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Eastern Europe Slave Trade (Part 2: Ottoman Muslim Slave Market)

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The Ottoman penetration into Europe in the 1350s and their capture of Constantinople later in 1453 opened new floodgates for slave-trade from the European . The Ottoman penetration into Europe in the 1350s and their capture of Constantinople later in 1453 opened new floodgates for slave-trade from the European . The Ottoman penetration into Europe in the 1350s and their capture of Constantinople later in 1453 opened new floodgates for slave-trade from the European . List of Countries who have suffered slavery under Ottoman tyranny: Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, .
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Jason Voorhess (5 days ago)
You are wrong Ottoman empire have never done This
Said Dfgh (15 days ago)
I hope this days will come back
حاطب ليل (23 days ago)
Wife selling English custom
niyazahmad niyaz (29 days ago)
Islam is perfect, but not Muslim (name native Muslim ) Islam ko jitna badnam karoge wo utna hi failega, aur ye Quran aur hadees ko fallow karne wale Muslim nahi, balki shaitan hain
niyazahmad niyaz (29 days ago)
Sexy slavery is prohibited in all religion
😓😓😓😰😰😰😰😭😭😭 Hi Hi Hi I can't see this . History of slavery .Islam to Christian. Namo Buddhay.
Humanbeing Insaaniyat (24 days ago)
Uneducated people with half knowledge start commenting as they have forgotten their Christian earaaa..crusaders etc.....what they did with they women ....its was they dirty mind which made women a play toy even today they women are being expoaid in the name of modernization.....playboy magazine,photography etc hahahah what kind of then morons these insects without knowledge starts comments about others...
Hello Ji (1 month ago)
Islam has ruined humanity everywhere in world whether in Europe or in Asia. India is also victim of this.
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
The Zong massacre was carried out on this day in 1781 by the crew of a British slave ship who threw 133 Africans overboard into the sea to drown so they could cash in on the insurance of those enslaved.
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
The destruction of Iraq and Libya were not ‘disasters’ for the British and Americans. They perfected how to destroy nations and seek to do the same to any who refuse to dance to their tune.
sidharth mohanty (1 month ago)
Well Thank you Russia for destroying these vermins .
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
"We burned down every town in North Korea... we killed off twenty percent of the population" - US General Curtis LeMay
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
in 1945, the US Air Force drops an atomic bomb named 'little boy' on Hiroshima, killing 140,000 people.
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
Resistance to the US occupation of the Philippines in 1899 saw 600,000 die, the US slaughtered Filipinos.
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
US coups/invasions in Latin America: Guatemala, 1954 Cuba 59’ Bolivia, 63’ Brazil, 64’ Dominican Republic, 65’ Chile, 73’ Uruguay, 73’ Argentina, 76’ El Salvador, 80s Nicaragua, 80s Grenada, 83’ Panama, 89’ Haiti, 91’ Venezuela, 2002 Haiti, 04’ Honduras, 09’ Venezuela, 19
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
The forgotten concentration camps in South Africa where the British sent black people during the Boer War. A minimum of 20,000 people died.
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
1090 Kenyans were hanged by Britain for opposing colonial rule which stripped the most fertile land from them. It was given to white settlers.
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
Britain declared war on China on this day in 1857 to protect their drugs trade. Britain was the largest drug trafficker the world has ever seen and in order to safeguard their trade they bombarded Chinese cities and razed historical site
حاطب ليل (1 month ago)
100 years since the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in India this year. 1500 people shot dead on the orders of Reginald Dyer. He was given a heroes welcome when he returned to London, £1,000,000 and presented with a sword inscribed with the motto “the saviour of Punjab”.
Mark Puchala (1 month ago)
You go back 400 Yeats to attack a religion, when 'good Christians' were practicing the same thing here in the US only 150 years ago! Is it different to you because the victims here were white?
WHO AM I (1 month ago)
Christian do the same thing . But they don't do it with woman . And Christian are changed but muslim not .
Andaluxsystems (1 month ago)
What sort of Rubbish propaganda is this. .?
Ray Anthony Brady (1 month ago)
Jill Borell (1 month ago)
They shuld put this in the new history book, So people could bee less ingorant about history, Blameing White people for slavery then they them self are as bad, But Muslims always tries to hide bad history and cant live thit the truth.
Jill Borell (1 month ago)
+How Would The Unwary Know Superior race, Keep your racial cause for yourself.
roseman63 (1 month ago)
Shame on Muslim and Islam they alway fucked up religious ever since
Eric Jackson (1 month ago)
Eric Jackson (1 month ago)
Dale Kirkendall (1 month ago)
The Muslims don't produce anything to sell honorably for profit. They kill other people who are creative and productive and steal what they made.They are pirates, criminals, they were white slavers for hundreds of years, if they didn't have free oil under their ground for the taking, they would have no millionaires. In 1683 the battle of Vienna, a Polish King, Sobieski, rescued the soldiers in Vienna and stopped the muslims from taking over all of Europe. Now we have our elite banker, rulers, using the Kalergi EU plan to mix black and browns with whites to create a new low IQ mixed race that will be easier to control. Look on youtube at [the new Germans] see for yourself.
sami6291 (1 month ago)
MORALOF THE STORY ......... DONT LOSE!! .........ONE DAY UR KING ISIS .....NEXT DAY @MERICA [email protected] UR WIFEE PINK ASSHOLE!! SAME REASON RUSSKI [email protected] [email protected]!! OR CHING!! [email protected] [email protected] DONT WANT TO FIGHT US!! >>>>> LOOK WE GOT!! NUKES IN CUBA!! TRUMP!! [email protected]@CKER PUTIN!! MOVE THEM OR WE WILL NUKE MOSCOW LIKE JAPAN!!
khk khk (1 month ago)
Major Lee:"A true picture of slavery some centuries ago!Humans were treated worst than animals!Never mind slavery exists even today in disguise forms in some part of the world namely in porkistan and in the golf countries!A real human tragedy that can be eradicated with the eradication of a rodent religion based on misconceptions!Who suffered most:christians ,indians and black africans!"🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐯🐯🐷🐯🐷
Niko Siderakis (1 month ago)
The Turk Lurks ! by Nicholas Siderakis Beware of the savage Turk He Lurks Mothers hold tightly onto your children The Turk shall take your child and use him to enslave you Your child's pulse shall palpitate with fanaticism Emanating from a trigger happy Janissary Ready to cut down his own flesh and blood Like turning off a light switch Ready to kill At will Just like when he smoldered the candle of Agia Sophia's wick Like some inhumane crooked trick Always wanting to steal territory And one's inventory
Niko Siderakis (1 month ago)
Delacroix Horse's Eyes by Nicholas Siderakis When viewing the painter's masterpiece (The Massacre of Chios) Look at the Massacre ! Don't see it ? Stare into Delacroix horse's sorrowful round eyes They're a gateway, a portal The horse distraught and horrified Its white mane stained red By Chians in bondage Tyrants ready to sell them in Constantinople's markets Or to slaughter them like cattle by the thousands Oh! Look all around you I tell ya Tears trickling down mastic trees stem For they are living witnesses to the carnage Stare even deeper into Delacroix horse's eyes If a picture could speak a million words This would be it
LOVE (1 month ago)
Every Ottoman sultan’s mother was a slave and owned by the sultanate until death.
Indah Kalyca (1 month ago)
A .D (1 month ago)
God bless house Hobsburger of Austria and house Safavid of Persia who finished the story of invincibility of Turks
M R skunk budz (1 month ago)
An amarican's alow these shit bag ass hole's in amarica fuck these scumy ass hole's
Chris Chapman (1 month ago)
It's like the drive-thru at Starbucks
Will 88 (1 month ago)
That slave buyer actor is having fun. He's just walking around squeezing the women's boobs and butts and the seller is convincing him to buy.
Will 88 (1 month ago)
This is what they do now when they take over territories. Look at ISIS. They haven't changed one bit.
113vinnie (1 month ago)
Best thing about this video is when i saw tities😁
Toeroh Bollong (1 month ago)
Allahs mother assfucker army
zeus gary Moulton (1 month ago)
WHITE SLAVERY IN ISRAEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOauFis_shQ&bpctr=1551399480
Gayreek DONKEYS (1 month ago)
Well done ottomans 👍👍👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Fathur Rozi (1 month ago)
Movie propaganda not Islam ,,
david doggy (1 month ago)
The swedish people need to wake up . Their ether scared are just plane stupid . And they have are "had" a great country. So sad.
silas (1 month ago)
Sweden is the rape capital of Europe now. And it's all because of the Muslim immigrants who are allowed to rape infidel women to humiliate them and prove the authority of Islam . Swedish men are ball less bunch of cucks with their women carrying their balls in their purses while the keep Muslims raping them
Felix (1 month ago)
They're stupid. 90 % of the Swedes that live in multicultural areas hate immigrants and Islam. It is the ones that live in white ares that are ignorant and don't realize just how bad it is. It is the lower middle class Swedes that are suffering the most. I hate Islam, I hate the ones pushing the Kalergi plan, but most of all I hate rich priviliged Swedes that are betraying their people in unimaginable ways. The irony is they'll come running to us when reality catches up with them.
north scot (1 month ago)
This should be taught in all European schools, thank god for Hungary, Poland etc. This vid makes me very angry, Europe must stop the alien hordes who are invading us now. My land Scotland has these alien hordes coming to it also. HAS THE EUROPEAN WHITEMAN NO BALLS LEFT. SAOR ALBA
Ahmad Mahdee (2 days ago)
Inshallah this is the future of your race u inferior infidel😂😂😂😂
James Williams (1 month ago)
thank God we got slave traders that keeps her body went in a job and they taking the old good-for-nothing people off Street and giving them jobs and a place to stay and no very ungrateful shame on them just saying and the paper got took off streets all we got to do is commit suicide it's all over with we're trying to be fair and balanced week they called us Democrats
T j (1 month ago)
Why is this not in American history
Thaddeus Patterson (20 days ago)
War tactic the whites do not want u to know they were slaves too this debunks they superior white race theory they lied about many things in history to uphold this white is the greatest master race its fake they are the most brutal lying murders on the 🌎 how else do such a small minority rule the planet from lies murder warmongers liars thieves and down right psychopaths
yudhistar singh (1 month ago)
America n russia stop fighting each other n stop islamization of world .
NED The last Stark (9 days ago)
Bitch I'm atheist, and at least i don't eat cow shit like u , fucking rats
yudhistar singh (14 days ago)
+NED The last Stark no not dirty than u r prhopet mhomhad mother vagina go n lick n clean them opsss allha ho rapist hahaha
yudhistar singh (14 days ago)
+Gayreek DONKEYS first tell ur real identity than bark like street dog I think u r Muslim pig I am right hahaha hahaha
NED The last Stark (14 days ago)
Dirty Indian
Gayreek DONKEYS (1 month ago)
+yudhistar singh look at you now. You shit and drink from the ganges river. You eat rats. You gang rape small kids. You people are disgusting rat eating people.
Outdoors Bushman (1 month ago)
Barbery coast pirates called themselves " Mujahdeen " they held ransom Europe and the USA, for 300 years and over 2.5 million white slaves captured, they should [ do ] need wiping off the map and needed to be destroyed, Islam is a scourge, the world can never be at peace with Islam, a primitive camel fucking , child molesting culture is a retrograde force for evil as Winston Churchill said...... I say, they want 72 virgin camels in paradise ? let's oblige them !
Ksloozy Doo (1 month ago)
Thisnis nitba religiom. It's a dirty filthy demonic culture invented by men for men all for the pleasures of their filthy Satanic din*ks. May they be condemed to hell forever where they belong.
Gail S. (1 month ago)
Seems as if the producers are almost trying to glorify the Ottoman modi and Islam...esp in the scenes where the white women taken as slaves into harem that supposedly gave them a "better life" and career path up the ladder to sleep with the ruler or whatever title he is referred to. Getting that many women together getting along would be impossible. The hen fights and backstabbing must have been hellacious. But the worst - having all the male heirs killed and only letting one live! Truly an empire obsessed with evil!
Natnael Yohannes (1 month ago)
gallo di terachina (1 month ago)
Ethiopians fix those Otomans verey good not once but More then 5timce
amara ahmad (1 month ago)
Damn white slaves what a splendid sight GOD bless the ottomans.
Amb Dar (1 month ago)
Son of god Christian,messenger of god islam has destroyed the humanity
s G (1 month ago)
European don't always do something wrong in history, if you want to blame some European you should blame on western side not eastern side. Sorry for my grammar
W Smith (1 month ago)
Genesis4:21 (1 month ago)
still happening. slavemarkets. thats why most arabs are so white.All have European grandmothers.
Amb Dar (1 month ago)
Genesis4:21 arab are children of rape victims.where as mother is white and raped by one or many Islamic.other word Arab are bastard
Andy15 Z (1 month ago)
This is exactly what that war lord mohaMAD did to the Jews and the very people who gave him shelter. This is exactly what these muslims did to the Hindus in India pakistan Afghanistan and even Iran. The Hindus of India fought back but the Hindus of Pakistan afghanisthan and Iran couldn't. Disgusting filthy people. Need to be culled.
Seren Fee (1 month ago)
This still happens today with the ISIS fighters enslaving, killing and raping the Yazidi. They do this a lot with people from non-Islamic cultures to break and control them.
ajit pratap singh (24 days ago)
Yes in Islam women treat as a material, I am from India as a Hindu. I saw realization of Huntington theory clash of civilization, we Indian the most suffered with Islam if American or European mindset not changed then you will be finished and after that we too
Patrick Patterson (1 month ago)
Wake up Democrats, when get what you think you want, The islamics cut of your head or enslave you. Can't fix stupid!!!!!
NOBLE ROMAN (1 month ago)
The world will never be at peace until we eradicate Islam entirely . A good start would be sterilizing their women and castrate the men .
Ahmad Mahdee (2 days ago)
We impregnated ur woman already...and made half of the people of the arabian sinai....so it's a little to late buddy,also good luck removing over 1 billion people from the planet,ur friend hitler could hardly get rid of a few million jews,and u white pig think you can eradicate us....hahah😂🤣🤣
Where is the humanity.why do you forget Voice of inner soul while doing such inhuman work. Where is your religion.where is your intelligence. People talk about their superiority .None is superior until he does such inhuman act whether Christian or Islam or any other.if you can't help any body , don't do but you have no right to treat them badly.It stirs the very foundation of humanity. Hi Hi Hi 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 Namo Buddha
Undead Hunter (1 month ago)
The world well never be great again unless Islam became great again + don't believe everything you see/hear or read in the internet...
a s rose (1 month ago)
ROMAN, Islamic women are slaves, too. Sterilization is essentially genocide, and won't cure the cancer anyway. The real problem is the "holy books" that promote & justify these dehumanizing practices. All this violence & bondage is promoted throughout the koran, including the wholesale killing of Christians, Jews & other infidels. Just Gather up all the korans, Set the women free, jail the terrorists, cancer 99% cured. If not, do what you want with the men, but I see no need to mutilate the women.
Humanbeing Insaaniyat (1 month ago)
Uneducated people with half knowledge start commenting as they have forgotten their Christian ear ...crusaders etc.....what they did with they women ....its was they dirty mind which made women a play toy even today they women are being expoaid in the name of modernization.....playboy magazine,photography etc hahahah what kind of then morons are these insects without knowledge starts comments about others....
Uke Cena (1 month ago)
Very very fake Let It Snow there is no proof fake history propaganda💀💀💀💀💀💀😁😁
Hineni John3:16 (1 month ago)
Fake? The Crusades were a retaliatory response to the very real 550 years of relentless islamic aggression against the Europeans. Over a million Europeans were kidnapped into slavery, killed in the attack battles, or tortured and martyred for their Christian faith.
Maria Asturias (1 month ago)
The sultan's first son was to be enthrone when the father sultan died and then, all his brothers would be killed to avoid treason!!
Maria Asturias (1 month ago)
Barbarrosa was a Muslim pirate, he terrorized the countries of the Mediterranean area.
Jennifer Brown (1 month ago)
That's so horrible
Dorothy Thomas (1 month ago)
It would be better to die.
Dorothy Thomas (1 month ago)
Slavery started with woman being bought and sold, then their children. It's not a race problem but how woman are treated and valued. As long as their has been a sex and drug trade there will always be slavery. It's a war on women.
khk khk (1 month ago)
Major Lee:"Slavery didnt imply only women and children it also engulf men :in short all that were weak!And when you realize the role played by arabs and muslims (and still inthe gulf countries) you will say they arent people but real demons!"
Hona Hona (1 month ago)
Dorothy Thomas. No, it was islam enslaving European Christian women, as there were also men enslaved. Stop this feminist foolish propaganda that is already bringing the whole west down. What a miserable donkey asshole.👎👎👎😨😨😭😭☻☻😢😢😲😲👹👹😈😈👿😡😡😳😳😱😱🤕🤕
Andrew Forte (1 month ago)
Man's inhumanity to man.
" 17So kill all the boys and all the women who have had intercourse with a man. 18Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves." (Numbers 31)
+Autistic Phaglosophy Jews are neither.
Autistic Phaglosophy (1 month ago)
Barry Ives (1 month ago)
This is tone down. Is the female slave had a baby it would be killed. The males were all castrated. Only 5% survive that doesn't mean just their balls that means their penis too. And they apparently use the same technique today's they did the. Look up how they did it. And they could kill their slaves anytime they wanted to they didn't even need a reason. And you have some Muslims invaded Europe. While crushing any other religion in their own countries. Nothing's changed. They still have slavery today. They still completely castrate the males. Out of the females get pregnant the baby is killed. And if they want to kill their slaves they can.
L K (1 month ago)
James Pierce (1 month ago)
The good old days
Andrew Forte (2 days ago)
+Ahmad Mahdee You BOTH need help.
Ahmad Mahdee (2 days ago)
Reallly was buddy
Andrew Forte (1 month ago)
You need help.
basba bak (1 month ago)
Hey uploader; Don't be bothered with an ugly history. The Ottomans even made saves out of EVERYBODY and even in the Middle East (for example, The Lebanese, whom I am sure you are prejudice against, have been hanged, decapitated, exiled, enslaved and killed for merely refusing to obey/serve them or follow them), they ruled for centuries just like any other EMPIRE before them, they are the Sejlucs, The Mameluke, iow The "barbarians" from South Eastern/Western Russia. Fight Imperialism and hatred. So STOP dwelling on the past and move on. Pay attention to what they're doing now instead and buggly they're making you. Have a nice one :)
Patrick Sairyon (1 month ago)
Hmm hardly hear white people talking about this,
Of Course (1 month ago)
Patrick Sairyon because we can’t say to Turks you did this just because we are white because they are white too
Because white culture isn't based on being a fucking victim and using history to make everyone feel sorry for you. White culture is based on glory, greatness and pride.
Patrick Sairyon (1 month ago)
amara ahmad 😂 😂 😂
amara ahmad (1 month ago)
Caz it didn't happen
NOBLE ROMAN (1 month ago)
Your right , but here in America we're gonna continue hearing about slavery for the next millennium , or until the end of the United States , whichever comes first ,,,,,,, my guess is the end of America is just around the corner especially if we let our enemies come here and procreate like rabbits , at the expense of the hard working taxpayers .
TOP KEK (1 month ago)
Brian Dunn (1 month ago)
Wake up ppl of the Weat this your future! You fools!
Jojo heartspaypay (1 month ago)
Why is this video even up? Youtube is revealing the ORIGINAL SLAVE TRADERS ▪ Shut it down!!
Nikola95inYT (1 month ago)
Oy vey
Michael R (1 month ago)
Now white females in Europe get wet because of Islamists.
Hineni John3:16 (1 month ago)
You are delusional.
Rocco Conte (1 month ago)
Jes i wish i was alive then!
Fucking movie so get the fuck out of here with this shit.
Rupert Rozells (1 month ago)
The islamists are despicable, disgusting, worst than animals. They are bloody primitive & behave like savages.
Gail S. (1 month ago)
+AGNES If you truly do not know the answer to that research it and you will find HUGE and I do mean HUGE differences between the two, unless of course you are biased against Americans and English is not your first language it would be completely understandable.
AGNES (1 month ago)
Excuse me, but how were the Americans different.. 🤔 There was much rape, torture and so on as well..
Gail S. (1 month ago)
Demons on steroids!
Sajid Javid (1 month ago)
Get over it....mmmmm they loved blonde wenches
Alpa Chino (1 month ago)
Good muslim is an ex-muslim.
Zihan Turjo (1 month ago)
Some people are ignoring the truth that video camera was not invented during slavery culture.It is just a movie with an attempt to turnish the image of Muslims
Gail S. (1 month ago)
Truth hurts does it?
Ravish Kumar (1 month ago)
ये मुल्ले खुद चाहे किसी पर कितना ही जुल्म कर ले लेकिन अगर इन पर हो जब ये अपनी गाड उठा उठा कर कहते हाय अल्लाह बचा ले इन्हे तबाह कर दे इन्होने हमारी गाड मार ली
Genesis4:21 (1 month ago)
Ravish Kumar ????????????+????+?????+??????+???????+???????
Andy15 Z (1 month ago)
Sahi kaha. Khud pe beeti to saale Randi rona shuru kar dete hai..
Marie Miller (1 month ago)
oh no not true only black people were slaves in america and only white man traded in slaves everyone knows only black people were made slaves in america.. right???
Marie Miller (1 month ago)
+brooke hillman yes they never talk about all the people taken as slaves by the majestic native americans and all the women they raped and the people they tortured to death and the most were anything but peaceful ,,,and the irish,,,and all the men kidnapped//shanghaied and put on ships against their will and forced to be slaves to a ship master for 8 or 10 years at a time..this stuff really messes up the poor black me varative dont it...
Marie Miller (1 month ago)
+Richard KL44357 i sure do as a matter of fact.. the people he referred to were indentured servants mostly.. and the context was do the best you can not matter what situation you are..and being beaten and killed dont make you a better man it just means you might die or live crippled or injured the rest of your life and that if you wait every master will fall ..so yes i know lots and lots about the bible...jesus also said sell your coat and buy a sword meaning arm yourself ...
Marie Miller (1 month ago)
+brooke hillman lol i was being sarcastic it was meant as a joke..everyone knows that it was not just blacks in america who were made into slaves just some folks will not admit it so they can feel like a victim and make excuses for everything under the sun..
brooke hillman (1 month ago)
Marie Miller ....women from Germany were made into slaves and we're ENCOURAGED to mate with Black slaves.......to get more slaves and other reasons......do your research.
brooke hillman (1 month ago)
Marie Miller .....WHITE people were SLAVES IN AMERICA! They do not tell you this because it would chip away at racism/white Supremacy. And yes, Black people did own white slaves in America.
Mariano Ka (1 month ago)
Islam big lie
Afghan Lion (1 month ago)
What about the Christian slave trade in West Africa? Lets not play double standards.
Hona Hona (24 days ago)
عبد الكريم شماخي . Shut up satan and follower of the desert pedophile pig mohamed who was rotten on his deathbed even before being buried, as for My God and your God Jesus Christ by whom all things were created, he assumed human flesh, came and died for us on the Cross, He Rose again bodily from the dead by the power of His Divinity , come to him and He will forgive you the years of ignorance, the darkness, stupidity and satanism of your islam,
Hona Hona Jesus already is dead
Hona Hona (1 month ago)
Amb Dar. Cursed are you and the satanic demonic people like you. Since when donkey asshole, was Light and darkness the same. Since when was Day and night the same, or Holiness and Filth the same. Since when was The Purity, Holiness and Goodness of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ the same as the cursed filth, impurity, terrorism of the desert pedophile pig mohamed and his satanic religion of islam, or the satanism of hinduism, or the lunacy of buddhism or sikhism etc. Since when was The Light of Christ related to the darkness of the satanism of all these satanic religions. Wake up fool, and come to The Powerful Ever-Living God Jesus Christ and He will raise you from the spiritual death that you languish in as He raised Lazarus from the dead by the power of His Divinity and He will forgive you the years of ignorance, lunacy, filth, and satanism. Otherwise, you will die as miserably as you have lived and will go to hell to languish for all eternity with your father satan as you deserve to be for your blasphemies and foolishness. What a miserable donkey asshole 👎👎👎😨😨😭😭☻☻😢😢😲😲👹👹😈😈👿👿👺👺😡😡👾👾👽👽😵😵😳😳😱😱🤕🤕
Amb Dar (1 month ago)
Islamic and Christian both are. Curse on humanity.
Hona Hona (1 month ago)
Afghan Lion. If an idiot fool like you go to Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameron or Nigeria, you could visit the cities that were built by the Christians, the colleges, schools, universities, hospitals, orphanages, roads paved by the Christians etc. The africans built nothing as they were nothing but nomadic tribes killing each other. They never built anything. So wake up and stop repeating laughable foolishness to try to cover up the crimes of your desert pedophile pig mohamed and his satanic religion that has brought the world nothing but death, destruction, terrorism, backwardness, ignorance, poverty and filth and your shithole that is called Afghanistan is a prime example of what islam does in a country. You have a country that is nothing but a hell hole living in the dark ages in the 21st century. Go dip yourself in the toilet and I will make sure to press the flusher. What a miserable donkey asshole 👎👎👎😨😨😭😭☻☻😢😢😲😲👹👹😈😈😦😦👿👿👺👺😡😡👾👾👽👽😵😵😳😳😱😱🤕🤕
indoprepper (1 month ago)
Muhammad's blow job
Spartaeus (1 month ago)
And stupid liberals want to let the poor Muslims back into europe ???? Why do you think in europe today Muslim men rape women with impunity. Do you think anything has changed??? The world is still a violent place. Muslims still think of non muslims with contempt. Our western culture isolates young minds with video games and nonsense, to keep them from reality and the consequences that will come upon them.
Nancy Janzen (1 month ago)
History of the Slavic countries isnt taught inthe US.
Darkzz Lord (1 month ago)
Hineni John3:16 the US didn't solely exist in the era of colonialism.Let's not forget their "important" role in saving the world from communism,you know after they waged an entire war on the same side as the communists
Hineni John3:16 (1 month ago)
Karl Horvat US History is condensed into much ado about the Transatlantic slave trade, and then more about the TransAtlantic slave trade, and then a few tirades on the moral evils of colonialism. That’s about it.
Karl Horvat (1 month ago)
US knows nothing of history.
DancingOwl JP (1 month ago)
It is impossible to trust these people who have no regard for human lives 😊
Ahmad Mahdee (2 days ago)
Didn't white people enslave Africans just a few decades back..in that case ....do u also think its not possibile to live in western civilization 😊
Senee (1 month ago)
Its human nature you dumb fuck. Every empire which risen so big took advantage of their defeated opponents.
Janet Anstis (1 month ago)
Take a look at Mohammed ; not the holy man but a war lord .Isis has done only the horrific devious behaviours of him and his devotees to this day .Look in the Quaran and Hadith .Look at their history of violence and duplicity .They follow his dictat to this day .
Of Course (1 month ago)
Janet Anstis I’m Catholic and I’m not protecting nobody but isis were mostly from England, Bangladesh, France, Netherlands, Somali, and most of European countries. most of them were not Arabs either not to mention Turks are never involved in terrorism ...Actually is fascinating Turkish culture is so advanced and they are very modern and hard working... now what happened in ottoman times was long ago I’m sure we weren’t innocent either ... tell me a nation who had such strong army like ottomans that didn’t do bad things English, French, Portugal and many more countries have had slaves... To me past is past we been in war with ottomans in fact occupied for 500 years but respect to Turkey and their culture...Turks are Europeans just because they are not officially on map as Europe doesn’t mean they are not Europeans...
Gayreek DONKEYS (1 month ago)
I guess some muslim guy fucked you without paying ha ha ha
Ksloozy Doo (1 month ago)
Mohammed was a dirty filthy demonic pedophile.
Wally Reyes (1 month ago)
Gary Cox no he is in hell. His followers are way worse than Hitler's.look at Hitler's followers,where are they,how many are there? Now look at Mohammad's followers,enough said.
James Shabazz (1 month ago)
All you clowns who doubt this representation of Muslim slavery and dehumansation of people are probably Arabs, Turks, Persians, or others who's Muslim ancestors practiced slavery and rape.and pillage against Black people and East Europeans. This is a foul stain against the Islamic record.
MIKE 214 (2 months ago)
Read the history off island hios Greece no ones left alive all slaves we don’t forget kill all the muslimans bastards fuck Alah and Mohamed
Steffen Clauß (2 months ago)
Was haben Europäer aus dieser Geschichte gelernt ???
Steffen Clauß (2 months ago)
Die Dummheit geht weiter mit dieser sogenannten Glauben. Der keiner ist. Bis zum heutigen Tag.
Hawk Who Knows All (2 months ago)
Just like INDIA TODAY...Hahaha..
Marko K. (2 months ago)
Schon erstaunlich was hier geschrieben steht dabei seit ihr vom Dummen deutschen volk an platz 1 #

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