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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Every year, abandoned places attract many thrill-seekers and curious people. There is something spooky and tempting at the same time about walking through forgotten corridors and houses, where nobody has lived for many years... But abandoned houses, hospitals and other buildings are nothing compared to abandoned amusement parks! That's where the real horror is: peeling paint, creaking of old carousels, desolation, loneliness... we invite you to experience the atmosphere and see the most famous abandoned amusement parks from around the world.
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Text Comments (1865)
Carlie Hizer (23 hours ago)
This uploaded my first day at Disney
ItzNosmicHere! (3 days ago)
1 like = 1 removal of giant scary mickey mouse head.
Jimmy Andrews (5 days ago)
U didn’t do discovery island
The people that survived in those scary rides I'm surprised.
Justin Meeks (5 days ago)
Nara dream land is gone now
franz avriel (6 days ago)
They waste money
Jennifer Hardy (9 days ago)
Aho I can go where ever that is because I am going to Disney world in 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 days! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ya!
Stickiboi (9 days ago)
I just want to burn those places away... they scare the s**t out of me...
Max Vanderworth (17 days ago)
0:06 richard???
The Gamer (17 days ago)
kris rufin (18 days ago)
I want to go in nara dreamland but.... its abandoned.....
Dank Records (19 days ago)
Well u won’t be going to dream land it got knocked down a couple years ago
Undead Haven (22 days ago)
I have to disagree with you on the spook factor of abandoned amusement parks. Hospitals and psychiatric wards are wayyyyyy creepier, especially when medical equipment is left laying around and people love spreading rumors or deranged ghosts haunting them. Amusement parks have nothing on hospitals and psychiatric wards.
Charity Baker (25 days ago)
The footage from Giauga Lake looked nearly identical to Eliches Gardens in Denver.
Icequeen Ponce (28 days ago)
The thumbnail of the mickey is fake, that was in a competition that i assume they were to make popular cartoon characters into old rusty
Black Beret (28 days ago)
Bajiken siamaneh
Pato Swag (28 days ago)
River county
Cuparia and Kara (29 days ago)
Six flags has nothing to do with Disney.
DailyLifeWith PM (29 days ago)
Where my polish people at
Ender steve Gaming (30 days ago)
1:16 did i just saw anpaman
Meade Crumpton (1 month ago)
One of these looks like something from COD 4 modern warfare
Alexis Garcia (1 month ago)
omg that mickey lose an eye!
Giomar nuno (1 month ago)
Truth of 73 (1 month ago)
Dude there’s something wrong with your commercials, theres amusement parks stuff in between them.
Toy Time Extreme (1 month ago)
Um joy land is not joyful.
Makiya Is the queen (1 month ago)
I've seen the new Orleans six flags I'm from there it is scary
Little Mango (1 month ago)
January 20 is my sisters birthday a year after it closed she was alive
skye galaxy xxlifexx (1 month ago)
Oh Disney has a water 0ark o think so I dont.really remember that they shut it down and I think it's that place I dont remember that they say there was a abond water park Disney or a park Disney or I think it was a dream because mostly when I have a dream I forgot about it all the time hur it must be that 0lace that few people are talking about
Chillest Channel (1 month ago)
Erica M. Jaquez (1 month ago)
Alice Andersson (1 month ago)
Nara was demolished in 2017 at the end. Nara dreamland doesn’t exist any more
Nahar Tarabzoni (1 month ago)
Where’s action park
StarlightFan135 (1 month ago)
I just wish there was an Disney park for Alabama since we have so much freaking empty lots of land 😢
T-Series (1 month ago)
For life i hope U will have many money Candies and i hope ur dream Keep coming so U can have a great life!
Blue Acidball (1 month ago)
It's Jake's time to shine.
this is shithead (you) 1 like = 1 comment like this shall be deleted
Foxmaya Fox (1 month ago)
Kierstin Hoadley (1 month ago)
You should change the name very misleading...
Grace Stevens (2 months ago)
11:30 omg you scared the living hell out of me
Jesus Cardenas (2 months ago)
50000 people used to live now its a ghost town
Toxic Chemical (2 months ago)
This is teddy Teddy says hi Teddy says clap your hands Oof teddy died ( he is on your hand )
small world travel deal (2 months ago)
This is cheety 🐆 he is 0 years old 1 like= 1 year
Wind Sock (2 months ago)
It's a shame to see parks die .😥
Cass J Workman (2 months ago)
My mom went to river country when she was a child. They closed it because of alligators in the water that they couldn't get rid of
thomas poulter (2 months ago)
Actually it closed due to low attendance.
Lee Lee (2 months ago)
And clearly you need to read up on your facts because Batman wasn’t the only ride that survived after katrina
Lee Lee (2 months ago)
Dreamland is not a Disney park. Yw. Umm yea. Wrong information
wolf jack Kill me studio (2 months ago)
Kill me
Reed Mack (2 months ago)
Ivan Driedger (2 months ago)
You scared me you ahole
Dadipark NOPE
Meier (2 months ago)
At least the owner could take the shit back and clean up for our Mother Nature sake, and i dont care how much money it will cost the owner. There are so many peps that dont have a job, so how about to start cleaning up all this mess up.🤔
shadow creeper (2 months ago)
unknown artist on ig (2 months ago)
8:32 OMLLLL it's dutch!!! Lemme translate: it says: do not climb up the slide
Macez :3 (2 months ago)
Never knew the amusement park in Cod4: ll Ghillied Up was in Real life
Wave Check Skrekovski (2 months ago)
But it's on Google maps
PonyLover123 (2 months ago)
Stop making it scary gosh
black and silver diamond (2 months ago)
6flags isnt disney
XxAlieexX VlogsxX (3 months ago)
A park shut down on ma Birthday
Zach Attack Studios (3 months ago)
This is Kong 🐶 He is 0 years old! 1 like = 1 years old Let’s see if we can make Kong Immortal!!!
Jackie9 Kreutz (3 months ago)
January 20 is my birthday 🎂
G Lillo (3 months ago)
I feel like i'm gonna die.
New subscriber
Michael Petersen (3 months ago)
river country closed cause of low attendance
Alanwott (3 months ago)
That hoe is scawy 😂😂 by hoe i mean horse
Midori Gurin (3 months ago)
Imagine a horror tunnel which is abandoned😰😰 *oof*
Giuliana Jones (3 months ago)
Wait what was the channel of the people in the very beginning of the video
Gravydog316 (3 months ago)
5:07 this is Zeebo -->🤡 You stole his nose. He wants it back. 1 Like = 0 visits from Zeebo.
Bryan Arg (3 months ago)
5:08 you got me 😒
Samantha Parr (3 months ago)
Disney creeps me out.
Mary Blas (3 months ago)
Rain Drops (3 months ago)
🐄 this is milkyway. Milkyway says to stop liking comments asking you for likes, and mentions to stop asking for likes. Milkyway says thank you
Kawaii Sloth love (3 months ago)
But we are seeing the abandoned place
Emerson Rivas (3 months ago)
Maybe I still Christmas
Emerson Rivas (3 months ago)
ybe Is
Sparky Clash royale (3 months ago)
7:56 Dadipark... sounds like *daddypark*
Marsha Stock (3 months ago)
i think dream land closed for 1 reason...because of kirby havin dream land
Muffin Mom (3 months ago)
Can you fuckin stop with the sudden bursts of loud music, fuckin making my damn ears bleed. Jesus its not even creepy
Ethan Foulkes (3 months ago)
7:30 AKA 730:00
Ethan Foulkes (3 months ago)
5:07 OH MAH GOD 😦
Ethan Foulkes (3 months ago)
ENIA AGAM 666 (3 months ago)
River country closed because a 8 year old died by a brain Jerm beacuase the jerm went inside the boys nose
Sparky Clash royale (3 months ago)
UselessVideos// 101 (4 months ago)
This is “FuckDuck” ===>🦆 1 Like= I dont fucking care about your likes bitch
Holly Loves animals (4 months ago)
Well this diddnt creep me out at all hehehe OMG!!!!!!! 😂😂😱😱😰😰🤔🤔🙄🙄
Daniel Crespo (4 months ago)
why river country never opened cuz this 8 or 9 yr old boy went there and got a germ eating brain in his body like if u agree 👇
Corruptz Donkey King (4 months ago)
Wtf mythenakte😐
Melissa Andrade (4 months ago)
this is chase🐶 he is trapped in the creepy island park next to japans suicide forest he needs help 1 like = 1 power to shawdow and weapon
Mary Quinteros (4 months ago)
1like if u like Disney I need
Echo Indigo (4 months ago)
Dreamland... *cough* Spirited Away *cough*
Billie227 (4 months ago)
river country closed because people died there. a young boy drowned there and the another one the last jumped into the water and died
Kerry mills (4 months ago)
Who has been Disney land ???? Comment where what Disney place I went to Disney land Paris what did u peeps go to ???
YAS SOU (4 months ago)
, I like your voice, and sence of humor, thank you, I needed something to make me smile
YAS SOU (4 months ago)
, the girl hair thing was hilarious, lol
Mohammed Uddin (4 months ago)
Mohammed Uddin (4 months ago)
R Graham (4 months ago)
Please resubmit this video without the English accent. It’s so bland and boring to listen to
Crazy Hope (4 months ago)
Imagine dead bodies that have some body parts dismembered littered all over the roller coaster ride. Suddenly you notice a body hanging from one of the rails. The corpse seems to have not rotten too much. As you get closer.. It turns around and grabs you by the neck. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. My mind is a dark, dirty place..
Francisco Silva (4 months ago)
All others are nothing compared to abandoned amusement parks excexpt I can't actually go in or show you. Ummmmm then no
Justyna Sobota (4 months ago)
The Pripyat accident with the power plant affected Poland and when I heard that the polish people came to work the wheel I think they only did that for fun because back in Poland there are barely any abandend amusement parks that have famous story

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