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Magic's Best Worst Card

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Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
You can watch all of my Card Study videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg9H9LJ2OoGCCYg3JKL3Flcazk3Sz51Fu
Caelan Masters (4 months ago)
I just wanted to mention this card is good in certain situations, I find it useful in fringe decks in edh, full hand of creatures which is easy if you have green and living death with one with nothing. Living end, hold priority cast one with nothing, it all resolves and you slap inf combo. *Cough cough* Actually helpful.
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The cheese stands alone ^^
icy films (9 months ago)
Yea true but angels mercy isn't bad, gain 7 but it does make you thing you have more life than u do, so I particarically agree with u
ChaoticKreg (6 hours ago)
At 3:30 you mention a Johnny card, what did you mean by that?
Vinicius Medeiros (19 hours ago)
I have a dream... And that dream is to make that combo happen
Harlequin 314159 (2 days ago)
You final example does not really need to use One With Nothing however, thoughtseize would also work or really any other 1 mana black spell.
xImpalerx (2 days ago)
Add a bit of a twist to the most metal af suicide combo and call for a Black Lotus to be pulled from your deck, just to see the look on the other player's face.
bob dole (4 days ago)
angel's grace is a bad example
CraftyClavin (5 days ago)
I'm going to buy this card and frame it in my room
Fiddlesquid (5 days ago)
Each time I see that card : "It's such a bad card... Wait... or is it?"
torq (6 days ago)
I've never played magic but I'm really into card studies. Awesome video! I've played hearthstone for a long time and some cards in the game were so useless, but one day an expansion comes up and suddenly they become meta. Maybe not top tier, but playable. Mill rouge is my favorite deck of all time in hearthstone. What's fascinating for me is, these type of cards turn the game on it's head once they get played and the known and established match develops in a whole different way
Andrew Somers (6 days ago)
Im still glad to have won a fnm draft with 3 Angel's Mercys in my main deck. And each one played a role in victory.
TImeremortem (7 days ago)
Since One with nothing is instnat.. Use it with living death.. then throw it... if you gatherd a bunch of expensive monsters on your hand.. all of suddenly your killing everything on the board.. And throwing out your entire hand + graveyard in the game.. Just got to make sure enemy graves ain't a problem when it comes out aswell.
- twokinds - (8 days ago)
damia, sage of stone
Laurine DeLamater (9 days ago)
I use it in a deck that also uses Enter the Infinite
Bubz4420 (9 days ago)
This wouldn't be bad if you play a graveyard deck or something similar
Murkrust (9 days ago)
That suicide combo made me moist
The Smiling Toast (9 days ago)
Challenge accepted
gay osu player (10 days ago)
So, like professor sycamore in Pokemon TCG but even more op?
Joshua Blair (10 days ago)
One with nothing + ensnaring bridge?
Sai Bhorg (11 days ago)
I honestly fail 2 see how its bad. With a ral izzet viceroy deck tht could lead to a lotta damage
Lucas Watkins (11 days ago)
I like this video
Jair Morales (15 days ago)
I’m a yugioh enthusiast. I’ve never played magic but I love watching videos like this. Very informative
Winterhe4rt (15 days ago)
Lions Eye Diamond wants to be your friend.
Cerberus110Mc (15 days ago)
I am now going to make a deck that hurts peoples feelings based on this card
James A. (17 days ago)
I too was once disappointed when I pulled this card out of a pack, then again, then again. They remained buried among my stack of black rares, unusable, untradable, and not even worth the trip to the card shop to sell. Then along came the Rakdos, and everything changed. It wasn't long before I was one with nothing, perfecting the hellbent rush.
CIZC (18 days ago)
Well, even though this is a card largely neglected by players, I think it would be good friends with Tarmogoyf.
Samuel Mejia (18 days ago)
Late comment, but ever think of combining this with ensnaring bridge?
TNTyoutuber 82 (18 days ago)
One With Nothing is a card that can potentially be useful and can be used as a good strategy that works well with cards (most likely artifacts) that allow you to draw more cards. Once you get into a match (doesn't matter how far) and you get a hand of trash including One With Nothing, play One With Nothing and then retaliate the effects of it by using the artifacts you played on the board (most likely previously into the match) that allow you to draw more cards and then get more, possibly better, cards into your hand.
Pldl (14 days ago)
You discard cards to your max hand size at end of turn. It's not like hearthstone or other games where you discard at max hand size.
lord Machado (20 days ago)
I can see that working in my zombie beck. And also a mean why to keep blue decks from taking stuff from your hand
Trytoxania (20 days ago)
0:04 I don’t need to imagine, because this is accurate. Why is the life gain card so bad?
PsychotherapistDH (20 days ago)
lmao my first ever deck i made was a blue/white deck that focused on life gain and flyers.
shgecko (21 days ago)
Ok but putrid imp is 100 times better
Slammy555 (22 days ago)
I remember when ravager came out, I asked a friend if I could trade with him for his. He gave it to me, said it was a trash card. Who would want to sac an artifact for a +1/+1 counter?
mightguy99 (23 days ago)
With the commander Gyrus its actually pretty good
David Rose (23 days ago)
I don't get all the hate 'one with nothing' gets. Taking the context of it's release in 'Kamigawa' block into account, it's wonderful for fueling soulshift abilities!
Philosophy Zone (23 days ago)
I play a BW deck where I play tainted remedy and beacon of immortality, search those two up first, then I play alabaster potion for just in case, search that. So that sylvan bounty isn’t so bad if I wanted to play green. Keep in mind synergy can totally change the value of a card
Stink simply stink (24 days ago)
I saw one card that shifted a match in my favour. I made a deck around it even though I didn't (and still dont) have it. The card was debt to the deathless
Green Mario (24 days ago)
If their was a card that made you lose all but 1 life in exchange for drawing 4 cards it would be in every tournament
Tyler Emrich (25 days ago)
Technically tormad’s crypt would still be in your Graveyard 😂😂😂
babyslide (26 days ago)
Its not because it cost 1 that you absolutly need to use it first turn. I can think of many ways this could be good later in the game. Great video tho!
Keith Svenson (27 days ago)
um.... lvl8 liliana vess + one with nothing + a fist full of expensive powerful creatures= one turn giving you a bunch of expensive powerful creatures.... i'm purely a casual, and a terrible casual at that... and even i can draw a conclusion like this.
YetAnotherHollow (30 days ago)
Simply put, this is one of my personal favorite videos I've ever watched.
Jackson Wald (30 days ago)
Here’s a bigger challenge: without just scooping in response, is there a possible way for the second player to lose? One more rule to add to this to make it more interesting, no pacts.
Scuba Dragon (1 month ago)
I mulaganed down to six and scryed a reanimate on the top. I went first so no draw. I played a dark ritual into a visara seer and then one with nothing. I discarded a protean hulk in my hand. 2 turn reanimate and sac protean hulk and go infinite. :)
Jason Cotton (1 month ago)
What's the card who's art is used at 3:29?
Alec Jones (1 month ago)
That card is insanely powerful 0 turn win with cards like laboratory maniac and approach of the second sun
Jack Marino (1 month ago)
it can also be played for a resurrection deck the more things in your graveyard the more potential to get a free resurrection later.
But what is magics worst best card ?
Andrew Deady (1 month ago)
The most METAL way of losing. lmao
Dankest Bulbasuar (1 month ago)
I feel like there should be a suicide format, if you deck out or kill yourself in another way without conceding, you win.
False Pankake (1 month ago)
I run four in my madness/threshold deck
pasta and texas (1 month ago)
Coban Shaw (1 month ago)
Rosewater is an idiot.
Harvey Yates (1 month ago)
10/10 for the music at 1:08
Zthewise (1 month ago)
A card like this would be broken in other games.
Poke Hype (1 month ago)
Love if someone actually played this deck
Alex Voxel (1 month ago)
Suicide deck i guess
Cosminen (1 month ago)
My god the best way to concede the game example was GREAT!! :D
Noviar Daud (1 month ago)
i wish KOMONEY is as thoughtful as the people behind the MtG. smh
Original Wolf (1 month ago)
Something in my Mind is trying to make this card work. Isn't there a card that says, creatures with power greater than the cards in your hand can't attack you? I played Magic for God knows how long around the time this card was printed, and it somehow was the reason that i stopped. Kamigawa had numerous of those totally ridiculous useless cards, and after Mirrodin, which was somehow usable, this was a lowpoint for me at which is decided to not spent any more money for, in the end, just pretty pictures printed on cardboard. Ridiculous.
Sean B (1 month ago)
But what if it’s your last card?
Premium Fruits (1 month ago)
It's still 10 times better than sorrows path.
Timothy Booth (1 month ago)
Me with four night howlers and whip of arobos is my deck: I need it
reagan gaitens (1 month ago)
Sanguine bond, whenever you gain life, your opponent looses that much life. Faith of the devoted, whenever you cycle or discard a card, you may pay 1, if you do each opponent losses 2 life and you gain 2 life. One with nothing, discard your hand If you hand has 5 cards when you play one with nothing that's 20 damage to each opponent
Cole Zulkosky (1 month ago)
But here’s the thing, one with nothing is playable in golgari undergrowth
Krogan Popy (1 month ago)
I have a 2/2 creacture card that does 2 damage to me if it dies. I will never play this card. It sucks. But I do have four copies, and if this card becomes so rare that it has actual numerical value, I will sell one to the highest bidder. Then I will wait for the price to rise. I will have three more to sell, you see.
666NedFlanders (1 month ago)
There are plenty of cards where when you gain life your opponent loses life... it can trigger a million different things too, like adding counters onto to creatures. It could kill some one easily as the result of gaining life. And discarding your hand means you can cast things from your graveyard - very like at 0 cost. Its incredibly useful to be able to discard your hand - simply run black, mill your hand to your grave yard and cast from the grave yard with the umpteen cards that exist to do that... Your video is infuriatingly uninformed and not informative to new players whereas your opening suggests this is meant for new players, it instead misleads.
Gregory Grill (1 month ago)
7:34 suicide combo
Gregory Grill (1 month ago)
first you think life gain is the best, you lose then you understand card advantage, and win some and then you win by sacrificing everything, discarding cards, and paying lots of life, and winning more
pokelol97 (1 month ago)
1:30 song
My favorite bad card is Scornful Egotist. A 1/1 creature for CMC 8!
Lastjustice (17 days ago)
Play it with Birthing Pod, or the new Prime Speaker Vannifar and go look for a 9 mana creature after you morph it.
Emmanuel Istace (1 month ago)
This card can combo a lot. Don't see how it's bad ? For instance I play a Sliver Nauseam commander deck, the strategy is to draw my entire library with ad nauseam, play lot of rocks etc discard my hand and plays Patriarch's Bidding. This card would be perfect for me. There's no good or bad card. It's a matter of situation. Even fog, every modern player will say fog is shit and it is, but player never expect to see one. I sided two in a modern sliver deck, won game at tournament with it, the head of the opponent when all in then... nope... hahaha
Alainpbat (1 month ago)
Next time, on MTG: Depression 2mana Instant Your health total becomes 1 "Because sometimes, it's too much, man"
Hyperspace FPV (1 month ago)
Use it in Dredge in Modern.
Josiah Orm (1 month ago)
8:30 That is metal...
Nick Tauro (1 month ago)
If One with Nothing was in Yugioh, it would probably get banned.
Pasicho (1 month ago)
Funny you mentioned this. It actually just came off the ban list after several years. It’s still good and almost broken in decks that run it. Look up Card of Destruction.
Wadawada 206 (1 month ago)
Hi, im stupid and incredibly new to the game. Why is Angel's Mercy bad?
Alex Chen (1 month ago)
It's pretty much 4 mana do nothing. If your opponent played a 4 drop, they could swing at you twice and negate everything that card did. It essentially passes your turn.
Reuben Fromow (1 month ago)
So I don't play magic, but is there a way to apply this ability to your opponent?
Sylvie Alexandra (1 month ago)
control stax -ish type of decks?
XNamelessXNill (1 month ago)
Discard your hand? That's actually really good depending on the deck its in. I have a deck that 100% benifits from it.
Leonard Murray (1 month ago)
wait why wouldn't dredge use this?
Crystalgamer04 (1 month ago)
One word Muldrotha
adamhonu (1 month ago)
Dredge decks could be customized around it, at least that’s what I was thinking when I first saw it
Sabine Lesher (1 month ago)
I've never once played Magic, barely have a basic understanding of the rules, and I should be asleep. Yet, here I am, enjoying this video.
darkdrydenius (1 month ago)
you have my like for the girl video before credits XD "stop trying to make "one with nothing" happen. It's not going to happen" XDD
Justin Ambron (2 months ago)
Coming back to this video a year later, and it's still so amazingly produced. Great job.
Insert Channel name (2 months ago)
ensnaring bridge ?
Azor (2 months ago)
this could be great with hellbent cards they get buffs if u have no cards in hand so getting rid of all ur card could be handy.
Just1n Unknown. (2 months ago)
It could be good if somebody can look at ur hand and exiling something and u have two cards, one being one with nothing, it would be better for it to go to your graveyard
X (2 months ago)
Please do one on Alabaster Leech.
TaBby R (2 months ago)
would go good with an alesha commander deck
TtheWriter (2 months ago)
I dunno, it sounds like a great asset for a zombie deck, when done correctly...
Vocaloid Fan (2 months ago)
This with Tarmagoyf is nice for a turn 2 6/7
edictzero (2 months ago)
you forgot draft/sealed as a reason to make unpowerful cards
Geoffercake (2 months ago)
Worst card in magic is basic plains Change my mind
IvYeKs (2 months ago)
Foil basic plains. why? Because now you spent money on magics worst card.
SuffuFFaffiss (2 months ago)
Oh but we forget, One with Nothing is a critical part of playing "The Cheese Stands Alone"
WhenTURTLES attacK (2 months ago)
SCARAB GOD commander deck one with nothing is beautiful
Alex Biersner (2 months ago)
I remember playing against my roommate: me with my life gain deck and him with his spirit deck.
Charles Yang (2 months ago)
This is what happened when Obi Wan Kenobi fought against Darth Vader in New Hope. He realized all conflict was meaningless and became one with the force.
Vokun Zol (2 months ago)
Hollowed one with nothing

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