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Hi everyone! People all over the world just love cats and no wonder, because how can you stay indifferent seeing this cutie-patootie? Besides, we have been living with them side by side for about 9000 years now. As a result of this long-term relationship, not only love, but many superstitions and legends have appeared. For example, a black cat crossing your path meaning bad luck. Many would just stop and go some other way, and some idiots might even throw something at the poor animal. There is also an expression saying that you shouldn’t look a cat straight into the eyes. However, no one has ever explained the reason. So let’s find out what is it all about. wild nature why you pet top 10 top 5 10 facts list cosmology worlds fun facts strange comp
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FryingPanHead (2 hours ago)
My Lucy, a feral rescue from the side of the road, would lunge at my eyes from a kitten if I stared at her. Sometimes, I wasn't fast enough and she'd rake me across the face with those claws.
David Wilcox (2 hours ago)
You lying piece of shit!! I don't like cats anyway, but ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the cat should avoid looking into MY eyes!!
Nikola Ivanovski (3 hours ago)
Here's why is dangerous!I tried it😂🤣.If you stare at your cat and your really close to the cat and start moving your eye pupil it will attract the cat and will want to catch it because is moving.This is true.Also it might just appear appealing even you if you don't move the pupil or it might see it's reflection
Charelle Wongsosemadi (5 hours ago)
I saw this to late , I have already had a staring contest with my 2 cats
Roudter (6 hours ago)
This is some dumb shit man....
King Marie (14 hours ago)
Ok Just finished looking into my cats eyes for a minute straight
Patty G (16 hours ago)
I look into my cat's eyes all the time, and then we kiss. LOL!
Angel (16 hours ago)
*My cat & I always have stare downs.* 😂😂🤔
xMidnight Potato (16 hours ago)
I looked at my cat’s eye. Am I going to die? ;o; nO
gamingwith marsya (16 hours ago)
I did do that they be like liking me why? Really lying agian ughhh cuz theres a cat that is not like that
lana thompson (17 hours ago)
Lol, I stared into my cats eyes 👀 so many, many times... Especially they stared at me so many times I melt... They are so cute!
I do it anyway
scrappy diy vlogs (18 hours ago)
I stare in my cats eye nothing happened
-HASH HASH Delongs- (18 hours ago)
Cat is not that bad Like if you agree
Aquarius Lady (18 hours ago)
Ive had 3 cats of my own throughout the decades and my mother and sister used to have one. I've looked my cats and theirs in the eyes often and what I saw was love.
Nightangel The Wolf (18 hours ago)
Instead of me being the one who stares into my cats eyes, it’s my cat that does xD
Joe River (21 hours ago)
I love trying to look into my cat's eyes, my cat however hates looking at me at all!!!
Demiurge13 (22 hours ago)
I stare into my cat’s eyes all the time. I can’t help it, they look like a pair of glass marbles with a beautiful Caribbean blue color. She doesn’t mind, she actually likes it. We end up doing the slow blink cat “I love you” to each other a lot.
Rainbow Kitty (22 hours ago)
U barely talked about why you shouldn't look in a cats eye thumbs downnn👎👎👎👎👎
Cats rulezzzzzz
A cat can most certainly hurt a human. When thorougly pissed off, they can, in a second or less, become a hissing ball of claws and teeth, ready to rip you to shreds! It can hardly kill you, but hurt you? Oh, yes...
How I made (1 day ago)
holy shit biggest waste of time...keep looking into their eyes!
Dabing Racoon (1 day ago)
I looked into my cat's eyes and he only blinked at me.
Pilvi Luimula (1 day ago)
My cats have never done anything if i look at ther eyes actually they learned that when i look in to there eyes they have to stop when i look to another direction it means they can move if i lift my hand and then point my finger to the groumd it means get away from my work desk and stop pawing my stuff to the ground
serenityr 1206 (1 day ago)
I stared at my cats eyes.. And she went on my lap Then PURRED 😁🧡💕
I've looked into my cats eyes more than once nothing happened at all so this video is full of bull
Shadow Cats (1 day ago)
I look my cats in the eyes all the time, it turns into a staring contest that I lose
King Khaalid (1 day ago)
But don't they say if you blink slowly @ your cat and they do the same it's a sign of love
Leslie Catalino (1 day ago)
-__- I look at my grandma's cat for a long time
Cristina Moldovan (1 day ago)
I do not like cats.
CoolDoob (1 day ago)
You should absolutely look into a cat's eyes. It will close its eyes to tell you it is your friend.
Yami Okami 23 (1 day ago)
Baeset? (Baset? Idk anymore). Reminds me of the Overwatch event going on. Ana got a new skin
Ragedaddy (1 day ago)
I made the mistake of having staring contest with my cat, and he wins every single time! #ICANNEVERWIN!
My cat just reaches out gently to my face and then gives me a good headbutt, leaving the top of her head on my lips to give her sweet kissies!
shanedude120 (2 days ago)
They can't hurt you ? U kidding me. One paw swipe at your eyes and you're blind ! I always fear that. And it could even be a little kitten for that matter .they have razor sharp claws !
redchic (3 days ago)
mind Warehouse ..... where did you get the thumbnail pic for this video?????
신 2 the인 (3 days ago)
They didnt mention that when u look into their eyes and blink slowly it means "i love you" to cats. Furious cats get calmed because of human looking at their eyes blinking slowly.
Leah Eutermarks (3 days ago)
.......... Me: Hm........ Me: *Goes downstairs and looks into my cats eyes* Cat: JKFSKADGKZJL BISH NOPE NOT TO TODAY Cat: *HiSs*
Cats are my most favorite animals. And I can stare at their eyes even longer. That is why many people called me Cat-Maiden hahahaha, like a weird words they always use to pissed me off because whenever my nails are long and sharper, I can scratch their skin and can make cuts that blood drip out. Yummy. And, reincarnated... Xsend. 😂😂
Boy i always look at my cats eyes and this isnt true you just talk please it is not real k
Azathoth Prime (3 days ago)
now i'm gonna hold my cat down and stare at him... lmao
Kamila Kamila (4 days ago)
Why does this sound this sound so fake?
Clutch Brown (4 days ago)
Fake fake fake fake fake
Koko Tiger (4 days ago)
Dude I look my cat straight in the eyes and he just sits there purring at and starring back at me
Agreed with all points with the exception "they can't really hurt you" because I had a 25 pound cat that was cut and trim even after being neutered he was solid muscle like a mint pit bulland he could hurt any human very badly. Bobcats that weigh 30lbs can kill a human, my Little Guy was a legend, a huge feral alley cat where there were real alleys and a lot of people knew him, they didn't know be but they knew my cat.
that's my wolfy girl (4 days ago)
Cats are praised by Egyptians they were worshipped back then
Tim Detmers (5 days ago)
This video is a bunch of b.s. I gaze, look, stare (call it what you will) into my cat's eyes regularly, practically every day, and it is a mutually enjoyable and soothing activity. Another video from someone who knows nothing about what he is talking about!
djjradio (5 days ago)
Everybody knows Cats are alien spies. Duh.
supermichealgaming (5 days ago)
I looked into a cats eyes when I was a kid... *Nothing Happened* I guess I'm friends with evil then... I also have no dreams.
Hector Torres (5 days ago)
every time i look in my cats eyes for a long time it reminds me of cats falling from da sky and they fall in my arms
Brigitte Cesar (8 days ago)
I just stare into my cat’s eyes, and he’s just there. Sometimes I think he’s just uncomfortable.
Rose Walker (8 days ago)
Where do these people come up with all this garbage? Looking into a cats eyes can tell them many things and tell you many things. It forms a connection between you and the furry feline that tells them when you disapprove of something they have done wrong and tells you when they are okay or something is wrong somewhere in their little kitty worlds. Looking into their eyes can show you a whole world filled with all their emotions. From sickness to corkiness... Look into their eyes and you might just be surprised at all the knowledge they have stored up within their own souls. Also... For those who believe animals have no souls... Thats a lie too! An animal with no soul would have no feelings at all. Yet an animal can feel hurt, sadness, fear, happiness, joy, attention, loneliness, etc. Something with no soul could feel none of those things. There would be no reason for it to struggle to live. There would be no emotion that would pull it to aid its human companion. There would be no feelings that would cause it to spring forward to save a child or another creature in distress.
Vettin (9 days ago)
i starred into my cats eyes once and he clawed me in the eye
Amy Nevin (10 days ago)
I have nine cats expspecialy boy bites the cat that bites me speckles I do look into the cats eyes and I exploded
Dorenea D (10 days ago)
Egyptians wasn't pale.
januda games (11 days ago)
what if it's your pet???
Zeynab Mohammed (11 days ago)
i dont care😂
Lady Bug (11 days ago)
I love Cats! I always will. I miss my Cat Casper who died of old age.❤
Randall Mitchell (12 days ago)
Makes sense enough to me.
Lalabye Hailey (14 days ago)
I had a cat and always looked it in the eyes and nothing happened and it was a black cat named nightmare😮😮😮😮😑😑😑😑😑😑
Mary Kate Gorski (15 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got click-baited And so did you (I still love cats and look into their eyes everyday
Howard Wiggins (16 days ago)
You earned a thumbs down when you said that Hollywood movies are based on true stories. NEVER, NEVER get your history from Hollywood. Hollywood is the land of make-believe and lies.
Starley Bedonia (17 days ago)
My cat has a Different eyes Her left eye is Yellow and Right eye is Blue
BTS Amry (18 days ago)
I'm going to loom at the cat eyes and my friend house
Madzskie J. Mariveles (19 days ago)
You should never look and stare at a stranger cat's eyes because they can be aggressive to you. But it's perfectly fine to look and gaze at your pet cat's eyes while stroking or patting them because it will enhance your bond and trust. If you stare directly at your pet cat in their eyes and they slowly blink back it means a bond of trust has been established. If it is a stranger cat, it means he or she is friendly to you. You can offer them food to get them acquainted to you. If your cat is staring back wide eyed with dilated pupils, it means it's being threatened by your gesture and may attack you especially if it is a wild stranger cat. If it is your pet cat, it means he or she is not at ease with you at the moment, maybe your pet is disturbed by other circumstancial event such as a strange noise like hearing other cats fighting. I remember staring at my pet cat's eyes while there are other cats fighting somewhere in our neighbors house, she was terrified looking at me without blinking her eyes. Therefore, there is nothing really dangerous or superstitious about looking directly into the cat's eyes.
In medieval times...cats began to scare the shit out of people! I love it!
Silvi Gabi (20 days ago)
my olny falls asleep XD
Emese Winters (21 days ago)
You shouldnt look them in the eyes because they can scratch you in your eyes when they get annoyed 😂
Chey Raine (21 days ago)
my cat is staring me down rn
Kxtana Blade (22 days ago)
You shouldn’t look any animal a certain way into the eyes anyway, some may take it the wrong way.
solomon young (23 days ago)
At 3:49 in the video my cat panda was there, but he is back now
Svindinge Palmer (23 days ago)
I looked in my cats eyes for 2 minutes and nothing happend
he said shit
jboymanharris (25 days ago)
I've looked at cats straight into the eyes multiple times. I remember my first time when I was 4 years old, it was this black cat, I saw it change colors, I thought it was cool. Nothing happened
Rungatera H (25 days ago)
Haha jokes on you my cat doesn't have any eyes.
Dennis Breault (26 days ago)
This depends on the relationship u have with ur cat. In general staring at an animal will get u bitch slapped lol
Harry Puscher (27 days ago)
99% history 1% logical reason
Alvina Kuanysheva (27 days ago)
I have always looked in my cats eyes
Phantom The Wolf (27 days ago)
ive seen a video "the bright side" channel.. and it said if a cat looks you in the eyes for a while it means it trusts you.
Kath Allen (28 days ago)
ugh.... its because they will feel threatened
Creaphonics (28 days ago)
I thought you're gonna say "you shouldn't look straight into a cat's eyes cause you might get transported in hell and meet naked half brained demons in there like John Constantine did"...or something like that.
BoritoCatWithSocks ! (30 days ago)
Bull! My cat looks straight into my eyes all the time. It’s a sign of love, to her at least.
Random Person (30 days ago)
Poor kitty’s get abused 😭
Random Person (30 days ago)
*holds cat while watching*
Liz Cruz (30 days ago)
Marie Kelly (1 month ago)
I looked into my kitten chartuex`s eyes and it started licking me and looked into my eye
foxy fluff (1 month ago)
When I look in my cats eyes it meow so cutely
YAS SOU (1 month ago)
In England blk cats are good luck
Spicy taco 59 (1 month ago)
I Boxed youツ (1 month ago)
How come cats can only blink when they want to
The Transducer (1 month ago)
When men took over brewing from women, the women were labeled as witches. These women used to look like your typical witch. The wore the pointy hat so that you would know they sold brew. They kept cats to keep mice away from the ingrediants.
Funny gamer girl (1 month ago)
Spoiler alert 🚨 they get angry 😡 that’s it
Luloo YOYO (1 month ago)
Thanks i was looking for this. Didnt to waste my time
Play -Toe (1 month ago)
I conquered a cat in a staring content. I waited to maul my neck for dominating it but I was ready.
B Littlefield (1 month ago)
It's a myth, cats are my life. I look into my cat's eyes ALL the time.
Rainbow Animates (1 month ago)
I looked at my cats eyes, nothing happend, hes still the old nice him, he loves me and shows it, therefore I don't believe in this, plus he never hurt anyone.
Tetsuya Kanade (1 month ago)
the answer is at 4:09
The Melbournian (1 month ago)
Sure 😄

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