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Grand Illusions The Story of Magic vol 2

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Learn about magic history because my copyright infringement got removed after 6 months.
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igor svakurac (6 months ago)
fuck royal dinasty club #52 is whats up
bonnie brindle (1 year ago)
James Randi is a leech on the belly.
Vickie Lawson (1 year ago)
Sorry, but Harry Blackstone Jr. is just stale, boring and pathetic. God, he was stiff and boring! I've always thought that.
Bill Page (2 years ago)
Amen in Christ always chubby billpage illusionist magician in fun :) God Bless everyone
Dustin Dunbar (3 years ago)
"in your trick"***
Dustin Dunbar (3 years ago)
Vernon is amazing of revising tricks done already masterfully. Not taking away beautiful tricks of Vernon. But Ed Marlo was the best close up original card magician ever period. As Bill Malone said " no matter what card routine you're doing chances are at least one thing in your team was made up or done by Ed Marlo". He has more books on card magic than anyone ever!!
ste jamie (3 years ago)
Mark, from Mark and Jinger : "I think what's interesting about male and female is that they're different [funny that, I thought any two different beings were different, whatever their gender... Ok, he's in the heteronormative way of "thinking", not very original... but, wait...] without falling into... stereotypes..." LOL... Already done, mate !
ste jamie (3 years ago)
+Curt B Your explanation makes sense, and, had he presented his opinion this way I would have gladly accepted it. I may have overreacted in this case, because I do not know Mark, while you may. My excuses are : 1. Though always a minority there have been a lot of female magicians throughout history. And many even performed solo. So he could have presented their magic as part of this history rather than the main (heteronormative) one. 2. The magic world is nastily heteronormative : a male magician is so often accompanied by beautiful women who only are window dressings that it seems to be compulsory ; the sexism (and normative beauty) in this does not seem to be a problem and I have never read anything against it. I smell an homophobic stench here, especially when the magician is himself gay and seem to be forced to play according to the rules. 3. By the way we know a lot of magicians to be straight, it may even be a selling point, along the lines Bill Malone "is married to the love of his life, Barbara, and has three sons: Jeff, Rick and Tom." - Penguinmagic advertisement for their Bill Malone's lecture. It is kept quiet when they are gay, even when they publicly spoke about it (J. Randi ; D. Brown ; Siegfried and Roy to name a few). The fact that our society is by and large sexist and homophobic is certainly part of an explanation, but I do not care : the others folly should not be an excuse for our own. So, again, I may have overreacted against this stinking background, but Mark should have expressed himself more clearly because of it. If you are right, that is.
Steve Veasey (3 years ago)
Blackstone working the bunny routine with the little girl is just so great, the look on her face when the paper rabbit comes to life is priceless
Bill Page (2 years ago)
Robin Tamblyn (4 years ago)
Anyone know who Lance Burton picked as his successor in the "Royal Dynasty" now he's retired?
igor svakurac (6 months ago)
no one. Lee Grabel retired in 50s and passes the mantle to Lance in 1994 :) And he took it from Dante on his own words. Dante never stated his successor and when passed away Lee stated "he was in process of grooming me to be the next one, but he died". Its a travesty, started for money. Kellar supposedly recieved it from Hermann but theres no evidence whatsoever. Kellar just started to advertise himself as Hermann's successor to increase his popularity. I mean, how much worth has any title in magic that was held by Lee Grabel for 40years, of which he performed 5 lol
Offshoreorganbuilder (4 years ago)
This is very interesting.  Thanks for the upload. But how disappointing to hear some of the views of the female magicians, on the subject of being treated as second-rate, because of their gender.  If that is so, then, of course, it is wrong, but it struck me that the assertion that men preferred tricks involving 'mutilation' and 'power' etc. (a reference to the old sawing the woman in half and the like) was ridiculous.  If the magician is any good, I'll enjoy their illusions, regardless of gender and I certainly do *not* want to hear something which starts to sound like 'feminist' whining when it comes to entertainment.
Kate Smid (5 years ago)
The Davenport Bros. Weren't bothers. They just called themselves brothers to hide their alternative lifestyle.
Chris Wiley (5 years ago)
I'll wake every morning to it!
Everything Nick (5 years ago)
Great upload! Thank you
Dantick09 (5 years ago)
great upload

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