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Prehistoric Women / Original Theatrical Trailer (1967)

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Subscribe to Hammer for all our latest releases and classic clips http://bit.ly/1k38x0A Leader of a tribe of amazon women, Queen Kari (Beswick), has vanquished a rival tribe and rules them with savage ruthlessness and cruel arrogance. A hunter (Latimer) stumbles onto the enclave and falls for one of the slaves, so unleashing the anger and envy of the possessive, sadistic Queen. Originally released in the US as Prehistoric Women. Forms Hammer's unofficial "fur bikini" trilogy along with One Million Years B.C. (1966) and When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (1970). http://hammerfilms.com/productions/film/filmid/246/slave-girls
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Text Comments (27)
علي علي (1 month ago)
ممكن الفيلم كامل
S. Adam Bernstein (9 months ago)
I'd like to give thekm my white rhinoceros!
Suzanne Moogan (1 year ago)
Looks like Carry on up the Jungle to me with amped up lubby dubbies!!
Wezilla (1 year ago)
Is there Blu-ray yet ? Anyone ?
Joe Bradley (1 year ago)
I read she was in this movie
Joe Bradley (1 year ago)
Jayne Mansfield played in this movie, but anyway all you losers can have the dark bitch, I'll take all the blondes
Creepy Skulldini (1 year ago)
She DIED the year THIS flick was released ( 67 ).
Joe Bradley (1 year ago)
Creepy Skulldini before she was famous
Creepy Skulldini (1 year ago)
Jayne Mansfeild in THIS flick? .. . not at all!
Mr Hook (2 years ago)
Seem to remember a scene where an african dressed as the devil would select a blonde bird for himself, and the girls lined up obediently and hated it. LOL
CubanPete1990 (2 years ago)
Hey are there any monsters in this movie?
Mannequinwizard (2 years ago)
Hmmmmm yes i like this movie O_O
Yves Che (4 years ago)
Que s’est-il passé ? Michael Carreras, à la fois scénariste, réalisateur et fils du producteur, a-t-il cherché à prendre les spectateurs pour des cochons de payeurs, croyant pouvoir leur fourguer n’importe quelle kitcherie ? Le terme est dur, mais on se situe en plein nanar indigne de lui-même. En fait, les femmes préhistoriques annoncées dans le titre ne forment qu’une tribu d’une quinzaine de pépées aux cheveux noirs, qui maintiennent en servitude un groupe de jolies filles aux cheveux blonds. Un explorateur glisse dans une faille temporelle et se retrouve brutalement confronté à la tribu tyrannique. A lui tout seul, il délivre les pauvres créatures et retrouve celle qu’il aime dans son monde bien tangible, après que l’espace temps se soit à nouveau refermé derrière lui. A découvrir ; "Frankenstein, Dracula et les autres sous les feux de la Hammer" de Daniel Bastié paru en mars 2015.
russell brown (4 years ago)
I  believe  Martine  Beswick  once  described  this  interesting  work as  "the  silliest  film  ever  made",  though it  must  have  been  a  lot  of  fun  playing  the  evil  queen.  Deserves  a  remake  one  of  these  days.
Mr Hook (2 years ago)
Exactly, these actors i think are a very fortunate lot, even when they grow old and on the verge of death it must be satisfying to look back, knowing they were there and will live on through their movies. Prefer Naomi Watts to Nicole Kidman, Naomi's still got that natural blank canvas like realness about her, her portrayal of Ann Darrow in King Kong proved that.
russell brown (2 years ago)
Its a tough profession. Another supremely talented actor who found himself in some very down-market roles was Richard Burton, and there have been many others. As an example of a smart cookie who (by and large)has been very selective as to what work she takes on, I would have to pick Nicole Kidman, who used to audition for the same roles as Naomi Watts when they were fresh out of drama school. However, you are correct about the continuity of work aspect. It would take considerable nerve for a young actor to turn down any role, and many actors have pointed out, "How do you know its going to be a crap film when you sign up anyway?" The director involved is usually a good guide, but that's certainly not foolproof.
Mr Hook (2 years ago)
I was always under the impression they would be happy just to be working…Judy Dench is the prime example, american films wouldn't hire her, because she lacked the physiognomy of Loren, Welch or Bardot etc, but the UK always appreciated her and some of her roles have been a bit fruity, other roles she's been excellent. As for Martine, she would've been only too willing to take anything going on TV/film back then, she could've refused... and a dozen other girls would've stepped in to her shoes. Kate O'mara for one could've done the evil queen just as well, but Martine didn't refuse, she was a sensible girl who needed the work.
russell brown (2 years ago)
I've never seen that one. Sounds interesting. I believe many hard-working actors make the error of allowing their agents to line them up for just about any old rubbish, and it can destroy careers. In more recent times, Naomi Watts is another example of a great talent who has appeared in some real clunkers.
Mr Hook (2 years ago)
russel brown…i don't know why, i thought Martine would of been more than happy participating in a Hammer film. I thought her silliest role was a film called Seizure 1974, a pathetic version of Kim Basinger's cool world.
Hans Olav (4 years ago)
I can only hope it is the queen alone that is portrayed to be evil. that can be excused. anything more widespread among the amazons will just make it a pathetic farse. which of course would be par for the course back then.
emifiles (4 years ago)
donde puedo bajarla  traducida al español ?
sleezboy (5 years ago)
Death by snooze snooze!
Mannequinwizard (2 years ago)
Hammer (5 years ago)
You're welcome!
tom kielty (6 years ago)
thank you

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