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TechZone ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6H07z6zAwbHRl4Lbl0GSsw 5 MOST AMAZING BARN FINDS What can an old rusty garage hide behind its squeaky doors? The owner died long time ago and his relatives do not know about this place or just forgot about it. But when the doors open, some decades after, you find a car cover in dust, standing there alone with its flat tires. And after some cleaning, you find out that something rare and unique, worth thousands of dollars, was hiding beneath the dust. So, today we are going to tell you about the 5 most incredible garage finds.
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Text Comments (1217)
RTXgameing MEMES (20 hours ago)
Who came from froza even I don’t even have the game but who came from froza
Oyun TV (14 days ago)
Babam kullamaya izin vermiyor skjrodofjkdovkforogokfkrkdöüisjj😡😡😡😡
Oyun TV (14 days ago)
Arkadaslar benim evimde garajda dodge hemi daytona jaguar f type shelby cobra 1971 var
Phillip Pierson (19 days ago)
The 53 corvette looked a lot like the early ford thunbird But it is a 53 corvette
Eggpie_614 (22 days ago)
*"i'Ve AlWaYs WaNtEd To HaVe A pEeL p50!"* -Alex
Dead Pool (29 days ago)
Is this just me or 1969 daytona is the best
Ford Bronco (29 days ago)
I have a Daytona I had it ever since my dad died when I was only 17
joe blow (1 month ago)
Road runner. Super bird awsome.
Melinda Koth (2 months ago)
Jimmi Jams (2 months ago)
I bought an old farmhouse and found 40- 1lb bars of gold in the basement cistern...best find I ever made
Arzu Saad (2 months ago)
Mr.bean car
Jen Llywelyn (2 months ago)
1953 Corvette had a straight 6 engine, not a v6.
Gelk's (2 months ago)
inline 6 GGGRRRRR!!!!
Emanuel Severino (2 months ago)
That voice
Fred Antol (3 months ago)
With all these barn finds where did the owners keep their horses and hay?
TheGamingNation (3 months ago)
Forza horizon 2 😂
Glenn Rodrigo (3 months ago)
Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhh
Glenn Rodrigo (3 months ago)
First things first doms rt gooot lost in a time in fast 6
Wąishu (4 months ago)
Is #Mind Warehouse also Viral Vehicles?
Brenden McMillen (4 months ago)
i found in an abandoned house a 1971 dodge demon and a hemi v8 75 roadrunner
littlenige (4 months ago)
Dodge would have made a million if it had been painted in the right color!
COOL MACHO (4 months ago)
I found a used condom and a porn magazine in a barn......imagine that!!
Andrew Perry (5 months ago)
Charger should be number 1
Charlie Daubitz (5 months ago)
The vette was never a V6
Nigel Harnanan (5 months ago)
try and use your own videos at the beginning not other's
Kathy Miller (5 months ago)
I love nascar go doge daytona DOGE lol
Alpha Dawg Gaming (5 months ago)
Gare-ige lmao
john smith (5 months ago)
the first car is an absolute pig looks wise. Looks like a joke car with genetic birth defect!
michael1234252 (5 months ago)
Actually Chevy should put that corvette in the corvette museum. Cause well hey it's a Corvette and it's one of the original models that has a really good history behind that particular one.
Hoplite8 (5 months ago)
Mistake, the 53 corvette had a straight 6 in in it. It was called the blue flame
56 426 225 (6 months ago)
Boy did this guy miss on the Corvette. He starts by showing a 56' T-Bird. And it didn't come with a V-6, it came with an in-line 6.
MattC78 (6 months ago)
I know where a Mach 1 is right now sitting in a field.
Billie Sutterer (6 months ago)
I found a sky liner does that count
TerrariaLover232 (6 months ago)
Wow now Forza Horizon
tkempsford (7 months ago)
In a barn u know dukes of hazard I found the general lee
Noah Colosimo (7 months ago)
Its chevrola its Chevrolet so next you say it right
BoostedRacer (7 months ago)
a 50's corvette has an inline 6 not a v6 andit was called the blue flame
BoostedRacer (7 months ago)
daytona only hits 204 mph
HBHill (7 months ago)
My friends restored a 1967 Ford Mustang that he found
Robert Fox (7 months ago)
Pack. Hard. Fucking moron.
Gunther (8 months ago)
Adolf Hitler (8 months ago)
It has a nose cone
Zakobe Sitlington (8 months ago)
those are cool cars
The Classic Barn Company (8 months ago)
Love it ! Our clients often have some special cars tucked away in our Classic Barns - https://youtu.be/L5mL2auc-2I , great channel Mind Warehouse
Thomas Taylor (8 months ago)
Absolutely stupid...you start off the "corvette story with a picture of a T-Bird pulling up to a light, then you show a random vette photo, and then long string of completely unrelated photos never showing the car you are telling the story about, waste of time watching your vids.
C.T. Skateboarding (8 months ago)
This is a t bird, not a corvette!They don’t even look similar!
Andrew kelley (8 months ago)
i live in alabama yee haa
Leevi Lappalainen (8 months ago)
thahts sound like a rapsong😂😂😂😂
MAM Media & Marketing (8 months ago)
1970 model ambassador mack 3 station wagon in running condition https://youtu.be/gWr_nbp-rX0
My best barn find so far is a nickel under a rats nest.
A Casa do Rock "N" Roll (9 months ago)
Show Cars!!!
Kosta T (9 months ago)
At 2:50, that is NOT a Corvette... Dare I be the first one here to point out that the white car that pulls up @ 2:50 is a Ford Thunderbird ?!?
DustyCR (9 months ago)
When you say "Chevrolet Corvette" at 2:50 that is actually a Ford Thunderbird that pulls into view!
KamikazeGarage (9 months ago)
very cool! look my barn find, start after 16 years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRmfarqgaTw&t=1s
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James Hustis (9 months ago)
At 2:50 you introduce the Chevrolet Corvette but showing is a 59' Ford Thunderbird. Appears to be a clip from the movie American Graffiti.
Devon Powell (9 months ago)
I subbed!!
Itz Huntzz (9 months ago)
Wait this isn’t Forza...
Ryan Condon (9 months ago)
Deceiving still shot of Roadrunner...not even in the video...
lol guy (10 months ago)
tyler baker (10 months ago)
My favorite is a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 6.3 V8
Michael Green (10 months ago)
I found a 1957 Bel-Air that was worn but not a rust bucket. I asked the little old lady if she would sell it for about $5000.00. She broke out the collectors guide and schooled me on the value. I walked away feeling like I got a wedgie on the school yard.
Paige heart37 (10 months ago)
Paige heart37 (10 months ago)
I have a 19th century cat
M Nunya (10 months ago)
Call me an old man but this term "barn find" seems to get right up there with "really? " and "bro" and a few others. So correct me if I'm wrong, if I take my classic car and stick it in an old barn, cover it with dust and shoot a video acting all surprised will I be able to get a few dollars more for it? I mean we all know that all the cable tv shows of guys climbing through piles of junk and "oops" stumbling upon a holy grail found treasure are certainly not "staged" in any way.
Britton Ringger (10 months ago)
My barn find was a 1980 Cameron z28
XxCoolDudexX - 545 (10 months ago)
OOOOOOOOH, its a charger, I thought it was a Plymouth of some kind
Place For Your Stuff (10 months ago)
#MindWarehouse Thanks for sharing!
Rahim Abdur (10 months ago)
Some cars Are in a game
Mini Boys (10 months ago)
There was also a mini clubman in the rover tunnels abandoned but was found 2013
BloodMilk&Sky (10 months ago)
A Vintage orginal Ferrari for 770k?? I think you are again wrong on that number. Some Ferrari's for in the 18 mil's I'm pretty sure that one most definitely went for something like that.
Jeremiah Wortman (10 months ago)
Ones I found a dodge challenger
Kevin Hernandez (10 months ago)
Richard petty has number 5
McCormick Opper (10 months ago)
Who else came here from a Forza Horizon video
1903A3shooter (10 months ago)
Well BLOOPERS happen all the time but at 2:52 that is not a Corvette. looks like the Thunderbird from American Graffiti
Buff Barnaby (10 months ago)
The Packard my fave of these.
Dan Carley (10 months ago)
'53 and '54 Corvettes had a straight 6, not a V6.
sean rakers (10 months ago)
The only time the Daytona hit 205 MPH was in NASCAR, not stock FFS
Michael Batista (10 months ago)
Anyone else notice the first car when he introduced the corvette was really a 1957 ford thunderbird?
Coop1913 (11 months ago)
What's kilometer?
MinRobloxGirl1234 LOL (11 months ago)
Cars are happy when their found from many years :3
prometheus5700 (11 months ago)
That 69 Dodge Charger Daytona is probably the ugliest car ever built. I'd pay someone to haul it off my property
M Nunya (10 months ago)
Go Joe Dirt!
M Nunya (10 months ago)
When I grew up and on the other side of the tracks the guys that owned them, the 1st day they brought them home they immediately put air shocks in the back, cragar ss rims, 6" chain steering wheel (so they could drive with handcuffs on if needed) and when parked on the side yard the wife could hang the laundry on the airplane wing on the trunk.
Hogg Wild (11 months ago)
1953 corvette with a V6 now that is rare! It would be the only one if it really existed. Unfortunately the 1953 corvette came with a inline6.
Roo H (11 months ago)
It's NOT "Coo-pay" It's "Coop" learn to pronounce it.
Brofist 5873 (11 months ago)
They found a Daytona in forza horizon 3
Domenic Delima (11 months ago)
dodge hemi daytona for only 90k sign me up lol
Mark Weaver (11 months ago)
Mark Weaver (11 months ago)
a car that can go 205 mph that was produced in 1969?!
Borris Müller (11 months ago)
Woah the first one is nice
Chase Johnson (11 months ago)
We're can I get a garage?
American Outdoors (11 months ago)
Superbirds are prettier than daytonas
NoVa Snowball (11 months ago)
Dang forza horizon 4 looks great
The first car was the plymouth super bird
KoloaKane (11 months ago)
that music is annoying , unnecessary , and too loud
Mike Brady (11 months ago)
Purple protector
Mason Tube (11 months ago)
At 2:51 my grandfather owns that white Thunderbird from the movie American Graffiti  and it has all original seats, engine, and ext all he needs for it is a new gas tank and new tires.
Joseph M (11 months ago)
53 Corvette was an inline 6 cylinder w/ six 1 barrel carbs. it was called the Blue Streak six. NO such V-6 existed, get your facts right Englishman.
another video thief
MLMLW (11 months ago)
There's an old barn near where my mother-in-law lives and every time I pass it I want to stop and go inside to look around. No telling what's in there.
Jb 3d (11 months ago)
Austin seven is mr bean car

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