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The World of Magic - Battlefield (3)

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Pew pew pew
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Text Comments (39)
OG Dog (4 years ago)
Hey bro can I ask you this song?
Do you still play at all?
Layla Oliver (5 years ago)
Shut up ppl u r so annoying! U keep arguing at who's better! Idiots! Shut up already!
Joery De Loose (5 years ago)
Siras Devilang lvl 27 Mage lols pwn everyone
(5 years ago)
Probably. She isn't posting vids. Maybe she has a new channel, or simply has no interest in Youtube vid posting anymore. ^-^
(5 years ago)
No she is not.
(5 years ago)
She used Display Recorder. Only obtainable through absolutelute means of jailbreaking.
(5 years ago)
What's a nerf?
Dook Play (5 years ago)
que merda no like pra esse finho da putaque idiota quem gosto disso e finho da puta tabem
AN Rivera (5 years ago)
Woow K4 and lovesick has been playin alot bcuz even now they play anyway its chazamy mage lv 22 server bigmama lanos ofcourse %)
Raikudou Brown (6 years ago)
HHII NEPTUNE / or are you IIV?
dash9231 (6 years ago)
Mahealani Remos (6 years ago)
How can you join??
Aaron Wasik (6 years ago)
Everytime I watch your vids ur a lvl higher congrats.
Adtess Minachi (6 years ago)
Aww i Siras, Caligo server, Adtess is mah name! GREAT VID! :D
MdgVids (6 years ago)
Trading runescape gold for TWOM gold, 1m for 1m. Pm me if interested!
EmeryD01 (6 years ago)
Nice video! Your great lol I'm only lvl 19.. And don't forget, LANOS RULES! haha
frame Strider (6 years ago)
Nice vid what music name? :)
Iassc Mizrahi (6 years ago)
r you ranger that the guy that wants tips to lv up what r you warr ranger or mage??
half (6 years ago)
Oric from Bigmama server says hai ! :D
Hans Dy (6 years ago)
any training tips on how to level fast??
sereguncha IMO (6 years ago)
Tina Le (6 years ago)
This is cool. But, my place doesn't look like that. But, nice fighting!
Bradley Scott (6 years ago)
U r badass at this game bro I am only lev 13!:)
Misaki Ryunn (6 years ago)
@Random dude this server is BIGMAMA
Benji Boomin (6 years ago)
Lanos suck ass
YuriFanboyy (6 years ago)
Can't wait till I'm strong enough to fight here.
FruitPixels (6 years ago)
Karin Maaka (6 years ago)
siras r better
AngelThief (6 years ago)
Anyone know what server this is?
AngelThief (6 years ago)
@missrick555 fu for being a nub. Lanos rapes ^~^
DarkRagingNightmare (6 years ago)
Hahaha Lanos Won
eggmancorp (6 years ago)
Boo! Lanos suck!! xP
Cheo (7 years ago)
Bigmomma server for sure I saw some of my siras friends there... I'm 32 warr siras :)
Chun (7 years ago)
@NeptuneEatsDinosaur Whaaaaa Whats ur name now :3
NeptuneEatsDinosaur (7 years ago)
@Robocool1229 I don't play my mage as much anymore since they nerfed it T T
Chun (7 years ago)
Dear Neptune u dont play anymore?D:
XDYLANHX (7 years ago)
How do u record ur videos? I have been trying to figure out how to record the screen but no one gives very good instructions on it
Chun (7 years ago)
Neppp post more ._.

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