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Gazzo street balls (3/3)

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Gazzo performing his version of classic cups and balls
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jmanbgg (2 years ago)
Joseph Oliver (3 years ago)
i caught him load every orange but how did the grapefruit get under the hat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Middleton (3 years ago)
I think this is the definition of charisma.
John Allardyce (3 years ago)
Ezequiel Gazza (3 years ago)
4:57 Emma Watson?
Katalyzt (4 years ago)
Again, he is a very killed performer... ★★★★★ P.S. Is Billy Kidd still studying under Gazzo? I thought that she moved on to new things. Katalyzt
Dakota Smith (5 years ago)
I love gazzo
Hoschi0913 (5 years ago)
very entertaining
Camberwell86 (5 years ago)
His one-liners and his improv. skills are out of this world. If you chopped his hands off he could still be in the world's top 10 stand-up comedians without doing any tricks. One of my favourites is from another video where an old dude and his wife walk past and he just stops his bullshit mid-sentence and declares, "EVERY TIME I SEE THAT GUY HE'S WITH A DIFFERENT WOMAN!" lolololol ^_^ Run "Gazzo" through Wikipedia, his story is amazing. =]
Looks like a really awesome guy! with an amazing slight of hand...
Jimmys QberxzR (6 years ago)
i would give him a 50 he is fucking amazing
Craig Bowles (6 years ago)
$10 going in the hat!
cacasarq (6 years ago)
my 5 to you sir!
Skankhair333 (6 years ago)
Watch it again. He was holding the lanyard so there was no chance it would have fallen. That's the gag.
Skankhair333 (6 years ago)
Thanks for uploading. Gazzo is great.
Andrei Isfan (6 years ago)
verry great presentation/verry good performance/hell of a men!!! this is the shortest cups and balls routine i have ever seen but in the street you could call it a masterpiece!!
Greg Hoppen (6 years ago)
I'm sorry but at the end it would have been extremely funny if she dropped the camera.
Sam Hunter (7 years ago)
i wish he was my dad xD
Adrian Videla (7 years ago)
Holy shit! I think i'm in love! What does people think if i stole some of he's jokes for my show? XD
birlibis2juggler (7 years ago)
I don't know I never made it that far... Hahahahahahahahahha... Nice to be out of prison!
CestDes Conneries (7 years ago)
@AviHoffmanMagic That's what happens when you're good bro
CestDes Conneries (7 years ago)
Absolutely amazing. . . Now i just need to find out how he GOT the crowd
Avi Hoffman (7 years ago)
Wowww, Gazzo made a CRAP load of cash!
theryaner (7 years ago)
haha it doesn't have to be money....
Phillip Person (7 years ago)
pure class....absolute class. thanks for uploading this! Gazzo rules!
770pratik (8 years ago)
@cheetmeister thanks
cheetmeister (8 years ago)
great stuff. thanks for uploading

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