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HTML Tables Tutorial

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In this tutorial we learn how to code HTML tables and add basic styling with CSS. Check out my "Get a Developer Job" course: https://www.udemy.com/git-a-web-developer-job-mastering-the-modern-workflow/?couponCode=YOUTUBE-HALF-OFF Have you created amazing pages with HTML & CSS and want to move them from your computer’s hard drive to online so the world can see them? The next step is to move your files to a web host. Learn about web hosts, my favorite hosting company, and how to save $40 on the only hosting plan you’ll need: http://learnwebcode.com/web-hosting/ Sign up for my newsletter to receive periodic webDev tips, tricks, resources and coupons. Join the list at http://learnwebcode.com/ Follow LearnWebCode on Twitter for resources and updates: https://twitter.com/learnwebcode
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Text Comments (78)
Bhuvnesh Richhariya (1 month ago)
Which software you used in this programming
Unseen Spy (2 months ago)
this helped me with my project now im gonna get good grade :D
Faith C Mart. (2 months ago)
Easy to follow and well explained video in under 10 mins. Thank you!!
shosho a (4 months ago)
thanks, but you did the table coding on HTML, what about the styling? is it HTML or Css?
AlwaysLearning (3 months ago)
Shamila Thahir (4 months ago)
It was so helpful. The most appealing fact is that you didn't take much time wasting time.
PEEKatCHU (4 months ago)
thank you
ZanoZ TrackZ (6 months ago)
learning html right now this was very helpful! only thing i havnt got to CSS yet so i was lost at the end lol .
Grow Up (7 months ago)
اگر آپ اس کے بارے میں مزید معلومات چاہتے ہیں تو میرا چینل وزٹ کریں۔ شکریہ
Arpit Patel (7 months ago)
Md Sujoy Sk (7 months ago)
Good One Sir .So Go On .......................................
theNarutardd (8 months ago)
Very well explained, thank you for taking the time to create this video sir.
Great tutoria. Greetings from Valencia.
Ravi Solanki (9 months ago)
I did not understand last bunch of code which is "table tr" please explain me it
vv n (10 months ago)
Good tutorial
PractitionerZaru (10 months ago)
Dude! thankyou soo sooo much ! you explain it very well. I'm glad this video exists. Keep up the good work. definitely deserves more views <3 #AwesomeWork
Ramya baby (10 months ago)
I Really use full HTML tags my job
THE C FAM (11 months ago)
hey boys
Ayush Mishra (11 months ago)
Plzz send a copy of loading tags that you are written in notepad
Nice video bro,😎😎😎😎
Happy Shah (1 year ago)
Nice video!But, I did not understand the last bit of information so if you reply can you type what you mean?
Isaac Taylor (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how to add rows to an existing table?
Nathan S.R. (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video. I have written a script now, to convert any file or a command output, into a html table. Sharing it, for the benefit of others, here : https://sourceforge.net/projects/command-output-to-html-table/
ofirz22 (1 year ago)
you helped me a lot
SotoZephyre (1 year ago)
Thank you for helping me in my school project! :) One thing though, you could have made it a little easier to use in Notepad, since many use Notepad to HTML.
Jony gonzalez (1 year ago)
I need to create an editable table. Any advice?
motorz (1 year ago)
Great Video! Thanks
Hassan Mehdar (1 year ago)
good job
Sargis Tovmasyan (1 year ago)
ty good lesson
Pan Kam (1 year ago)
oooh ...I love the way he explains things! In all his videos he makes complicated things look simple AND YOU learn things from the first time! No need to see the video twise.. He has to start his Online School immediately..!!! ThumbsUP
Syahrul Graal (1 year ago)
basic stuff.. but good for beginners keep it up👍
M-IT Vision (1 year ago)
This is simple table. here I will describe table row , table collam , table heading, and what is means of tr, th, td? You can see to know more.https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=C5DK4xThOBs
張羿訢 (1 year ago)
maya masters (1 year ago)
Reno (1 year ago)
Thanks! it really helped me out. Great video
THOLUKUTHI HEY (1 year ago)
Asem ALQASRI (1 year ago)
thanks bro , i cant understand from anyone just you .
Joan Tchouang Mouafo (1 year ago)
awesome i am a freshman i was trying
Rushil yadav (1 year ago)
sir how to increase size of text in table
Rushil yadav (1 year ago)
okk thanks @puppy kumari
Puppy kumari (1 year ago)
Rushil yadav using font-size property for increase the size and font-weight property for bold.
StyleBender (1 year ago)
Great tutorial dude!
Mohamed Talidi (1 year ago)
thanks ma But I did not understand this table tr:nth-child(odd) td
SotoZephyre (1 year ago)
same here man, i tried to use the command but im using Notepad++, so it didn't work out. Try to search more for it if you are in desperate need.. i mean its been 8 months since you posted this so you probablt already know. Try to make a class for every second one though
B briggs (2 years ago)
How do I connect the css file to the html. Anything I type does not change the table
Dimitar Dimitrov (1 year ago)
just google it
BriscoPeas (2 years ago)
very good video but how to fix cells heights?
Robert Wagner (2 years ago)
This is very helpful, thank you for posting! It's great to see how each tag relates to the visual representation on the browser, and how the CSS styles each element. Thanks for breaking everything down into learnable chunks!
ashraful emran (2 years ago)
where your full course
陈瀚龙 (2 years ago)
Great video. It answered some questions I had about CSS. You've got me more excited to get to that.
Sayko Men (2 years ago)
nice bro thank http://codepen.io/codertcvatandasi/pen/BWYwKv
KAKA MAMA (2 years ago)
nice and clear !
Romy Kim (2 years ago)
Simple & straightforward. Thanks. What's a good way of doing multiple column design BTW ? Should I use frameset ?
Ibrahim Khalil (2 years ago)
B C (2 years ago)
Well explained :)
willetypx (2 years ago)
hi. can u put a video of HTML tables for making periodic tables for elements (chem).
Sai Abhijith (2 years ago)
Why is it that we should not use tables to create columns of our layouts? I am new to HTML and I used it. And eventually, I am facing problems which I am unable to understand. BTW your tutorials are so good.
B Begich (1 year ago)
Just use div elements and classes like row and columns, look them up on internet, they are my favourite,
ThePassenger (2 years ago)
Sai Abhijith Using tables has a lot of disadvantages. They are not meant for styling, but for describing content. They take very long to download, so it will take a long time to display them in your browser. Also some layout features you can't use for tables. This can limit what you can do inside of a table. Tables also make it much harder to redesign.
just user (3 years ago)
thank you it's very helpful
Lon W. (3 years ago)
What I will do is re-write all of my table without html attributes added to the elements. And I think it will fly from there. Just a bunch of copy/paste. Plus what you have taught us.
Lon W. (3 years ago)
The stylesheet is linked; its location is main.css; the stylesheet is written in css underneath the comment <!-- css -->
GavinTFI (1 year ago)
Bacon Bits at the start of an html you have to link it to the style sheet, if that’s not what your talking about idk.
Bacon Bits (2 years ago)
for some reason when I open a style sheet then the styling doesn't appear could u help me
Lon W. (3 years ago)
Got it. You tagged the head with an href to your style sheet. have a very nice table I am fond of that I am trying to, "add a little style," onto. Do think I am learning this fairly well. :)
The SCRUFFSTA (3 years ago)
that helped me and i use Microsoft XD fucken awesome
Peterpolley Inspires (3 years ago)
awesome bro
Cătălin Andrei (3 years ago)
I made the table, but i didn't sloved out how to add some styling to it. You made another notepad for css?
Karan Chaurasia (3 years ago)
what software are you using?
renewer (1 year ago)
He didn't make this video, he stoke it from Bucky AKA TheNewBoston.
Karan Chaurasia (3 years ago)
what software are you using??
Karan Chaurasia (3 years ago)
what software are you using??
noxin86 (4 years ago)
Can you make a video so it shows when you click a item it will create a new row and if you subtract that item it will destroy the row. and can you show us when you have the new row how to alter quaterties to show a different vaule or (Price) and maybe how it would calculate a total at the bottom..? one last thing can you show us how to create boarders within boarders?? Great video by the way :)
LearnWebCode (4 years ago)
@noxin86 The features you described would make for an excellent JavaScript exercise / tutorial.  I'll work on putting something together, thanks!
Get Me Out of Here (4 years ago)
Keep it up! Thanks.
Andrew Nielsen (5 years ago)
My man! Thank you so much! :D
tignesboy (6 years ago)
in original the table it had shadow - how to add that in the stylesheet?
SupraChesu (6 years ago)
That's some expensive milk.... Still. Great video! :D

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