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SUNRISE BEACH RESTAURANT KOH LIPE- Tripadvisor's Best Rated Beach Restaurant

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Sunrise Beach Restaurant on Koh Lipe is a simple beach shack restaurant serving classic Thai Island food. It's rated very highly on Tripadvisor and Google but is it any good? We popped in for a quick lunch to see what the fuss is about (we came here four years ago and I don't remember being blown away.) The food on islands, for me, never quite lives up to the food in the towns and cities on the mainland of Thailand and Koh Lipe is no exception; you're not exactly spoilt for choice on this island when it comes to Thai food! That being said, if you're looking for simple Thai fare at a good price, meters away from the crystal clear waters of the Andaman sea then you could do far worse than stopping for lunch at Sunrise Beach Restaurant. I would highly recommend the Gai Tod - Fried Chicken Wings. Directions to the restaurant are below: https://goo.gl/maps/KVWyX9Yt7GB2 If you love Thai food and travel, make sure you check out our social media accounts for more great content: Youtube: http://bit.ly/SubscribeRoamingCook Instagram: http://bit.ly/InstaRoamingCook Facebook: http://bit.ly/FbRoamingCook For your plane, bus, train and boat tickets in, you can use this link for secure, hassle free booking: http://bit.ly/12GoRoaming Find the best deals on your next hotel from our recommended sites below: http://bit.ly/RoamingBooking http://bit.ly/RoamingAgoda Any bookings made with our links get us a very small commission but don't cost you anything extra, so thank you in advance. Every penny earned allows us to keep bringing you this content!
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Captain Cat (3 months ago)
Ha! You've been to all the places I am going to! Will be in Koh Lipe before I am off to Tubkaek Beach in June! Have subscribed to everything now. But first I am going back to BKK to eat my way around there for a bit.
Captain Cat (3 months ago)
@The Roaming Cook Oh yes, eating in BKK is what I always come for!
The Roaming Cook (3 months ago)
Haha, great minds think alike! Thanks for subscribing, it's much appreciated and I hope you find the recommendations useful! Eating in BKK is a must for sure!
Christian Pien (4 months ago)
i miss Koh Lipe.
The Roaming Cook (4 months ago)
It's changed a lot but still very beautiful!
Tia and Andy (4 months ago)
Looks like a delicious lunch with a stunning view...can't go wrong!
The Roaming Cook (3 months ago)
What's not to like, right 😁

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