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How To Rank Youtube Videos On Google Fast (5-20 Minutes)

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How To Youtube Videos Fast (20 Minutes) | No, I'm not claiming to be an seo wizard, I just want to show you it's possible to rank youtube videos in about 10-20 minutes if you get your keyword research right. Ranking youtube videos is awesome because you can also usually rank on the actual google search engine first page... Even above people who have been battling it out for the SERP first page for years and have built up tons of backlinks, etc. Youtube videos can magically just appear in the top of the google search results. You can siphon off steady streams of traffic for years to come. #howtorankyoutubevideosongoogle #howtorankyoutubevideosfast #howtorankyoutubevideosfast2018
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Hong Heng (5 months ago)
Please how to index backlinks fast in Google

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