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Creative Cement Idea [BEAUTIFUL and EASY] -Beautiful Ideas For Your Security Gate

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Creative Cement Idea [BEAUTIFUL and EASY] -Beautiful Ideas For Your Security Gate Creative Cement Idea -beautiful ideas for your security gate - Ideas for Beautiful Garden Gates Thanks for watching, subscribe & share! ► Subscribe to channel: https://goo.gl/uooce6
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Text Comments (874)
Janemarie Mazoudier (5 minutes ago)
Sorry but really bad. Horrible colour. Would you honestly devalue your property by putting this on the front gate?
Ana Z (20 minutes ago)
Egardis suárez (58 minutes ago)
El color fue horrible.
Rosie King (4 hours ago)
Why would you go through all that hard work and then just go and kill it with such colour?
DARK PHOENIX (5 hours ago)
waste of time
Minkie Amoroso (12 hours ago)
Who watched this with no music.?.?.?.?.?.?. Lol.
José Cruz Polanco (12 hours ago)
es una cochinada y una gran perdida de tiemo ver este video
eliane lalanne francisco (19 hours ago)
Pabluchi Salas (23 hours ago)
noooo jjaajjaj horrible
sayda meza (23 hours ago)
Excelente. Muchos critican pero el solo muestra una idea no es que lo deben hacer igual es de poner un poco de creatividad y hacerlo a su gusto. A si espera los que critican no pueden hacer ni eso.
Lavi Ackerman (1 day ago)
Shumail Khan (1 day ago)
Ausom 😊
Coisa horrorosa 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
cengiz cengiz (1 day ago)
Meaza Obssa (1 day ago)
GINA GARCIA (1 day ago)
That was a lot of work for something so ugly and painted worst, you can simply buy things and just tweek them to make them even better in less time and not so damn heavy. I never want to insult anyone's work but this was hideous. I think the idea was great but the focus and process was lost.
nur laela (1 day ago)
Lama bngt bang
nayi hemo (1 day ago)
No entendi nada en relación a lo que quisieron hacer!! Algo cultural que no entendí...quizás!!!
Jon Cleaves (1 day ago)
Ugly af
seena bensonlal (1 day ago)
Wonderful thank you so much
Столько возни,а вышла детская фальшивка.не прекрасно.Лучше бы бросить зелёным листик а цифру бронзой накрыть либо золотом.И прожилки листика тёмно зелёным.
anita thakur (2 days ago)
telly diana dayondon (2 days ago)
Its ugly.
Raul Diaz (2 days ago)
Esa mamada que ?
Maria Myers (2 days ago)
HATE THE COLOR, LOVE THE 2nd SONG. Like if u agree.
my name (2 days ago)
Lord, not that blue again! Nice idea, but Lord the paint choices are horrendous!
neide costa (2 days ago)
Minha maior raiva foi ter assistido todo pra ver esse "nada a ver"😬
nicholle hamilton (2 days ago)
wihte mower (2 days ago)
Je suis totalement déçu du résultat final je m'attendais pas du tout a cette horreur !
Antonella Antonella (2 days ago)
Non mi piace!!!
MARZ D (2 days ago)
This is so shit lol
Caralynn Dellaripa (3 days ago)
Looks very sloppy
O 7 em baixo relevo com uma luz de led também ia ficar legal!!!😉
Sandra Leishman (3 days ago)
Beautiful! Such a great idea!
John B (3 days ago)
Aakanksha Srivastava (3 days ago)
What are trying to do? 🤔 😂😂
Kim Hee-sun (3 days ago)
Looks cool but the color combination I didn't like.
Random Videos (3 days ago)
It wasa leaf then smokers heart
¡Excelente idea! Cada quien que pinte su hoja como quiera.
Sami khan (3 days ago)
Pepe Lucho Gomez (3 days ago)
Todo bien pero el color segun yo.. color cemento y barniz o blanco y solo el numero pintado o verde el celeste que le pusiste parece muy artificial para una hoja de cemento color suaves y sin tanta definiciones algo natural que se vea
Miguel Hine (3 days ago)
Que porqueria eso ,,,,crei que hibas hacer algo lindo ,,,que asco eso baina no es srte ,,,
Jose manuel Villegas (3 days ago)
Buen video🤗
Immortel777 (3 days ago)
Look like cow shit on the wall and you put a number in it.
Immortel777 (3 days ago)
What a shiti shit!!!! Fucking waste of time!!!! Don't Upload such Trash. Was für ein dreckiger Müll hier hochgeladen!!! Im Kindergarten haben wir geilere Sachen gemacht.
ash s (3 days ago)
blue is not the right colour for a leaf you should have just applied a sealer
zoila acevedo (4 days ago)
mal arte, muy feo y poco creativo
Sonu Pugal (4 days ago)
Me ha dado una idea haré dos para colgar las riendas de mis engreídos
R. Olvera (4 days ago)
Ke feo
Teresa Keplinger (4 days ago)
Needs to be green..its a leaf
Corey McNemar (4 days ago)
I love the idea! Just not the paint job.
SKNDALO1 (4 days ago)
Muy buena idea pero los colores fatales
Hana Tylova (4 days ago)
Azul Emalen (4 days ago)
Tan difícil era pintarla de verde???😒
Aivar Kato (4 days ago)
Bull shit.
momata bhisadiya (4 days ago)
Music ta dena jaruri tha kia
Прошу прощения! Не впечатляет
Só pecou na pintura! A ideia é excelente
priyamasih (5 days ago)
What actually wanted to make....
Bem Fawkes (5 days ago)
I liked the idea.
joy goto (5 days ago)
I didn't get the design… and terrible coloring
جمال محمد (5 days ago)
لااله الاانت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين
Lourens Strydom (5 days ago)
Debra Taylor (5 days ago)
Does anyone know what the powder stuff is that he sprinkles on is and what exactly does it do? I wouldn't paint it I think I'm going to stain it and use for stepping stones
Angie Veri (5 days ago)
If you had cut the annoying background music and explained each step you were doing and what product you were using, you would have a much more satisfied audience. As for the colour, the "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and just your way of providing your own idea allowing for others to learn to think outside the box. Your idea is great, I presume you're using a rapid hardening cement. There are several types of cement (Portland Brand makes 15+ types), so it would seem your audience would like to know which type you used to make your leaf design and was there any prep work, before putting the leaf into your wet cement to make it release afterwards?
Jade Irish Mosquera (5 days ago)
David Molina (5 days ago)
This would be fine without the music and the paint
Mónica Ramírez (5 days ago)
Buena idea pero... tanto trabajo para darle un acabado tan espeluznante, de muy mal gusto.
황윤서 (5 days ago)
이게 도대체 뭐냐
Jobisson Ramos (5 days ago)
Ficou feio a pintura mais e muito criativo
Maria Demma (5 days ago)
Per me e' sgradevole, tutto questo lavoro...
BOES (5 days ago)
! Che cagata pazzesca
maciel almeida (5 days ago)
o cara pintou o 7!
MICHELLE COOK (5 days ago)
Is it just me or does this look like crap?
supra jun (5 days ago)
Ponle mas amor a tu trabajo 😒ee
MrSergrout (5 days ago)
MrSergrout (5 days ago)
David George (5 days ago)
For all of you haters who say “this is bad”, or “no one likes cement for Christs sake” or even “I’m so glad that this man with the mind of a child isn’t outside strangling puppies”... This guy is a genius. I just made this, put it on my gate, and LITERALLY seven supermodels just had sex with me. Like, for seriously. They sexed on me all day. I am seriously.
Herman Hasibuan (6 days ago)
mantap bah
sony sand (6 days ago)
kok kok (6 days ago)
Black Cat (6 days ago)
had to watch on mute 💀
habeebunisa zia (6 days ago)
If some body know give me a like
habeebunisa zia (6 days ago)
What is this
98036scraphappy (5 days ago)
habeebunisa zia I’m thinking it’s an address marker for a fence or gate, colored to match or standout.
Jonathan Alvarado (6 days ago)
Vaya porquería y encima gaste mis megas😭😭😭😭
Caelli Turner (6 days ago)
That is so cool
Paul Leeming (6 days ago)
Very interested at start, thought you were possibly going to do a patina in gold over green given it is a leaf - not sure about the blue look either (A manchester city supporter perhaps? Keep going though and refine your ideas.
Điệp Nguyễn Văn (6 days ago)
Débora Tiburcio (6 days ago)
O dinheiro que gastaria comprando argila pra fazer isso compro uma placa própria para isso
Faye Peter (6 days ago)
Cool idea until you painted it so damn ugly
HarryKari Touche (6 days ago)
I watched it multiple times... cuz...... it's my time.
HarryKari Touche (6 days ago)
Looks beautiful in BLUE.
march18 twenty13 (6 days ago)
ugly.. i was so curious to know what is it so i watched it til the end.. wasted my time..
kimuseni (6 days ago)
Wow. Great crafting art
Eric Neale (6 days ago)
Leaves are not blue.
patricia valderrama (6 days ago)
tenia que ser verde si es una hoja , igual linda la idea
Amber Jawaid (7 days ago)
intahai fazol
jayneleez75 (7 days ago)
Very beautiful. They are just showing an idea and people taking about dots or color. Nothing it's set on stone change the color and number to your liking ppl please!
lendon91 travelagen (7 days ago)
Stupid video

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