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Magic's Best Worst Card

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Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
You can watch all of my Card Study videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg9H9LJ2OoGCCYg3JKL3Flcazk3Sz51Fu
Caelan Masters (1 month ago)
I just wanted to mention this card is good in certain situations, I find it useful in fringe decks in edh, full hand of creatures which is easy if you have green and living death with one with nothing. Living end, hold priority cast one with nothing, it all resolves and you slap inf combo. *Cough cough* Actually helpful.
Don Draper (2 months ago)
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The cheese stands alone ^^
icy films (6 months ago)
Yea true but angels mercy isn't bad, gain 7 but it does make you thing you have more life than u do, so I particarically agree with u
Felix Maier (1 day ago)
A truly bad card is the one where you see instantly, that it will *NEVER* see play. 4 mana 2/3 no effect. 8 mana gain 5 life sorcery. Land which gives you 1 colorless mana. Those are the bad cards. The ones no one wants, no one tries to make them work, no one puts into their deck as a challenge, every noob sees how and why they're bad. But you need to print them, because 100$ is too cheap for a competitihe deck, only rich guys are allowed to magic.
mike long (2 days ago)
I have been one with nothing before many times. For some time in some cases
What if both players discarded there hands
Chai a (3 days ago)
goblin canon...
Chai a (3 days ago)
goblin canon...
P0mskid00dly0ps (6 days ago)
I wish there was an enchantment that said: when you discard a card, do X damage to any target where X is that card's converted mana cost. Cast one with nothing with big mana spells in your hand to win at instant speed
Kain 128 (6 days ago)
The pointlessness and equal usefulness of this card reminds me of "Laboratory Maniac". "If you were to draw a card with no cards left in your library, you win the game."
nick Andy MTG (6 days ago)
why doesn't dredge play this
Esben Nordentoft (7 days ago)
Seems like a pretty useful card in EDH. (Meren, Muldrotha etc)
I actually have a deck that could use this card since it uses exile and play from graveyard stuff. Here are some cards you should be able to combo with this card (http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?text=+[return]+[creature]+[from]+[graveyard]) just look for cards that come into play from the graveyard ,something like reassembling skeleton ,skargan firebird or possibly that phoenix from tempest block )
Calciopoli (8 days ago)
Don't need to immagine to be a new player. I am.
Luke Beef (9 days ago)
So.... Opponent is running a B/U mill deck, T1: opponent passes, I play a polluted delta looking for a swamp Opponent plays 4 archive traps, leaving him laughing hysterically at an almost turn 1 lethal. I play one with nothing, discarding Emrakul in the process One with nothing *Nothing but one*
Mighty Wulfgar (10 days ago)
Wait but wouldn’t you have tormods crypt in your graveyard after the suicide combo?
Raska The Furry (11 days ago)
its good and bad card. Depends on your deck. Like if you have "do x for every card discarded" ... like .... thats godly combo to draw as much as you can and discard it all. Its like 200 IQ level of combo I think combining Opponent discards with You discard can be interesting, specially with cards, where both players discard.
Louish Nad (11 days ago)
I never tried white... I learnt to play at the same timed that I learned to play "Warhammer Vermine" (I think thats the name). So I typed on google "rat mtg", and then, I saw the most beautiful thing I could imagine : "Relentless Rats gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield named Relentless Rats. A deck can have any number of cards named Relentless Rats." I never looked back!
Louish Nad (11 days ago)
Just so I dont get flame im kidding
Brandon Richard (12 days ago)
"Bad cards reward good players." This is my motto. A skilled player will be able to make use of a card regardless of whether it's considered 'bad' by someone or not. I have disdain for players who flat-out give the blanket statement that a card is just 'bad' and won't hear anything else. Is the card bad? Or are you just not good enough to use it correctly?
Brick Building Fun (13 days ago)
I think it's funny that cards like this exist. It's like the company is trolling its customers.
SeiphersZone (13 days ago)
one with nothing is good in reborn decks :'D
elvisprucelee (15 days ago)
i don't get why you need the second dark ritual...you only need 3 black mana, right? 2 for sinkhole, 1 for one with nothing. so why not just one dark ritual? (for the first turn suicide combo) edit: oh yeah you need another mana for demonic consultation. never mind!
Mar M (16 days ago)
The card is a cheap LED edition for Legacy Dredge
Ander S (17 days ago)
Hey! Aren't you the guy who covers a lot of Coheed and Cambria songs on a white SG?!
mathieu spark (18 days ago)
I still dont get it, why is it suppose to be a bad card? They are many combo based on the withdraw mecanic, graveyard is as important as your hand in Magic. This one is perfect for a reanimator deck for example.
TonkarzOfSolSystem (18 days ago)
So if a card like One with Nothing is valuable because as a bad card it makes other cards good, then middle of the road cards are valuable for similar reasons. A game can't merely have really good cards and really bad cards, so middle of the road cards create the split between the two. Therefore they are the most valuable cards.
Mike Bock (18 days ago)
This is one of my favourite videos on youtube. The philosophical implications of this card...
Jh and Lm music (19 days ago)
Not so bad with faith of the devoted
Thrifty, 0 (20 days ago)
One with Nothing + Apocalypse Demon = huge power surge in one turn.
RappingRain (20 days ago)
I could see a R/B deck with Hazoret and Lupine Prototype along with this card.
JaeAIK (20 days ago)
I dont know shit about Magic The Gathering, and I sat through this video because of how great this video is.
Matt Schwendler (20 days ago)
That suicide combo is the right way to go down in style. One with nothing is insane in dredge though :D
Reanimator in Legacy could benefit insanely well from this card if I'm not mistaken.
wocathoden (21 days ago)
I could win with that. I mean, it would take some doing, but I'm sure I could win with that.
Skandranon Banefire (21 days ago)
after seeing one with nothing, i began thinking of ways i can combo off of it with my reanimator deck.
Phillip Mele (22 days ago)
The great thing about naming Borborygmos is that you can still have Borborygmos Enraged in your deck.
core magnum (23 days ago)
if someone does that turn one combo suicide to me i'd give them the win, go home, then re-think my life choices.
Rik Jones (24 days ago)
I really wished I understood everything you were talking about, idubbbz
Zanjistic (25 days ago)
What's sad is that the suicide combo reminded me a lot of a deck I made to try to win off of Barren Glory...
jack legends (26 days ago)
I run this on my Golgari undergrowth deck. Very good card, especially with a late game full creature hand and revival card on play.
NotRegret (26 days ago)
Bad cards exist and are more likely to happen in the lower rarities entirely to sell more boosters. Most common and uncommon slots feature cards which are either strictly worst than other cards or feature massive disadvantages for only minor advantages compared to other cards.
Marcel Mcqueen (27 days ago)
Put that card in yugioh and you’ll get to irk every turn
TheErmac (27 days ago)
If infernity had a card like this, they would love it.
UqS SaMz (28 days ago)
Your content is so good, I don't even play magic I'm a hearthstone player but your videos are really enjoyable, keep it up!.
Philose Hilopse (29 days ago)
Cliff Rhodes (29 days ago)
As a Yugioh player, I find this card to be utterly ridiculous in the way most people who don’t know Yugioh would never think of. In Yugioh we have the Dark World archetype who get effects by being discarded, with the most useful ranging from summoning themselves to drawing cards, some with additional effects if they were specifically by opponent’s cards (e.g. drawing an additional card). The problem in Yugioh is that being discarded as a cost for another effect such as the card Lightning Vortex (Discard 1 card to destroy all face up monsters your opponent control) does NOT allow for Dark World monsters effects to go off. If this card were to be printed in Yugioh with the mana cost likely being replaced by a Life Point cost, it would most certainly be banned because of the interactions with Dark Worlds likely making them Tier 0. In addition to that, if you REALLY want to stretch it, we also have something called Mystical Refpanel, which allows for a card that targets a player to affect the OTHER player. In other words, as it’s an Instant and can be played on your opponent’s turn like a Quick Play Spell Card, you could activate One With Nothing and then Refpanel after your opponent draws for the turn to make them discard everything, which would kill quite a few strategies aside from Dark Worlds of course leaving them often with nothing to do but to just pass.
WarframerGaming (1 month ago)
You need this card for barren glory to work.
Bashman20 (1 month ago)
this deck needs a mcthun in so its a turn one win
Allen Gerchman (1 month ago)
Who says this is a bad card. It’s prolly the strongest Uno card ever.
UltraWeebMaster (8 days ago)
Plays a +4, calls uno; “In response...”
Andrew Hunter (8 days ago)
Uno with nothing
Adam D (1 month ago)
You can put this on an isochron Sceptre in a damia deck to keep your graveyard stuffed (if your edh deck wants that) and your hand full.
Shade Collins (1 month ago)
Fake Name (1 month ago)
Wait, it actually would be really useful In a Laboratory Fiend Deck.
raiynen (1 month ago)
I feel like Rakdos or Jund with experimental frenzy and a bunch of graveyard play would benefit massively from this card given what the new block is putting out.
nharviala (1 month ago)
Isn't One With Nothing the second best at what it does, behind Lion's Eye Diamond which does the same thing, but for no mana, and gives some back?
yugimumoto1 (1 month ago)
Meren of clan nel Toth?
Boom Ket (1 month ago)
Can you this card with hollow one
michaelkeha (1 month ago)
It makes a fantastic mass madness enabler and if you build your deck around life gain Angel's Mercy is a fantastic card to further put you in the unkilliable life total direction also it triggers the fuck out of burn players when they just burned 2 bolts for fuck all
Ean Arendt (1 month ago)
The only good use i cant think of for this card is using it in tandem with Hivemind
Michael Kenis (1 month ago)
it works well with muldrotha
Joshua Martin (1 month ago)
Playable in reanimated?
That_0ne_Gamer (1 month ago)
thanks for making me want to make a suicide deck
TheKrensada (1 month ago)
Your hand is filled with this card and a bunch of when this card enters the graveyard activations. Like your whole deck is based on utilizing your graveyard. For example. You have a card in your hand that says when this card enters the graveyard destroy target tapped creature. Or another that says draw a card or one that gives +1 to each monster inbyour battlefield.
Spoonis (1 month ago)
I've watched this video so many times.
Scubadog (1 month ago)
I don't even play magic but this was very relaxing.
David Davidson (1 month ago)
"When Cards Go Bad" - We have to print this 4/5 vanilla for 5 mana so that new players can recognize that a 6/6 with flying trample and "pay 2 life to surveil 2" for 5 mana is better than a 4/5 vanilla for 5 mana. Oh by the way you have to open a shitton of packs to get the 6/6 flyer but trust us, all those 4/5 vanillas you open along the way will teach you a truly valuable lesson about how shitty your cards are until you pay us more money.
Itanimulli (1 month ago)
Add Barren Glory into that suicide plan somehow and you’ve got a winning combo
RayZhaTV (1 month ago)
isn't that one of the reasons we love magic? for almost every rule there's at least one card out there that tells you to break it. there are so many cards that look super bad, but allow you to pull off some really sick combos if used the right way. i think we need more cards like one with nothing.
Joseph Rivera (1 month ago)
I built a Tibalt deck for legacy, which is actually solid, perhaps I'll try to build something wacky with this.
demrifnoC itanimullI (1 month ago)
I feel like this could maybe be good if you had a black and green deck with like a Tarmoghoyf in there or something and just pile up a bunch of cards in your graveyard and throw this nigga out with like 23/24 or something.
Alex Schwartz (1 month ago)
Its a running joke in my playgroup to tell everyone to target the player who played a life gain land because they are "winning"
brainman67 (1 month ago)
One thing about card games is how does the player know which card to use when facing an opponent my guess is random if playing with friends another is a preset type of deck i mean if you are playing 100 cards then you could put it in but i am unsurr
Trick Trade (1 month ago)
... useless? Hold my library *five seconds later* Done grizzly survivor, have it out, ditch your hole hand, give it plus 4 on a low scale and plus 14 on a good day
Olly Wood (1 month ago)
Barren Glory anyone? :/
Kai Na (1 month ago)
2:48 I love this card's flavor text
Ricky Williams (1 month ago)
I mean really u could sideboard it with a reanimate deck just to get cards out of ur hand and into ur graveyard
Oatmeal Gamer (1 month ago)
Why would anyone ever underestimate Graveyard power, even removing the entirety of your first hand? Basically any zone on the bored is a resource point....
Macon Glass (1 month ago)
actually the  best card card is called metallic fury lvl19 above wizard spell card which is limited edition 1989
VGJustice (1 month ago)
I see weird edge-case combo potential for One With Nothing. New Undergrowth decks could get some weird benefit from it, pitching your hand while an Undergrowth creature is on the stack. Still, feels too jank to be really viable. Which I guess is the lesson we're to learn.
The Egg (1 month ago)
I can only suspend my disbelief so far dog. Friends? Pssh.
joshua smith (1 month ago)
Ok so I run one with nothing in my stall EDH deck. It has ensnaring bridge that I use to slow the game. I keep one with nothing main board to keep my hand size small and prevent forced draw effects letting big monsters through. I think that’s the only use of this card other then helping gibbering Maness to skip your upkeep.
Leonardo Garcia (1 month ago)
actually this a good card for my eltrich deck
Tom Kiraly (1 month ago)
your intro described me exactly. I am brand new at Magic and the prerelease yesterday was the first Magic event I ever did.
pixlion (1 month ago)
I’m going to buy that combo then have it exclusively as all my sideboards
umbaupause (1 month ago)
To be honest, if I was R&D, I'd wanna come up with a zany and outright garbage card idea, just to see if people will use it in a deck, and if it works there. That's super fun.
Mr. Vidja Gamez (1 month ago)
I use to use Mortal Combat when I played (20 creatures in graveyard = you win the game) and this sounds like it would be a super useful card.
lukesta12 (1 month ago)
This is a really chill video, Im feeling it alot
Ajn Subb (1 month ago)
False Cure your opponent, then smack him with angels mercy for the cheesy win lol
A Triggered Penguin (1 month ago)
the editing on this video makes me hard.
Rhinoman85 (1 month ago)
Can someone PLEASE send me the cardlist for that suicide deck so i can make it.
Marconzilla (1 month ago)
whats wrong with angel's mercy?
Stage Lights (1 month ago)
*print this bad boy*
Mr. T (1 month ago)
You know what? This card is amazing for madness and flashback based decks!
FriendOfTheCats (1 month ago)
I used to play a special challenge with my friends : everyone looks through their collection and build a deck with the worst cards they have . Then we exchanged our build decks ,played and tried our best not to loose :D
Matthew Berg (1 month ago)
Honestly, as long as Breakthrough is legal in a format, OWN will never be useful. Being instant speed is not as good as drawing 4 extra cards.
DjinnGazoo (1 month ago)
Its allways cool if you make a Deck with cards noone wanna play and you own all the lame meta decks with it... I had this moments so much times in the past. before magic makes the biggest misstakes in this Game... Print fking Planeswalkers! After Planeswalker --- Magic the Gathering starts to suck!
MeeM MaM (1 month ago)
Wait, so what's the problem with Angel's Mercy? I never played this game but recovering health sounds like a good deal Edit: WAIT, so One With Nothing it's a combo breaker that can ensure victory but it's unplayable? Stick to one side!
JJuiceSaft (1 month ago)
If you were to use this card with the desecrated tomb card and a graveyard focused or embalm deck, its an easy way of stacking their effects.
metaljeffenc (1 month ago)
I built a winning tournament deck years ago (around 2011) that involved discarding your hand but for a different purpose: the idea centers around Restore Balance. if you can get your hand gone, your creatures gone, and all your lands, before restore resolves, you basically remove the opponents hand, creatures, and land too. The finale is that I also have a Greater Gargadon in suspension and I deal the final blows without any resistance from my opponent. The deck is red/white and has a mana curve of 0-2. It HAS to suspend restore turn 1 or it's useless, and gargadon must also suspend turn 2. so I just mulligan until I have those two cards, which works well cause less cards in my hand is better. Gargadon is also key because it not only is my final kill, but allows me to sac all my land and creatures the turn restore goes off. a key strategy is making sure you have the right amount of suspend counters on gargadon to set you up for the final restore turn. timing is everything. the deck requires a ton of practice. you want just enough counters to allow you to sac all your land but not activate gargadon just yet. so this is why i have a low mana curve and low amount of lands. the rest of the deck is basically control. tormods crypt is a valuable play AFTER the restore goes off. "Silence" (totally underrated card) is a great play the upkeep of the turn restore goes off, to prevent counter spells or any other mischief. Guttural response is a great sideboard and I also use that white counterspell as well. I use fury charm for a number of reasons and it really goes well in the deck. there is also some spot removal in the deck as well. white is good for that. there really isn't any other creatures except epochrasite which is great for blocking or for adding that extra final blow with gargadon. I don't worry about hand removal, like thoughtseize, too much because the idea is so wacky, they don't usually pick the right card. or if I have the first turn restore is already out and it doesn't matter. they just don't see it coming. the moral of this deck is that I was always a budget magic player and would find the value in cheaper/bad cards. the deck was a very cheap build and actually won me a tournament!
metaljeffenc (1 month ago)
also, Dust of Moments really helps to speed things up. That card has saved me so many times. it allows you to pop off the entire combo at any time. even on their end step, or say when the have tapped out of mana, which is always a good time.
metaljeffenc (1 month ago)
now I also understand there was a restore deck going around that involved cascading, but my deck is very different from those, was built long before them, and has a totally different strategy.
metaljeffenc (1 month ago)
now I understand my deck doesn't have much in the way of discarding, but I think it represents the spirit of what this video was about. Now I'm sure some of you are already devising ways you can add black to this deck and use one with nothing. I had tried many vcersions of the deck but found less colors was better and that discard was not needed with the low mana curve.
metaljeffenc (1 month ago)
I forgot to mention I use faithless looting. helps to discard but also helps if you really need that gargadon... usually gargadon is never affected as it sits in suspension and players rarely have an answer for it. but there have been times. anyway, faithless really helps to get you to those control cards fast. the low mana curve ensures you wont have much in your hand by the time restore resolves.
metaljeffenc (1 month ago)
their only hope is that they have a spot removal for one mana and that they draw that one mana and the removal in the next two turns, which is like winning the lotto. it has only happened to me once or twice.
Drake V.S. The World (1 month ago)
He put Break Through The Line in a section on forgettable cards when I literally built a whole deck around using it on small creatures and fire-breathing them to deal lots of damage and then flinging them to deal like, 18 damage in one turn...
u look like idubbz
Joshua Benoit (1 month ago)
One with nothing works fantastic with a "madness" deck, allowing someone to pay one Mana to discard their entire hand and cast the "madness" card's for a lesser value and get those cards on the battlefield. Just my thoughts.
CSFTW (2 months ago)
Mana Bonds, Treasure Hunt, One with Nothing, Past in Flames, Bloodghast and then fill with flashback, madness.
CSFTW (2 months ago)
I assume some form of Vamp type but the guttersnipe way does come to thought with like phyrexian mana probe and gut shot made that deck once it was a blast

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