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Multkulti Bosnia , Finché dura, nessuna paura

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Taken from this link ; Bridging The Cultural Divide In Bosnia 28.400 pregleda Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Datum objavljivanja: 22. srp 2011. PRETPLATI 31 TIS. There's little sense of community uniting Muslims and Orthodox Christian Serbs living side-by-side in the village of Bocinja. But for the children born after the end of the war, ethnic divisions are ancient history.
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Cita Previa (7 months ago)
... ...... well worth fining a translator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxW06W7xWic Love is not pretending.
Michael G (7 months ago)
Best friends until the next civil war... I hope you're well Kruno!
Kruno Baraba (7 months ago)
Yes , that how it goes . Good folks have no problems making genuine friendships . But , Reptiles are here to screw up everybody's life .

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