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TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs One of the most common phobias on our planet is the fear of being buried alive, or taphophobia. Thank you "Kill Bill" and "Buried" for our nightmares. Although Uma Thurman was able to get out of the coffin, breaking it with a couple of strokes. But is it possible to do it in real life? Let's figure it out. So, what would happen if you are buried alive?
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Thelichking Playz (19 minutes ago)
Why can't they just put a code on a piece of paper in the coffin and next to it is a button once you click it,it calls for help on the outside of the coffin but in case of a zombie attack and they accidently click the button don't worry there will be a piece of paper with a code and under the button is a code so zombies aren't that smart to follow the code and click all the buttons I mean if they can't swim then how could they do a smart code to call for help Please share this idea so more people don't die of being locked in a coffin alive
Staci Barcuch (57 minutes ago)
Wat if your a kid do you do the same thing??
0c0 (3 hours ago)
This is my BIGGEST fear.
In Mexico you get buried with cement
Anuj Mamania (19 hours ago)
Myles Dowell (21 hours ago)
Elijah Cajano (1 day ago)
Richard Solomon (1 day ago)
Six feet underground aa haa haa aah you are dead
IcyLife (1 day ago)
T̟h̟e̟r̟e̟'s̟ c̟o̟f̟f̟i̟n̟s̟ o̟n̟ o̟n̟ t̟h̟e̟ s̟u̟r̟f̟a̟c̟e̟
v v (1 day ago)
In my country India we burn our dead, there is no chance of escaping the 1000°© to 1200°© of temperature.
Marcel Rob (2 days ago)
This video is soo cringey omg
KITTYCHU (2 days ago)
I'm buried alive... Finally, fresh meat! Fhfucnsydhcstgcduj gjfhfbgffc gfjdyhhcg XD
iciddaboss 645 (2 days ago)
My Taphophobia just keeps getting worse
Sivert Solheim (3 days ago)
How the heck would you have a phone? Dont u think they take all your clothes and belongings before they burry you?
Lisa Mansley (4 days ago)
steve gale (4 days ago)
What did you do to be buried alive in the first place?
Verneal Lovelock (5 days ago)
You can live, as long as you have food with you!!!
Rahul ghosh (6 days ago)
what if the coffin is made up of iron......... lol
Sean Kimble (7 days ago)
Buried alive?. U eventually will die.. Next
Ashton Lee Clark (7 days ago)
1:24 lol
Medley2 (8 days ago)
Id hate to be immortal.
Rylie Hansen (8 days ago)
It is not very likely to be buried alive because mortichans do some things that will kill young talked to a mortichan and he said that
Will Wood (10 days ago)
We dig more than 6 feet
Sophie Walker (10 days ago)
I am clostrophobic don’t even know how to spell it
Nuel Leun (10 days ago)
Worst fear.
Princess Stigma (10 days ago)
1:24 I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
Owen Brudnick (11 days ago)
This would have made it easier last time I did this
BloxBurg Rules (11 days ago)
Hmm...... why would people Beary me alive....... they would know if I were to be alive or not won’t they? Hmm
earl lekwadu (11 days ago)
Dont fear death
BraydenX23 ! (11 days ago)
I’m getting cremated
Abel SV (12 days ago)
I would panic, and gradually poop in my sandbox.
Michaela Justice HD (12 days ago)
Welp, I'm never sleeping agian.
VeraCookie (12 days ago)
g Lillo (12 days ago)
I'm terryfied because look at my avatar
Hassan Osman (13 days ago)
Watching this litterally gave me an anxiety attack 💀😭
John Morris Nyagado (13 days ago)
In Kenya they're made of steel and cemented
SpookyLukey07 (13 days ago)
I hate the graveyard anyway
Coco Elpi (13 days ago)
Troll King (14 days ago)
Emotep jerked off until he passed out!
Scarlett Ramos (14 days ago)
I'm dying 😵
Fedora_Nation (14 days ago)
I've tried this, but it didn't work
yoongin aier (14 days ago)
Y am i watching this 😅
Um in the USA the standard burial is in feet. Which is 6ft deep in the ground for a burial. Cremation burial is less than a ft depending upon the cemetery's rules.
FusionCombos (14 days ago)
Why would you have a phone if you were presumed dead
If I were buried alive, I would probably try to kill myself because I would start to panick.
Mac Pannell (14 days ago)
1:23 me when I realize my favorite pizza store shut down
sloth team six (14 days ago)
Im just going to put my phone on notes saying im a sleep
taylor collins (15 days ago)
Gamer_ Araneus (15 days ago)
game man (15 days ago)
PulS3 R3DB0X (15 days ago)
Not to be a nerd or anything but the bubonic plague happened in Europe not England
marrvvviin (16 days ago)
Self Care :/
AGBBLINK (16 days ago)
Blu3 NTV (16 days ago)
If u r burried, that means that probably u were dead, and then came back to life... U'r not gonna have ur smartphone w/ u
Joel Sanchez (16 days ago)
Why would you be buried alive though?
The Golden kai (16 days ago)
Wait but how would you know how far your in the ground
Gaming with kelvin (16 days ago)
5.41 Amm (16 days ago)
What if it’s not dirt? But concrete??
benny yeo (17 days ago)
jake fitzgerald (17 days ago)
Pissed myself laughing at 1:24
Jeff Crichton (17 days ago)
Look at 1:25 can u replay dat 😂😂😂🤣😅😀😃😄😁😆🤪
Greg Roycroft (17 days ago)
Lol 1:24
LeverTheAge (18 days ago)
@MindWarehouse @Killem
Blake Evans (18 days ago)
*mind wherehouse * try phoning some one but probably no signal *man AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHH
Koda Starlight (18 days ago)
1:24 me screaming
Androulla Gavriel (18 days ago)
I will remember this if I wake up in coffin ⚰️
V (18 days ago)
If I was I was burried the FIRST thing I would do is panic
Forward assault man (18 days ago)
Copyed off @meet Arnold
Lasha Kharbedia (19 days ago)
The Granny (19 days ago)
Why would a person bring a match
I’m scared now.
Gunter Sullivan (19 days ago)
You die
Justin Y.2 (20 days ago)
I would love to be buried in a safe coffin. Not yet,I mean. (Until I die)
NinjaX 23 (20 days ago)
What if you get buried alive in Poland? Coffins are not wooden
DRAGON potato plays (20 days ago)
My biggest fear is........... No WiFi
Hera Ngaronoa (20 days ago)
I. O (20 days ago)
1:23-1:26 lol thats the only funny thing AHJAAHAHAHHAHA
Kailey Bitgue (20 days ago)
That man in a coffin with sand coming in the coffin, I seen that part, I got to scared
paul conroy
Mr Doggy (20 days ago)
You scared me so bad at 1:23
A_Cat (21 days ago)
You Want Me To Tell You Who The Best Person In The World Is? 3rd word
Kawwai 3; (21 days ago)
1:23 why did you do that
Fruitygamer1726 FG17 (21 days ago)
Well what happens when you are buried alive but they place cement on the top of you coffin What will you do???
Leah Dibble (21 days ago)
Well at least I was not buried alive
WeAreAquaClan (22 days ago)
Rest In Peace all deceased members of our world.
Chiana Marak (22 days ago)
Safety coffin must made 😊😊 all the world who knows who will face it
Jennifer Woolridge (22 days ago)
Holy Hell 😖
Tamia Ancla (22 days ago)
Youll be six feet under the ground though😱
Rey Kitchkumme (22 days ago)
So try to never go unconscious
J_yeezuss The Great (23 days ago)
Metal coffin=fucked
MichaelHansenFUN (23 days ago)
xFlow777 (23 days ago)
Loool why WHY would some1 be buried with a cellphone, or a match? What kind of movies are you watching?!
Yu-GI-OH n' Friends (23 days ago)
If I were buried, I had to be buried 3 ft and in a wooden coffin. In case I come back to life that is. I die, go to Heaven for 5 minutes, get sent back. You know, like I the movies
Buna Misini (24 days ago)
Im scared
cheetacorns yay! (24 days ago)
Rip for the people who had there volume up at 1:23
Andrew Bermudez (24 days ago)
8:25 That’s from hello neighbor!
Chiedozie Joel (25 days ago)
This is quite scary 😱
Ikan De Leon (25 days ago)
Cremation is the answer.
Chai Lee (25 days ago)
Burry me seven feet down to b sure i wont come back for ya
washing machine guy (25 days ago)
Would an EE smart phone have signal
Midnight luna (26 days ago)
Um you die duh~
penny h (26 days ago)
cellphone in ur coffin..??..lol...what else...ifure so lucky u got burried alive then good luck for the rest of it...!!r.i.p...i dont think theres too much u can do 6 feet under..even if uve still got the strength to scream everybody whos going to hear ur screaming will think ure a ghost...good luck with that too...lol..

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