)
Boss. I love your positivity! It's contagious. And thanks so much for your videos they really do help!
Sic Hippie (5 months ago)
Rhonda Nickerson (5 months ago)
Chris Floyd (5 months ago)
Chris Floyd (5 months ago)
My ideal tribe - joyful, positive, passionate, driven, and do not give up on their goals.
Loopy Laura (5 months ago)
Passionate, Positive, Kind, Creative and Christian or Spiritual #BOSSCLUB
Simone Kay (5 months ago)
This is really good life coaching advice thanks for sharing this. xx
Hannah Ison (5 months ago)
Passionate Mission Minded Authentic
Video Hunter Ricky (5 months ago)
Watch another one 😉 because you attracted me 😘
Celeste Richmond (5 months ago)
Thank you for your incredible content. Loving it as I start out ❤️
Arcane Bear (5 months ago)
Keep up the great work, love seeing others thrive!
Mary Pauline (5 months ago)
positive generous willing to learn new things PRODUCTIVE KIND
Michelle McNabb (5 months ago)
I love this & the timing is perfect for me! This has been my main focus after moving out of state, and also is what has started to scale my business by doing so! I even just did a FB live last week and I'd love to share this video as a follow up
Alessandro Arzilli (5 months ago)
1. Loyalty 2. Motivation 3. Tranquillity
Shubham Gupta (5 months ago)
Cusheena Daniel (5 months ago)
My top 3 for my tribe: Loves God, adventurous spirit, and great sense of humor Loved the video! The insta hash tags should be interesting.
MedGeek TV (5 months ago)
Love this! #BOSSCLUB I laughed when you said about "pick your brain" sounds gross.. ewww...so true! ;) I actually just read A Tribe Called Bliss, it was beautifully done. I once heard a neuroscientist say that the human brain has 3 basic needs: To survive, to thrive and to have a tribe. All of us are looking for a tribe, and I am drawn to people who are in love with life kind to others and don't take themselves too seriously. Thanks for the inspiration, Sunny, I do love your videos.
ladyandaharp (5 months ago)
Fitness driven, see the glass full, calm and centered, global mindset.
Young generation (5 months ago)
She has a Great channel and inspired me to continue my channel that’s https://youtu.be/LABD6qwHYIU
Erin Crizer Gates (5 months ago)
Funny, loyal, trustworthy and honest:)
Blame Chris (5 months ago)
Top three traits for me would be; 1. positivity, No more negativity 2. encouragement l, I feel I give encouragement, but do not always get this back. 3. Honestly - good and bad and in everything you do I think honesty and integrity are key. Thanks for this video, came at exactly the right time. 👍👍👏👏🙂
Forrest Knight (6 months ago)
#bossclub love it ...
Forrest Knight (6 months ago)
Creative, Funny, Competative, positive, caretakers and lovers of others
SEARCH (6 months ago)
Hey, can I pick your brain?
The Gift Of Disease (6 months ago)
Positive , kind ,spiritual,honesty
Emery Jackman (6 months ago)
Great video Sunny! The person I spend the most time with is 6 years old. I wish I had a few people to work with who want to work like I do. My downline doesn't do anything, and it's depressing. I'm super fun, I work hard, and it would be nice to ever see results.
Kohl Karmakar (6 months ago)
Hey everyone! A want to create a social tribe and if you're as interested as I am, DM @kohlkarmakar. The traits I highly appreciate are: 1. Generous 2. Ambitious 3. Photographer/Videographer/Influencer "I can't wait to be best friends with you." 😉
Serena Tang (6 months ago)
Thank you so much again for sharing your expertise!
Serena Tang (6 months ago)
My ideal tribe are artsy, adventurous, top performers.. People who enjoy the finer things in life is a big bonus as well!!
Serena Tang (6 months ago)
I watched 4 of your videos on the road. So awesome!!
Katelyn Cummings (6 months ago)
My ideal best friend would embody these traits! 💙 1. Healthy 2. Inspirational 3. TRUSTWORTHY 4. GENUINE 5. Respectful
The Ali Robins Show (6 months ago)
1) Artistic 2) Optimistic 3) Adventurous 4) Millionaire Mindset 5) Healthy
Erin In Real Life (6 months ago)
Thanks for the list of resources. Definitely must reads
Meghan Stark (6 months ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the question "Can I pick your brain?" super weird. haha. It's a strange turn of phrase.
Abiding Happiness (6 months ago)
A couple of things I heard from Dan Lok, I wonder if you were attending his group. You are doing great.

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