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Invasion: UFO Encounters and Alien Beings

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UFOs - Discover the early history of UFOs and meet the pioneers that forged it. Classic uncut broadcasts highlight this presentation which includes the original radio news broadcasts about the Roswell Incident, the Washington, DC, 1952 UFO incidents, the famous 1942 Battle for Los Angeles UFO incident, the Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting, the Michigan Police Chase and Swamp Gas UFO incidents of 1966, the McMinnville, Oregon, UFO incident and the Exeter, NH, UFO sightings. Included are interviews with Al Chop, a former Pentagon Spokesperson who commented on the 1952 Washington, DC, UFO flap; Richard Hall, Don Berliner and Donald Keyhoe of NICAP; James Moseley; the Mikem Wallace interview with Donald Keyhoe and much more including comments from Scientists, Engineers and Astronomers on both sides of the issue.
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Michael J Schumann (16 days ago)
Major Donald Keyhoe is a patriot for speaking out and not allowing our government to intimidate him!
xadam2dudex (24 days ago)
So they said there was more than 1 disk ?
Wynn Brickland (1 month ago)
its bloody funny how they think they are fooling everyone about the fact that u.f.o,s dont exist, when the only people they are fooling is themselves. what a bunch of dicks.
F. Friedrich Kling (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting!!!! I have been trying to hear these recordings for years. Finally success thanks to YOU.
ParanormalTVchannel (2 months ago)
Thank YOU for supporting the channel!!
Steeple Jack (2 months ago)
I am astonished at public gullibility - are you trying to tell me that ETs travelled vast distances, at hypersonic speed, through radiation fields, meter swarms, crashed through the Earth's atmosphere, and landed in the desert in nothing more that a crisp packet and a few rods of balsa wood?
Angela Crewe (2 months ago)
There here
hawk1s1k (2 months ago)
most of the civilizations have come and gone in the billions of years of galaxy time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale. There are signs of level 3 active in the past in our solar system. moon is not a moon its a artificial moon like other objects in the solar system. the asteroid belt was a planet named timate and was destroyed and mars nuked and many areas on the earth also signs of nuked regions. we are level 0. most life in the Univese has come and gone before we ever showed up . earth shows signs of advanced Civilization's come and gone. Some signs of we are a Prison planet because we are so violent. The Van Allen belt stops space travel by us until we make a high level on the Kardashev scale. Aliens use Gravity to travel not current earth methods of slow direct travel Propulsion. Gravity makes Galactic travel possible. The small few who make it to level 1 is rare so think about a level 2 or higher on the scale. Humans will not accept we are not alone so we denied other life in the Galaxy. Those with an open minded know we are not alone. There is a picture of earth from space that looks like a bright light beacon. You have odd things all over the earth and https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=forbidden+archeology&&view=detail&list=iVg7fxbSpVXp3w&FORM=VRPPLA good vid to start off good luck watch the sky
dylan storm trooper der (2 months ago)
aliens promote nasa and Hollywood and the military:)- exploration entertainment and fear can get expensive for the clones:)-
Abby's Daddy (2 months ago)
Cool going back in time and listening to all of those old clips
wally walton (2 months ago)
these videos are just getting pathetic...you people need to stop believing in "The War of the Worlds" movie and get a life or end yours if all you do every day all day is worry about this crap. Every freaking day for as long as I can remember some mentally unstable person has warned of something horrendous was about to happen to planet earth and or the human race, whether it was aliens, meteors, nuclear armegedon, or even the second coming of Christ, and every day I go to bed and wake up the very next day and go about my usual routine...day after day after day after day after day...and I am quite sure i will continue to do just that until my life has come to an end. Other than natural disasters that can and will happen now and then...the ONLY threat the human race has for the next 100 or so years is ITSELF. Don't see things lasting much longer than that honestly unless humans change...A LOT!!! Such sad pathetic fools....
kris best (2 months ago)
70 years later we have thousands of testimonies , some are ours but others l believe are scouts and in larger sightings more like space stations with entities who may live a lifetime on them. We don,t demonstrate a respect for our planet or there would never be allowed bombs so we need to be babysat.
EbbtideCheque (2 months ago)
Nice. Rarely hear the entire original audio for these things.
David Guest (2 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant, first time I've ever heard the actual voice confirmation, truley brilliant
kris best (2 months ago)
Me too, wonder why....?
Kevin White (2 months ago)
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
Double yawn! It's always the same EXACT CRAP: lot of talk but no actual hard solid credible valid IRREFUTABLE scientific proof about the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligent life or that alien beings are coming here piloting interstellar spaceships or interdimensional spacecrafts!
Bobby Eckert (2 months ago)
They are us. AliensAreFromAtlantis.com
Daniel Ward (2 months ago)
This is when people were more honest. It was integrity. But now no one has integrity. Also do they really think God liked them dropping nuclear bombs on humans and underground testing and above ground. We were given up to demons at that Godless point they made the A- bomb decisions. Nothing's been the same since. Humanity spiraling down hill. Also aliens aren't aliens. They are fallen immortals. Genesis 6:4. Demons are their bodies children. Wicked , violent behaviour and liars have become this world. God gave us up to them . No conscience! The lie is a truth now , and the truth is a lie. Evil world now , big time.
BeatlesFanSonia (2 months ago)
My husband and I saw something weird in the sky that we interacted with. My husband would not let me call anyone in authority because he believed that the government was doing something that we shouldn’t acknowledge that we observed! We were very close to a naval base so that was a possibility!
moonwalker 9705 (2 months ago)
Details please.
BeatlesFanSonia (2 months ago)
Those pictures that they show as what people might confuse as UFOs are pure stupid ! No one would mistake as a UFO!
BeatlesFanSonia (2 months ago)
@Filipe Matias That, I agree with. People forget that when they see a "UFO", the whole point is that it is "Unidentified" and I'm sure there are many things in the sky that are unidentifiable by most of us are normal things that scientist could identify. I don't jump to the conclusion that everything I can't identify is an alien aircraft.
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
@BeatlesFanSonia : My point is that until this day there's no actual hard solid valid credible IRREFUTABLE scientific proof or evidence concerning the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligent life or that alien beings are coming here to planet Earth piloting interstellar/interdimensional spaceships to make contact with humans: it's ALL just a bunch of speculative assumptions and pseudo-scientific crap!
BeatlesFanSonia (2 months ago)
Filipe Matias that goes without saying...duh! What’s your point?
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
The U in UFO stands for Unidentified, not "extra-terrestrial spaceship piloted by intelligent alien beings": period!
This is the biggest thing I can’t understand, given how vast the universe is how could some people actually believe that human beings are the only intelligent species living in it, lol common sense alone tells you that it’s impossible for us to be all alone in the universe.
Paul R (2 months ago)
True, as there are a few different ones not too far from here. In addition they are worried that we might come to their planet and ruin it. Just as we have done to many others over our history.
ParanormalTVchannel (2 months ago)
That's definitely a good point!
I just finished reading a review of the new show Project Blue Book from the History Channel and I have to say that it’s absolutely hysterical how people who choose to be close minded about this phenomena all sound exactly the same when talking about the subject, some are more drastic than others but the same basic lack of knowledge of the subject remains consistent. The D Bag who wrote this particular article says all the usual things like “Tin foil hat”, and “conspiracy theorists”, blah, blah, blah I mean what exactly will these same morons say when there’s absolutely no denying that this phenomena is 100% authentic, talk about putting your foot in your mouth, yikes it’s more like ramming your entire leg down your esophagus. Any person with basic intelligence can clearly look at the MOUNTAINS of evidence collected throughout the years and realize that there’s something absolutely going on in our skies and in space.
DJCK 3 Twistmc777 (3 months ago)
I totally agree with you the bottom line is there's too many narrow minded people out there on planet Earth I could bet you they not even left their own town or city before !? Let alone them to leave planet Earth go exploring the solar system they would be the one saying are we there yet how much further to go are we there yet then pop up people you want to eject into the vacuum of space maybe that's a bit too harsh lol
DJCK 3 Twistmc777 (3 months ago)
Totally agree bottom what really made me laugh was when you said talk about putting your whole foot in your mouth maybe it should be putting your whole leg in your mouth😂😁😂😆
DJCK 3 Twistmc777 (3 months ago)
“Pilots aren’t expert observers”, lol so who is dentists, lolwhat a fail of a statement by Wallace.
The interview of Keyhoe was a absolute joke, typical media debunking tactics, Mike Wallace was reading a list of scripted questions and rebuttals prepared for him from way up high. It was priceless when Keyhoe said “a hoax” lol Wallace almost crapped himself, lol.
Andre Williams (3 months ago)
AirSpeed according to National Radar was 40 miles per hour to 90 miles per hour no aircraft except balloons can stay airborne at 40 miles per hour at least one multiple tracks track by three different radar station they were pretty much going to and from as as they wish
Jason Sweet (3 months ago)
What about gliders?
Gerard Miller (3 months ago)
It's not an invasion. Trust me if they wanted to invade earth the could have very easily done so. As their technology is extremely advanced from our own technology. They could destroy us from very far away.
Gerard Miller (3 months ago)
@BLAZENYCBLACKOPS hay . I don't think that they need to invade us . As there population is much greater than our own the ar the Angels from the Bible. This is written in Ezekiel Chapter one. Ezekiel described a round craft that flew back and forth like lightning, not vertically, but horizontally. Has a cristal dome over the top.
Gerard Miller a truly advanced intelligence doesn’t invade with physical force, they infiltrate seamlessly, you wouldn’t know what happened until it was already done if you’d even realize it at all.
DJCK 3 Twistmc777 (3 months ago)
Every 1 thinks what they wants 2 think! But my gut feeling is that we R NOT ALONE
Janet Wood (3 months ago)
I fell the same as yous we are not alone
DJCK 3 Twistmc777 that’s funny because my gut says the same, lol.
ian watts (3 months ago)
ian watts (2 months ago)
@Filipe Matias ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
steve gary (3 months ago)
there are other dimensions to , I seen them to all you none believers
SKYLIGHTS (3 months ago)
<.....you want to see something, have a look at these ?
socialmeasles (3 months ago)
Comments section, anagram solutions department - Government and military = huge piles of shit
Killroy WasHere (4 months ago)
Me and 300 other people saw a UFO in 1977 it was hoovering over bolder dam on the border of Arizona & Nevada it hoovered there for several hours. There were two bus loads of tourists and the road crossing over the dam was congested with cars & trucks. A small plane circled the UFO as it was hoovering. The UFO SLOWLY TURNED it had a huge head light 50 feet in diameter. I was almost directly under it. The people were looking out of the port holes looking down at me. There complication was white they looked human. They could walk down the street and you would not know they were from another world. The space ship finished its turn about, then with out a sound in a burst of speed. It didn't leave slowly from a dead stop it left from a dead stop to 4,000 mph I spent years int the Air Force so I know the speed of a flying object. I was almost directly under it when it left with a sound and there was no burst of air, my hat did not blow off. The tail light was the same diameter as the head light and was bright red. It took 4 seconds to be out of sight. There was no clouds in the sky and it was 11:00 am. That 50 foot tail light was out of sight in 4 seconds.
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
Don't you mean "hovering" instead? Hoover is a name of a dam!
SKYLIGHTS (3 months ago)
<....cool, have a look at these ?
Magik Mage (4 months ago)
Roswell is just bullshit. The debris collected on the field was indeed the wreck of Project Mogul weather balloon that was being used to spy on the Soviets back in the 40's. The mysterious material is a type of mylar. The symbols on the plastic sticks were not some mysterious hieroglyphics...they were signs and symbols molded into the plastic by a manufacturing company in Massachusetts. The US Army ran with the "flying disk" story to confuse the Soviets. Every description of the debris fits the Project Mogul description.
Wutangkilla1 (7 months ago)
The audio in this video is fuking whack
Stef Ullrich (8 months ago)
Why are there UFOs all over the commercial?
Southpaw (10 months ago)
Mike Wallace -- a jerk from the beginning to the end of his career.
fool tharc (10 months ago)
American scientists are gutless, unimaginative, afraid of offending convention, scared of losing funding, and have their own weaselly agendas. Owners of news organizations have always cooperated with the govt. NASA silences astronauts and hides evidence, and the Air Force does the same thing with its pilots.
Paul R (2 months ago)
They are lazy, they would rather show something that they are given than do the research themselves.
excelsciors (2 months ago)
I was hearing on Coast to Coast Art Bell. Art was talking to a UFO researcher Jim Mars who recently passed away. Jim was saying that this society if Aliens landed on the White House lawn. And they said that they actually are responsible for humans on earth. Half the population would bow and pray to these aliens. And the other half of the population would try to kill these Aliens. Humans are so arrogant and we are savages. We destroy and kill just because we are ignorant of what we confront. It is "Shoot First & Ask Questions later"! I personally don't think we are ready for disclosure. We still cannot accept humans of a different color, much less from a different planet!
TheManChise (2 months ago)
It's a military strategy..U.S is hiding alien technology to get an upper hand on its enemies..
I agree with everything you stated but at the same time I also understand the point of view that those you’ve mentioned take as well, especially years ago when these sightings first started happening. The majority of the public would absolutely freak out if it was 100% confirmed that extraterrestrials do exist and are buzzing around in and out of our atmosphere, how could the authorities tell the public that these things are real but they have no way at all to control them. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily the correct approach but honestly it’s a really tough spot to be in, we also need to realize that there’s a good possibility that the government does know exactly what these things are and their true intentions and maybe those intentions are good at all. Personally I’m kind of stuck in the middle of what to believe the intentions are of these beings and their observation of us and our planet, maybe they truly mean us no harm and are just keeping an eye on us, making sure we’re on the up and up. Then there’s always the possibility that their intentions aren’t good at all but if that was the case you’d think that we’d know by now, anyway you look at it there’s no real clear cut answer of what’s really going on.
Sub for Trump 2020 (6 months ago)
Rick Miller yet we can demolish any other countries military with ease it must suck to be America's little bitch.
nicholascremato (1 year ago)
I worked for the US government my entire working life. I have gone to court in many a case where the government was involved. I have never even once, heard or seen the government tell the truth about any subject at anytime. From Who Killed kennedy to 911 to who ate my doughnut, it's all a bunch of lies!
ian watts (2 months ago)
@Jason Sweet What about the men in black and the their off spring the black eyed children,lolololol
Jason Sweet (3 months ago)
What about watergate
ian watts (3 months ago)
@DJCK 3 Twistmc777 Conjecture + speculation = ASSUMPTIONS, no disrespect to you..
DJCK 3 Twistmc777 (3 months ago)
Ok maybe you haven't been told it but I think it's one of those cases of being told what you need to know now I bet many people will back me up on that what do they call it a need-to-know basis maybe you just wasn't high enough in the ranks to be told anything so maybe you're the one that's being lied to not that it's a bunch of lies think about that first before posting anything no disrespect to you and your profession
ian watts (3 months ago)
cw27vid (1 year ago)
Has the general public learned a lot about UFOs and alien life, since this interview? I think that most of the public now believe that alien life is possible. Contactees KNOW that intelligent alien life exists, and has visited the earth. There are places on Earth you can go and have a contact. Otherwise, you can remain skeptical.
nicholascremato (1 year ago)
With all the real photos, trace evidence and lie detector verified encounters I believe a person is mentally ill if they don't believe we are visited!!!
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
YOU dumb gullible fool...
João Fernandes (8 months ago)
Aaahhh shut up stoopid...
Harry Hathaway (1 year ago)
This UFO BULLSHIT is getting REAAAAAL old ! It would be cool if we were visited by a advanced civilization of friendly beings BUT its nothing but fairytales/Sci-fi.fantasyland nonesense. I think there was a move to disprove that God exists and this is one way of doing it by saying there's aliens visiting Earth.
SKYLIGHTS (3 months ago)
@Blair Group ....I already know....good luck
Blair Group (3 months ago)
@SKYLIGHTS Well maybe Jesus can answer your prayers and explain to you where these UFOs come from ...good luck
SKYLIGHTS (3 months ago)
@socialmeasles ....communist ?
SKYLIGHTS (3 months ago)
@Blair Group ......nice try, I believe in Jesus Christ and yet I know UFOs exist. Yeah, the government takes your money without asking...choose this day whom you will serve....
Sub for Trump 2020 (5 months ago)
@socialmeasles 👌 Get ready to eat your dogs dumbass
Edward Feltch (2 years ago)
Keyhoe had huge class,a cool cat despite an onslaught of contempt and ridicule from Mr 60 Minutes.Major Keyhoe was formerly aide de camp to Charles Lindbergh. When he told Wallace "I'm just a reporter,and a careful one.", it spoke volumes about the state of the press.
F. Friedrich Kling (2 months ago)
The job of the press is to ask the tough questions in order to get at the truth, although Mike Wallace was a real pecker.
Steven DuVall (1 year ago)
Edward Feltch I agree. People were more authoritarian then, I think. They actually trusted the government and its mouthpieces.
Edward Feltch (2 years ago)
Wallace is the worst, the ATIC was out if Wright Field,not the Pentagon,and he continually ignores Major Keyhoes mist prescient points.S CIA wag,obviously, just like Conkrite in '66,when he mouthed a script written from the Psychological Warfare Division of CIA for a show called "UFOs:Fact or Fantasy?"
saucersource (3 years ago)
View for free on free energy denial of Nikola Tesla
MrHayven Games (4 years ago)
I never have commercials
FalconPunch1978 (4 years ago)
Playing the same commercial every 2 minutes isn't advertising it's brain washing. Fuck you YouTube!
robert morgan (4 years ago)
shit audio
azerty5335 (4 years ago)
Another docu ruined with 50 commercials ... sicko"s
socialmeasles they’d much rather complain about the ads than actual do something about it, this is a fact.
socialmeasles (5 months ago)
Add block fixes that. easy.
Green Bean Sex Machine (5 years ago)
anyone else get an ad evey fucking two minutes on this shit?  shame....will not be wasting time here with that.
Whitey Vulgar (4 years ago)
@heyitsbmf12 hahha
Green Bean Sex Machine (5 years ago)
Yes.  Thank you for making the same reply as everyone else two months after the solution was determined.
rdc121674 (5 years ago)
Download and install Adblocker. All the yellow markers disappear and no more ads to deal with.
John Staples (5 years ago)
I agree 100%.....
Green Bean Sex Machine (5 years ago)
I can deal with the ads to degree....but every 2-5 minutes is too much.....especially when it's for shit that i will never EVER have interest in......such as Disney or pretty much anything geared towards children, Honda Civics, Land Investments, or FUCKING HEALTH INSURANCE IN NEW FUCKING ZEALAND.......I'm not hiding, they know where I'm at.....at least give me health insurance in NH ads so I can actually make a decision!
d kelly (5 years ago)
TJ Joseph (3 months ago)
@socialmeasles you're both retarded
socialmeasles (5 months ago)
@João Fernandes Yeah.
João Fernandes (8 months ago)
You're very, very stoopid!...
RichieW (5 years ago)
Hail Satin and his Velour clad minions!
Jim Agnew (2 months ago)
It's a shame that so many have not been out in the real world, and never experienced the difference between good and bad, when you finally find out it may be to late for you to get away, there is left and right, up and down, good and very bad, go to the wrong PLACES in life, it won't take long, but it may be to late for you to survive, but at least you will find out, there are PLACES on this world that you are not sepose to be, don't believe me and drink your beer and go out in the TRAFFIC and play. If you survive you may grow up, maybe?
Filipe Matias (2 months ago)
Satin, Velvet and Suede...
Jason Sweet (3 months ago)
Hail Velour
Richard Hughes (5 years ago)
Sorry, sister, what is fooling the world is the lie Satin has pushed into Religions , of "the Rapture" false doctrine that was never taught until after 1830 when a sick woman in Scotland dreamed it up and two want to be Prophets Pushed it on their uneducated flocks. We will gather back to Christ When he comes back to earth after The false Christ or Satin appears proclaiming to be Christ wanting to gather all Christians to him to "Rapture" them out, in the great deception. Scripture proves it.
Filipe Matias (9 days ago)
The so-called "Rapture" isn't really part of the Christian Holy Scriptures: it is just a silly made up belief invented and adopted in the 19th century by some evangelical protestant cults having no theological value whatsoever wether canonical or non canonical!
Filipe Matias (9 days ago)
Satin, Silk, Velvet, Leather and Suede!
TJ Joseph (3 months ago)
religion is literally a bedtime story lol
Jim Hagler (4 months ago)
I have always wondered why if god gave the Jewish people a faith and Christianities risen savior cannot be true according to that faith why would people adopt a false religion instead of the faith god himself taught the people? at the tabernacle in the wilderness god told the tribes to camp in a specific order. it is the order of the zodiac circle, God was casting a circle. the whole faith is based on astrology and reincarnation which Jesus was teaching when he said "As you so, so shall you reap. and when they ask about the blind man, "who sinned?' he said wasn't him or his parents and they shut up because they saw they couldn't trick him. The Hebrew alphabet is an astrological one. three mother letters for the elements, 7 doubles for the planets and 12 simples for the signs. the whole of the torah is written in this astrological script. In 1118 the first nine templar knights dug something up from under the temple mount after which this Holy church order required all new initiates to spit and trample upon the crucifix for the next 200 years. they also committed Usury, becoming the first multi-national bankers and broke all the other church rules and for two hundred years the popes looked the other way. The only reason you look the other way is if they have something on you. What did they dig up? only one thing could have given them this power. only one thing. They dug up the demonstrably un-ressurected body of one Jesus.The man on the shroud of Turin does not in any way look like a palestinian Jew that Jesus was, he looks like a fourteenth century frenchman because it is the image of Jaques De Molay the betrayed templar leader. "You shall no a tree by the fruit it bears". Christianities first fruit was the Dark Ages brought about by the pope declaring reading and writing illegal and enforcing that for a thousand years. So don't hate me now, you seem like someone who likes truth. ok so here is some. do your own research and make up your own mind. but don't reply just to call me names. just trying to help. by the way your exactly right about the rapture. pure B.S.
revolutionpm (5 years ago)
Wallace is a tool. Is he exhibiting the demeanor of an unbiased reporter? He is executing the agenda of his controllers.
revolutionpm (5 years ago)
This vid simply reveals that Mike Wallace is a tool of the Govt controlers, and that he is obviously not an unbiased interviewer. History will show that Keyhoe is a sincere and accurate tabulator of the events he reports.
Edward Feltch (6 years ago)
Im sorry but I have to repeat,Major Donald E Keyhoe is the original one,the first serious ufologist ever.He started the field in 1950.To me he ranks up there with other firsts of the 20the Century like John Lennon,Johnny Rotten,Andy Warhol,he was alone when he started.
Edward Feltch (6 years ago)
@25:55 Major Keyhoe says a most important thing regarding the ÉTs being so different from us.that communication would be difficult if not impossible and this,he says, was told to him by the Air Force in 1952.Pretty heady stuff.A lot more credible since Keyhoe was Charles Lindbergh's aide-de-camp for 25 years.
Edward Feltch (6 years ago)
None of the fugs commenting on this bid no fuck all about the reality of Earth and it's people being engaged by advanced tech from beyond this planet.Doesn't stop any of 'em from spouting tired crap about demons,US govt,Dulce,and anything endorsed by Emmy winning crackpot,Linda Molder Howe.
moonwalker 9705 (2 months ago)
And "doctor" Steven Greer.
Joe miggs (6 years ago)
UFO is real , these beings r real , but they r not extra terrestrial beings they are demons evil spirits that have been here since we have they share a different wave length we cannot see , god has band them there , and they try and fool humanity into satanic worship and blasphemy
Blair Group (9 months ago)
Y cant the all powerful God ban them from Earth if they are here to create non believers ?...............
Joe miggs (6 years ago)
They r really demons fooling the world of there existence , the invasion will be the rapture in biblical terms
Jeny Thorium (6 years ago)
ufo coming aliens coming
whynotminot1 (6 years ago)
It is not the matter of "raising our vibration" than it is to rising to a higher vibration. Too many get this wrong (i.e., going with the flow).The greater vibrational pull around us is negative and is manipulated that way.Every sort of human misery is a negative pull and thus in more quantity and harder to get away from. By taking every aspect of life and the human condition and the acceptance that it is a lesson learned and turned to a positive act is the struggle most cannot make. RISE ABOVE!
marktimmer2212 (6 years ago)
People who work for advertising companies, should be shot in the leg.
Jim Agnew (2 months ago)
@socialmeasles could it be that they are giving you a second to think?
Kai Iak (2 months ago)
People who put commas in the middle of sentences for no good reason should be shot in the leg, lol!
socialmeasles (5 months ago)
People who work in advertising should be bumfucked with the bad end of a pineapple. Then they should be shot in the leg.
C Jersey (6 years ago)
Cant stop watching that thing take off at 1:08:35. Just ridiculous, comic book fast-exactly how ppl describe their speed.
Jaime Moreno (6 years ago)
I'll give it a shot, thanks.
FighterAttacks (6 years ago)
try adblock plus
Jaime Moreno (6 years ago)
They don't show up on my iPad but they're all over the place on my notebook. If there is a setting that eliminates them, I sure as hell can't find it.
Jaime Moreno (6 years ago)
The commercials don't show up on my iPad but they're all over the place when viewed on my desktop or notebook. If there is a setting that eliminates them, I sure as hell can't find it.
MooPotPie (6 years ago)
What commercials? I didn't see any . . .
Edward Feltch (6 years ago)
hail keyhoe
mcmchugh99 (6 years ago)
And the documents Keyhoe referred to DID exist, exactly as he said. Wallace was being played, wittingly or unwittingly.
mcmchugh99 (6 years ago)
Keyhoe was very well informed.
Jaime Moreno (7 years ago)
Fuck all the commercials.
newmac (7 years ago)
Creative language is how a piece of tin foil and a balloon became a 'flying saucer'.
gan9e (7 years ago)
The only aliens you would ever find around Roswell at that time in 1947 would be those polite funny accented people.. Gut *cough* Good morgan *cough* morning Mr Braun *cough* Brown... haha sorry.. whatever you do don't mention the war... i mentioned it once and i think i got away with it... ahh Mr Braun *cough* sorry ha Mr Brown... please inspect my V2 *cough* flying saucer... ahhahahhhhaaaa... I'm nervous, Haunebu you say... shhh paperclip... mums the word... Haunebu it is mein *cough* thanks
jonny the boy (1 year ago)
gan9e “ Basil ,!!! get that moose up !!”
DeadofWinter321 (7 years ago)
There are aliens out there. It's common sense to think that there's life out there somewhere because the universe is so big.
socialmeasles (5 months ago)
DeadofWinter 321 - It's also common sense to realise that space is so big that the stuff we see isn't where we see it and may not even be there any more at all so communicating or traversing that isn't just travel - it's time travel as well. Which means that even if it ever becomes possible, it's unlikely to be even remotely worth doing because you keep having to go back in time to visit "something" and it may (will) not be there any more but you'd have to go where you thought it would be to find out it's ceased to exist even though you calculated where you thought it would be but it's gone due to unforeseeable cosmicicity, and then go home if it was (or wasn't) there and then you have to repeat this because you can't just "reverse" it, the whole return is the same "beginning" again to re-find a home that you can no longer locate. Where you have gone took some time in your "journey" but back home, many, many more years have passed than your journey took and your home may no longer be where you thought it was, may not exist at all but everybody that you knew is long dead and when you return the whole place has changed so much that people have got into putting their children on top of mountains to placate the Gods and space travel is no longer understood at all or maybe even the dinosaurs have come back. This is why "Voyager" left the solar system on a completely random course. So you have to calculate every movement of every moment of all the heavens before you go even if it doesn't seem relevant just to get the "geography" right but......................... ....time.....well.....Einstein and all that lot say it bends with velocity but they don't say that it can go backwards, do they? And it doesn't. Best of luck with that. In sum, travelling around 150,000 light years would take a person about six times that (150,000 years at the speed of light) in their "real" time elapsed by their watch, dig? Sounds mad but it's true. And this is only to say "Hi" to Donald Trump or visit Burger King? This will never interest Richard Branson, the tax payer or anybody that isn't seriously wrong in the head. It's that business of your watch not telling the same time in an aircraft as when you are on the ground because moving changes time. Which is OK until you want to travel a couple of hundred million light years to find out that you materialise in the middle of a super nova that you had no way of knowing about when you started your journey because the light (destination) that you see and plan for is in the past but your actual destination is in the future until you get there and then it's your present and if it's a supernova or something.....hard cheese, you're toast and this can happen at any part of your journey so you have to plot every part of it. So even if we have zero-point energy and Startrek tele-transport before setting off, you have to accurately and precisely see a long way into the future and that's after correcting your chosen destination for your own present and the changes to the way your watch keeps time and the way you age while you are on your journey, there and back. You see, it took my comment six years to get to you but you never knew you'd get it at all, did you? In fact, you're probably dead. Tricky, eh? The best thing to do is bung a copy of Chuck Berry's "Long distance information" and a packet of Paracetamol on top of a Saturn 5 and say bye bye to it. NASA are such a load of cocky shits and they lied about the moon missions.
ARNOOKIE VR (7 years ago)
Paranormaltv has always had good entertainment value. great video :0)
AzumiRM (7 years ago)
Nice upload. Watching now. You seem to have become pretty active with some very nice vids just recently! Glad I am subbed!

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