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Penn & Teller: Off the Deep End

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Penn & Teller: Off the Deep End is a two-hour special that premiered on NBC on November 13, 2005. It featured magicians Penn & Teller performing a variety of illusions in various locations around the Caribbean, most of which were done underwater or involved marine animals. It also featured a performance by musician Aaron Carter.
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Text Comments (143)
Imna Nungsang (14 days ago)
Q is how tey cud earnd so much
HiNd. RoSe (5 months ago)
Penn and Teller are the best magician in the world
Toboter XP (9 months ago)
The sub probably just drove away. It can't go down cause sand, it can't go sideways cause people, so it has to go up, and it didn't use helicopters, cause those things are damn expensive!
tom allen (10 months ago)
What's cool is that my wife and I actually went down in that submarine as part of a excursion when we were on a cruise a few years back. It was absolutely cool and worth the money for the experience!
MyBigThing2010 (1 year ago)
Every helicopter and submarine comment below are the exact people they went after. Penn and Teller were trolling before it had a name. You're all dumb as fuck. Lmao
David Silverman (1 year ago)
Nova, just habit, but your question is somewhat rude.
Nova Fawks (1 year ago)
that's the narrator from Ka-Blam!!
David Silverman (1 year ago)
I've been a devoted fan for more than 30 years and have been to your show in Las Vegas at least six times. I told you all that so, perhaps, you will take my criticism seriously. The added dramatic music is really shitty, annoying and distracting. I know this show was 12 years ago but I've been living overseas for many years and didn't happen to see it. Sincerely, Dave Silverman Formerly from L.A. Now in Antalya, Turkey [email protected]
MyBigThing2010 (1 year ago)
Best trick here is to give out your personal info online in such an incredibly stupid way that you trick criminals into thinking you are a complete retard and probably have nothing worth stealing so they don't even try. (How some people ACTUALLY survive is beyond me. Smfh.
Nova Fawks (1 year ago)
why must you give your email? are you asking for a business proposition from someone?
myster. E Jones (1 year ago)
This is a twenty minute show squeezed into two hours. Get the Fast Forwarding finger ready! ☺
Lil Jack (2 years ago)
Personally I held my breath for the entire trick
Lil Jack (2 years ago)
the ending shot is cgi
The Shrekspert (2 years ago)
so did Penn and Teller actually buy a submarine? if so, do they still have it, or did they sell it?
Jonathon Chambers (3 years ago)
1:39:11 Looks like 770pratik is on his way to prison with a $250,000 fine. Don't drop the soap!
Ha-Y-N King Boss (3 years ago)
A CH-47 can't lift that sub.
Ha-Y-N King Boss (3 years ago)
I know. Lol
Aleksej Minkin (3 years ago)
Trick with Zeke Zebrowski is done with a bunch of fishing lures-he actually has many on different parts of his body. E.g. if she choses the yellow one he turns around and then takes his shirt off(and shows yellow one on his back), if she choses the one she chose he shows her his stomach, if she choses a third one he shows her left leg, etc. At least that's how I think it is done.
Cary Groneveldt (3 years ago)
Wonderful, wonderful show I missed when it was first on. Thanks for putting this on YouTube!
J Thomas (3 years ago)
“If you could read, you would be impressed!” :'D
J Thomas (3 years ago)
Narrator sounds so much like Spottswoode from Team America.
Andrew (2 years ago)
Thats Daran Norris. Not sure who the announcer for this is.
CRAZYRIPPS (3 years ago)
Pretty sure it's him
JN gaming and more (3 years ago)
that ending dude lol
Silver Mirai (4 years ago)
I guessed right, I don't know why for some reason I was thinking of one helicopter, of course it has to be at least 3
MrOneofthousands1994 (4 years ago)
The shot at the end is CGI.
Nova Fawks (1 year ago)
but, he's right. explain otherwise, then, if he's not. your credibility wont be taken seriously unless you actually explain why you think so... I'm pretty sure its helicopters or some sort of crane, but still. dont say something like that without detail
MrOneofthousands1994 u use CGI like u know what it means but clearly not
Grimm Kiler (4 years ago)
My bet is it will be pickup by a crane
barkon (4 years ago)
Funny. I watched this on TV back in '05. All I remember is the blow-off of the sub trick
Reaver4k (5 years ago)
If you look closely, can the water breaking as its being lifted out of the water
themagicianofcards (5 years ago)
Awesome! I figured out the submarine trick before they revealed it! You can hear the helicopters in the background!
Corncob Johnson real (7 months ago)
themagicianofcards after four long years, I must know if you're kidding
Lemmy Kilturtle (5 years ago)
The sub actually weighs about 20 tons. Still don't know if they actually used helicopters but hey, it was a great show and a cool trick :)
VII (5 years ago)
So in 2005 this Aaron Carter guy was Relevant? How come I've never heard of him? Actually i'm glad he has the most whiney annoying voice I've ever heard.
dingoProductionsuk (5 years ago)
biebers already a washed up drugy
OMBIC (5 years ago)
epic, I love underwater stuffs :)
Icepick L (5 years ago)
That ending looked like a movie.
DrWhoTorchwood3 (5 years ago)
Really? How? o_O
xXMisterDangerousXx (5 years ago)
this would have been cool minus aaron carter
javijflow (5 years ago)
another one will arise.
kurt ciangura (5 years ago)
penn and teller, taking rolling in the deep to a whole new level
Meng Hao (5 years ago)
Finding a helicopter that could lift 80 tons worth of submarine would be a magic trick in and of itself. Everybody complaining about the shitty CGI are kind of missing the joke, I think. They revealed every trick performed for the home audience. All misdirection so they could play the last one on us. Like they were going to spend the money on cgi. Or did they actually use helicopters and then made them look cgi? There was that helicopter sound. If they added that. Either way it would be genius.
Stormfox (5 years ago)
thanks for the upload!
Filip Zachrisson (5 years ago)
"If you could read! You would have been impressed!" rofl
kapytanhook (5 years ago)
Sounded like the compressors to me at the time and possibly for the divers too.
rangermauve (5 years ago)
That singing was the worst thing I've heard in years.
Xomsabre (5 years ago)
Anyone else hear the helicopters at 1:24:51? I rather wish I hadn't....it made the trick REALLY obvious, lol.
Xomsabre (5 years ago)
God...he just wouldn't shut up...I wanted to pierce my ear drums so I wouldn't have to hear that horrid voice anymore >.<
Xomsabre (5 years ago)
Isn't he that dumb kid that stood in the shadow of his brother who was in some famous boy band in the '90s?....
Scapegoat (5 years ago)
so how did they make the sub disappear?? that helicopter scene was faker than your girlfriend's orgasms
branak belledar (5 years ago)
an hour in and I still wonder if they will do some submarine trick....????? guess I'm not used to this kinda tv show O_o
twrkjrk (5 years ago)
49:48 omg i found that so funny
Snoop Dog (5 years ago)
I don't know but i want candy
supadox (5 years ago)
drop acid.
Colonel Angus (5 years ago)
Aaron Carter jokes. I need this in my life
Shineymcshine79 (5 years ago)
That was Howard Carter, I think.
Op Cuber (5 years ago)
lol i could tell who had the bill too. its simple if you know how to figure it out
Terence (5 years ago)
We like to find some bunk, and de it. LOL
Mohammad Habib (5 years ago)
lmaooooooo penn speaking to fishes "pick a card"
Michael Fulton (5 years ago)
I wonder how many suits they ruined doing this...
ZeroZmm (5 years ago)
Is it bad that I find some of the girls hot~ I mean it was 8 years ago..they're prolly older than me already~
Paco (5 years ago)
They should've done it in the open ocean.
Paco (5 years ago)
ok (5 years ago)
Arron carter did NOT fit that.
ok (5 years ago)
Arron carter is terrible at singing....
Wermhats Wormhat (5 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's amazingly funny! You should be on TV instead of these guys because that is the best joke I've ever heard ever! LOL!
kyubiultima5 (5 years ago)
he is what bieber will become
MaQuGo119 (5 years ago)
You don´t say.
1SaG (5 years ago)
Sounds like Troy McClure narrating... :)
Tard (5 years ago)
They lied about the weight. Look up the subs, they run 20-30 tons.
FLOCHO MOCHO (5 years ago)
SPOILERS: The submarine could never have been lifted into the air by three helicopters. Its weight is 80 tons while the strongest helicopter in the world (MI-26) can only lift 20 tons.
DJ7223 (5 years ago)
I disagree with the name. Saying that they've gone off the deep end implies that they were once actually sane. lol
Tadd Melson (5 years ago)
kid from the 90s who wanted candy, beat shaq for it, then threw a party.
the Truth is Beautiful (5 years ago)
If this is true I would have to agree with your assessment. Deserves more research
t1oxETy (5 years ago)
clearly you are still blinded by media -_- its ignorance like this that is ruining what sharks really are. your more safe around a school of sharks than you are in a car.
BarrackObamarama (5 years ago)
What are you talking about. They're insanely dangerous animals. As are most wild animals. Worse still sharks like to give investigative bites, having no arms or hands to feel things out. A qualitative bite can mean the loss of a limb. Do not underestimate these 1000lb+ sack of muscles that also functions as a tooth factory. Beautiful but dangerous and curious.
TheBillykhan (5 years ago)
39:28 Is that Rick Ross? O.o
Katalyzt (5 years ago)
Cool ★★★★★
nicholas sawh (5 years ago)
This is one of the best magic specials ever
t1oxETy (5 years ago)
still not all that dangerous in reality, as long as teller doesn't act like a seal hes fine :P
t1oxETy (5 years ago)
the one with teller in the box with the sharks was lame, the sharks are more afraid than anything and dont eat people in the first place...
staphinfection (5 years ago)
1:07:30 legitimately scared the crap out of me.
staphinfection (5 years ago)
1:05:30 jee, good thing that lighthouse has 2 pools, just in case one of them breaks you know.....
Josh Thomas (6 years ago)
best part was teller going down the water slide.
Yeah I'm not their biggest fan, but this is probably one of their best specials.
StonedAge Gamer (6 years ago)
1:39:12 yeah stick it to the man lol
CompleteGaming (6 years ago)
a fucking shit singer :L
tropemaster (6 years ago)
CGI helicopters to the rescue!
RCPlanes59 (6 years ago)
Tom Mittelmeijer (6 years ago)
I love these guys, they're both nuts and awesome.
FreeKnowledge98 (6 years ago)
They should have sawed Arron Carter in half.. for real.
communistjesus (6 years ago)
Oh and it will cost you less than a BUCK.. Plus, you do not have to worry about feeding nor taking care of it AT ALL..
communistjesus (6 years ago)
I want a Dolphin now. :C <<<== Easy, Go to the Supermarket and just buy a can of "TUNA".. and TADAAAAAAAAAA you have a CANNED DOLPHIN.. Sure, it's a CANNED DOLPHIN, but a DOLPHIN NONE THE LESS.. :O)
SimulantSlumber (6 years ago)
Attachment angles of those tow cables would mean they had to enter from the sides of that bubble curtain or the choppers would be on top of one another - plus rotor wash from that would be crazy, you'd definitely know from below that happened, and from the overflight you'd be able to see it. Mostly though, it's just not good CG. My personal opinion is that they sank the sub by blowing bubbles through the sand to cause it to liquefy. The sub's rated pressure should take it.
Patrick Tran (6 years ago)
*closed my eyes. *heard the chopper noise. fuck :/
Jeff Cockmann (6 years ago)
the choppers at the end were terrible CGI
Jeff Cockmann (6 years ago)
this is great, fuck you david copperfield
Stephen Vaughn (6 years ago)
Who the fuck is Aaron Carter again?
Alexa Marie (6 years ago)
Is it just me...or does the woman at 47:05 look like Penn's wife?
DJ LeNERD (6 years ago)
always amazing !
Nexim VI (6 years ago)
press (show the comment) for a rage adventure :)
Pasha (6 years ago)
Michael Chrosniak (6 years ago)
Cut air hose? Sawed in half underwater?? Sounds suspiciously similar to a scene from the Penn & Teller movie...
Whoc ares (6 years ago)
1 hour 39 minutes and 32 seconds of awesome!
iMiddNight (6 years ago)
P..pick a card.. P..p..pick a card.
jerik banzam (6 years ago)
aaron carter should do it without air support
starwind (6 years ago)
teller didnt jump in the water properly lol.
jockslap (6 years ago)
But can you recover live?

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