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Heavy Gunner 3D - Official Trailer

51 ratings | 128924 views
Heavy Gunner, A 3D inter-galactic shooter is now available on the AppStore! http://bit.ly/a7vihL
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Text Comments (23)
ardhi muhammad (11 months ago)
Please add on android
Muhammad Amril Aseef (1 year ago)
where th e game
Aaron Long Huynh (2 years ago)
I wish there was a soundtrack for this game on YouTube
guys, that was my best shooter, can you make it available on the android app store please please please ? :)
RobertGameFreak (6 years ago)
This almost seems stupid to ask but, I got a Samsung Galaxy S phone and Now im looking for good Single player games. Problem is a lot of games require you to be connected and I don't want to be connected on net outside of home and get charged money. Now Witch games would be safe ?
Patrick K (7 years ago)
Well, I believe Frames Per Second has different between Videos and Games. For videos, 30 fps is fine enough. You'll see it in every single DVD or blu-ray movie sets you buy. But for games, 30 fps is a pain in the eyes.
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idowiernik (8 years ago)
did you buy the emp gun for 0.99?
TheLunatic1011 (8 years ago)
@mrverde8080 wt.....f?
mrverde8080 (8 years ago)
Altair77 (8 years ago)
@nestersan 30 fps is fine but not perfect ofcorse,60fps is the top
nestersan (8 years ago)
30FPS is fine if you are a granny or have the reflexes of a long toed sloth. When will you people get it. EVERY game DEV knows 60FPS is the grail of responsiveness. GOOGLE themselves said Android is a 60FPS platform. The Iphone is a 60FPS platform. Even devs who hardcode 30FPS like the background stuff (gamestates etc) to take place at 60hz. Go play 30FPS GT1 on PS1 and compare it to the 60FPS PSP version. 3D TV's are 120Hz so each eye gets 60Hz not 30, again sorry to grannies and sloths
Here Again (8 years ago)
@nestersan 30 FPS is fine. Plus, the lock should be removed by 2.2- if it isn't, just root the phone.
nestersan (8 years ago)
@sciences8 Really ? The Regional Manager from HTC emailed me to say this one one of the apps that would not work properly due to the 30FPS lock. I can send u the email if you like.....
Here Again (8 years ago)
@nestersan That's bullshit.
Nenaptio (8 years ago)
@meeniemuffin it WAS free for like one day, (i got it :D) but then it became not free now :(
slyfenIII (8 years ago)
bought all the weapons loving the heavy machine gun
Jake Eckert (8 years ago)
its free now :D
nestersan (8 years ago)
If you own an HTC EVO do not buy this, the device is incapable of playing it at decent speeds. HTC crippled it intentionally.
Mischor (8 years ago)
bludclotjungletechno (8 years ago)
very good game indeed. So easy to play and so addictive.
tusing (8 years ago)
@litafosterxveneb shut up now . net. You have no life, spammer. I really feel sorry for you. Your life must suck.
Ea mon (8 years ago)
@OperationPIV free app a day just put it up for free which it i even better than 1.99

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