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DIY ROOM DECOR! 29 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home | 2018

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DIY ROOM DECOR! 29 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home | 2018 subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/J0zYJX Credit & Full Video: Via: [email protected] - https://www.instagram.com/stephaniablog/ - https://www.youtube.com/user/tvstephania9 [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/mandadicas/ ******************************************************************* ➼ BE MY FRIEND ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 🌟🌟🌟 Subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/J0zYJX ******************************************************************* 🌟 I hope you enjoyed the video. Don't forget to leave a comment below, I want to hear your opinion! 🌟Did you know that Subscribe the video helps me a lot? It's how I know how much you enjoyed the video and how it helps me bring similar ideas. 🌟See you around here or next video, follow me there! 🌟Love you all! 💕 🌟Kiss-kiss, bye-bye 💋
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Text Comments (324)
《Val Hyung (10 hours ago)
ismail buza (3 days ago)
Prelijepo,sviđa mi se!! That's so beautiful!!!🍭😍
Jessica Hicks (4 days ago)
Did anyone watch this and go man I’m going to do that now but I would but I’m not that creative 👍🏼😱😱😱
Quisha Nicole Abella (4 days ago)
Faded song
《Val Hyung (10 hours ago)
Hedgehog (5 days ago)
what song is this?
Zachary Eversmann (6 days ago)
Really cool stuff but you don’t need to clickbait I would have liked it if you put a pineapple lamp as the thumbnail
Ximena Aguilar (6 days ago)
Esas si son personas con mucho tiempo libre 😣😣
Bailey Bailey (7 days ago)
What are the supplies in English
Vera My life (7 days ago)
7:19 крутая мысль! Запомним!
1:30 Poor dino RIP
Renzo Gustavo (13 days ago)
Nico Faded (14 days ago)
Excelente música
Anna Blomer (14 days ago)
the cactus is a good ideal
Kayleelovescookies YT (14 days ago)
I feel like I’m in the 2011 cause of the sunlight
haneen shayyah (15 days ago)
💙💙💙💙💙🐘❤so kind🌊🌍
kawaii box (16 days ago)
Oscar Lorenzo (17 days ago)
comose llama la cancion del principio¿
NesaFashion Channel (18 days ago)
fast 2 hours sale -70% https://www.nesafashion.com/collections/all
Karine e Ana (18 days ago)
Praticamente todos estes DIYs sao da Paula Stefania
Unicorn kawaii Girl (21 days ago)
Every one can see that we went cause of the thumbnail and the thumbnail is fake
Yumi The Unicorn (22 days ago)
It’s only fun if ya hv the Matirels
Olivia Blumke (22 days ago)
You don’t explain enough
Marley Galloway (22 days ago)
What is the thing they put on the jar for the hotglue thing?
Samantha Brown (24 days ago)
The thumbnail looked great but i am pretty sure i would by a table instead of making it out of cardboard
Dilya Mavlyanhodjayeva (24 days ago)
Я одна тут Узбечка
Zura shubitidze (25 days ago)
Albelys Teran (26 days ago)
gue. Love
Есть российские?
Eduarda Arozzi (1 month ago)
muito criativo parabens
Alba Sanchez Rejas (1 month ago)
En el minuta5:34/5:35 ponia amor. Son españoles?
Art With Amber (1 month ago)
1:23 pen pineapple apple lamp
Carla Escriche (1 month ago)
Alan Walker 😍😍😍
May_ GAMES (1 month ago)
Paula stefanis
super mustafa (1 month ago)
Ali Daadouche (1 month ago)
Music please
harsh chawla (1 month ago)
me gusto la mesa y la lapicera
Angelika Fora (1 month ago)
Українці здесь є?Так-лайк Ні-не поймете,що здесь пише!
Я российская, однако я тебя понимаю...
يارا ستارز (1 month ago)
فيه احد عربي 🤔
Maite Cueva Perez (1 month ago)
Me impacto😎🙇😮
Pamepao10 (1 month ago)
super awsome
sidewaysstar slimes (1 month ago)
Gifty Princess (1 month ago)
Really good!!
alhsna Husan (1 month ago)
wow  very  nice
Raven Martinez (1 month ago)
Rip dinosaur
MY LİTTLE PONY (1 month ago)
Turkish çok güzel
Emma Giustini (1 month ago)
E molto altro ancora per la prima volta
Jessi-Nicole Ernstzen (1 month ago)
0:59 And then it breaks
Pineapple PUP (1 month ago)
Not my thing but cool good thinking it’s neat
Alana Marangoni (1 month ago)
Esse canal é horrível, usou coisas da Paula Stefania é nem para gravar um outro vídeo com as mesmas ideias pegou o vídeo dela.
اشترااك ف قناتي بليييز
اشترااك ف قناتي بليييز
اشترااك ف قناتي بليييز
Mornish Schoolhouse (1 month ago)
Emilie13love (1 month ago)
The cactus mug thing is cute
Mariam Elbeddini (1 month ago)
Beautiful i love and dy
我真的好帅 (1 month ago)
what is the bgm in the frist?
我真的好帅 (1 month ago)
what is the bgm in the frist?
manualidades con ori (1 month ago)
Beautiful wtf
manualidades con ori (1 month ago)
Amo este canal
Giannela Bautista (1 month ago)
Like si ves estos vídeos y no haces ninguna manualidad
The amoozing Corgi (1 month ago)
*C L I C K B A I T*
Molmati Grafika (6 days ago)
What clickbait! No no no
Wow fantástic 😻😵
Eliza Fausto (1 month ago)
Beautiful work of art
Ana Campos Campos (1 month ago)
I love
Ana Campos Campos (1 month ago)
O love
Aubree W (1 month ago)
GUH-orgeous...but, "easy" must mean something different where she grew up, lol...
Gulsaf Quliyev (1 month ago)
Very Beautifuuul
Dank Spicy MemesTM (1 month ago)
always clickbate annoying
Cassie Paschal (2 months ago)
Wish I could do that
Cassie Paschal (2 months ago)
So cool
Zachary Savage (2 months ago)
I really want to make the cactus from 7:09 🌵
おにぎり (2 months ago)
こういう動画って基本BGM Faded だよね
Yesenia Gamez (2 months ago)
You should really do what the thumbnail... But like always @nifty you're always faking it. Looks like the one making all those diys can only do those since those are the only ones I see just with different thumbnails. Geez
Yaretzi Duarte (2 months ago)
No offense but most of these are not easy at all and not everyone has this stuff!
Leopoldo Torres (2 months ago)
Kylie Reidel (2 months ago)
The music Alan walker 😍
Emily Cristiny (2 months ago)
Robando os videos da Paula stefania
ampi testa (2 months ago)
Like si ves los vídeos y nunca aces nada
Brenda Sayuri O. Cardoso (2 months ago)
Brenda Sayuri O. Cardoso (2 months ago)
Essas ideias é da Paula esthepania
Lalla 06 (2 months ago)
Nadia Bit (2 months ago)
Ryliegh Lynn (2 months ago)
2:00 what a cute idea
KAWAII GIRL (2 months ago)
Alejandra Rodríguez (2 months ago)
Laik si siempre quieres hacer alguna idea pero recuerdas que no tienes dinero
jasmin banal (2 months ago)
What did you apple on the bottle so that the glue stick can be easily detached?
Fatima Nawab (2 months ago)
Aap ne jo poster dikaya h wo to bataya hi nahi
Bhagya patil (2 months ago)
You copy Olip craft
Interesting ideas I will do with the child
Göknur Dağhan (2 months ago)
Parabéns vc e MT criativa só te faço um pedido coloque em português
Im really impressed!!!
King_a TFM (2 months ago)
Polacy nic się nie stało! Poolacy niic siię nie staało!
musical 1235 (2 months ago)

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