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Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

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Help us get to 10,000 Followers on Instagram: https://instagram.com/htmeverything Support us on Patreon so I can break more kilns! https://patreon.com/HTME I took some user comments way to seriously and figured out what it would take to melt obsidian and sand cast it into a sword. Thanks for FOCI Glass Studio for their help with this project. They are a Non-Profit Studio in Minneapolis which teaches Glass Blowing Classes from Beginner to Expert! https://www.mnglassart.org || In This Video || Our Camera Gear: - GH4: https://goo.gl/Kpgf9D - FS5: https://goo.gl/aPd428 - Dracast Light Panels: https://goo.gl/agbBSU - GoPro Hero 5: https://goo.gl/nDbjBk - Karma Drone: https://goo.gl/F16GWj || SUBSCRIBE || YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1OmesgS || SUPPORT || Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/htme Spreadshirt - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/HTME/ Special Thanks to our Patrons at $15 per month or higher: Sandy Riis, Stian Andreassen, Uwe Schmidt, Daniel Laux, Winfield Jones, Liz Roth, Antonio Rios-Ochoa, Jenny Wolf-Matte, Stephan Schmidt, Quintin, Tim Reiche, Mats Nydesjö, Dylan Rich, Jason Lewis, Susan M. George, Liam pinkney, Stephan Becker, Lana Sinapayen, Stephen C Strausbaugh, Meinhard Absalon, Coby Tang, Christina Freeman, Conner Hitchcock, Jason Kaczmarsky, Avinash Rajaraman || SOCIAL || Facebook: http://ow.ly/X4rJC Twitter: http://ow.ly/X4rS3 (@HTMeverything) Instagram: http://ow.ly/X4rXs || SERIES || Sandwich - http://bit.ly/1ZVGNRn Suit - http://bit.ly/1NsQri8 Bottle - http://bit.ly/1QlTU6C Thanksgiving Dinner - http://bit.ly/1UjLa1R Root Beer Float - http://bit.ly/1OGfphU Book - http://bit.ly/1SF23Gx Chocolate Bar - http://bit.ly/2085HIs Coffee - http://bit.ly/2jllv0I Eyeglasses - http://bit.ly/2jlispn Microscope and Telescope: http://bit.ly/2nQCRn7 How To Brew Everything: http://bit.ly/2kJb47E Meet The Makers - http://bit.ly/23ldFlS || ABOUT || Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store. From food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more, Andy George will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand the complex processes of manufacturing that is often taken for granted and do it all himself. Each week he’s traveling the world to bypass the modern supply chain in order to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask. Music by the talented Taylor Lewin http://taylorlewin.com
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Text Comments (28939)
fluffy kitty attack (11 minutes ago)
This reminds me of the sword of the character obsidian from Steven Universe
TeenJa (4 hours ago)
he is in creative mode he dont need dia pickaxe
Al-Valin Tirta Effendy (16 hours ago)
Who would win? Steven Universe Comment or Minecraft Comment?
maurofilho maurinho (1 day ago)
Noel Domingo (1 day ago)
07:54 "where is the handle?? i need a handle!!!
Rachel Jael (1 day ago)
This was really interesting to watch.
KillJoy G (1 day ago)
*Have you tried mixing lava with water?*
Ridackle (18 hours ago)
cobblestone time
Flopper 77 (1 day ago)
sheeesh i expected this to have hardly any dislikes
Christy Smith (1 day ago)
Lets hope Westeros has plenty of knappers.
Spazz Corp (1 day ago)
But first he needs a diamond pickaxe
Can you make a video on how to get or make obsidian
Jonbonjohnson (1 day ago)
This seemed to be a huge waste of time and resources.
Ananyobrata Pal (2 days ago)
Hats off to your determination.
Roblox Lovaaar (2 days ago)
Is that portal at the end real or fake I need to know now
jonne vitu (2 days ago)
new minecraft update now with obsidian sword, armor and everything
Hero's Vlogs and More (2 days ago)
minecraft lied you can break obsidian without a diamond pickaxe
Ian Asbell (2 days ago)
You wish this is Minecraft, but its not. R.I.P
Fuck You (2 days ago)
He could'nt do it until the old white guys helped him and he didn't even credit them properly. What a shmuck. Once those old guys are gone your on your own buddy. Being foolish and disrespectful to your knowledgeable elders is what will make you a poor smith
The Dreaded Weaboo (2 days ago)
I finnaly worked for 5 years to make my obsidian sword and this guy did it in days. ):
Addy Yup (2 days ago)
Now this is commitment
Ruben Delgado (3 days ago)
Why did he not use a diamond pickaxe to get that obsidian i call hacks
Seth Forbis (3 days ago)
Obsidian is only sharp when flaked, cast obsidian would be next to useless
Alfred Jodl (3 days ago)
Jonh Snow Would be proud
Night Blade (3 days ago)
Is this minecraft mods
Dragracer612 (3 days ago)
8:15 The cat was eyeballing the vermiculite to take a big shit in it.
oh yeah yeah (3 days ago)
OMG they made the obsidian from minecraft into a real thing!! LMAOO
ahmad kamali (3 days ago)
It's impossible you need mods
jim taylor (3 days ago)
Hello. Is it possible to purchase any of the pieces you display in your videos? Such as the glass sword near the beginning of the video. Looking forward to a reply. Have a good one.
Kevan Carter II (3 days ago)
Instead of making a pure glass obsidian blade you should try mixing in into metal, but that would also put weak points in the metal
0pl0rd619 5 (3 days ago)
Impossible you need a diamond pickaxe to grind it
Milk is Mork (4 days ago)
Anyone have the weird urge to cast a cookie?
JoyTheGeek (4 days ago)
That foundery thst broke the first time with the blue fan failed on Cody'sLab as well, he had to rebuild his own I believe. So don't feel too bad about that
H_Lock (4 days ago)
Can you cast with the 5 components of obsidian tho? Diamond, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby and Amethyst?
Wanda Pease (4 days ago)
Fascinating! Useless to me, but Fascinating!
Zamir Ham (4 days ago)
Name____ Date____ TEST Section 1: Multiple Choice 1) How was the video A. Good B. Fine C. Bad D. I didn't like it
Mr. Advice ForFree (5 days ago)
You must have a lot of money to blow
Jake Rian (5 days ago)
Try again! It can be done! You almost have it!
Joey crab cakes (5 days ago)
I’m confused are we making a glass sword or a obsidian sword
Star Nine (5 days ago)
What I loved about your channel is that you took things from everyday life that we all take for granted and you showed us just how hard, unrealistic, expensive, and time consuming simple things are. Most importantly you showed us the social and economic progression that it took to obtain the simple amenities that we have. You gave us a sense of appreciation towards not only items and food, but also to the many people that made it possible. Now you've become an unrealistic how to channel that only focus on making random stuff from scratch within your means. You went from showing us how everything was connected to only showing us what you can do with your source materials. Please return to your roots.
Mats Hupkes (5 days ago)
But can you make one from bedrock?
Link Dark (5 days ago)
For a filler use active carbon like graphite
Thunder Blackolume (5 days ago)
No you cannot melt obsidain it's made out of lava
Nick Adams (5 days ago)
Why don't yall account for these variables at the onset.
AKQ449 (6 days ago)
oh god the system is still broken I watched it youtube happy?
Mighty Guy (6 days ago)
You can only make an obsidian blade at level 30
Mighty Guy (6 days ago)
TheSebiestor (7 days ago)
ANSWER : No -save 14 minutes of your life
Denys Regalado (7 days ago)
I sorta clumsy
Mr.Fister69 (7 days ago)
How did you crush that obsidian without a diamond pickaxe
i want to die (22 hours ago)
Zack Appleson (2 days ago)
hes in creative? or commands? or hacks!
TheKroNite (3 days ago)
He's in creative
Helen Cheffings (7 days ago)
hi_me_jung Dulman (7 days ago)
In minecraft u really need a diamond pickace to break it and in real life bro u can break it with bare hands?????0_0
Allen AYE.30 (7 days ago)
Wait, that’s illegal.
luciel rose (7 days ago)
Someone downloaded the more swords mod on Minecraft?
*Steven Universe or Minecraft reference that gets me likes.*
mario kart (3 days ago)
Blue Wang (7 days ago)
4N5W3R5 (8 days ago)
Found you and Subscribed because of Shroud :)
Chas Edwards (8 days ago)
Brilliant! Very cool.
Insurance Hyung (8 days ago)
LOL that game of throne reference. I like it
Julien Pellegrino (8 days ago)
Messy work ! LOL but interesting and funny =)
sheeba jojo (8 days ago)
You're Steve from minecraft
Obsidian sword is a lie??? QAQ
Open Epic Gaming (8 days ago)
Hey, can you make a rope out of ramen noodles?
Pinkish blizz (8 days ago)
95% of the comment section: Mincraft, Steven Universe 5% of the vomment section: wowwwww coolll
Sergio Mendez (9 days ago)
Es una roca no metal.
AKSHAT JAIN (9 days ago)
never give up
Lucky TheDog (9 days ago)
Viscous means the opposite
D. Viola (9 days ago)
Steven universe fans be like:
Devon Waage (9 days ago)
At 5:32 oh I’m just watering my rocks
Petyr Baelish (10 days ago)
It's not Obsidian that's not even a debate.
Wendy Teo (10 days ago)
2:16 mm chocolate milk
El 4ln (10 days ago)
*Minecraft wants to know your location*
Francis Marcoux (10 days ago)
Just knap a big blade 1 hrs maximum sharp and useable
Forest of Secrets (10 days ago)
11:55 ... the sword looks so starry... woa
Sarı P (11 days ago)
I use my obsidian to smash garlic. are you using borax as flux?
goldslinger (11 days ago)
Way too much borax
Terry (12 days ago)
Uvo Potatoe (12 days ago)
Im no scientist but why use the same cracked terrible mixture you laze
oLd _Blo0d (12 days ago)
Xtract (13 days ago)
Benjamin Raymond (13 days ago)
Cody from Cody'sLab looks like shaggy at 3:48
DavidTheGamer (14 days ago)
and thats why minecraft doesnt let you make an obsidian sword XD
Abraham Hidalgo Moises (14 days ago)
That’s why you can’t make obsidian sword in maincraft Xd
Ultimo D (14 days ago)
I'm sure it could be done, but this guy is crafting at recruit level. No doubt it would require the right person with the right skill set to do this. If this could be achieved on an industrial scale 🤔 Obsidian edges are able to cut without damaging cells, whereas even the highest quality scalpels will tear and destroy cells on a microscopic level. The cut from an obsidian edge is so perfect that healing begins and is completed in a matter of hours instead of days.
arulaful (14 days ago)
admire your perseverance...
Don Foolish (14 days ago)
I'm an idiot don't judge me. Question what is stronger obsidian or vibranium
qaisur rehman (15 days ago)
i commend your efforts not an easy work to do but nice job.
Jordan XD (15 days ago)
3:47 El Shaggy de 2019 :v xdxd
Kirby444 (15 days ago)
AnteFTW (16 days ago)
Omg u can't do that in minecraft but in rl u can!
THE ANONYMOUS (16 days ago)
Who thinks this is waste of time.
Meow (16 days ago)
Yo what texture pack is this?
BucketBryce (16 days ago)
You need a diamond pickaxe to break obsidian! Hacker!
Smooke Acid (16 days ago)
With mods all is possible.
Kid Nova (16 days ago)
Bruh jus use water and lava, easy... smh
Jaime Murcia (16 days ago)
What a fking mess!!!
Masked Hoodie (16 days ago)
Why the hell was this on my recommended for so long
mundane chimp (17 days ago)
TL.DW Kinda made a sword but only had some
Ramo Six (17 days ago)
Esos bastardos me mientieron.jpg

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