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http://magicmikemovie.com http://www.facebook.com/magicmikemovie A dramatic comedy set in the world of male strippers, "Magic Mike" is directed by Academy Award® winner Steven Soderbergh ("Traffic") and stars Channing Tatum in the title role. The film follows Mike as he takes a young dancer called The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) under his wing and schools him in the fine arts of partying, picking up women, and making easy money. Also starring Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Mangianello, Olivia Munn, Riley Keough, Cody Horn and Adam Rodriguez. "Magic Mike" hits theaters June 29.
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Text Comments (733)
Andrew Flood (2 days ago)
Jorge Cruz (6 months ago)
Louis CK brought me here
Sage Gaming (6 months ago)
Stopfucking other people life just coz you are bored us fuck aha life for bag
David Resnick (6 months ago)
2012 was the best!
Whiskey Is Life (6 months ago)
My ovaries went into overdrive before the 30 second mark.
attiyaazaria22 (7 months ago)
No magic mike but magic jeff
mirai wang (7 months ago)
Is there really a Magic Mike?
dawnna Avelino (8 months ago)
What is the name of the song in the beginning I want it 4 my ringtone
dawnna Avelino (9 months ago)
Anybody name of this song they playing ?
D J (4 months ago)
Rihana's We found the love
Norman Q. (9 months ago)
I'll never take his acting seriously ever seeing the meme of jeff
Jenny Neumann (1 year ago)
dieser Mann bohaaaaaa einfach der Hammer =)
Hydden Potter (1 year ago)
Its sick how they could objectify men in such a non charismatic way. #Masculism
Amy Annabel (1 year ago)
Ashwini (1 year ago)
I came here for 2:03 no homo
huzi _0 (2 months ago)
Bro, the way he says law breakers just reminds me RDR2...
Kumar Kshirsagar (5 months ago)
Good, you said nohomo. That reset all things back to normal
Chris Guzman (1 year ago)
At 1:30 is Gabriel iglesia
KittyKat101 (7 months ago)
Chris Guzman ikr I seen that
TheDisconsolateTruth (2 years ago)
Just the two and 20 million Japanese men.
Sandra moro (3 years ago)
Mondevana (3 years ago)
Trash. When I saw the film in the program, I couldn't do anything with the film. After I saw the film, certainly not. It was an unfunny Teen comedy starring miscast, adult children. And as always true in every genre itself, who lets the unknown in the hideout, gets fucked first. What annoys me the most, instead of saying in what apartment one have lost the pills, one pay the bill. Unlikely that it has disposed of the pills. Had to show how to revenge their backpack returns without the drugs. Then I would have had understanding to pay the bill because it was the friend's fault. Or the own because one have not been paying attention. Despite promises. But since one don't have it shown to have the crowd on the thugs rushed to. Who retains ownership, and also enriched by other people's property, it deserves. Otherwise, you're a Peggy Bundy or Marcy D'Arcy, a desperate housewife, then the film is the right to the two brain for hours not to have to use.
Lili Laleh (4 years ago)
Nadine A. (5 years ago)
Fred West (5 years ago)
Back off b*tch... he's mine..
Taylor Jean Ann (8 days ago)
Malika Young (5 years ago)
Jealouse much LOL
Malika Young (5 years ago)
fucking hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soulfiree88 (6 years ago)
Oh my god ..
Doperwtje (6 years ago)
We already have it, unfortunately it's Showgirls
herodaro (6 years ago)
Hey, any one knows what's the song at 1:22 , plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Cute Secret (1 year ago)
in case you haven't found out yet it's rihanna - found love :)
Zege (6 years ago)
Cheesy shit
Ndusk (6 years ago)
Ok. The only thing we have to do now, is reverse the cycle and reap for the FEMALE version of this movie.
A M (3 months ago)
Ndusk Women are objectified since ever. In Ads, magazine covers, everywhere. But this movie have a story. It’s about stripper men. They do It because they want, they live for It, the movie focus on that, the plot is about It. There’s not just free sexualization like is usually do to women. Woman are usually seen as objects EVERYWHERE. You should know that. Your comment is extremely mindless. The cycle is already reversed.
Catarina DaSilva (6 years ago)
0:25, what is the song?
Janaia clark (6 years ago)
norggarden (6 years ago)
Fuck Team Edward and Team Jacob like if your team Tatum
Discussd (6 years ago)
You only make that mistake once. :-D
Donovan T (6 years ago)
Instagram: The Movie
Vannie (6 years ago)
I didn't like it it was pointless
Nitin Kumar (6 years ago)
hahahah ! Dude they just took INSPIRATION from this. LOL
Kim Henriksson (6 years ago)
Before Channing Tatum became an actor he was a stripper, little trivia your way
Copter (1 year ago)
Kim Henriksson That's where the idea for the movie came from
Nick Rippingale (6 years ago)
Prank channel GiveDares best prank on youtube
poopproductions123 (6 years ago)
this is cinema
Giulia Chivu (6 years ago)
okay, the ones who saw the movie can you please tell me what's the song when Mike and 'The Kid' are stripping dressed as cops? thank youuuu x.X
22marce1994 (6 years ago)
rachiti (6 years ago)
Actually, I never directly commented on your IQ but rather made some generalized remarks. Your grammar could use some work though.
rachiti (6 years ago)
You have some serious anger management issues. Also, profanity is usually a sign of a low IQ. Finally, I have no intention of being superior to anyone based on their gender - I would only claim superiority over those with lower IQs or an inability to use theirs effectively. Only those with narrow minds use gender/sex as anything more than a descriptive term and a means for determining sexual compatibility.
Purree (6 years ago)
Seems fun :D
GoThIcNeko90 (6 years ago)
I'm sure I will get a lot of nasty comments but I don't care because I know it'll be from stupid little boys who have nothing better to do I am Woman hear me roar.
GoThIcNeko90 (6 years ago)
Ok guys.... answer this if this movie was about female strippers like oh idk the players club (good movie kinda dramatic) would any of you. Insecure pussies be bitching on the internet? No so do us ladies a favor shut the fuck up! Its a movie about strippers a fantasy you pay to watch do we bitch and moan when you go watch porn? Or go to a strip club? I know I wouldn't as long as my guy didn't fuck the girl it doesn't matter its entertainment we deserve that privilage too.
Taylor Jean Ann (8 days ago)
They usually end up fucking them tho 😂😂👏
Clare Galati (6 years ago)
freddie...how you've grown :')
sasan8800 (6 years ago)
she picked it... fuck if i let a girl pick a movie again
tyrannize365 (6 years ago)
Magic Mike makes my wee wee hard and I'm a straight guy do I get a hall pass for fappin to him?
Yu-Gi-Oh WontonSoup (6 years ago)
Channing Tatum... teach me your ways!
96miffy (6 years ago)
Ladies, I'm hot too. :'(
exileon mainst (6 years ago)
super gay film plot looks terrible as well. hollywood needs to stop shitting out movies
SidheKnight (6 years ago)
You know, women watch movies too...
Caprica Stanley (6 years ago)
It's pretty disheartening that so many insecure guys feel so threatened by this film. I mean, it's honestly just a movie . And the girls that are admiring the actors in the film have the absolute right to. It's no different than admiring a average-looking guy. The only difference is probably physique. And besides you guys do the same. And by the way. At least the guys in this movie are REAL. It's not like we're gawking over some animated video game heroine.. and don't act like none of you do -_-
sasan8800 (6 years ago)
my date got ruin cause of this fuckin gay ass movie
trinitystarr11 (6 years ago)
rachiti (6 years ago)
And you think women don't want to go topless when it's hot outside? Also, in New York women are allowed to go topless because it went through the courts and it was determined that allowing men but not women equated to discrimination. Would I go topless? No, because I need the support but it would be nice to have equality...as well as a reduction in all this sexualization of female anatomy intended primarily for nursing infants.
Lytis Catoria (6 years ago)
He isn't THAT hot. He has a baby face.
CookieCreamCrumble (6 years ago)
whats the rating on this o.0 like r16? or m or something
Juancho Castro (6 years ago)
Brooks Gasser (6 years ago)
425 people are men
Sarah Lindstrom (6 years ago)
one word: HOT. actually 2 words: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT
Connor (6 years ago)
Why the fuck is everything so yellow!?
mike stanberry (6 years ago)
The guy who made this movie and all the actors in the movie don't deserve to die!
CallmeAffiliated (6 years ago)
i cant believe it hollywood has outdone themselfs first twilight now this
CallmeAffiliated (6 years ago)
mikes a male stripper but mike wants more mike builds table mike is pretty cool guy is mike magic mike? thats pretty much all i got from the trailer wtf is wrong with you hollywood lol
SolarSailors (6 years ago)
im gay and im sorry but despite the hot dudes, there is not enuf substance in this movie to make me go watch it in a theater... unless it was like a porn theater....
geddoe316 (6 years ago)
it got good reviews and has a lot of heart. you don't have to defend your sexuality. i'm straight and i saw the movie by myself. oh well...the only ones who try to make a big deal are simply insecure
hannah ford (6 years ago)
The best movie sense breaking dawn part one loved it
Josef (6 years ago)
I really hope you know that this movie isn't 2 hours of dudes stripping. Also, Olivia Munn is topless in the first three minutes so I know I'm gonna see it.
Pipin TheSexyLizard (6 years ago)
this looks crap
jarjarbanks22 (6 years ago)
Wtf is with the super green cinematography?
bobbie patterson (6 years ago)
@growapear01 badass
RazzleDazzle2340 (6 years ago)
Sorry to break this to you but there is absolutely nothing heterosexual about watching a bunch of guys stripping (unless your a woman of course).
Elkyblack (6 years ago)
saw like 3 seconds of Mathew McCouneghey in this trailer and again he's not wearing a shirt. Does he act in any movie with his shirt on ?
Ayshah (6 years ago)
this is so similar to the Bollywood movie "Desi Boyz".. lol
Elo Mdz (6 years ago)
So far, so good.
Boo and Poo (6 years ago)
5 years IS long now a days. -_-
salmanc1 (6 years ago)
Apparently the secret to a long lasting beautiful marriage is to be a whore. Above.
ChickenNugget1114 (6 years ago)
Alkhemist10: I wish you wouldn't assume. It makes you look like an ass. ;)
80's Style Trailers (6 years ago)
Mr. House (6 years ago)
This movie is proof that not only females are sometimes looked at as sexual objects.
RazzleDazzle2340 (6 years ago)
As a gay man* FTFY
itsnotgood (6 years ago)
I think it looks cool, cheesy but cool. Tatum is a see what you get actor nothing amazing but he isn't the worst and as I said he's cool, charismatic and charming! Defo gonna go see it next week!
6e4a6 (6 years ago)
i'm not even going to see this and i'm still for it
Elo Mdz (6 years ago)
To Alkhemist10: I'm married, the guy respects me, treats me like a queen. ( Hello, just bought me a Cadillac) Been married 5 years, still opens the door for me. And he knows I'm gonna watch this movie with my girl, thinks nothing of it because it's a MOVIE. Not every guy wants a prude, who caters to a misogynist who goes to watch strippers while they think: "disgusting whores". Maybe, I am a whore, but guess what? Thats the secret to a long lasting beautiful marriage!
kablazi2 (6 years ago)
50 shades kicked the door wide open for the ladies to have their turn. God bless those books. After 16 years with the same woman the sex has never been better. I asked my wife if she wanted to see it. She responded by pushing me to the bed and going to town. Damn I love her.
Angelsgirl4 (6 years ago)
adam cadena (6 years ago)
i saw this and im a guy and it was a good movie
Liv Valazza (6 years ago)
Mei Dan Zhu (6 years ago)
Saw this last night and it was great. Male strippers WOOOOOO!!!!!!
darkovilos (6 years ago)
I'll watch this because Olivia Munn is in it.
James Robinson (6 years ago)
We've never had a movie with a cast of naked females runing around on stage...but like I said...w/e
aqt (6 years ago)
For all the straight guys down there commenting that it's time for their girls to have a movie like this for them to enjoy (while acknowledging men have had plenty): you've restored my faith in the existence of considerate, sensitive, and sexually secure men. :)
GlitterOutlaw (6 years ago)
keep tellin yourself that lol.
James Robinson (6 years ago)
Truth be told us guys haven't had a movie like this but I agree...let the ladies have their night out...mine cooked my fav n cleaned b4 she lef 2 see it now we're watching espn...n its 1am :)
Maester_Theris (6 years ago)
I agree and I'm a guy. But she wants me to go to the movie. To tell the truth I really don't have any gripes. Women need to have a movie like this. Guys always have had plenty
Kaeliana B (6 years ago)
i am definitely going to see this. i have a boyfriend and he doesnt care if i see it. i dont understand why we are whores or hoes for wanting to see this, but the guys can do whatever they want.
demonicBerith (6 years ago)
Bunch of perverted whores would think this is sexy
wpinklady (6 years ago)
cor those cops look hot!!
fabel star (6 years ago)
All i can say is, thank you

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