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vikas tandon (2 hours ago)
Awesome magic tricks... 👍
84Elenai (2 hours ago)
I love how Ricky just freaked out XD
Mustafa B (4 hours ago)
0:34 she looks like a stapler 😂😂😂
myfinal takeonthis (6 hours ago)
“I’ve never seen a person drink this much water before” dude’s been rich/famous for too long
Truth Seeker (1 day ago)
Fucking stooges all around!!!!!
Ali (1 day ago)
Can you put kerosene fire out with water
dead kid (1 day ago)
That's one way too spit a woman's face
Kang, Sungho (1 day ago)
This isn't a magic, this is stunt! It is heartbreaking to watch him doing magics.
Jeff Couture (1 day ago)
“For my next trick, I will make my own virginity disappear before your very eyes!” -No David Blain Ever
Takia Aleem (2 days ago)
"Yo get yo frog son! Get yo frog!" I'm cracking tf uuuuuuup hes performing at my wedding
efrain ruiz (2 days ago)
David Blaine will spend his eternity asking God for forgiveness and reoenting from having been used as a tool of Satan's deception of the masses. But once he's dead, has passed away, no grace of God will be found for him. Today is the day of repentance. Tomorrow, after death, is not guaranteed to no one. David Blaine is paving his way into the deepest part of hell. 'Do ye not know that magicians, wifchcraft doers, will not inherit the kingdom of God. 'Cast out into outer darkness, where there is gnashing of teeth '.
efrain ruiz (2 days ago)
David Blaine will spend his eternity asking God for forgiveness and reoenting from having been used as a tool of Satan's deception of the masses. But once he's dead, has passed away, no grace of God will be found for him. Today is the day of repentance. Tomorrow, after death, is not guaranteed to no one. David Blaine is paving his way into the deepest part of hell. 'Do ye not know that magicians, wifchcraft doers, will not inherit the kingdom of God. 'Cast out into outer darkness, where there is gnashing of teeth '.
Enoch Israel (2 days ago)
Frog coming out of David's mouth..... Bible Rev 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
rebels yell (3 days ago)
Howa the fuck is thaat a twick lol
Mark 13 (3 days ago)
Watch Mirin Dayo.....
medicalmarijuana4all (3 days ago)
Demonic possession
MegaCaliGrown420 (3 days ago)
The look on the first girls face made my stomach hurt. Like she automatically knew that the person in front of her was not human. But yet a demon of some sort in human form. Right before our eyes.
Ariaditya Pramestu (3 days ago)
Ricky is losing his shit, its hilarious
Capt. Rich (4 days ago)
Yeah he's a weird fugger...
May Hamami (4 days ago)
Jimmy Butler?
Hugo Ramirez (4 days ago)
How did he do that? 😷
Diamond Plays (4 days ago)
OK just take a knife in my arm and CUT IT of and se how IT looks
bread (4 days ago)
Everybody gangsta til he be spitting frogs
Brittney Florek (5 days ago)
Poor frogs..he swallowed them
FBI (5 days ago)
That last one was not magic
Goopi Beast (5 days ago)
Arnold is like, “I can do that with my balls” 😂😂
Matt Oakley (5 days ago)
What kind of party is Dave Chappelle, Drake, Steph Curry, and David Blaine hanging out at? Lol that's awesome.e
AAYUSHTHE KING (6 days ago)
THAT guy is NOT human. NOT A FUCKING HUMAN. I'm out.
Ji-Gon Quinn (6 days ago)
That first one its obvious the chick was in on it to sets of dentures, when he blows in her mouth you can see her tongue push the other denture set into place
Radu Bojica (6 days ago)
Bunch of retards saying and blaming demons without even trying to think how he did that. I would look like a demon if I showed you fire for the first time. Fuck you and fuck your indoctrinated beliefs, dumb sheep following the same path for 2000 years and becoming worse with every second. If you need a fucking book to tell you that you need to be good and that being the only one that makes you think about your actions, then you really are screwed for life buddy.
Ronald Jones (6 days ago)
Too funny
Mr. Deadpool (7 days ago)
Does he do birthday parties for children?
Guled Abdulahi (7 days ago)
Why my nigga look like drake long lost cousin
James Cooper (7 days ago)
3rd one is fake arm
The Flash (7 days ago)
Fucking devel shit right there
Blake (7 days ago)
sourocker77 (7 days ago)
XxV3NGEANC3xX (8 days ago)
How in the actual fuck did that teeth trick work
Eric Avelino (8 days ago)
this is not even entertaining, this is terrifying
Mozhukho Kayina (8 days ago)
Too oversmart
Zoouuh Love (8 days ago)
he gonn fake ya orgasm😢
Colt Taylor (8 days ago)
Black people overreact to everything it's hilarious.
Kaiser Sözshye (8 days ago)
That dude is creepy af.
Jazzymon *-* (9 days ago)
She had the nerve to let him touch her lips with his thumb after LICKING HIS THUMB... disgusting.
Fly solo 28 (9 days ago)
To train your body to do this is life threatening it's all training and no paid Actors unlike Chris Angel and Dynamo.
RandmVision (9 days ago)
Holy shit
Milan Dilan (10 days ago)
He looks like Neyo from the matrix😎
Jace Lagunzad (10 days ago)
5:49 is that Jimmy Buttler?
Logan Allen (10 days ago)
What about when he caught a fucking bullet lol.
Casey Bledsoe (10 days ago)
If the first one was real she would have cried and slapped the shit out of him.
j lll (10 days ago)
david blaine got away from magic and started doing this stupid stuff, watching a person sit in ice for days, im like ehhh, next
Logan Smith (10 days ago)
Lol Ricky’s reaction had me laughing my ass off
SahelPlayzzz (11 days ago)
Also, it wasn’t glass!
PENIS DIRT 🤩 (11 days ago)
whats more amazing is the guy who taught blaine the regurgitate trick ..
Duxx Skuxx (11 days ago)
*sEe HoW iT lOoKs*
Damian90 (11 days ago)
Chris Angel: I just created a new Magic trick David Blaine: Hold my Kerosene
Chandr Bhairon (11 days ago)
He is Fire extinguisher
kunal chakate (11 days ago)
How's that possible!!!
tony hill (11 days ago)
See how it looks...
Hermann J. (12 days ago)
2:00 if you look close you can see its a fake arm and his real arm is under the T-shirt
Jadiel Lima (8 days ago)
I don`t want to know hou he did it
TheRandomVideosGuy (9 days ago)
His fingers are moving though
Infamous Yash Show (12 days ago)
9:11 "I've never seen a human drink that much water before." Have you ment Jordon Schlanski??
Infamous Yash Show (12 days ago)
For those that don't believe in spirits and demons . they are real. A lot of his tricks involve demonic conjuring.
D Smurf (12 days ago)
Was that steph curry?? - 6:47
Jacob Ishii (12 days ago)
Glass eating is nothing new
Duxx Skuxx (11 days ago)
Yeah I see people eat glass all the time on TV
Marin Vrabelj (12 days ago)
2 possibilities 1: its staged 2: sold his soul to the devil
Marin Vrabelj (12 days ago)
+The Life of Ashtin but if he is the devil then who is Angela Merkel? 🤔
The Life of Ashtin (12 days ago)
Marin Vrabelj HE IS THE DEVIL
Tony DC (13 days ago)
Count Vlain is just boring nowadays...
Zareena williams (13 days ago)
4th dimensional being
Yasha Mashiach (13 days ago)
tooth one was fake but still awesome the stabbing one takes mad skill the glass one as well but it might not be real glass the rest were simple regurgitation tricks but not still not easy at all. the frogs can stay in his stomach easily for long time
murdy1975 (13 days ago)
Blaine is old now.. every know his cheezy tricks.. just like that other dude, wtf is his name? Lame do somthing else with your life!
Kailani James (13 days ago)
He just puked all over the desk
dit west nicht (14 days ago)
spit a normal girl like this in her face he will slap you, this is fake like some other tricks of him but he stays the best illusionist.
Patrick Polillo (14 days ago)
David sir I dont care who u are cause the tricks are kick ass bro always ready for your new acts ! Keep killin it
World Puzzle (15 days ago)
I think he is advance AI
World Puzzle (15 days ago)
and i also think that he is not happy when doing some physical tricks to he's body
Theonof (15 days ago)
Eating glass is actually safe for u, i ever did that before
Anthony22rd (15 days ago)
When I was around 10 I saw a man bite a glass and chewed the piece of glass like food and swallowed those pieces I don't think it's magic it's something not everyone can do.
Genta Ermaji (14 days ago)
Yes in another video he was shown going to the dentist and we can see his teeth worn down due to the training. If anything david isnt actually a magician he's more like an entertainment monk or somethin haha
Mathieu Chagnon (15 days ago)
The glass is for sure 100% fake
Compulsive Flames (14 days ago)
No u can eat glass its just no were near safe
James Lai (16 days ago)
Went too far? Didnt see any which did so. 5 entertaining tricks.
yellward (16 days ago)
She was in on it
Derek Gowdy (17 days ago)
GHP2001 GHP (17 days ago)
Arnold looks like clint eastwood
nut zeeb (17 days ago)
Sell his souls, *as simple as that*
Yo Ey (17 days ago)
Just amazing Perfect
Only the Truth (17 days ago)
Satanic worshiper for an exchange that devils hell him do this kind of stuff. But he can’t escape a death and he shell return to the Creator of Heavens and the Earth
Riley Tessier (11 days ago)
Youre so ignorant it hurts my head.. Literally anyone can perform these same tricks if they practices for as many years as he did. Please reply back with some bs religion quote ill make you look like the fucking retard you and every other religious nut is
Lags K9 (17 days ago)
12:05 he’s throwing up but controlling it so easy.. I’m just spraying everywhere
xHazy Goatx (17 days ago)
I've seen the training it took to perform these tricks, alot of frogs and goldfish we're harmed, as well as his asophogous drinking kerosene lol. Dude is just fucking nuts....😂😂😂😂
Boi Man (18 days ago)
Too far?
Bert Garcia (18 days ago)
1st magic maybe an assistant just acting
محمد فاضل (18 days ago)
Paid actor... Some more @2.57 why the needle not losing length at right
محمد فاضل (17 days ago)
+xHazy Goatx 😱😱😱
xHazy Goatx (17 days ago)
Yeah alot of street magic is paid actors, the needle though is real. Dude is just nuts and Pierce's himself with hooks and needles all over his body regularly since he has no emotion or feeling left after selling his soul. 🤷😅
Moisty Grapefruit (19 days ago)
On his last trick when he spit back out the water, didn’t it look sespicios when he was rocking back and forth
Blake Hubert (18 days ago)
Moisty Grapefruit he was trying to throw it back up into his mouth
Aaron Shattuck (19 days ago)
While David Blaine is a great magician, he is now just a TV magician. Almost all of his tricks now consist of him using camera edits. Kind of shitty. Like pulling out teeth and swallowing and regurgitating frogs.
Sandy Stamps (20 days ago)
He is a demon in disguise!
Sam Coon (20 days ago)
So some of you are wondering how he did some of these. I'm not a magician or have even really tried magic tricks. Just some observations. The teeth removal. Crowns for teeth can be made to slip on and off. They've done it in Hollywood for decades. The eating of glass. Ever watched a movie where someone gets a bottle broken over their head? Sugar glass is used most of the time but other compounds can be used that are edible. They will hold liquid and look very real. Tom Petty used a form of sugar glass in a video way back in 1984. Its the video that's a short Alice in Wonderland and he is the Mad Hatter. The needle in the arm is real to a point. No pun intended. There has been a surgical grade tube implanted in his arm that allows passage of the needle. All he has to do is puncture the skin on both sides. I'm sure it hurts but he isnt puncturing through muscle. Think of the tube as a tunnel for the needle to go through. The frog thing is the same as what Steve O did to become part of Jack ass. He swallowed a gold fish and puked it back up. David has obviously learned how to control is stomach and esophagus so well that he can regurgitate at will. And the last one was just fire breathing skills.
Deivison Carvalho (17 days ago)
The only one I couldn't explain was the teeth one. Even though its possible the girl definitely got damaged it was really bold of him to do this. The glass one I don't think it was sugar glass. I really think it was REAL glass and he protected his throat (don't know the correct name in English) a "seal" liquid or just anesthesia all he had to do is regurgitate behind the cameras. His real power is stomach control. Pretty impressing by the way
David Gainey (21 days ago)
David Blaine and Chris Angel should do a show together.
xHazy Goatx (17 days ago)
Imagine how much money between those two they would pay us to be there and react?! 😂💸🤑
michelle smith (21 days ago)
This is what you get when you sell your soul to the devil, humans don't have power!!!!
Riley Tessier (11 days ago)
It is a magic trick you fucking retard. Anyone can do it with practice
Phillip Rodriguez (22 days ago)
You know the Drake one was real. No one has a better reaction than black people.
El Loco (22 days ago)
He literally threw up water and I've seen that episode the one where he searched for the guy doing that.
EMAN 09 (23 days ago)
The needle one almost made give the pizza box it’s pizza back
Indrayudh Mondal (23 days ago)
As much as the last trick seems logical since kerosene and water are immissible, a true kerosene fire cannot be put out by using that little water...
xHazy Goatx (17 days ago)
David drank like 4 gallons....how much you need yo?! Lol
katden220 (23 days ago)
There is something satanic about this man.
guardian of memes (17 days ago)
He's satan

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