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IKEA: The Value Inside Explanation Video

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Documenting Creativity Explanation Video ADV 325: Introduction to Advertising Creativity. This video is for a class project. It's not associated with IKEA or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. No copyright infringement intended. Song: Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz Clip: (500) Days of Summer Created by: Cristina Cardenas Sonia Rahardja Elizabeth Diaz-Escobar Helle Strongin Alysia Chen Kelsea Reeves Enjoy! Song parody by Kelsea Reeves. I'm going to Ikea, only got $90 in my pocket. I'm hunting, looking for a sofa, this is just so awesome! Step up in the class like, "What up? Just did this project." I'm so pumped up about this vid about Ikea. Had to pick an essence to express Ikea's brand-name. Our group was like, "Man, we'll put those other groups to shame." Driving in, lack of sleep, heading to the kitchen scene. Dressed in burnt orange except my bottom half, those are jeans. Took pictures of randoms like those girls standing next to me. But some people said "No", man that was embarrassing. Yikeeeeeees. But hey we got some pretty good pics, click it!
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