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Warbringers: Jaina

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Jaina Proudmoore is no stranger to making difficult decisions. In this animated short, the choices of her past continue to influence her future. Credits: Directed by Doug Gregory Art and Illustration by Laurel Austin, Vasili Zorin, Jonathan Fletcher, and Yewon Park Written by Robert Brooks Pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth to take your stand: https://shop.battle.net/product/world-of-warcraft-battle-for-azeroth http://WorldofWarcraft.com Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WorldofWarcraft
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Text Comments (18722)
Dan Manolache (36 minutes ago)
is extraordinary
Nahuel (16 hours ago)
This is Magic
Ricardo Nogueira (1 day ago)
Simplesmente refrescante ver esse belíssimo estilo de animação em vez dos 3D ultra realistas. Dá um tom belíssimo e delicado ao jogo, estão de parabéns.
Metalllhead (2 days ago)
I wish the game was as good as this trailer
PT (2 days ago)
I wish her premarital affair with Arthas made it into WoW.
Impurse00 (2 days ago)
A song that hits the soul
Adam Jensen (2 days ago)
So amazing, I'm inspired!!!
Jim Nixon (2 days ago)
If only the game was this good.
Cipher655 (2 days ago)
Do i need a mobile phone to hear this song?
Stewi la (2 days ago)
If we only knew whats coming i n late 2018.. the tide is high.. bye blizzard
Trevillus (2 days ago)
Came back after a video mentioned this, gave me goosebumps again
RedPill Shark (3 days ago)
I Like this.
Kallemannj (3 days ago)
Best wow cinematic ever!
Chkhailo Tolik (3 days ago)
у мене навіть сльози з глаз потекли, дякую блізард.... жаль Джайну, що б на неї не наговорювали хейтери, досить трагічний і симпатичний персонаж...
Cintra (3 days ago)
This makes me cry every time.
Lazy Makara (4 days ago)
this right here is the only thing that i like about BFA D:
Bastarden (4 days ago)
Man I wish they'd make a high budget Netflix show out of the Warcraft universe...
Radomir T (4 days ago)
Don't you guys have phones ?
mike vida (5 days ago)
I have to guess this is just before she appears at the battle for lordaron
Heidrosign (5 days ago)
Instead of WoW...Blizzard just make animations. It would be the best. Sadly as them being a company I understand it won't make them as much and they would be spending more...but damn...I wish they could switch from game making to animation.
yolandria (5 days ago)
Only way they could have made this better was having Cranius do the male lead parts of the song!
Roronoa Zoro (6 days ago)
Jaina my most beloved Heroine ever <3 :')
Julio César M. (6 days ago)
just beautiful
Azulgo (7 days ago)
i wish blizzard had the same talent for gamemaking as they do for cgi storytelling
me notyu (7 days ago)
Jaina: When SJWs grow up
jorge soliz (7 days ago)
Esta es la verdadera voz d jaina verdad?
Stephanie Smith (8 days ago)
This is one of those songs that I've come back to every now and then for a couple months. I think I'll download it now
Brandon Kear (8 days ago)
So many chills 😭
k i (8 days ago)
Laura Bailey never ceases to impress. The haunting vocals gave me chills.
Julia Boyles (9 days ago)
oof what was this??????? it was amazing no doubt about it...but WHAT IS THE STORY?!!!?!?!
Awesome video. Maybe fix the game next :)
Teofilus Dani (10 days ago)
Cant stop watching this 💞💞
Horyo (10 days ago)
She scareds me i hate to be on her bad side <3 hell has no fury like a woman scorn
feda zubaidi (10 days ago)
Gloryan OO (13 days ago)
pls make a spotify version !
gone fishin' (13 days ago)
i've played wotlk, cata, skipped mop, played wod, legion and now just few days ago, i started BFA, cause of this song, good job blizzard, you got my yes
xXCassandrahXx (13 days ago)
Still watching this and getting the BFA hype again even when I feel a bit burned out by WoW sometimes. I'm so thankful for those musical masterpieces they give to us, the beautiful cutscenes. Despite the frustration and game issues that occur some memories are just something I don't want to miss in my life. Remember to turn on your ingame music! ;)
Jazmin Young (13 days ago)
*silently hoping that sylvanas gets slain in BFA* "Teldrassil will be avenged some day, just you wait" By burning teldrassil, the southern kingdoms (I am likely wrong since I forgot which kingdoms are which) are all in horde control
The Gentleman Dragon (13 days ago)
This video. This one video got me into wow.
Nesano (13 days ago)
Jaina Proudwar
099Nitro (14 days ago)
Jaina is a sea witch, she needs to die.
Stefan de Jong (14 days ago)
I'm probably overthinking it, but I like that there are no stars in the sky. After all we now know that Daelin will only love his daughter of the sea for as long as stars will shine.
Mark Diano (14 days ago)
This sounds like a Erutan song
sisnege licayan (14 days ago)
<vietnam war flashback intensifies
Kormac Lodgin (15 days ago)
I pity Jaina. She lost Arthas to the Scourge because she could not stand by him when he purged the city and went north. She lost her father because she believed that there can be peace and decided to not stand by him when the Horde attacked. But it seems that now she found the will to stand by her people at last
Kormac Lodgin (14 days ago)
+Carlos Sánchez So you blame a man that fought in every war against horde for attacking the horde? Orcs were the first ones to attack Kul Tiras and everything later is a result of that aggression. Not to mention that in the end he was right After Garrosh took horde orcs en masse flocked to his banners. That is why Jaina said: I'm listening, father which is parallel to: why didn't you listen to father?
Carlos Sánchez (15 days ago)
The Horde didn't attack, Daelin attacked the orcs encampments on sigh without provocation and died when The Horde retaliated, well that's the short version.
099Nitro (16 days ago)
Alliance bias per excellence.
Kyeda Starblessed (16 days ago)
"I'm a racist now... Father..." - Jaina 2018
VeQuR (16 days ago)
Still amazing <3
errollrocks (16 days ago)
never played WoW or know anything of the lore. i wanted to get into it so i decided to watch this. I'm so confused, can anyone explain what happened in this? 🤔
Thomas Sierk Rian (16 days ago)
Jaina: " Don't You have a mobile father? " Admiral Proudmoore: "You can not negotiate peace with Diablo Immortal using a mobile Jaina!" Jaina: "Really? Ok I'm listening now!... father"
Pascal (17 days ago)
Beware, beware the Dragonborn comes.
Dejan Petranović (17 days ago)
Still gives me a chills
redmen dmc (17 days ago)
Greatly done, but there is a rare case when localization is better than the original (I'm talking about the Russian version)
fawfulmark2 (17 days ago)
I have loved, and I have suffered. Now, I hate.
Pillar Productions (17 days ago)
Can we please get a console release of this game? I know many friends that would love the game but don't want to get a pc to run it. I'd like to play with them too, because i know they would like the lore and game play. I mean if your putting diablo on phones for Christ sakes at least make wow a multi platform title!
Jaina, your father was stupid warmonger. He deserved what he got.
Riitje (18 days ago)
I've watched this so many times already now. <3
You're Wrong (19 days ago)
Say what you will about the Blizzard of today (chances are I will agree with you!) but their artists have always been at the top of the gaming industry. Few if any other game studios even come close to their artistic prowess (The team that makes those final fantasy XIV cinematics springs to mind.)
John Grundy (20 days ago)
Love this, especially the music
one word:MAGIC <3
Cyanide and happiness (20 days ago)
10/10 Blizzard 10/10
Leonard Huang (21 days ago)
Her dad would say “I told you so”
In Russian, the song sounds nicer. )
Xend Rex (3 days ago)
Иван Емельянов малыш найсер.
Michal Fedor (21 days ago)
this is not a warcraft i used to know
eablack (21 days ago)
One of few good things made by blizz in this epansion
nicoco berru (21 days ago)
I don't even go here. I know zilch about World of Warcraft but this song is just so good I love it.
Safiras Art (22 days ago)
Laura Bailey is a Queen!
Deadpool Who (22 days ago)
"Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea", "Beware, beware..." *...of ME.* ^^^THAT sure sent chill down everyone's spine!!
Saphire Blue (22 days ago)
Beautiful work. <3 keep em comin
nscott64 (22 days ago)
God dammit Blizzard, as a horde player I'm not supposed to feel sympathy for Jaina, but now you are making me feel bad for her. This video is absolutely beautiful and amazing though!
Balnazzardi (19 days ago)
Well were you even aware of her past prior to events of WoW? atleast after this expansion you are more aware of that :D....or have you seen her pre-rended cutscenes yet, assuming you are likely only playing on Horde side?
Kael Ryder (23 days ago)
*thumbs up* nice job Laura Baily ^__^
Alter Measure (23 days ago)
Man i love this song.
Luis Farfan (24 days ago)
I have never played WoW in my life and I have no idea what did I just watch but my God I loved it :D
Kaj Te Briga (24 days ago)
a lot of pissed ladies this expansion. my only objection would be that they're all drawn the same.
Deep Cut (24 days ago)
But does jaina have a phone?
Pablo Mejia (24 days ago)
why they did not put rexxar in the video
Oshana Yaroo (25 days ago)
Beware, Beware. The song that's on repeat Beware I heard my bandwidth cry Her words carried on my bad internet As I sank beneath the hype...
SonyaPlay Live (3 days ago)
Better than the original
Erick A. Montañez (13 days ago)
LMAO good one
João Pádua (25 days ago)
She would have been a great guardian
keith bar (25 days ago)
idk anything about this game im just here for laura bailey
Dejan Nincic (26 days ago)
Kul Tiras Navy vs The Dread Fleet go
round3r86 (27 days ago)
This....has single handedly made me want back in...
Arthur Vega (27 days ago)
Dare Dave'iL (27 days ago)
Can I know the tittle of the song
Papermonk (27 days ago)
I'd wager anything they're going to kill off Jaina in this xpac. Blizzard is out of ideas.
死sweedyofficial (28 days ago)
yo bro (28 days ago)
im in tears.. its so beautiful
Danimir Ivanovic (28 days ago)
RIP Kunkka 2018 :(
Wagner Alves (28 days ago)
It reminds me of The hobbit. Imagine a movie (or anime) produced by blizzard, like LOTR and Hobbit's produtions... Please, Blizzard, release it while I'm still alive.
George Zakusilo (28 days ago)
i dont even play wow, but thats awesome
Brandon Boss (28 days ago)
She couldn't save him from himself.
ThePectoris B (29 days ago)
Naji Boutros (29 days ago)
For real what is this animation/art style? I want to know everything so I can master it!
Veggiemite Games (29 days ago)
Almost makes me feel bad for blowing up Theramore...
Shadowreaper Anduin (1 month ago)
"but else to save a daughter's life and pray she still drew breath"
Christoph p (1 month ago)
Sylvana should turn jainas Father in a forsaken
Weeaboos Hunter (1 month ago)
Greatest Warbringers out of all. Content wise and viewers count wise
David (1 month ago)
I ain't afraid of no ghosts.
Haxican (1 month ago)
This almost makes me want to play Warcraft
John Miner (1 month ago)
I understand her pain..
김찬진 (1 month ago)
Diablo IVI

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