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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Have you ever wanted to live a life of some president? All this luxury, social functions, running a country, expensive cars… Do you know where this is going? Right, today we're gonna show you ten coolest armored vehicles that could perfectly suit a president, a king or even the galaxy emperor.
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Onyx Franklin (8 days ago)
Rezvani Tank
I need it all!
SnowyTheBread (27 days ago)
Where's my Karin Kuruma
Kavi Ramdhayan (1 month ago)
an also 8:51 the sync is perfect!
Kavi Ramdhayan (1 month ago)
the first one is basically just a street legal atv
earthxmeltdown (1 month ago)
The first truck looked like it could flip over sort of easily
Sumit Kumar (2 months ago)
india needs one of any of them #pulwama #attacks
Momin Gaming (2 months ago)
I have those all
jeffery taylor (2 months ago)
i want the marader
DJ GHOSTYBOI !!! (2 months ago)
most the suvs and trucks look like the insurgent in gta 5
Elijah Bilton (2 months ago)
Warthog is that you
PEANUT THE GREAT (3 months ago)
Knight xv looks like the niteshark from gta5 online
Weird video's (3 months ago)
1:26 And that is how you do the Humane labs raid.
João Pedro Teodoro (3 months ago)
have u realized tha most of those cars are RUSSIANS ?
Edward Piner (3 months ago)
What about the tires every single one of them had tires and nothing was said I guess they're stock a knife can stop them all that armor don't mean s*** if you can't go nowhere
Ruma Nandi (3 months ago)
I like night xv
Ruma Nandi (3 months ago)
I lije maurauda
THEDeadOne6767 (3 months ago)
Your mom was so protective to you she bought you one car from that video
li xingwang (3 months ago)
There must a buggati or devil sixteen armourt car
Music Now! (4 months ago)
3:49 loving that luxury ps2.
Brayden Brown (4 months ago)
The marauder is OP it’s also a hummer armored law enforcement vehicle.
神楽坂愛歌 (4 months ago)
I think buy a tank from russia or china is better lol
Marcus Jackson (4 months ago)
Richard Hammond driving marauder
The Truth (4 months ago)
What if people chase you and you run out of fuel or they shoot your tires out and wait for you to come out. If you dont you will die of hunger and no water 😁
iiGeograph Blade (5 months ago)
Next time use RPG
Isaiah Nyalali (5 months ago)
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Hyper ĪON (5 months ago)
I dont want a tank i want this vans
abhay_kr_dhumal (5 months ago)
Wade L. (5 months ago)
Yes, I will get one of each please. Hell with it, give me 2 of each please
Craig Gorringe (5 months ago)
I want the beast and the bus and 2-3 all for me plz
xd vize (5 months ago)
MegaErnieMAN (5 months ago)
For the next, 50 cal BMG challenge!!
J M (5 months ago)
Get your own footage shmuk
Dunaldango (5 months ago)
Cars invented for rich criminals mostly.
Hawkcatcher Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Snake (5 months ago)
i like falcatus style ^w^
Elitelupus (5 months ago)
Also pay for the special secured garage and taxes. Only trillionaires can buy
Typhoon Ninja (5 months ago)
I want an apc someday. I go on the dunes a lot so i would like it too be filled with a bed etc so i could live out their for a while etc. But hell im poor. Dont have a job cause im crippled.. hey we all have dreams
I would love the Mercedes
PUBG LIVE! (5 months ago)
10:50 search more and find how was that video made!😂🤣 the owner was not inside the car!
sarah gey (5 months ago)
The cadillac one is everyone's dream car
sarah gey (5 months ago)
But is it stronger than a nokia
frits duwel (6 months ago)
shows how sick this planet iss
Funky Squirrel (6 months ago)
My ex wife would still manage to break them.
haker_ playz (6 months ago)
I know im just 11 but i want all of thoses cars
SHRIKER (6 months ago)
sharan shah (6 months ago)
We can buy this only with cash or need status
julie mbua (6 months ago)
Probably get the Mercedes Benz G63 and GL 550
Charlee manipis (6 months ago)
What if they fire the tire?
Drey Flores (6 months ago)
Azhar Aurangzeb (6 months ago)
Techno Vortex (6 months ago)
Insergent lol
Nefi2410 (7 months ago)
If its cheap
Nefi2410 (7 months ago)
Sure Il buy one.
Sifiso Nkabinde (7 months ago)
The first was shot in South Africa 🇿🇦
Gpp-75 (7 months ago)
The k 98 had whale dong leather...
paintballprovip Max (7 months ago)
My dad makes devorlov
STAR LORD (7 months ago)
Umm i like nick fury's car the most in this video can i get one my crush likes it too
Sardar King (7 months ago)
Nice channel and nice👍 video
ConcordeOne77 (7 months ago)
Even more funny, you could actually armor a Toyota Corolla. No idea why somebody would want to, but it has been done before
Dragan Damjanovic (7 months ago)
deem son
644021 (7 months ago)
great video! but barack is obsolete, no need to show outdated footage.
aram nizar (7 months ago)
i want to buy the marauder
Majid Omar (7 months ago)
I wanna buy all of em
Faisal Kamran (8 months ago)
None of us ( the viewers) can afford any of these cars
Raymart Berata (8 months ago)
Real deal (8 months ago)
bro pls make from bad to good list. otherwise it make alot of people unsatify as they cant get more orgasm from each one.
Average Dude1232 (8 months ago)
6:43 Armored swat riot/van in 2050s vs armored swat riot/van in 2018?
sss cobraWOLF (8 months ago)
lists needs to updgraded
PA ARYAN KHAN (8 months ago)
all of them if we shoot on his tyers then
AHLEX (8 months ago)
awesome video..Loooooooove it
Infotech 52 (8 months ago)
Andy Salvaña (8 months ago)
Powerful tank?? #MindWarhouse
Thuy Le (8 months ago)
When your vehicle crashes In REal life: No, my car. My beautiful car! In STar Wars: Let's go. We 'll steal another one
John Wick (8 months ago)
second thought combat guard
John Wick (8 months ago)
marauder is my favourite
Mir Rahil (8 months ago)
i don't think it can stop 50 cal.
Mir Rahil (8 months ago)
This is totally crazy and Risky
Nico002p gaming (8 months ago)
ssk_killerketchum (8 months ago)
Lmao gta 5 irl
Bhocolate Bhip Bookies (8 months ago)
OP! I wanted to let you know that I’ve watched your videos back to back to back as I am trying to get over a very bad break up. It helps take my mind off of everything, and I’m still struggling so badly. I’m not ok, and I’m also scared from how I’ve felt. Anyways... Thank you for doing what you love first off [videos and interesting content], always admirable to see someone enjoying what they do. Last but not least, as I’ve been down worse than ever and not feeling great about myself/future, thank you for videos. Today you made an impact in my life, and you have since I discovered you. You took my mind from all of the bs going on and help me escape. You never know when you’ll make an impact on somebody. Keep up the great work.
Shahbz Hussain (8 months ago)
TkkStormz (8 months ago)
The Knight Xv is the Insurgent
azmina abdul (9 months ago)
The first looked like a insurgent from gta and the night one like night shark
DJ Sausage790 (9 months ago)
P_rker Roblox (9 months ago)
Firstgamerable (9 months ago)
Any anti-tank guns can penetrate these vehicles :)
jamey smith (9 months ago)
I need that duval
jamey smith (9 months ago)
Any hood nigga with this shit would run the block lmao imagine a bank robbery w this shit.but best believe the government got some shit to shut that bitch down
jamey smith (9 months ago)
That Mercedes cold asf
jamey smith (9 months ago)
I wanna see an armored hummer or f150
jamey smith (9 months ago)
Chris Brown's new bulletproof suv is cold
Gerald Himmelspach (9 months ago)
Beware bb gun assassins, got you covered
Gerald Himmelspach (9 months ago)
Next life when I do everything right get rich, I will definitely buy one. However for this life I will have to rely on double thick paper machy
KamileQ (9 months ago)
Nathan #1 (9 months ago)

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