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Ace Fishing: Season 2 - Official Trailer [HD]

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Feel the excitement of fishing at your fingertips! Take a journey to paradise blue! Reel in a wild catch! Download Ace Fishing now on App Store and Google Play! App Store: http://bit.ly/acefishios Google Play: http://bit.ly/acefishad
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Text Comments (10)
Paulo Reis (2 years ago)
Excelente jogo, mas com o pior suporte da face da terra. Só isso!!!
hoosen ho (2 years ago)
Do You may feel help me I bought Cockle ble class card $ 25, and I play a game fishing and bought green Needle and lost everything in a short period please help
SleepyRattle (2 years ago)
Com2us can you ban some names shiduken in summoners war? He keeps on bugging and bullying me a lot. When I said it was my birthday and I got a lot of presents he said I sucked and I didn't have a life or soul :(
SleepyRattle (2 years ago)
Also I subscribed to you :)
minus (3 years ago)
Maikol Maikol (3 years ago)
Iman al khalil
The Tess-Shocker (3 years ago)
higher rate for 5 * in summoners war !!!!!!!
Masroor Abrejo (2 years ago)
FREDTHEHUUMOON (3 years ago)
The new summoners war monsters are looking great, they look so realistic though. Nice job Com2Us

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