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DYNAMO and the mysteries of levitation in Rio De Janeiro Music by Zikweb - Not too quiet www.maiuscolo.altervista.org/blog Visit the BLOG for other illusions revealed! No copyright infringement is intended.
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Typical Gamer (9 months ago)
my guess is he is using a platform that is hidden by the people next to him and all the people that are right next to him are stooges of course but the people a little bit lower are not he stands so that his one foot is barely on the platform so it cant be seen he is not using helicopter becuase it would be seen and heard
d store (2 years ago)
but in amateur video his still fly
timegoesby12 (2 years ago)
Ehy guys could you please put your theories in practice otherwise all your work lose credibility
Blejo (2 years ago)
on picture where is guz with bazil flag that hapend like 6 years but they record that later. Sorry for bad English
S cell (2 years ago)
If all these people are involved then one of them would of talked by now? Also he performs tricks on famous people who are fans of his and have no reason to be in on it and are trying to figure it out too. And he does live shows across the world where he pulls people from the crowd and it is a fact that some of them are not involved in it. Because a dude i know said a work colleague got randomly called up at a show and she was a sceptic. By the end of the trick she was truly baffled so how do you explain these things?
Manuqtix Manuqtix (2 years ago)
now you can solve any crime like the FBI
Skydrano (2 years ago)
I think I know the trick but in French : Si on regarde bien la vidéo amateur, la statue à Rio est beaucoup plus grande que la statue dans la vidéo officielle... Si on regarde à la minute 2:02, on voit que dans le pantalon de Dynamo il y a deux cordes qui le maintiennent et ces deux cordes sont reliées aux bras de la statue... Ensuite avec un logiciel de montage, on a remplacé la statue par une autre, plus petite... Juste pour faire croire que le secret du tour se trouve au niveau du sol et non au niveau de la statue!
Fereydoon Shekofte (2 years ago)
if there were many people taking photographs we must find lots of that images published on web ? but nothing ?
calum mcgowan (3 years ago)
it's a little stand in his right foot wich is in his shoes
Lolo 06 (3 years ago)
I want to know how he floats not the people disappearing
Saulo salles leite (3 years ago)
kkkkk and????
Nana Duran (3 years ago)
What the name of the song or beat
Tony Smith (3 years ago)
What a pointless post.
Manuel Mazzucchelli (3 years ago)
Ma nel video originale e nell'amatoriale Dynamo ha dietro due cose diverse
Manuel Mazzucchelli (2 years ago)
è normale? XD
Apsilon Sokram (3 years ago)
Computer effect, that's all, bye
frank desjardins (4 years ago)
its a illusion no matter if real or not he is truly amazing and really good if you dont like magic don't watch its that simple 
LoveMe LoveMe (4 years ago)
y como lo hace? no decis nada... El cristo redentor siempre esta lleno de turistas no puede ser cerrado para poner extras
Jim Wu (4 years ago)
It's like shooting movies with continuity problems all the time.
Daniel Portela (4 years ago)
mi pulgar hacia abajo
Giovani Hebert (4 years ago)
Please, what song is this?
Pranav Raj Sharma (4 years ago)
if dynamo dont fly so it was A trick of editting software so we can say that video was also eddited
Onderod (5 years ago)
Il tuo inglese fa cagare...
Magi Karl (5 years ago)
ok! so...how he do that?no reponse. Dynamo is the best
Greg Middleton (5 years ago)
What a rubbish explanation! You tell us nothing? You dont explain anything? You dont even guess how he levitates? You just tell us some people dont have their phones on and that a lady in pink is removed. I feel like a wasted 5 minutes of my life.
igor lopes (5 years ago)
há muita coisa editada por câmera qndo ele andou pelas paredes havia cordas q foram apagadas por efeitos de computação e todos ali eram atores,acho q quando ele troca coisas de lugar também é câmera q ele é bom é talvez o melhor da atualidade mas tem fraudes de produção por traz dos truques.
billyblackburn87 (5 years ago)
he levitated using the ancient power of ki. You guys are so closed minded.
billyblackburn87 (3 years ago)
+Robert Burns Huh?
Robert Burns (3 years ago)
+billyblackburn87 The power of illusion is older than "ki". Let that open your mind.
Robert Burns (3 years ago)
+billyblackburn87 The power of illusion is older than "ki". Let that open your mind.
Nihal Nair (5 years ago)
The people are also hiding dynamo 's left leg . So he could be standing on a platform with balance because the caretakes won't allow any crane to carry him. But if the people are strange and acting, then, there will be a crane to lift him up. Or my guess would be the camera took shots before the people even on the camera . Sometimes they might not be actors. Dynamo might have a jetpack on his shoe and jacket
YeahNo (5 years ago)
Non capisco perché fate video in inglese se non lo conoscete nemmeno... spiegatemi alcune frasi che non riesco assolutamente ad intendere
Ben Cole (5 years ago)
so gay like cameras aren't on there r som dumb people in the world today
Brett Slater (5 years ago)
Boo hoo you must feel ripped off if you need to figure it out its call magic not a miracle. PS He is not the first person to come up with this trick?
da man (5 years ago)
its much cheaper to hire actors in brazil too...lol
frankozzie1 (5 years ago)
you are a mong! what the hell was that all about. so people are there then not. people do move around and the shots are taken from different angles. unimpressed. the mystery is why you spent so much time compiling this video to prove absolute jack!
Korné Bouma (5 years ago)
you have good eyes thx
contedoryan (5 years ago)
siete dei cattivi cattivi cattivi, non si spiegano i giochini di prestigio, cattivi! che poi alcuni capisco vanno spiegati ma ce ne sono alcuni che fanno ridere per quanto sono ovvi, e nonostante questo esistono soggetti che si offendono, mettono il broncio.. dynamo mi sembra un simpatico ragazzo e come è sempre successo anche se tutto il mondo conosce il trucco non importa: la gente si diverte lo stesso, se la sai divertire.
Non immaginiamo la tua sorpresa quando scoprirai che i problemi veri sono altri. Saluti da Maiuscolo.Altervista
vesciuz93 (5 years ago)
Non credo sia corretto quello che fai. Dynamo è un grande illusionista e non credo sia corretto nei suoi confronti svelare questi segreti... se poi lo fai x soldi ancora meno.
Minh Tran (5 years ago)
Can you reveal how dynamo freeze the water fountain ? :(
Ciao Giuseppe , non ti preoccupare ... è tanto rumore per nulla. Saluti da Maiuscolo.Altervista.
Giuseppe L. (5 years ago)
Secondo me non è stato "sputtanato" niente, si sa che sono trucchi, e comunque anche se fosse stata rivelata qualcosa il fascino del trucco rimane lo stesso anzi ci si chiede come riesce a farlo e si è incuriositi ancora di più dalla sua bravura! "Fate schifo" "patetici" "maghi falliti" e che cos'è! esagerato! ;)
Le opinioni le rispettiamo , gli insulti meno. Quando dici PATETICO - FAI SCHIFO riteniamo che si vada un po' oltre. Saluti da Maiuscolo.Altervista
Justin Payne (5 years ago)
the Samsung c270 is wrong as the logo is in the wrong place on the flip cover
VipexTV (5 years ago)
Ma vai a cacare
incursore61 (5 years ago)
I maghi falliti sono quelli che non vogliono siano svelati i loro trucchi....
Ciao giu , tutti i nostri video li trovi in italiano sul blog. Saluti da Maiuscolo.Altervista
Ciao Matt Birger , ti ringraziamo per il commento , ma non condividiamo ne gli insulti a noi rivolti ne il tuo giudizio sui nostri video. Saluti da Maiuscolo.Altervista.
giu susin (5 years ago)
puoi scrivere in ita
BMo BreakAll (5 years ago)
LoooooooooooooooooooooooL Idiot !
ElKindder RD (5 years ago)
😏 Tu Nunca Vas A LleGar Donde Yo Eh LleGadO 😏 😒 Tu No Entiendes (MMG) Att. El Boyzz 😏 😤 El No Entiende Que Soy Property'D La Barbiie 💓 ** Capishh Fuck 💪
Chris Moffatt (5 years ago)
Spoiler: A crane, and a lot of paid stooges. The end.
Matteo Avesani (5 years ago)
Al min 3:02 non dovrebbe essere "There aren't people" o "There is no one"? Bel video comunque
Neukrotim (5 years ago)
Can you reveal this, please? facebook.com/photo.php?v=144207929120715&set=vb.53041065712&type=2&theater
DoDuo (5 years ago)
ma se seiitaliano perche scrivi in inglese?
Gelo23HD (5 years ago)
5th ;)
Faruk Mehmedagić (5 years ago)
1st comennt, wiew and dislike :-P
Le bohèmien (5 years ago)
3rd like n3rd fadafaka
ManuKSI (5 years ago)
Faruk Mehmedagić (5 years ago)

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