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Weekly MTG: Competitive Play Updates and the 2018 Hall of Fame Ballot

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Blake Rasmussen and Steve Sunu sit down and talk through some upcoming changes to our competitive play structure, as well as the 2018 Pro Tour Hall of Fame ballot.
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Krovan (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPTC-gJT1eM SCAM
MrMacdaddymcfly (3 months ago)
Can we not worry about this until standard is playable? None of my normal content creators are playing standard because it's that bad even people that I watch that only draft aren't drafting because M19 is that bad... Please fix
Brian Kearns (3 months ago)
J. Moe (3 months ago)
I think it is a cool idea to have pro's in on the process. I hope that means we will get a Team Pro Tour once a year.
Garbodor (3 months ago)
can the amazing moments in magic get updated please
joe casiglia (3 months ago)
Do I smell a PAUPER pro tour in the future? (Wink Wind Nudge Nudge)
Waxedup penguin (3 months ago)
Strong voices in the community, strong voices in the Pro community. AKA more of our echo chambers, I tune out.....
Kyle Edwards (3 months ago)
In future episodes, can we have information that is relevant to current Magic customers?
Nicolas Bauer (3 months ago)
Can someone resume the video
Rudiboy RiP (3 months ago)
Audio not syncing with video. Same with all pt25 videos
GotCea (3 months ago)
Hall of Fame SHAWN "HAMMER" REGNIER. He should be in WOTC.
KensanOni (3 months ago)
Team trio really restricts entry, though. There isn’t as many legacy players in the wild, and not everyone wants to form teams to compete. I am still annoyed by the format.
Powwer69 (3 months ago)
So nothing in this video was relevant to normal "non-pro" players, got it. Wasted 45 mins of my life, thanks WOTC
O N (3 months ago)
Did you read the title of the video?
ShakingBabies5ever (3 months ago)
"I think people are going to be very surprised, in a good way." This is suspicious. I sense a huge change if they're bringing in pro players
marmics96 (3 months ago)
Damn! "Nice" and "Neat" are gone. Then i have to go with Sweet
Starwarrior2k (3 months ago)

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