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8 Most Unusual Kids in the World

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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs There are more than 7.5 billion people on our planet, and each of them is unique in their own way. Every person on Earth deserves their own story, but today we want to talk about the most unusual children. They are different from their peers, their stories are hard to believe, and their appearance and strength of mind cause admiration. Well, let's get to know these children better.
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KMA CHANNEL (5 hours ago)
Ohhh Tessa is sooo cute they all are 😍 Beautiful kids
Genesis Soto (20 hours ago)
So pretty
Thembi Makhanya (20 hours ago)
some of them look cute and beautiful
Brian White (22 hours ago)
I love medan and moon
The Tepero Show (22 hours ago)
Dude it’s me or on the internet there’s so much people sayin the most pretty girl in the world I’m not a girl by the way
brenda oduka (1 day ago)
a wt hhhhhhhk
nathan khloe (1 day ago)
Katie Mckenna (1 day ago)
Is it just me or does the white girl in the thumbnail look like king Jeffreys little Sister lol
Psych0 _12 (1 day ago)
The voice here sounds like infinite list
Chocolate Wolfy (2 days ago)
I wish i had green and blue eyes 😔 also that black girl was so cute ! 😍
Emily Cope (2 days ago)
Cheryl King (3 days ago)
God has blessed them....some people are just jealous of not having that blessing
Nehemiah Nubine (1 day ago)
Gabbie Martinez (3 days ago)
Maden’s story was so cute in the end like a fairytale
Gabbie Martinez (3 days ago)
Tessa’s story Is so sad 😭
Gabbie Martinez (3 days ago)
Now I’m sad for Voldemort
Paige Elizz (3 days ago)
I got so excited when they put the bully clip from "IT" In there
Eli Schmidt (3 days ago)
I like the one with no nose! She so cute
Injehu Jennipher (4 days ago)
Let me just by saying the dark little baby on the cover is too cute
ElenaTheFennecFox XD (4 days ago)
I hope none ofthese children get forced to be famous. And I would Love to have different coloured eyes💙💚👁
TheDepressedKittyCat (4 days ago)
In my opinion I don't really think there's a "Most beautiful girl in the world" But I do think that each girl is beautiful in there own way 😁
Cyndi Cleveland (4 days ago)
No one no matter how they look talk walk or what choices they make in their life etc should be bullied. #peaceandlove
Catina Bishop (4 days ago)
My name is Amilliana but I am older
Aaliyahsworld 4ever (4 days ago)
My eyes are one blue one green and meh sis is pink faded into orange and the other is pink into purple what the f***. Is l wrong with it
Marydelle Arbilo (4 days ago)
Everyone is beautiful
Lia Noel (4 days ago)
Madden reminds me of Miles from the movies Prodigy. Miles had a blue and a hazel eye also but im not going to spoil it
Shamell Michaels (4 days ago)
The one before lallite is my favourite
Scott Terry (4 days ago)
I still think my daughter is a goddess
Sagittarius A (5 days ago)
Different color eyes are gorgeous. Kids are cruel.
Lissania Quintanilla (6 days ago)
Teacher:can you smell the cookie? Girl with no nose:i smell nothing ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
Peter Nick (6 days ago)
There is nothing unusual about the nigerian girl 🤦🏼
Katie Pineda (6 days ago)
the boys eyes are so cute ,i wish i had two colored ys
Felicia McCloden (6 days ago)
The baby with no nose is really cute +_+
Anna Malfoy ツ (6 days ago)
3:58 she hopes her daughter.. time skip ... HIS
Michelle Gunning (7 days ago)
The. Oh with two color eyes looks like my cousin but as a girl....?!?!?!!!?
Michelle Gunning (7 days ago)
The boy I ment
Jacob Baldwin (7 days ago)
They should be very proud of who they are.They are beautiful the way they are.
Camelia Irizarry (7 days ago)
I like the one with all of the white hair and the one with the white tip hair
temmie green (7 days ago)
I dont look like my mom or dad
Andrea Vela (7 days ago)
I'd sooo be friends with that two colored eyes kid anyone else?
Lanique Russell (7 days ago)
I love this video can you make a video with me travel andros and in life in Morgan's bluff
MayMay ThePrincess (7 days ago)
These kids are sooo Adorable 😮😮😮😵😵😵😵
sahar elwakad (7 days ago)
My iris opens and closes and becomes big and then shrinks
Austin Richards (7 days ago)
I wish i had heterochromia
Imrith Jhansi (3 days ago)
I wish i have two colored eyes like the boy. If you want like ❤ Thanks for 10 likes Thanks for 31 likes
Lee-bellas (8 days ago)
Aww that’s so sweet nobody should have to cry themselves to sleep 1 like 1prayer for these kids and more
Adrienne Scullion (8 days ago)
Rebecca Berry (8 days ago)
I feel bad for the 3d one its so sad how she got adopted and y?I hate how kids get adopted so muchJust y
Whisper Reyes (9 days ago)
Don't bully people for how they look
Amber Honkomp (9 days ago)
My brother and I have heterochromia combine with hazel. Both of us have slightly different eye color but our eye colors are different from each other. My brother has brown and green while mine are blue and green.
Amber Honkomp (9 days ago)
He’s adorable with that facial hair. He looks like a mini Chubaca from StarWars.
These kids are adorable
These children are so beautiful unique and especially special to their families. God made them that way for a reason.
Tara Starcher (10 days ago)
I was born with different color eyes
Khadija Ali A. (10 days ago)
Tell me what is unusual about the little black girl??? Or albino little girl??
Fortnite Gamer Girl (10 days ago)
It’s fake
ItsLeahtrick (10 days ago)
I hate it
ItsLeahtrick (10 days ago)
I really appreciate it I really really hate it I'm sorry if I said it but I really really hate sad sad sad sad I'm so sorry but you need to a very videos but it's okay okay okay
Itz Izzy (11 days ago)
Rena Hawkins (11 days ago)
He said thanks for your understanding like nigga we dont have a choice but to understand I'm weak asf 😂🤦‍♀🤷‍♀🤦‍♂
Klára Bártková (11 days ago)
Ta odporná reklama je všude!
Dorothy Ord (11 days ago)
I do what that boys eyelashes
As Jak (12 days ago)
The people are very cute but I think everyone is getting jealous or crying because there not beautiful enough the people who are crying and jealous don't .Your beautiful
Maggie Me (13 days ago)
Nice they let the 1e kid grow up firtst
Ronald Okeng (13 days ago)
According to your research. What causes extreme beauty in a Nigerian child?
Dani Crowe (14 days ago)
I have heterochromia....
Jackie Stamps (14 days ago)
My children are extremely beautiful and my sister has that exact same white hair in front of her head her children are extremely beautiful to me all children are totally adorable and beautiful
Super 5 (14 days ago)
Top Five Most Beautiful And Gorgeous Female Bodybuilders in the World - Part 01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ib3vGmYRZM
Athony Nesbitt (14 days ago)
That black lil girl in the thumb nail is soooo Beautiful...
Tatiana Rivera (15 days ago)
You know I'm Pretty Different from some people because I have A shape of a flower In my Eyeball And I don't have a birthMark
Dolphinz 4ever (13 days ago)
I don't have a birthmark either
Budi Setiadi (14 days ago)
He looks very handsome
George Lalliana (15 days ago)
How can it
Tejas Win (15 days ago)
Madden = JackSepticEye 2
I am special too? I am tall 1.60 at 9 years (ye i have 9 years) and i can look with an eye in a part and another eye in another part and i like to act like a cat meow
Stephanie Ladeinde (15 days ago)
all these children are amazingly beautiful..DNA is fascinating ..how is the Nigerian girl unusual ..there are beautiful people in Nigeria and that isn't unusual in any way
Kerubin Ancheta (15 days ago)
The boy with super thick eyelashes oh my god!
Sarrinah Safaa (15 days ago)
Where are your brows
Redeemer Nigoohaem (16 days ago)
The first is legit The russian girl does look amazing Then we have a photoshopped african for politically correct reasons Then kids with certain conditions Is this channel jewish ?
feelina jaklin (14 days ago)
Wouldnt surprise me
C Al (16 days ago)
5:45 i knew she dint have a nose who els did
Spicesis (16 days ago)
I hate this I prettyier cause I 😢
Conaday Sweet (16 days ago)
Beautiful kitty cat I fell like the kitty cat was made spicificaly 4 the sweet loving boy I love that
Conaday Sweet (16 days ago)
I love different eyes
Thilmak Bawm (16 days ago)
Your base music is good🙌🙌
mabonki tsotetsi (17 days ago)
You are the future of the kredle of human kind
Unicorn Princess (17 days ago)
My friend has got the white mark on her eyebrow and her hair
Ellise Gabriel (17 days ago)
It looks like the "most beautiful baby in the world"s sister is the little Red girl in the movie US???
zaige (17 days ago)
lil Voldemort baby!!!!
Humah Davi fan_12 (17 days ago)
Wow different eye colour I wish I was like him
lil tommy (18 days ago)
If this doesn't show you what human beings are doing and changing DNA through machines like crispr it's been going on for a very long time and people are just beginning to notice it. End time prophecies, man is trying to play God with Satan's help. Better get rooted in Yeshua Christ.
Sofia Hernandez (18 days ago)
I have a friend like the first one, do people really fins that unusual? I was never surprised when i first met her
No U (18 days ago)
Ahh imagine getting the eyelashes in your eyes 😭
Labrapup (18 days ago)
Her mother does not want lil tay v2
Big Papa (19 days ago)
No one is talking about the girl from Russia, she's beautiful
Toni Knight (19 days ago)
The voice sounds like infenet
Adam Baydoun (19 days ago)
8:48 The first thing that came to my mind was chewbacca
Adam Baydoun (19 days ago)
Why dosn't the kid just use contacts
Chocolate Cake (19 days ago)
Why is the beautiful black girl on the video with kids with a deformity?
Brown Eyez (19 days ago)
Um ya the black Nigerian Girl is a boss a queen an everything just like what is unusual about that I’m jealous and the first girl she’s a good queen always she’s also beautiful
JillianOMG (19 days ago)
Most pepole are gonna say no this is fake no your lying but if that same boy with two different colored eyes sees this comment I have heterchomia too
Bella Kunicorn (19 days ago)
I have 1 blue eyes and 1 green eyes too
Bella Kunicorn (19 days ago)
I have 2 layers of eyelashes top and bottom and there long but not that long
Kamogelo Moloto (20 days ago)
I don't understand how a beautiful Nigerian girl is termed unusual according to the video title.
Sherrie Morrell (15 days ago)
Kamogelo Moloto that’s exactly what I was thinking.
The last two stories are super cute!

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