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The brain-changing benefits of exercise | Wendy Suzuki

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What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working out boosts your mood and memory -- and protects your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (2290)
Vijay Jagpaul (2 hours ago)
Folks simply Walk for meditation.
Mark ONeill (3 hours ago)
The more you work out, the stronger your hippicampus and pre-frontal cortex gets. I'm not sure how they explain how a certain population of mean-spirited jocks and prisoners work out all the time-- but they're still dumb.
Baldeep Singh Samra (6 hours ago)
You have totally nailed it lady. 👍🏼
YT user (9 hours ago)
Stay blessed
Roxana Constantin (10 hours ago)
Very good speech. Well done.
Anna Marina (12 hours ago)
Love her! 😍
Aaron Bunfill (20 hours ago)
I love exercise
thomas chapman (23 hours ago)
👍 👍 👍 👍 💪 💪 💪 💪
Love Love! So true! Everybody needs to take a step and go for it!
Jose Mireles (1 day ago)
PowerPoint data would help greatly on the data she accumulated.
Camila Dominguez (1 day ago)
This is brilliant.
Karthika Ravendiran (3 days ago)
Wow..she is mind blowing
Cécile Poret (3 days ago)
Wouah good peech ! I am a stronger human !
janwera (3 days ago)
What a brilliant woman!
Tay Off The Top (4 days ago)
Good Upload.
Pascal Biegelaar (4 days ago)
I bet you will click read more *Read More*
Dr.Aashmita pandey (4 days ago)
the lady did not try to show that research by pictures or video, what is she saying? all people know - exercise is the best way to relax memory and fit your health so what is the meaning to show such useless speech in TED organisation ?
Priyadarshan Nag (4 days ago)
Her charisma is off the charts 😄👊🏻
Lezi Joãnine (4 days ago)
Haha I love the part with "the cup of Starbucks" Great speech
Lena Song (5 days ago)
I run around 3 miles a couple times a week, and I notice how positive I feel right afterwards! I sometimes blast music once I finish running and dance like crazy because of all the energy I have.
Bearded Ste (5 days ago)
Awesome! I would add that increased attention and focus is only useful to increased wellbeing when it is applied. As learning new things and achieving also have positive effects on the brain, if you apply any new found focus and attention into developing yourself in some way; that is when the maximum benefit to health and wellbeing is achieved.
kevin chen (6 days ago)
Loved her energy, wonderful speech
Jane Doe (6 days ago)
what is more,more and more ppl craves cheese, sugar, fat, and so on, which are neurotoxins, ....
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
Quick tip for Wendy Suzuki: Lose the high heels. You'll be healthier, and feel better, especially a few short decades down the line. Foot warned is foot wise!
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
As it happens, since I reached adulthood about 50 years ago, I am stuck with a skull of a fixed size. What I want to know is if I do undertake exercise and increase the volumes of my hippocampus and my prefrontal cortex, what parts of my brain have to make way?
biswajeet das (6 days ago)
I was in a 'hyper-lethargic' mode this morning and This exactly what I needed .. little motivation to exercise and assurance from a scientist that it would be surprisingly beneficial 😊
Isabella Bettoni (7 days ago)
Watching this after I did a workout:) Thank you💙
louiethemouseful (7 days ago)
Awesome talk! She has great stage presence and charisma!
Brian Smith (7 days ago)
When I read or listen to scientist do you know what I learn? Nothing new. They tell you to what should have been common sense without knowing the reason. But they do sell it like it’s a discovery though. Maybe it life’s way to counter the poor life we choose to ensure we don’t lose the knowledge we already know. So that’s good...they study what they do.
Without any doubt our body is so complex and holistic that we need to be in charge to work on all the different areas; such as, our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional health to mention some components to finally achieve an optimum wellbeing. Great Job Dr. Zusuki👏 Finally I found an amazing TED talk that can represent the science behind of my video, where my guest, a personal trainer, talks about all the psychological benefits she has had thanks to the amount of exercise she does. https://youtu.be/avOY_BUwp48
Wow its true I've been going to the gym for a week now,and I have the best moods, very true
DronePilot Canadian (8 days ago)
loved this <3
黃尹辰 (8 days ago)
I always thought the hippocampus was a campsite where hippopotamuses hung out.
Oh, didn't know that.
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
No, no, no. Many people make this error, but the HippoCampus is actually the beautiful buildings and grounds that comprise the Hippo University.
Kenneth Loch (9 days ago)
Wendy, is your Brain aware of how Tennis is a Mind/Body Exercise?
Carlos Sanchez (10 days ago)
I used to be depressed for almost 2 years non stop until I started exercising regularly...
Sahir Miyanji (10 days ago)
man that brain must have inflated coz i have never seen a brain that big, u need two hands to carry it!!, what a genius this guy must have been
Sybil Francis (10 days ago)
As a psychologist (retired) I always prescribed 30 minutes of exercise a day (with a day or two off per week)....along with whatever else I recommended. I knew rt was a mood enhancer (via the chemicals released). This was in the 80's, 90's etc. It REALLY does have an immediate affect on mood just as Wendy says here. Exercise helps with depression, anxiety, and even for people without mood issues, it just FEELS good! The least expensive exercise is best...walking and stairs also as Wendy says.For the elderly with joint issues/pain a recumbent bike is a good solution because staircllmbing with arthritic knees or hips becomes first difficult, then impossible , same with walking later. Even the very elderly get a mood boost and better quality of life with exercise.
Michael Colun (10 days ago)
i just started for a month to see if it would have effect against my depression. It's been 2 years now since i started exercising and i forgot what depression is. It literally impacts all your lifestyle, physical and mental. Best decision in my life
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
I guess if you are going to have memory problems, depression is one of the better things to forget.
William Gates (11 days ago)
Smart and beautiful!
Jamila Baldé (11 days ago)
James Hutchins (12 days ago)
rely liked your video, also to do with Brain Health, you might want to check this out also. @t
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
Cindy Julieth (12 days ago)
Excelente video!.... 👏 👏 Ha cambiado mi forma de pensar y me ha animado a hacer ejercicio y ayudar más a mi cerebro. 🤔
crypto talk (13 days ago)
Amazing video
Zeus Mellyses (13 days ago)
Very good speech!
A. C. (13 days ago)
Good job! Amazing, dear!
Earmuff Hugger (13 days ago)
God, I love her! MUAHH...
Dr. Ramona Hyman (13 days ago)
Thanks for your inspiration. YES!
Fulanita Reeds (13 days ago)
11:31 this somehow reminds me of freaky friday
Gwen30 (14 days ago)
She is awesome!!!!
Jibbie49 (14 days ago)
Jack LaLanne, The Godfather of Fitness, taught this beginning in 1936 when he opened his first fitness gym in Oakland, Ca. In 1951 he was chosen to have an exercise show on TV, that went national and lasted for over 30 yrs. He never retired but went on to promote the benefits of exercise and healthy diet up until he passed away at 96 in 2011, from pneumonia. Jack though swimming was the best aerobic exercise as it used the whole body, but was easy on the joints.
iskandargasm (14 days ago)
Now I will start buying Suzuki brand cars from now on.
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
maximuslyricus (14 days ago)
Wonderful, encouraging vid - thanks for sharing.
Koyas Uddin (14 days ago)
Any particular type of exercise?
Sam Bassett (14 days ago)
I've already contacted this Dr but the Jews won't give my anything.
Dimanson [MK2] (15 days ago)
what if i will do workout saying "i am tired stupid jerk"?
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
Could be a good experiment. You could do "tired and stupid jerk" one day and "inspired now" the next. Alternate days for, say, 6 days, then analyze results. Bingo, you've got a scientific study on affirmations. Write your book, collect your millions. P.S.: Be sure to hire the services of at least one good copy editor before you publish.
I, The Computer Guy (15 days ago)
She is right, whatever she said can only be understood by those who exercise!
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
Oh. That explains it then.
The best me (15 days ago)
I like her glasses
Dakota Hayes (15 days ago)
These types of people give me anxiety. Good talk thoe...
prathibha naik (16 days ago)
Love you sweet heart . You rock More energy to you
Life Experiences (16 days ago)
svenlundergard1 (16 days ago)
Brilliant talk, inspiring, informative and motivating. I AM....IMPRESSED! Thanks to these intelligent people on Ted!
Silvana Silva (17 days ago)
Great 👏👏👏
sunshine and moonlight (17 days ago)
I liked the last part best...
Susan Peterson (18 days ago)
Great talk and would add Superman in the moves as well... Ha.
Joanne Wong (18 days ago)
I am inspired now!!!
Renny Alcott (19 days ago)
Is Wendy Dr Suzukis daughter? Or is Suzuki the Smith of Japan?
Khalil Muhammad (21 days ago)
I love her. Simple sweet and impactful.
HangDuong (21 days ago)
wow never been so excited to exercise until after this and its 2am
MyViiVa (21 days ago)
What a great talk!! What a great woman!
JAMES (21 days ago)
I like her she gave a great speech. My father bless his soul was diagnosed with dementia in his 30s and working out was a big help with keeping him quick. He smoked and didn't eat right so if you follow her advice be sure to eat right for the full effects. He was only 56 I can still remember him on the treadmill with a 2 litter of diet Coke lol. I've been thinking about working out and I randomly see this video awesome.
Patrick k (21 days ago)
Diet is the most transformative thing you can do for you brain. Exercise is also beneficial.
DrJeff Prystupa (22 days ago)
I recommend yoga for those who desire to take this knowledge deeply into its application. "Yoga will transform your life at whatever level you allow." Georg Feuerstein.
Emmy Ramadan (23 days ago)
Love her
ashish kumar (23 days ago)
I already knew it,lol
K. B. (23 days ago)
Fitness and whole food nutrition is the better than any fad diet or prescription pill could ever be for your body! Amazing things can happen.
yordandres sc (24 days ago)
La amo! Qué energía! Muy inspiradora.
Hailex (24 days ago)
Aniela Reis (25 days ago)
She is AMAZING 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Nahla El Kazak (25 days ago)
She's on fire 😀
Ritu Neetu (26 days ago)
I m unable to understand her english. Plz sumone simplify
Kate See (26 days ago)
"It took me years to realize I was actually miserable, and I didn't deserve to be miserable" YEAH! I totally get this as an academic--if your work is giving you security but not meaningful joy, maybe think about making some drastic changes--your happiness and what you can achieve if you pursue it is worth it.
zainshahee (26 days ago)
you remind me of my prom date intelligent and attractive!
Gracia Mimi (29 days ago)
Love it😍
Rishad D'souza (30 days ago)
This is literally the best Ted Talk I've ever seen. I saw this on a different account (on my tv), and came on here specifically to give a shout-out
Jenna Caruthers (30 days ago)
This confirms why children are more and more ADD and ADHD--they're not moving enough meaning enough for children.
Jenna Caruthers (30 days ago)
Was hoping for something about the brain moving in space, particularly the organic rocking movement created by walking.
ns chowdary (1 month ago)
how to develop brain skills
Shawn Khan (1 month ago)
Excellent presentation
Xuân Trà Mai (1 month ago)
I need to know the name of the melody so so much :)
abhishek jain (1 month ago)
She is high man (not actually). Just like me. That's a type which is good performance
M 2 (1 month ago)
Simply . . . . amazing woman, amazing advice. Thank YOU !!
Amol Jadhao (1 month ago)
If can provide subtitles it's better for understanding
Abdullah Monla (1 month ago)
This is really nice but let me tell you Dr. Suzuki that I really wish you'll know the fact that (FAITH) is off course has more weigh better than exercise in the positive effect to the brain, and I'd really be sorry for your all complete research shifting is not going as perfect as you would be if you did consider that!!
Frank Blangeard (1 month ago)
Elevation gain. Walking on level ground may improve your mood but it isn't exercise. Go up hill at least 1000 feet (in elevation). If you only have a hill with 350 feet of elevation gain then you need to go up it three times. If you live in Florida you need to move.
edwin deleon (1 month ago)
it looks like zumba.
rick smith (1 month ago)
its too hard to get others to exercise. I lift 10-15 hrs a week and trail run 30-50 miles a week and play some tennis. those in the know don't talk about telling others cause its a drain to convince others. exercise drains me of energy but gives me energy as well. I spend at least three hours a day working out but 1.5 more traveling to the trails etc. so with extra sleep, it is another job. I enjoy it obviously, but it is selfish and of necessity excludes those who are not like minded.
Freddie Trollabyte (6 days ago)
Since Dr. Suzuki actually IS telling others, does that mean that she is not in the know? Or maybe she's still too immature to realize how futile it is? Or maybe it's like the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:3~9) "other seed fell on good soil and produced a crop—a hundredfold, sixtyfold, or thirtyfold." I'm voting for the parable.
Cynthia Arons (1 month ago)
Great lecture! Thank you!
Denys Kolesnikov (1 month ago)
She is awesome )))
Madina Massoud (1 month ago)
LOL She was anti-social and 25 lbs heavyer? went to countless gym classes to come up with this? Also she has no idea what Yoga even means :) American "education" is so pathetic

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