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High braided girl's hair do | Princess hairstyle for girls

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It is often asked what is the difference between children's hairdo and adult hairdo. My answer is- children's hair, very often do not keep the volume and curls. Therefore, it is better to create ballroom hairstyles. They will last all day and will look neat. There are three rules that need to be considered with the children's hairdo. 1. Open the face. Nothing should interfere. 2. Do not use a lot of backcombing, so that later the girl loves hair and does not hate. 3. The hairstyle should not be very tight for the same reason. Ask your questions in the comments under the video. It is important for me to know what interests you to create interesting new hairstyles tutorials. I show consistently every step, revealing all the secrets Book your wedding hairstyle and makeup in advance [email protected] Обучение прическам и макияжу Прически и макияж для свадьбы Сотрудничество и колаборации [email protected] Training hairstyles and makeup Hairstyles and makeup for the wedding Cooperation and collaborations [email protected] music: https://soundcloud.com/tsyerdna model: @lavrovakris
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Text Comments (8)
Samantha Perez (1 month ago)
Call me
Rama Ahbk (2 months ago)
find another girl who can set without moving alot . very distracting
Инга Боеш (3 months ago)
Необычно прекрасно!
Очень прекрасно.
Leila Oliveira (4 months ago)
Stop girl
OLгита вреднaja (4 months ago)
Не угомонный ребёнок. Ко мне когда девченки приходять на причёски она даже не дышат.
eliane barbosa (4 months ago)
大好き日本文化 (4 months ago)
Very beautiful and cute like French doll(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Good also kimono, hanbok, etc.\(^o^)/

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