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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Great Britain is a beautiful country that receives tens of millions of tourists every year. All of them go to see the Big Ben and the Tower of London, walk along Baker street, and, of course, see the famous guards. These motionless, silent figures in huge hats have long been one of the symbols of Great Britain, familiar to everyone. But what secrets hides this elite corps that protects the Queen? We'll figure it out.
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Nick's Vlogs (1 hour ago)
The ultimate walking microphone for Casey Neistat
aegian48 (2 hours ago)
Incorrect, just see the list below: 1) Anyone can join the guards just as anyone can join the Royal Marines/Parachute Regiment 2) Weapon is not loaded 3) Guardsmen can move, they move 10 paces out and 10 paces back every 15 minutes 4) The footage shown of the “changing of the guard” is 75% Trooping the colour Half arsed research. I suggest to anyone taking this video seriously to do your own research
Indy Goodyear (4 hours ago)
No the grey uniforms are winter uniforms
Kourosh Se (13 hours ago)
oh i thought these were the body guards of the band queen
Rhyan Palmer (21 hours ago)
It’s a rifle not a machine gun
MANUEL XAVIER (22 hours ago)
is't all about a big ego....... .... Medieval and Middle Ages are over ..... We are in 2019
Ma JA (1 day ago)
Gurd of the devil worshipers
Aldonald Dkhar (1 day ago)
If any British happen to walk by my country side I will bully them just like they did to my great grand father.
Aldonald Dkhar (1 day ago)
I hate this country by the way I'm from India and the British had rule my country very savagely for 200 years.
Aldonald Dkhar (1 day ago)
When come to drill and parade Indian Army and Chinese army are the best.
james fraser (1 day ago)
Why does the gray ones kill you!????
Michael Haddon (1 day ago)
My dads job is one of those Garda
Gawain Davies (2 days ago)
I certainly disagree with the real fur , only thing that lets them down.
Teddi786 OG (2 days ago)
Well I Heard there guns are not loaded
Slenderman Jr (2 days ago)
Why they gotta wear them big ass hats
So the gray ones reward more experience when defeated?
Cody Elliott (3 days ago)
Cody Elliott (3 days ago)
The weapons are actually not always loaded a queens guard said out of 3 years of being the queens guard he hadn't seen one bullet
RyanTheLegend (3 days ago)
Joel Berry (3 days ago)
These fake Monarchs since 1815 are frauds under the 200 year contract of ROTHSCHILD breeding rights. John Major told you that Elizabeth II was now a commoner and he's tied to both the Privy Council and Order of the Garter.
wildfire529 (3 days ago)
No secrets just a load of b**locks, How many incorrect statements can be said about the Brigade of Guards and the other units and services that mount the guard at the royal residences.
Tahu Gossage (3 days ago)
Ever thought of Kiwi NZ Maori guards? You guards are very elegant and I'm proud of all of you from princeblackballs82 111th in line for the Throne
Martin (3 days ago)
I'm too polite and giggly to be a queen's guard like I would have to say "Good Morning" and anyone could make me laugh I mean i also am athsmatic but thats beyong the point
George Morley (3 days ago)
The majestic sooper-dooper guard of engerland (to give them their proper title) are all comprised of 100% SAS elite ninjas and are paid no more than £2.47 per week for the privilege of defending her majesty’s corgis with nothing but rocket launchers and laser guns. These are all facts - I looked them up in my bumper book of mega armies. The above statement is marginally more accurate than the content of this lamentable dross.
John Smyth (3 days ago)
No the weapons are not loaded. I would know. I was an Irish guardsman.
Twana Shwany (3 days ago)
First of all it's a rifle but more importantly they are not loaded, they have black padded hand guards meaning they are "DP" or "PP" drill purpose or practice purpose rifles, the Insides are welded together, THEY DO NOT FIRE, this video is so wrong it actually hurts my brain
Lone Shepherd (4 days ago)
Fake information flooded over Internet... Blaaaaaahhhh blaaaaah
They wearing this hat because when they crouch the enemy waste all the bullets to it
MrWhity (4 days ago)
tbh why cant they just look like secret service (smokin and glasses) imagine someone really attacks and they have these weirdo hats on there head and these clown shoes lmao
Warfare -Operator (4 days ago)
When the Queen's Guards don't want you to know about something, you will never know the secret that they don't want you to know.
Shannon Bliayang (4 days ago)
Trump. What a loser.. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the palace when he left.
willdeebeest 03 (4 days ago)
Why would they not want us to know about this?
Maverick 41 (5 days ago)
What an utter load of bollocks, no wonder the public are so miss led by what they view and read A smattering of 10% fact, mixed with 90% utter dross, who scripted this an American?
lars kagg (5 days ago)
Now it make sense. All this time I thought they wear Afro. Now I know why grizzlies hide in caves during dormant season, they don’t want to be skinned off for a non moving solders. No wander why grizzlies hate humans
P H 3 N G (5 days ago)
Actually some of the guards guns aren't loaded they only carry loaded weapons when the Queen is going out. They do have fun sometimes and if they get the chance of getting to sit on the Queen's throne then they won't hesitate to take that opportunity. Well. Just as long as they don't get caught by one of the royal guards or the Queen herself.
Shadow Moon (5 days ago)
I once saw a teen boy trying to grab the rifle from a guard. He got punched right on the jaw, knocking him out.
Ankit Pant (5 days ago)
You never said why they wear those hats
Kamren Whyte (5 days ago)
The most stupidest thumbnail I’ve seen. “The get ones can kill you”... they are the same as the red uniforms. It’s just the coat they wear for weather purposes... and for Windsor Castle and other Royal Residences just to let you guys know.
Pete Nash (5 days ago)
Such a poor attempt at a video on the household division. Most of it lifted from other videos and not researched well at all. It's a band and not an orchestra.
Sans The Skeleton (5 days ago)
I sense a bit of holes in your theory, bud... I mean damn.
Trump & The Queen...nice...😂😂😂
english Potato.rbbrtw (5 days ago)
On the thumbnail it says the grey one can kill you. The grey uniform is the Queens guard winter uniform.
DeepPoseidon (6 days ago)
9:00 It's called "Slow marching" It's not that hard it's quite easy and doesn't strain.
Ralph The Bulldog (6 days ago)
Wonder how much the guards earn a year?
Daniel Straughan (6 days ago)
Who else is from the UK like me
Apple Head jh (5 days ago)
Daniel Straughan me
Peter King (6 days ago)
In the British Army the guards define the drill movements of the British Army (except the light division and Gurkhas). Once adopted, a drill movement the movement is introduced to the rest of the Army. The guards must introduce a drill movement for a weapon before a weapon is accepted in to general service (only really small arms)
Bob_the_Bomb (6 days ago)
It's a band, not an orchestra, ffs.
Bob_the_Bomb (6 days ago)
I did also like how every time it talks about how the woodentops are 'elite combat soldiers' it shows some utter chubster...
Dan TFP (6 days ago)
Guys, don't believe this guy. My uncle is a Queens guard and he says that they where grey uniforms for the winter 😂
Ictpilot Ictpilot (6 days ago)
And shortly after 9-11, the band played the US National Anthem. Ordered by the Queen. God bless her!
Brett Titanium (6 days ago)
LOOK EVERYONE AT 9:07 a rare sighting of the greatest guard in queens army the guard that wields the infamous n word pass
Mark D (6 days ago)
Wow! I assumed they were mostly ceremonial. Not so. These soldiers mean business. They are guards with loaded weapons with bayonets. I ain't gonna tickle their nose with a feather. Do they have helmets and body armor under the costume?
Sebastian Collins (6 days ago)
You are so lazy it hurts. First of all you got all your footage off a three episode documentary called “Gaurding the Queen” also all the footage shows only grenadier guards even while talking about the welsh. Also with the grey and red coats mean nothing the grey is simply worn in winter. Next time do some research
Neil Hayes (6 days ago)
3 of my Uncles served in the Grenadier Guards and they all guarded the Queen. None of them were invited to a reception. The famous bearskin, made from the pelts of black bears culled by Native Americans in Canada, were adopted after Waterloo in 1815. The 1st Foot Guards held back the French Imperial Guard as the French attacked the British army position, while our Prussian allies attacked the rear of the French army. When the famed Imperial Guard broke, the British troops stole their Bearskin’s and taunted them. The Guards believed they had defeated the Grenadiers of the Guard - in fact it was the Chasseurs of the Guard - but the name stuck and so did the historic bearskins. Prior to this the Guards wore traditional British army shakos. The red coat is a relic of Cromwell’s New Model Army. Cromwell wanted his men to be uniform, to look the same, and would have probably have chosen a less showy colour. But red dye was cheapest and in true MOD style the cheapest contractor won. Each regiment of Guards has a distinctive number and layout of buttons in order of seniority. The Grenadiers are the most senior regiment of the British Army followed by the Coldstream Guards. The latter regiment is so named as they crossed the River Tweed from Scotland to assist in the restoration of Charles II although they had been a Parliamentary regiment during the Civil War. You can guess how warm the Tweed is! There are also the Scots Guards, the Irish Guards and the Welsh Guards, as well as the two cavalry regiments, the Lifeguards and the Blues and Royals. Each regiment has its own band - not an orchestra - with exceptionally high musical standards. The grey greatcoat worm by all is simply a winter overcoat, not a mark of seniority. In the 1950’s my uncles said their guns were not loaded, but they weren’t too bothered. The bayonets are real, and the British army last used them in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Guards are all regular, serving soldiers and a part of the British Army that can and has been deployed on active service from the Peninsula to Iraq. Ceremonial duties play a part but not the main part of their careers. My uncles, all over 6ft, all straight backed despite being in their 70’s, still speak proudly of guarding the Queen, and without hesitation they would have given their lives to protect her. I think they still would, to be honest.
Peter Underhill (6 days ago)
Who is this Idiot, virtually everything he says is complete bollocks so probably a Yank.
Steve Bird (6 days ago)
The slow march is not unique to the guards! Every British soldier does it.
Meme Boi's (7 days ago)
In U.S dollars in one year they make $12,559.68
JAYSR94 (5 days ago)
Meme Boi's they definitely don’t take that.... Take home is about £18,500 so $24217.35. No idea where you got that from.
TheDarkNight (7 days ago)
this made me laugh so much because you are so wrong 'pointing there shoes' and you also copied it from Guarding the Queen episodes that's where the footage is from.
InfinitePlanes (7 days ago)
Lol the slow March you said was really hard it's the opposite it's my favourite command 😂
junjun santos (7 days ago)
Black bear in Great Britain is more like a black furry sheep...
Paranormal Theory (7 days ago)
Why would the most useless people in England need so much security?
Папа Сталин (7 days ago)
0:01-0:014 haha funny joke!!!lol yoy can even carrie a butter knife in public!!! :) hehe
Папа Сталин (7 days ago)
0:01-0:014 haha funny joke!!!lol yoy can even carrie a butter knife in public!!! :) hehe
Cheshire Kat (7 days ago)
If I were spending my days putting my life on the line to protect a glorified celebrity, I'd damn well expect to be paid a livable wage for it. "Honor of being chosen" or not.
William Grice (7 days ago)
I don't want to sound like a troll but you need to research before posting, you are insulting guardsmen with your lack of knowledge.
Jose Velasquez (7 days ago)
If Wolverine was a life he would get really pizz
Paula Brown (7 days ago)
Its a rifle
Anakin Skywalker (7 days ago)
Its an sa80 assault rifle a machine gun is far different
oh no (7 days ago)
The officers wear the female fur hats...jesus christ I'm American and know that. The female hair is longer and it has to be dyed black because it's from a brown bear. The soldiers wear black bear fur hats.
Mike Williams (7 days ago)
Why does this idiot keep talking about "the Big Ben" and "the Buckingham Palace." There's no "the". And why wouldn't they want this information known - apart from the fact that much of it is wrong, that is?
Husky Luva (8 days ago)
7:28 Aren’t they using Sa80a2/ l85a2 *assault rifles* , not machine guns as said by mind warehouse
wEt SpOnGe (8 days ago)
This video is so wrong it gave me autism
jhmclellan (8 days ago)
Still waiting for the "secrets".
AJ Linnett (8 days ago)
They are not Machine gun there semi automatic rifles
Epic Gamer (8 days ago)
They should of done more research on this topic. Lots of it incorrect.
michael beddell (4 days ago)
I was in coldstream guards, these people dont know what they are talking about
Epic Gamer (8 days ago)
They got a lot of the clips from a documentary on YT
the exorcist (8 days ago)
Does idiots who like to throw pain a people wearing animal skin should give it a try to this soldier's and see who it ends.
old grumpy (8 days ago)
And guess who pays for all this shit? The Queen? No us the great British tax payers!!
Patryk A. (8 days ago)
There is a big lie in this "They carry real weapons and they are loaded" Their rifles are almost never loaded their rifles are only loaded when there is a threat in the area
MrTheGollach (8 days ago)
Full of errors! For goodness sake do your research before recording the commentary!
LordzBacon (8 days ago)
"do not touch" I just say one holding his hand and leaning against his coat....
MrTheGollach (8 days ago)
English monarch????
zigzag 580 (8 days ago)
99.9% Certain if they didn't want us to know . they would have killed you after telling ya
Lee Wardle (9 days ago)
I'm proud of my 14 years service as one of Her Majesties Grenadier Guards. It was an amazing point in my life and it's made me who I am today.
Lieutenant Ryqn (9 days ago)
Their weapons are never loaded, unless there is a high chance of a attack on like the queen.
Insanefulness (9 days ago)
I've talked to an Ex guard before, and he said that none of the rifles are ever loaded. Or have any other extra magazines for defense. Really chaps? You are defending a high valued precious cargo on a Hector Bravo's without any ammunition?! Have you seen how many terrorist attacks there has been in England for the past fucking century?!
Luke Vickery (9 days ago)
Funny watching idiotic Americans thinking they know everything
WHATIS TRUTH (9 days ago)
F*cking orchestra! THEY ARE THE BANDS. Each Regiment has it's own BAND! This is one mistake in.....well most of it really. ONCE A GOBBLER ALWAYS A GOBBLER.
Backs4more (9 days ago)
My goodness, what a pile of bollox!!
S (9 days ago)
Viewers - stay away from this. INCORRECT throughout. All guesswork. No research.   "Windsor Palace"? "Machine gun"? "Cockade"? "Coldstreams"? "Royal Guard"? "Whitehall Street"??... "Personal conversation with the Queen"???...Are you on drugs?? I am in this footage...wish I could un-see and un-hear the last 10mins59secs viewing! Urghhh...
Dameon Walker (10 days ago)
Incorrect in so many ways. If the topic interests you I would suggest researching it outside of Youtube.
Poopsiedoodles :P (7 days ago)
I'm pretty sure just an easy youtube search would be 300% more accurate than this garbage XD
Jpts13 (10 days ago)
no it doesnt start at 800 pounds per month its over a thousand i know i was a coldstream guardsman
mick coomer (10 days ago)
The imperial march is a very powerful piece of music. I see no reason it can’t be used.
iiSprinkledDonut (10 days ago)
0:06 Hah Great Britain WAS a beautiful country
elektron117 (1 day ago)
+Josef Caballero del Castillo XVIII Free Scotland
+Some_Random_Asshole 783567 I dont think you understand what I imply.
Is a beautiful country
Ezequiel Avila (10 days ago)
Trump disrespected the queen by walking *in front of her majesty* .he should be ashamed
Henry Tudor (6 days ago)
Ezequiel Avila that fella got no shame he's a dog
Just cause 5 (10 days ago)
So if the queen is British dose that mean her grandfather was king George 3
CourseGroup Dot (10 days ago)
*Bae has sent a message,after 2 Years* Guard: (You pick)
Holly Whiting (10 days ago)
Nobody else see the girl holding the guards hand at 4.23 ??🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😅
Hub 1506 (7 days ago)
Fun fact it's the guards little sister. Another fun fact. All of the footage from this video came from a 3 part documentary called Guarding the Queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL4WL4h_I1A It's a really good in depth series about the Grenadiers ... after watching this you'll notice how a lot of things in this video are incorrect. When you see the Documentary you'll know that the bands really didn't play the music that was dubbed in the video. For the most part the bands were practicing their routine for Trooping the Color (Colour). The shot with the female musician ... that was her story arc in the documentary. A new member to the band that is quickly learning how to improve in the British Military.
Chez (10 days ago)
4:04 "Dont touch him" 4:24 *hold his hands"
Hub 1506 (6 days ago)
That was the guard's little sister. Try looking up the Youtube Video Guarding the Queen (a 3 part series and the end of the first one you'll see the guards little sister running up to him)
RaiceCake ! (10 days ago)

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