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TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs One of the most common phobias on our planet is the fear of being buried alive, or taphophobia. Thank you "Kill Bill" and "Buried" for our nightmares. Although Uma Thurman was able to get out of the coffin, breaking it with a couple of strokes. But is it possible to do it in real life? Let's figure it out. So, what would happen if you are buried alive?
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Coffee Clutcher (6 hours ago)
I'm loving all the variations on the spelling of "buried" in the comments. It's not THAT hard!
A Random Person (11 hours ago)
Wow it must be away for zombies to get out
Chaotic-Fandoms trash (13 hours ago)
Mythbusters already did this
Martha Santoyo (15 hours ago)
in my town they put a cement all around the coffin and screw it together so this wont help
Logan Mcdonald (15 hours ago)
Your not going to have a phone if you get buried 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Kiddo Lin (16 hours ago)
What about trying to breathe out the air then in then out over and over again
a_ristic (19 hours ago)
Just stay there and die
Tryzyl Balmeo (1 day ago)
If you are buried alive and you were at the dirt and you have shovel is easy to escape, just dig dig dig just that
Sadel Watson (1 day ago)
Omg I just watched buried and oof😭😭😭🤦‍♀️
Gutaks (1 day ago)
Buried with phone? Nice
Armerry fan (1 day ago)
What will happen when you're buried alive? You will die
Yosh1 playz (1 day ago)
One word tetrotodoxin
kylever surio (1 day ago)
it is so scared 😖😖😖😣😣😣
hohwn sam (1 day ago)
Guys He stole The idea From Meet Arnold his the real genius
You copied MEET ARNOLD
Emily Sidor (1 day ago)
I wouldn't survive. I'm hella clastraphobic.
TheDinoKing12345 (1 day ago)
I have costraphobia! This is terrifying!
Fredys Molina (1 day ago)
1:24 XD
Neve'ah's World (1 day ago)
Nia.D33 (1 day ago)
yea na i seen people get buried your not fucking getting out its deep like taller than a person standing upright deep , like a ton of soil
Gfriend Universe (2 days ago)
Lily Cruz Did that
GAMERSAURUS REX (2 days ago)
But if u panic u get a adrenalin rush and u can bust your way out
Amaya19 Gymnast (2 days ago)
I’m even scared watching this
Gacha Fire (2 days ago)
Wait.....what if you can’t see through the shirt?
Salty Tea (2 days ago)
Esther Kihl (2 days ago)
I’m going to ask if i can get burned instead
Kubistonek (2 days ago)
Self care
Ntsoaki Motapanyane (2 days ago)
Every claustrophobic person's worst nightmare
Lucan O'Brien (3 days ago)
This is why I want to be turned to ash
Lewis Richardson (3 days ago)
I’m not being funny but for starters U don’t get buried with a phone and I lighter they search u before they Burris u and they make sure your dead befor doing that
Sebastian Nica (3 days ago)
why tf would you have a phone or other those stuff on your pocket?
The weak Commenter (4 days ago)
When theres no signal. *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
OOFER GANG (4 days ago)
I hope I don’t get buried alive and in America I think it’s exactly 2
henry mung valte (5 days ago)
Alex Desi (5 days ago)
He used the ending in Batman vs Superman
Shannon Borck (5 days ago)
Yea okay... I'll be sure to tie my shirt around my head to make me feel even more enclosed lolol
LollI _Playz (5 days ago)
Yeah! Cover your head with a shirt like a sag bag! You're not going to die by losing too much oxygen like a sag bag!
Mythic Gaming (5 days ago)
Why would you be buried with your phone?
Cronyth (6 days ago)
I would just go back to sleep and just die in my sleep
Ivan Perez (6 days ago)
Ivan Perez (6 days ago)
Doted Up (6 days ago)
People that are buried should have tube that connects to the surface for oxygen or a bell to ring to try to get someone attention
Fardowsa Abdalah (7 days ago)
I was here. 11!12!18
PointOut TheObvious (7 days ago)
watched the video first thing he says "if you have a smart phone" i just clicked away stuff you
Nicholas Corso (7 days ago)
You actually can't wake up it's impossible! Because when your body is prep to be in a coffin they inject a type of poison sorta it will completely kill you and you can not wake up in a coffin so don't worry!
Brittany Leigh (7 days ago)
And this is why I want to be cremated. I’d rather you make sure I’m dead then suffocate in a coffin.
Gäłäxy Kìtkät (7 days ago)
—o— why?
Brittany Leigh (7 days ago)
Apuia Chhangte (7 days ago)
I dont want to buried my mummy
Charlene Bekeer (7 days ago)
I am really scared
Abby Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Do “What if you were cremated alive” next!
tyson wallace (7 days ago)
Just thinking about this makes me anxious
Christian Ildefonzo (7 days ago)
this video will help nothing..
Barni Tube (8 days ago)
I’ll try
Little Puppy129 (8 days ago)
I'm scared 🙁
justin belt (8 days ago)
If u where buried alive.... Why would u have any of these?
Xudong Wang (8 days ago)
Ummmmmm this video says what HAPPENS when you are buried alive not how you can get out when you are buried alive
Rono Islam (8 days ago)
When you survive Buried Alive Undertaker Music Plays
Naphtali De wit (8 days ago)
Just keep beating that meat live a little!!!!
LaZy Lobster (8 days ago)
Who else felt like you were losing air while watching this
Naruto_boy 101 (8 days ago)
Noice I’ll never need this but noice
i am buried alive right now and i dont know what to do this video helped me a lot thanks
Nathan Chief (8 days ago)
Just in a coven and yell and somone heres you they shovle then opens then sees you with bage on your head gets scared hits in the head with shovel
Catfish Vlogs (9 days ago)
I’m subbing to everyone who likes and subs to me
Taym Aouda (9 days ago)
Lol dunny
Bless Costales (9 days ago)
I think this is copied from meet arnold
Tarou 117 (9 days ago)
I’m a furry 🤪
Magic Flute Player (9 days ago)
xD 1:24
Raccoon River (9 days ago)
1:25 When I half to put my phone away.
T0XiK (9 days ago)
1:18 When you're at school and you loose connection.
Savage Jude (9 days ago)
Why would u have a phone in ure coffin
Laszlo Horvath (9 days ago)
1:24 me when my mum says it's Monday
gaming banana (10 days ago)
But I will surely die even after coming out.. Guess how? Graveyard is scarier to be in than a coffin and iam a scaredy potato 😂
Napoleon Borntoparty (10 days ago)
Vaibhav Kumar (10 days ago)
Just burn the bodies as we in our religion
Mahalia McGee (10 days ago)
People can't be buried alive there blood gets drained
Master Cute (11 days ago)
Lahat enjoy
Alex Rivera (11 days ago)
What happens it was in the water
Aleksandar Vesic (11 days ago)
Hello. Just letting you know this guy stoles you videos https://youtu.be/u1TLO9P-ar8. He uploads your videos on his channel, only thing he does is translating the.
Vanilla GG (11 days ago)
Strike this video please https://youtu.be/u1TLO9P-ar8 Its the same but it talks on serbian
Sara Smajič (11 days ago)
yes, if someone would burry me I would definitely have matches with myself 🤔🤔🤔
gamer Assassin2 (12 days ago)
if you have a slegehammer or hammer or WARHAMMER BREAK THAT MEDEL OR THE GLASS lol
noah Dickerson (12 days ago)
Well if you don't take the bag of her head you would die,
Karl Johann Perez (12 days ago)
1:16 dat scream😂😂😂😂😂😂
Imperial Dragon (12 days ago)
Who is watching this video buried alive ?
Bogdan Janjusevic (12 days ago)
Mask chenell copy all your videon and translate on serbian
Zach Attack Plays (13 days ago)
1:24 when Dellor gets killed in fortnite
Brayden Young (13 days ago)
I’m not Claustrophobic but that I will be I’m 5,10 and I’m 12 yrs old in really tall for my age so I’ll be so cramped I’ll freak out
Brayden Young (13 days ago)
That would be my first reaction at 1:21 lol “ahhhhhhh” I would try to move around and see I’m in a tight space lol
Ben Shapiro (13 days ago)
2:33 bruh you be dead then
James’s life (13 days ago)
From what I know he coffin is now put in a cement box so the coffin doesn’t rot and just saying good luck lifting a cement lid with dirt on top
Min Yoon Gi (13 days ago)
I'm scared now 😂😂😧😧😧
Jenard Lubi (14 days ago)
What movie is the intro? Thanks
Fatima Figueroa (14 days ago)
Its impossible to buried alive
Nancy Dalueg (14 days ago)
stefanManiak262011 (14 days ago)
I barely can look at this video!
Drugrixh Silva (14 days ago)
That's like bring waterboarded with dirt. Shit gives me anxiety just watching. 😖
Jquan2020 (15 days ago)
Awesome video, glad I subbed to u guys, this is so educational! 😃

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