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Patrice O'Neal on O&A #54 - Slave Girl

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(4/6/2007) 0:00 God/Hubris/Poison Frogs in Australia (23:15 Ant sums it up,) Sanjaya 33:27 Blacks & Whites in the News, Passion of the Christ, Football 50:20 Blacks & Whites Continued, Antarctic Worker Calls in 1:31:50 Henry Rollins in Studio 1:54:06 Middle Eastern Currency, Bestiality Documentary 2:06:06 Louis CK in Studio: Runover to XM, Bestiality Continued 2:41:50 Interviewing Finger Eleven/MMORPGs 3:01:44 Francine in Studio: Setting Up Slave Girl/News 3:36:08 Playing Slave Girl 3:50:30 Louis CK Hosts Courtesy of FatManRedemption
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Floyd Harrison (5 days ago)
This is the one episode ive never watched all the way. a black girl pretending to be a slave while patrice watches. I can only hope Patrice embarressed everybody in the room with one of his philosophical beatings.
Think Man (13 days ago)
A hundred thousand jilbil johbs!
The One True King (2 months ago)
2:12:00 ish. Chicken.. fucked.
Silverfang63 (3 months ago)
They’re joking and laughing and being funny... and then here comes Opie with “slave girl”...
Nick Murphy (3 months ago)
God damn Opie is useless
Jungle Apogee (4 months ago)
as a black man can't listen to this episode I like patrice o Neal but this show pusses me off.
Floyd Harrison (5 days ago)
lmao. so this is perfectly fine with you guys. I know your white but you have to understand this isnt pleasant for me to listen to.
Kris Nelson (25 days ago)
Don't listen to it 'as a black man' listen to it as a person
Exodus (2 months ago)
bigmammaprod on twitter (4 months ago)
Jonathon Forbes (4 months ago)
32:34 the ruining of potentially one of the greatest segments ever
Vern Acular (4 months ago)
Stew Beefs (4 months ago)
Patrice laugh makes me laugh out loud Everytime
variansv (5 months ago)
"Give me a thousand dollars" and Patrices' laugh omg my sides hurt
The Slim Duffy Show (5 months ago)
Great show, hilarious stuff, then they all sit down and listen to Finger Eleven? Must've been Opie's choice.
RUDYRAYYYMO (6 months ago)
Ant was a racist homo, he must have caught one of his ugly white bitches taking dick from a black dude. I bet he has nothing to day about white terrorist mass shootings
Slavic Havoc (6 months ago)
2:49 Sitting around fucking a dog lmao Fucking a dog named pixel? How did you miss that chance Patrice
faisal (6 months ago)
Opie saw shites in Istanbul at 1:38:08, lol, Turkey is a hugely majority sunni country the word he was looking for is muslim. I guess he threw shites in just to look cool to the guy who actually went to Iran, an actual shite majority country. lol
Jobin McGooch (7 months ago)
Clearly opie knows nothing about Newton
Michael Mitchell (7 months ago)
God opie is fucking dumb. This is exactly why he doesn't go on any political shows or red eye cause he will be exposed for what a fucking idiot he really is.
Mc Panik (8 months ago)
Henry Rollins is not smart in any way!
variansv (7 months ago)
He's a self important ass
(4/6/2007) 0:00 God/Hubris/Poison Frogs in Australia (23:15 Ant sums it up,) Sanjaya 33:27 Blacks & Whites in the News, Passion of the Christ, Football 50:20 Blacks & Whites Continued, Antarctic Worker Calls in 1:31:50 Henry Rollins in Studio 1:54:06 Middle Eastern Currency, Bestiality Documentary 2:06:06 Louis CK in Studio: Runover to XM, Bestiality Continued 2:41:50 Interviewing Finger Eleven/MMORPGs 3:01:44 Francine in Studio: Setting Up Slave Girl/News 3:36:08 Playing Slave Girl 3:50:30 Louis CK Hosts
(0:41-1:31, 1:43-2:08, 2:24-2:31, 2:50-3:34), 0:04-0:05, 0:22-0:32, 2:17-2:18
Nobe616 (8 months ago)
That slave girl but was too funny and at the same time I'm sure if it was done in today day it would be shut down by social justice mob
Alex Stoll (8 months ago)
Nothing better than listening to the heavy titted autistic blame the very same callers he brings in at awkward or outright awful times for ruining the flow of the show...
Skerdi (9 months ago)
12:22 Hold on! Let me interrupt the conversation real quick by bringing in a caller and then interrupting said caller. It makes me genuinely happy to see him try to get back into radio and realize he is failing miserably because he doesn't have talent around him to cover up his awfulness.
Victor Cotto (9 months ago)
3:42:57... laughing so hard!!!
Cory Brennan (11 months ago)
Could you imagine them playing slave girl in 2018?? 😂😂😂
Clay Parker (11 months ago)
The black and white news skit is so damn funny! Fuck that's good.
Saintz McDouble (11 months ago)
Opie is annoying sometimes but that mofo is funny as well lol
ne no (9 months ago)
he's doing his tang..he's the opster
Gloth Sang (11 months ago)
Patrice is a loudmouth who acts like he knows everything. Rollins is a reserved guy who doesnt claim to know an ounce more than he does. What a comparison.
Csquared (11 months ago)
Lol slave girl is so fucking awful in the funniest way possible.
Daniel 1 (11 months ago)
"I want to blow a guy who has aids so I can get it and give it to a deer" jesus, Louis is such an annoying, unfunny hack 99% of the time. His stand up is ok, but in a regular conversation he can be such an unbearable little attention whore that uses "cringe humor" as an obvious crutch, not as often as Norton, but still pretty frequently.
TheBarroomHero321 (1 year ago)
3:43:38 Honestly, probably one of my top 10 show moments. Goddamn, I miss this stuff.
Ahmad Hosny (1 year ago)
Patrice notices every tiny detail about how the news demonizes black people... yet he becomes a Midwestern white concerned citizen housewife if he reads a bad story about an Arab or Asian lol
Grant Morgan (4 months ago)
everyone is racist
Lou Salvador (5 months ago)
He was openly racist lol the hypocrisy wasn’t an accident
Mm Mmm (8 months ago)
Yea, 1 of his shortcomings..
DjRawd0g (8 months ago)
Except the news doesn't demonize blacks, it actually covers for atrocious crimes. But boy do they sure shove it in your face non stop when a white guy finally does something to a black person.
ne no (9 months ago)
it was a different time back then..hating Arabs was hip ..
41marinemaddogmiller (1 year ago)
"There's a black person over there." "WHAT!"
Mike (1 year ago)
holy shit this bit with that chick Francine was hilarious!
Csquared (1 year ago)
God the 'BLACKS and whites' bit is the funniest shit they ever did.
Csquared (1 year ago)
Or maybe there is not a magical eternal, infinitely paradoxical being existing in some meta-physical realm that created the universe.
FRANKO THE GIANT (1 year ago)
2:16 Louie gets the idea for PETS
FRANKO THE GIANT (1 year ago)
Rename this episode Zoophilia.
Lloyd Christmas (1 year ago)
This fucking goddamn chicken audio is played everrryyyy fuckinggg time patrice is in. Thanks anthony. & really appreciate setting it up exaccttlyyy theee sammmeee wayyy every fucking time. Original.
I C (1 year ago)
Going to the first break on the car crash was great radio
SleggarLaw (1 year ago)
"oh no masa i didint mean to blow the field nigga" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Mark McColl (1 year ago)
The whole "slave girl" bit was fucking hilarious, I mean it's been years since I laughed this much.
Adam G (1 year ago)
Pandas are not marsupials louie. Tisk tisk
Blood0cean (9 months ago)
1:54:06 3:08:10
L. S. (1 year ago)
Opie: He Gone!!
Justin Lee (1 year ago)
1:00:24 1:18:33 1:27:29 2:36:32 3:18:47 3:41:08 3:45:18 3:54:33
Michael Bassett (2 years ago)
Ok Henry we get it, you don't want to say anything bad about Iran/Tehran.
Cato Meowgarius (3 months ago)
Right? Like the middle east family that hosted them was gonna go "You americans are soooo irgnorant and a sinful piece of trash infidel. Can you pass the hamas?"
Adam G (2 years ago)
Oh Jesus I hate the chicken fucker audio soo much and opie loves it soo much. kill me
Deep Radicles (2 years ago)
Frog broad with telescope hand. Lol.
Arjun Raj (2 years ago)
"Not a person listening to this show that can pronounce the name of leader of Iran" - opie "E MA NINAL HUH" - Patrice XD "ProNounce it correctly" - opie *Silently* "EBUL" - Patrice Lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣
Arjun Raj (2 years ago)
Arjun Raj (2 years ago)
1:54:06 funniest thing ever said XD
GioGimic (2 years ago)
Opie = douche chills
GioGimic (2 years ago)
" Hold on hold on". "Right right " " that is bit ughhhh"
Matt Ehrlich (2 years ago)
Opie to the guy in Antarctica "so what's your actual job down there, you push a button or two?" You mean like what you do opie?
Max Titus (1 month ago)
Matt Ehrlich Lol, Opie goes to a bar and talks with his boys for a living
craig brown (2 years ago)
3:21:49 LOO "man give me a $1000" OMG LOL
Don J (2 years ago)
BLACKS!! and Whites @33:27 & @1:02:25
Dominic Iervasi (2 years ago)
opie is proof that you don't need talent to get by.
K Dworak (1 month ago)
@Vick Donalds How can your retarded ass listen to 3-4 whites and Patrice if you feel like that?
Stefan Thompson (1 month ago)
Vick Donalds if only that were the case
CatnamedMittens (8 months ago)
Its called failing upwards.
Vick Donalds (9 months ago)
Dominic Iervasi (white guys) don’t need talent to get by
NevereveN (2 years ago)
33:25 funniest Bit ever !
Jerome Garcia (2 years ago)
3:37:14 the waning days of slavery last massah still taking advantage the Yankee army's down the road
Jack Scullin (2 years ago)
craig brown (2 years ago)
3:47:25 LOL
Danny P (2 years ago)
Opie is really stupid. It's depressing to hear how much Patrice believes in god. Also, these god breaks are depressing.
Miguel Hernandez (9 months ago)
Fuck off back to Reddit, soyboy.
FearlessP4P1 (2 years ago)
"I'm not saying you're wrong or I'm right" you kinda are. "but at least I've spent time researching and reading everything and have convinced myself there's a God," what research could you have possibly done to prove to you that god exist? "but most atheists, are just following the trend and think believe anything else makes them look "uncool" and "backwards"" those arent athiest those are hipsters and youre making very broad statements. at least genuine athiest refuse to believe what theyre told from a book thats thousands of years old, written in a time when humans believed the earth was flat and that god was mad at them when bad weather happened.
FearlessP4P1 (2 years ago)
@Mr A "they just assume evolution happened but haven't look at both sides of an argument vis a vis for and against intelligent design" are you serious? we know that evolution happened because we have fossil records that show the stages of human evolution. where have you been living to even say something like that? whats the other side that disproves the human evolution? the bible says that humans were created on the fifth day well on what day did god create dinosaurs and our ancestors? also if our design was intelligent then its a horrible design by a not so intelligent person.
FearlessP4P1 (2 years ago)
@Mr A "they haven't really contemplated the universe or read up on how everything works" that is totally wrong. aithiest always talk about topics that disprove god. usually with contridictions within the bible.in fact, thats why theyre athiest because they think outside of the box instead of just believing what theyre told without evidense. with that said believers of faith usually do what you claim athiest do. believers of faith will ignorantly say things like "noone can explain why the sea has waves its just gods will that gives the sea waves" well athiest know that the gravitational pull from the moon causes the waves instead of just simply saying its gods will.
FearlessP4P1 (2 years ago)
Mr. A newton probably believed in god because he was a scientist and a deep thinker. Back then if you didn't believe in god you could have been killed. Especially if you were a scientist.
mike johnson (2 years ago)
Bahh-Lacks vs whiiiiiites. Is hysterical and awful at that same time.
Antony Drossos (2 years ago)
The best comedy always points out the harsh truths, which is what made Patrice so great
Shahin Armaki (3 years ago)
Shahin Armaki (3 years ago)
+Shahin Armaki 317
Viktor V. (3 years ago)
Henry Rollins talking about condition of women in Iran, a couple of hours later, Slave Girl in studio. :)
Nimo Marceau (3 years ago)
Man, that white v.s. BLAAACKS gig was great !! :D
Keith Crockett (2 months ago)
Nimo Marceau I couldn’t stop laughing 😂
Chris Blanco (3 years ago)
1:21:14 Antarctica phone caller.
Antony Drossos (2 years ago)
That caller reminded me of life in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The same shit, severe shortage of women but no shortage of racist pricks
Chris Blanco (3 years ago)
1:18:55 ..."If there was a Nigerian pub that was open, would you go there?!" Hahaha
Shaia pouf (3 years ago)
Angry Dwarf (3 years ago)
Who is disliking these? Lol fawkin trolls
Miss Fortune (10 months ago)
"fawkin"?!...really?!...sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are a fucking idiot...
ERIC_uzi (3 years ago)
ants impressions never fail. lmao
Charles Velez (3 years ago)
Long live Patrice
Sal Bazaz (3 years ago)
2:27:00 is that a dog? Is that a goat? Is that a girl?
Pany (3 years ago)
3:22:34 when opie says "we'll try the news again" as if the last 2 minutes weren't GOLD... just bad.
Metal Mayhem (2 years ago)
3:43:52 He does it again. "Lets try to get to the next line." while people are still laughing over that gold.
200% SMUG (3 years ago)
Listening to Opie talk about Newton just gave me brain cancer.
Alex Stoll (2 years ago)
It was fucking painful.
Thizzelle (2 years ago)
oh my god it's amazing how stupid middle aged people are
A RITE AID (3 years ago)
+barahng Yes, same. He's a buffoon.
MIngalls (3 years ago)
+barahng i was just about to type something very similar. I was like what the fuck, did he just say that??
WIll S (3 years ago)
That Louie solo section at the end was fcuking hilarious.
Jeremiah Mirkovitz (3 years ago)
Converted, downloaded, uploaded on my android phone. Now I only hope that I fall asleep before francine comes into the studio.
jrreogreugerugregreger (3 years ago)
2:43:52 Yikes... Massive douche chills.
JohnTheGreat7822 (3 years ago)
" There's not a listener on this show that could pronounce the leader of Iran's name right" It's a pretty easy name to pronounce
Preston Brooks (5 months ago)
You guys showed them!
Nondescript (2 years ago)
Mak-moot Ah-muh-nah-muh-nah-di-muh-ni-di-jihad-duh-dahd Close enough
JohnTheGreat7822 (3 years ago)
+Angry Dwarf Exactly
Angry Dwarf (3 years ago)
Mock-mood Ah-muh-din-a-jahd. Easy to pronounce.
bernie b (3 years ago)
bernie b (3 years ago)
bernie b (3 years ago)
bernie b (3 years ago)
bernie b (3 years ago)
bernie b (3 years ago)
bernie b (3 years ago)
armoredup (4 years ago)
Francine who? Anyone know her last name?
Preston Brooks (5 months ago)
armoredup nope
11thWoods (4 years ago)
"Oh no massa I didn't mean to.. blow the field nigga.." LMAO 3:43:40
Jerimy Carroll (4 years ago)
@HolleyWood11 fucking classic
11thWoods (4 years ago)
"Crikey! Gotta beetle problem eh?" LMAO 23:15
Keepper (4 years ago)
I listen to these while playing WoW, then WoW comes up on the show...#deep
Uplifting Comments. (5 months ago)
Rip wow now.
Viktor V. (3 years ago)
+Keepper I was listening this while whipping my slave then Francine came in.
elias197859 (3 years ago)
@Keepper haha same here
Bob (4 years ago)
was slightly looking forward to hearing finer eleven perform. even though im not a fan. wish it wasnt cut out
CCRed95 (2 years ago)
it was gay
tapset47 (3 years ago)
thanks for your input
Jade Prout (4 years ago)
Thank you for editing out the music.  :D 
Csquared (11 months ago)
I think it's so it doesn't get pulled though.
Viktor V. (3 years ago)
+Jade Prout Yeah ! Because we're here to laugh, not wait for the song to be over to laugh.
3Way Entertainment (4 years ago)
"What about the dumbies who have strokes and cant talk any more? nothing to add?" - Patrice "I know something you don't know, I know something you don't know, I know a secret" - Robot Anthony Sad face.. tears... Illuminati!
3Way Entertainment (4 years ago)
Every time I hear opie scream I just think what a spoiled bitch.. especially about THE BIT! ITS A BIT! THATS THE BIT! just shut the fuck up already.
3Way Entertainment (3 years ago)
I agree greatly luke.
Cheese knees (3 years ago)
@Jerimy Carroll Jackass's bam?? Lol only bam I know of lol. He banger her pre-opie or he banged his wife?? Made me laugh, I'm in UK so never heard them live, only listened to Patrice's episodes (5th time round lol) Opie brings nothing to the show, should have been Patrice & ant show!! (Maybe jimmy, LOVE his comedy but he annoys the shit outta me when he try to be a radio host lol)
Jerimy Carroll (4 years ago)
@LunnyBear I wonder how whiny and cuntish he was when he found out about Bam fucking the shit out of his wife. every time I hear his voice, I think of how sick it makes him he's popping Bam's leftover skank.. and proud of that fucking mess.
LunnyBear (4 years ago)
Omfg I get so sick of him saying " IT'S A BIT"
yaziyo (4 years ago)
Louis is a great comic but I had to switch off when it was just him hosting. I did find it funny how right at the start he got a bit nervous and just started doing bits.
whatthehellimbored (4 years ago)
Louis C.K and his prolific mediocrity 
Tremendousaurus (4 years ago)
Opie is an insecure douche
421sup (4 years ago)
how does opie suck so fucking much at talking ?
swxxtz (2 years ago)
the fact that he made it this far is like a weird magic trick
Matthew Herzog (3 years ago)
@421sup HOLD ON!
Don Demarco (4 years ago)
patrice wouldve loved the shovel girl video
AgBully11 (4 years ago)
That blacks and whites in the news had me dying!!!! 33:27
Marcello Capone (2 years ago)
Same. Ant's a comedic genius!
11thWoods (5 years ago)
"Black ppl are born with a nickname, white ppl get one after they're 40 and have killed a number of ppl." LMAO LMAO
whatthehellimbored (5 years ago)
holy shit opie's fucking dumb
Jerimy Carroll (4 years ago)
@jake bell goddamn you fucked the pooch there >.<
jake bell (4 years ago)
he came up with this fucking bit dousche
iryanmay (5 years ago)
I love this show but when they start talking science/space/god ect. it drives me mad, they sound so stupid. 
Clay Parker (11 months ago)
Yeah because the original religious concepts aren't retarded at all!
Zdravko Perkovich (1 year ago)
They really are just retards with mics. But i love em/hate em.
200% SMUG (3 years ago)
+scrubjay93 The bees being a problem has nothing to do with human deaths. Its because the African bees outcompete and displace the indigenous European bee, which is a big problen because they are far less efficient in honey production and less effective pollinators.
scrubjay93 (4 years ago)
@Tzadeck I was wondering if he thought Opie and Anthony were nuts when they were talking about god and creation. (which they were)... And Anthony talking about the Africanized honey bees ("killer bees") and how "they never even got here." Well, they killed somebody recently in southern Utah where they are now found. Seems like they are always fact-checking on the show, but never when they are spouting drivel involving science, which leads their audience to believe what they are saying. I think at least Patrice is curious about a lot of things and then investigates to find out more. was. :(
3Way Entertainment (4 years ago)
@Tzadeck Its not dumb.. Its that he knows different concepts, he just hasn't studied them enough to articulate the idea's correctly. 
sdemcee619 (5 years ago)
Oh u mad cuz I'm stylin on u?!

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