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The Best Top 10 SHOCKING MAGICIANS Of All Time | AGT & BGT

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► This Simple Morning Habit "Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat ► http://tiny.cc/Melt_Fat_Now ◄ ► CLICK HERE to Learn How To Sing Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice ► http://MusicTalentNow.com/Learn-To-Sing ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥ http://bit.ly/Twitter_MusicTalentNow ♥ Love You ♥ Top 10 shocking magicians on America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent List of performances: 1. Darcy Oake - 00:00 2. James More - 02:12 3. Christian Lee - 03:27 4. Piff The Magic Dragon - 06:48 5. Jon Dorenbos - 10:38 6. Richard Jones - 13:32 7. Mat Franco - 17:55 8. The Clairvoyants - 20:13 9. Smoothini - 23:48 10. Jamie Raven - 26:07 Hope you enjoy it :) Don't forget to subscribe for more videos weekly!
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MusicTalentNow (1 year ago)
► PLEASE SUBSCRIBE For More Videos ► http://bit.ly/JoinMusicTalentNow ◄ Which one YOU LOVE MOST? Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT below :) 1. Darcy Oake - 00:00 2. James More - 02:12 3. Christian Lee - 03:27 4. Piff The Magic Dragon - 06:48 5. Jon Dorenbos - 10:38 6. Richard Jones - 13:32 7. Mat Franco - 17:55 8. The Clairvoyants - 20:13 9. Smoothini - 23:48 10. Jamie Raven - 26:07
lifeanaday 1 (3 months ago)
MusicTalentNow phon vibol
Regan Heriansyah (3 months ago)
Teks indonesia ngomong bahasa inggris
pablo1608d p (3 months ago)
Anganba Konjengbam (1 day ago)
Some r tricks but some r extraordinary
Reem Jizzine (6 days ago)
The birds trick Slow down to 0.25 and see how the birds r getting out of his jacket
sultan Pros (18 days ago)
Di jaket dia ada burung😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
hassan laroja (19 days ago)
the birds are under dress see slowly and fucos dress
Chad M (20 days ago)
23.0 she’s a witch
Tafheem Ahrar (21 days ago)
Where is shin lim
Arni Zakirovich (25 days ago)
I wish I could be a mentalist, so I could pass all the exams in my life in a one shot!
Hope Sprinkle (26 days ago)
Can you imagine if the world was ruled by magicians bruh
SD Gaming (1 month ago)
2:10 that song comes in Gangster Vegas Game
Simon Lindahl (1 month ago)
Look at the tricks in 0.25x speed
hi루 (1 month ago)
last one is really amazing!!
Rue Lillian (1 month ago)
Some of these people are coming to practice witchcraft in plain site and people think they're magic tricks 😂😩
Shankar Bhashiyam (1 month ago)
Seriously nothing's was so best expect one or two
abulakhtar hussain (1 month ago)
Who like this video here please like♤
Ayce (2 months ago)
1:00 what song is that
R規定 (2 months ago)
the last guy is insane
Tarek Tarekta (2 months ago)
Ainsley Koia (2 months ago)
Piff the magic Dragon is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Multiple Share (2 months ago)
Wonderful show
Famer Gamily (2 months ago)
i was like :0 OMG OMG OMG OMG IT WAS SO :0
Tom Fontaine (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for preserving history of pure Gold Talent :))
Yengki WAN (2 months ago)
God job
Uzair Saeed (2 months ago)
very very very very very nice
Ravi Airlangga (2 months ago)
Ini mah sulap palsu merpati liat di jeket kirinya besar sebelah
Iyari Miyazaki (2 months ago)
Lol no one pressed the x yet on the pen into his nose
Mario Caro (2 months ago)
Mario Caro (2 months ago)
BIG BRAIN MUSIC (2 months ago)
WantOxide (3 months ago)
dat scarecrow at 13:20 thou
bossclickfalife (3 months ago)
Time travel
Laji Joseph (3 months ago)
Smoothi is cool....
elaiza orquio (3 months ago)
wow amazing
fds bfc (3 months ago)
اكو عرب
DewaOc Channel (3 months ago)
very ckucly
DewaOc Channel (3 months ago)
nice guys....i see u
SadanNd Marth (3 months ago)
SadanNd Marth (3 months ago)
ALEXI PAULINO (3 months ago)
Super cool
Love howie mandel his reactions make me laugh
Narasingha Mademi (3 months ago)
Nice magicsian bro
iwan irmawan (3 months ago)
NICO P OTTO (3 months ago)
quella della spada e una cazzata pazzesca....e tutto una puttanata ..vi siete chiesti il fiammifero....la colomba l'avete vista da dove e uscita .... le colombe sono addestrate anche se lui li manda via dopo si incontrano a casa........puttanate
Walasse Ramon (3 months ago)
Magicas muito boas
memo للاختراق 3 (3 months ago)
Like go
miramax, (3 months ago)
Ai caralho
Maori Haque (3 months ago)
I am going crazy. I swear . Man it's insane. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
謝仙露 (3 months ago)
Waktu mau uang
filia syafira (3 months ago)
Amazing talent competition top global.......great [email protected]
Analiza Majomot (3 months ago)
He had flash paper and the bird was inside of his sleve lol
Behera Sanyasi (3 months ago)
OK good
Talk You tube (3 months ago)
Can anybody help me,
Talk You tube (3 months ago)
Beautiful girl alesha
Talk You tube (3 months ago)
I Love alesha
Polisi Kita (3 months ago)
Hb om 9. .on b, b. Kkb. Ygi. Dop
Jesus jcDzeko (3 months ago)
love magic dragon
afin kecil (3 months ago)
Murid te pk tarno kabeh
Abdul Warits (3 months ago)
What a beautifuul.... Nice guys
samara shahid (3 months ago)
Everything is in the jacket he is wearing!
Leon Funtek (3 months ago)
If you slow down the time by 0.25x and watch, you can see him pulling the bottle from his suit
Erin Ferguson (3 months ago)
thats amazing
Jay Lewis (3 months ago)
Do not try this at home. Or anywhere else, for that matter.
Azamat Yuldashev (3 months ago)
oh my God😳😲
Mike Mikic (3 months ago)
my trick
Jana Dunkova (3 months ago)
Vše komentáře
Maryan wungko (3 months ago)
They are too good
Diamond Vint (3 months ago)
Satan at work
ATZ SQUAD (3 months ago)
Jancok sangar
Dj. jandiya (3 months ago)
Nice show
shameela kp (3 months ago)
if they know the magic.then why cant they change the world.or why cant they change our bad thing
SUPER MARIO BR (3 months ago)
Perai na parte 4:15 ele disse que vai peidar? Ou eu tô louco?kkkk
y rianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wilson Felix (3 months ago)
leo jenkins (3 months ago)
What the blind fold girl how 😱🤔😵
leo jenkins (3 months ago)
Hiddy needs some food 🍲
Joseph A (3 months ago)
I have a feeling Simon was in on it in the last one
Varadu Baba (3 months ago)
Imadlak les szertlek
عموري عموري (3 months ago)
اكو عرب بلطياره 😂
Emily Silva (3 months ago)
Alguém do Brasil?
-_Arthür lűan-_ (3 months ago)
Cadê os br???
Made Restu (3 months ago)
Shin lim??
Mohamed lamine Diané (3 months ago)
booba el sidik (3 months ago)
could someone explain me the last card?
In the name of Allah the Merciful One day will He gather them all together, (and say): "O ye assembly of Jinnns! Much (toll) did ye take of men." "Their friends among men will say:" Our Lord! We made profit from each other: but (alas!) we reached our term - which thou didst appoint for us. "He will say:" The Fire be your dwelling-place: you will stay therein for ever, except as Allah willeth. "For thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge.
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ويوم يحشرهم جميعا يا معشر الجن قد استكثرتم من الإنس وقال أولياؤهم من الإنس ربنا استمتع بعضنا ببعض وبلغنا أجلنا الذي أجلت لنا قال النار مثواكم خالدين فيها إلا ما شاء الله إن ربك حكيم عليم ( 128 ) سورة الإنعام
Władca Wymiaru (3 months ago)
Simon DESTROYED only by magicians...
Bilal Koli (3 months ago)
a delicious cope of thea 😂😂
零乃 (3 months ago)
何が起きているんですか…?(What is going on?)
Emadul Islam (3 months ago)
D mawii mawitei (3 months ago)
Shin Lim is the best
ardianto elbob (3 months ago)
Its boring... But good job bro...
Luwe Jane (3 months ago)
Alexandre Crisser (3 months ago)
Será que los magos no tendran trucos que no tenga nada que ver con barajas de carta?!
Bienaime Guerby (3 months ago)
good things
Jayathilaka Bandara (4 months ago)
Haaaaaaaaa Ha Ha oh gosh 😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😅
idris aco (4 months ago)
sulap jemen kuwa tau itu di siapa di dibawa jaket nya
Alwi Muhammad (4 months ago)
yg Indonesia like

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