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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Great Britain is a beautiful country that receives tens of millions of tourists every year. All of them go to see the Big Ben and the Tower of London, walk along Baker street, and, of course, see the famous guards. These motionless, silent figures in huge hats have long been one of the symbols of Great Britain, familiar to everyone. But what secrets hides this elite corps that protects the Queen? We'll figure it out.
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shane o neill (9 minutes ago)
Dont worry we have too many bears oh but dont pouch and kill tigers there dying out now....right dont know about you guys but i dont see a pattern here
TrendingShadowz (22 minutes ago)
*MI5 would like to know your location*
Steve Saint Clair (3 hours ago)
The fur is Canadian Black Bear. Not grizzly.
Jake Reyes (7 hours ago)
Being a royal guard is a pain in the ass
Tim Jupe (18 hours ago)
Women can do guard duty mate there doing it now with the royal navy on duty. Sorry Apart from that good video.
Alexander the Gamer (22 hours ago)
Who is still watching here in January 22 2019
Bibek Vlogs (1 day ago)
Well you don’t go around killing people just because human population is increasing
Rage wielder (1 day ago)
Their rifles aren’t machine guns
leslie woods (1 day ago)
some of your facts are wrong in this, i was in the Royal Navy and once did a guard for the Queen as well as the cenotaph , we was no allowed t have live ammunition in are weapons. As for the Busbys that the guard where,s was only granted to them after the battle of Waterloo because of the british guards defeating Napoleon,s guard up till then they just wore what the rest of the british army wore
Lavender-Rose Fox (1 day ago)
btw the household cavalry's band also plays the instruments on horseback including kettle drums that are mounted on shire horses
Lavender-Rose Fox (1 day ago)
also when in operation (in battle) the household cavalry are part of the royal armored corp and drive the scimitar light battle tank
Lavender-Rose Fox (1 day ago)
there are many guard regiments the household cavalry being the most senior aka horseguards there's also the grenadier guards, the coldstream guards, the welsh guards, all the scots guards regiments for example(the royal scots the royal regiment, the royal scots dragoon guards and more0 theres also the irish guards the house hold cavalry are split into 2 regiments which are the lifeguards whom's ceremonial dress is a red tunic, white breeches, a silver and gold helmet with a white horsehair plume and long jack boots and a sword the other is the blues and royals whom in ceremonial dress wear a dark blue tunic white breeches, silver and gold helmet with a red plume both have sabers plus spurs and a polished silver carapace
i love your voice
Glen Klimov (2 days ago)
Its not
Xx GalacticGaming xX (3 days ago)
''And it's so hot'' Yeah, I'm English, it's not hot... especially in London :/
Brooke arnold (6 days ago)
Shaurya Punde (7 days ago)
British people disgust me
3.2B (9 days ago)
Waz up
Richard And_Riky_Li (10 days ago)
*queen want to know your location*
Free De la hoya (11 days ago)
Protect the queen from Donald Trump
Shahariar Rishad (11 days ago)
8:13 Can anyone tell me why that melody sounds familier???
Mr. Nonamanadus (11 days ago)
I believe it is Black Bear fur not grizzly which is typically brown. Also grizzly bears are not as common as the black bear.
Defensive Wounds (12 days ago)
Soon that conversation will be with King Charles...
Goofy Goober (12 days ago)
Make way for queen guard...!!!
iTZ JONΔTHΔNッ (12 days ago)
Ima set a bounty on that witch
SweeneyPolitics (12 days ago)
Isn’t it weird how in the uk all fur hats are banned UNLESS it is for the royal guards?
Cruci|FiCaT| (12 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tSUNS2D5Gc This person copying your videos. Report him to delete shits from this platform.Thanks
Phoenix (12 days ago)
The thumbnail is fake. They only wear grey when its winter and they wear big fury hats (I belive) because of a sign of victory at waterloo or something where the napoleons guard was defeated and they was wearing big fury hats and so they took it as a symbol for victory and defeat of the guard.
I’m a brit
Sahran Rahman (12 days ago)
#1 They All Secretly Hide Foods
bromyunit (6 days ago)
According to Paddington bear
victrith1 (12 days ago)
Yes. But they look just stupid...
Jc Draws (12 days ago)
I don't why but I just felt sad throughout the video 🙁
dost muhammad (13 days ago)
You background music plz
dost muhammad (13 days ago)
Your voice perfect so nice 😘
Gacha forever (13 days ago)
Peasants? Why not poor or homless people
7AMMOD14DEC -games (13 days ago)
Last one:when they shoot, they have aimbot to kill the person
7AMMOD14DEC -games (13 days ago)
1:13 are they married
Nathan Santos (13 days ago)
"Secret is out"
HD Kids Rhymes (13 days ago)
This Queen is awesome :) Oh did I see a test rating? shoot, no. any day now Just in Today Deal https://amzn.to/2H2BfC9
Ihateyousomuch (13 days ago)
Keep women out of the Forces.
Star Sidd (13 days ago)
They aslo Humans not a statue for selfies and teasing!!!
Anti (13 days ago)
badass GUARDS!
Lee Cupp (13 days ago)
Playing the Empire song eh? The British Strikes Back.
Jory Blake (13 days ago)
What a crappy job, I'd snap after 3 minutes
Gavin Saladin (13 days ago)
Leave those f*cking bears alone!
Timothy Avery (13 days ago)
I just hope they play the top gear theme when the queen pulls up
Ian Mathers (13 days ago)
8:14 is “He’s A Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Howie Hannigan (13 days ago)
Yet, here you are giving away all their "secrets"😅
Alex Belsham (13 days ago)
good old colonial loyalist helping us out what would we do with out you canda helping us out by burning the white House down and keeping American out and send us bear skin .
subscribe To Pewdipie! (13 days ago)
A perfect way to ignore your ex *Anyone agree*
4:23 aw she is holding his hand.
WillyNagin1213 (13 days ago)
I always thought they stomp their feet on the ground to itch their balls.
Mystic Skateboarding (53 minutes ago)
LaylaEatsTrees (13 days ago)
Jimson (13 days ago)
How do they see with all that damn fur in their eyes? That’s probably why they lost the Revolutionary War
Hg5 Gordie (13 days ago)
90% of there guns are unloaded and there useless at defending anything
STYX - Mobile Legends (13 days ago)
But the other gun is loaded and ready to fire a whitish substance If you know what I mean (Lenny face)
Emilie Tveit (13 days ago)
omfg this is just so fucking mutch anemol abuse like this is so fucking sad i am literly crying. i meen the bits the horses have is awfullllllll!!!! and the pepole riding them can't even fucking ride!!! this is anemol cruety this is so fucking sad!!!!!
Sushant Srivastava (13 days ago)
what would happen if the guard needed the toilet
Arno Van Tittelboom (13 days ago)
Can you make a video like this about the guards of the vatican?
Unknown Atlas (13 days ago)
*Proceeds to get shot by a guy in a fuzzy dildo looking hat*
shiva teja (13 days ago)
Bold head
Punisher Lee (13 days ago)
8:13 Ovu...osas
Lol 15 French disliked this account.
Clementine TWD (13 days ago)
What happens if I touch'em?
Whis San (13 days ago)
Expect a bullet or a fine
Sam Stevens (13 days ago)
The guards are allowed to speak saying otherwise is bull.
Lacey Jordan (13 days ago)
Apparently they are not doing a good job because they let trump near her.
bobthebeat2008 (13 days ago)
Ummmmm not many secrets here, as a Englishman I knew most of this already. But cool vid tho.
Juniorplays games (13 days ago)
In the uk/great Britain I live in England
Samantha Herring (13 days ago)
Dennis Menace (13 days ago)
like everyone they're just doing their job, well done :)
David Hunter (13 days ago)
Sorry mate but I need to correct you here. First of all it's not just the Guards that guard. Most Regiments do Palace duty. I was in the Royal Regiment of Artillery and I done 6 months on Palace duty. In fact the RAF and as from (I believe) start-mid 2018, the Royal Navy started doing Palace Duty. Horse Guards Parade is often guarded by the Kings Troop Regiment Royal Artillery. As for the "long pointy toes marching" well its called the Slow March and every single soldier learns it from Basic training until you..well leave the service. The band of the Guards are not the only band that does all Palace music. The Band of The Royal Regiment of Artillery (based also in London) do a huge number of functions for the Royals and external Functions. As for "we can't talk to the public" well yes that is true, to a certain extent. If you get touched or being surrounded by tourists or (as you said) they stand in front of you. We WERE allowed to shout VERY VERY LOUDLY "Stand Clear of the Queens Guard" or "Make way for the Queens Guards" even though we are allowed to shout, obviously if a child wants to stand close or in front of us, No we wouldn't shout. And trust me SO SO many people try to make you laugh while your stood guarding and yes there are some that make you smile, even break a little laugh, but you don't want to be caught, especially by the DSM (Drill Sergeant Major) if he catches you. Then expect a good few hours getting marched at 200 paces a minute over the road in the Guards Regimental Parade ground for 2-3hours..... Not pleasant 😂😂😂. Anything else you wanna know, just ask (within reason, and National security)
bdel80 (9 hours ago)
+Gazanuhgully she is s reptilian lol
ahmed wrya rwandwzy (2 days ago)
+David Hunter It is very honorable duty to be fair even if not being pait enough . Uk is one of few countries that being ruled by royal family, i know the queen doesn't 100% rule the entire country like before but she does the very important decision that effects the country ( i think) , and it's great system, I'm from iraq and u should embrace your system while you have it and try ur best to keep it that way coz once u became one of so called these democratic countries then ull know what u lost , i don't care what is situations r there , it's still way better.
David Hunter (3 days ago)
+Phil Maplesden well to be honest, the pay I quite good. Yes of course I believe that it should be more due to the work the British Forces do on a daily basis. The houses that we get are nice but definitely not free. We have to pay "Fuel and light" ie electricity and gas, which is quite expensive. When I was serving as a Gunner (equivalent to a Private) I was on roughly £50 a day which (at the time) was pretty good for a young Soldier. It also depended which courses you had undertaken.
Phil Maplesden (10 days ago)
Ange its called traditions and their pay may seem low but dont forget they get alot of free and cheap stuff including a house if they have a family
josee Dion (13 days ago)
R they still using real black bear fur from canada for those ugly hats? Tsk tsk tsk. How rude and ignorant pos if they are still using real bear fur. Shes so old she can no longer find her own butthole for philips other head anyway 😂
Alex Belsham (13 days ago)
josee Dion you did not listen why
I am a British and I found Queen should learn Islamic culture..
XXGAM ERXX (13 days ago)
Best video ever love you and your videos☺☺
If I wear AirPods, but the Queen doesn't, does this mean I am richer than the Queen?
Network Direction (13 days ago)
Nah, she uses Android
James Evans (13 days ago)
Her main residence is the most expensive home in the world
Whis San (13 days ago)
Yes of mother f*cking course Obvious sarcasm here..............
Clementine TWD (13 days ago)
CatSenju (13 days ago)
I thought there guns wasn’t loaded?
#1 They all secrently wear AirPods under the fur caps.
Mystic Skateboarding (50 minutes ago)
+darthryan20 They have 4 ears, you dumbass.
Mystic Skateboarding (51 minutes ago)
Actually, they are very smart and have big brains.
The Demon (11 days ago)
How can you get trigger so easily ?
SHIRO 02 (13 days ago)
Justin Duman (13 days ago)
Robert Byrd (13 days ago)
Another great video! Thanks for your time and effort!
BenjaminLRD (13 days ago)
Lol its grey not gray,btw i came for the thumbnail but i got clickbaited.I guess thats how mafia works
MR_ BEAST (13 days ago)
I love your vids so.much and I live in London near Buckingham palace
Flambodeus Scones (13 days ago)
Too bad the SA80 is GARBAGE!!!
Prakash Life (13 days ago)
Ben Lowis (13 days ago)
My mum has a quite amazing story including the guards at Buckingham palace where we were stood looking at the guards and me as a toddler waved at a guard and smiled and my mum always tells me that he cracked a slight smile at me a little turn in the corner of his mouth
HITZCOIN (13 days ago)
Wow thanks for posting this
Not Fortnite (13 days ago)
I always find these videos interesting
James (13 days ago)
Im first comment not #35
Adam Gill (13 days ago)
8:54 - that's called Slow March - it's not particular to the Guards and every soldier would learn how to perform this type of step in basic training.
Scottish ping (13 days ago)
I live in Scotland so i like England YES AND U SAID SCOTLAND
Dennis Menace (13 days ago)
​+Clementine TWD, rhetorical question
Clementine TWD (13 days ago)
I'm from Moldova and nobody complains about it. Shall I be sad because of that?
Dennis Menace (13 days ago)
amen bro and i'm not religious or pompous :)
Uzumaki Naruto (13 days ago)
How to go toilet?
No Fancy Names Here (13 days ago)
Im obsessed with the guardsmen, wasnt expecting this! THANKS!😊
H.N.I.C (13 days ago)
Some Corny shiit
Joanne logan (13 days ago)
Ha he is in love with his sword he kissed it
God Sun (13 days ago)
GamingOtaku 101 (13 days ago)
Assassin's Creed still more OP.
celina scarlett (13 days ago)
and that kids is how mafia works
BenjaminLRD (13 days ago)
Ohhhh thank you boss
Ryan Ellwood (13 days ago)
Awsome content as always :)
Dhruv Ds (13 days ago)
Always luv your videos and want your channel to grow faster❤️👍🏽
PewDie Pie (13 days ago)
47th viewer yay
Fabian (13 days ago)
+PewDie Pie You know mine wasn't a nice comment ^^
PewDie Pie (13 days ago)
Pewds is 3000008819399288290928737829937839927000038820002088993892 years old
Fabian (13 days ago)
I guess you are one of the actual 9 year olds.

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