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Magic's Best Worst Card

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Rhystic Studies (1 year ago)
You can watch all of my Card Study videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg9H9LJ2OoGCCYg3JKL3Flcazk3Sz51Fu
Don Draper (11 days ago)
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The cheese stands alone ^^
icy films (4 months ago)
Yea true but angels mercy isn't bad, gain 7 but it does make you thing you have more life than u do, so I particarically agree with u
Kristijan Nedanoski (8 months ago)
Damia, Sage of Stone EDH!!!! Finally this card has a place. I'm legit done! This has been bugging me for ages! But now that I've finally found a card that can make use of One with Nothing I can quit magic peacefully. Pure card draw in this deck, I'm surprised that every Damia commander player doesn't run it xD Even if all your cards aren't duds, with a bit of reanimation it can do the job.
Joshua Benoit (10 hours ago)
One with nothing works fantastic with a "madness" deck, allowing someone to pay one Mana to discard their entire hand and cast the "madness" card's for a lesser value and get those cards on the battlefield. Just my thoughts.
CSFTW (1 day ago)
Mana Bonds, Treasure Hunt, One with Nothing, Past in Flames, Bloodghast and then fill with flashback, madness.
CSFTW (1 day ago)
I assume some form of Vamp type but the guttersnipe way does come to thought with like phyrexian mana probe and gut shot made that deck once it was a blast
Ryan Thomas (2 days ago)
I'd love to see a card that could make this useful. Maybe something terrifyingly op, like: "(Instant, Cost 0) You pick the target of your next spell/ability. After playing this card, remove it and all its copies from your deck/graveyard/exile. Your opponent then shuffles them into their deck, and you shuffle your deck."
Marc Klein (3 days ago)
Putrid imp. *mic drop* lol I love making stuff around bad cards though so I like it. I don't think it should have taken a rare slot though.
Nathan B (4 days ago)
I once won a game due to Kaervek's spite. It was countered as well so didn't actually do anything other than destroy my side of the board. I was playing mono black and the other person had dropped a karma. I was going to take lethal on my next turn so I spited. The guy screwed up though and removed his mill options and replaced them with karma. Due to his card draw, I ended up milling him to death with draw, discard, go. EDIT: The point of that was that sometimes cards do have value when all they do is get rid of your stuff.
ArcanisMarkov (4 days ago)
wouldn't you just be able to change the target of it to an opponent with a second spell (most likely blue or red) to get rid of their hand?
JOEKURR (5 days ago)
How can i cast this on opponent?
Reuben Walter-Wilde (6 days ago)
But lions eye diamond
oinky momo (7 days ago)
any instant or sorcery with a cost of a black or a colorless would work here
Deputy F. Gills (7 days ago)
One with Nothing is looks really good with a graveborn deck
Stephan Gonzalez (7 days ago)
So I'm a Yu-Gi-Oh player mainly and have never played magic. That being said the enthusiasm you have for such a ridiculous card is completely awesome. Very quickly this became my favorite Magic card, for it's card art and for how memorable it is. Thanks for introducing me to this card I really do appreciate it
Ryan Dick (7 days ago)
Great utility for ensnaring bridge
Groofay du Breton (8 days ago)
If I played against someone who used that suicide combo, I would respond by conceding at the end of their turn, partly to spite them and partly because it's so damn good.
Ichthusk (8 days ago)
I always simply thought the artwork was hilarious
Juan López (8 days ago)
Doesn't Magic have cards that trigger when they're discarded from your hand?
Dusty 1444 (8 days ago)
Maybe this card was created especially for the turn 1 suicide "When nothing remains, everything is equally possible". In other words : "Now that you have no cards, you can stop playing and do something with your life"
Darrell Willis (8 days ago)
I love the flavor text on this card. "When nothing remains, everything is equally possible"
Andrew Miller (8 days ago)
i thout this was what you played if you find your hand full of crap.
Quinzella (9 days ago)
I mean...no card is THAT bad it's just okay, make a mill deck and have some creatures or enchantments that benefit you somehow every time a card is put into the graveyard badabing bada boom is gud
Dodge Chance (9 days ago)
Why does this video keep getting recommended to me!?
Cesar Saldivar (9 days ago)
I dont even play magic but this video is really entertaining
TheWhatify (9 days ago)
bad cards arent getting banned but cry babies get op cards banned. seems legit. to shed some light: Emrakul, the Promised End.
MrMobiusKage (9 days ago)
One with Nothing is just a fixed version of a busted card. First they had Black Lotus. Too good. Then they tried Lion's Eye Diamond. Still too good. One with Nothing then came and was just right.
Kiefer Baker (10 days ago)
One time I had a Hive Mind in play and then cast One with Nothing causing everyone to discard their hands, not only that there was a leyline of the void in play, so we never saw those cards again
cardea jackson (10 days ago)
Ooh I love this video. And I never even played magic. Wow
Zareli Noise (10 days ago)
Am I the only one that had a friend that bullied us with his Megrim deck ? (and that was even before One with nothing). That megrim deck was very strong, we had no way to counter it because enchantment destroying cards got discarded almost every time due to other cards on his deck. If he had One with Nothing, his deck would allow him to use ability cards that cause both players to discard or effects that cause this periodically every turn cycle. Back then the only way we knew to play against was with a cheap counterspell blue deck (which I always refused to play because it's a coward's deck, there's no beauty, no combos, no real deckbuilding), BTW I'm talking about times when the internet was a slow painful mess and Magic websites were very rudimentary and outdated so we had to figure it out by ourselves. I think that the internet killed Magic for me in the end because past 2005 all the information was just so readily available that it wasn't fun anymore to invent your own combos as they already existed.
Dale Stephanson (10 days ago)
The card works for Kamigawa sets w/ kami/spirit cards...and I can think of a couple situations it could be good in 'normal' decks though.
Don Draper (11 days ago)
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TheTearsOfTime (11 days ago)
*blinks* then builds a stupid deck based on this silly card. Blue black with Hivemind, Megrim, and Liliana's Caress as one of the win combos. also has the brilliant idea to put it on a stick to boot! Because redirect!
Michael McArthur (11 days ago)
What's wrong with angel' s mercy?
Philip Cools (11 days ago)
I have never played magic, but this card really reminds me of the poker hand 2-7 off-suit. It's objectively the worst possible hand. Pro players and card statistics alike will indicate that it should more or less never be played. New poker players are quick to learn the poor chances they have with this hand and therefore never play it. However, in more experienced groups you will find the occasional player taking the worst hand in the game for a bit of a ride. Through experience in the game you learn to turn the flaws of the card into a strength. The fact that it's the worst hand means no one will ever expect you to play it and you can catch players completely off guard. It's also a lot more satisfying to beat someone with the worst cards in the game than it is to beat them with the best ones. Great vid, it really made me sit back and think for a while :).
Daniel Magger (12 days ago)
Unbelievably metal, What is winning?
Tom Loman (12 days ago)
G/B madness dredge could do a thing or two with this. Put your win con into something that activates while it's in the graveyard, like Bridge from Below or splash U for two Laboratory Maniac and high dredge count cards (Grave Troll, Golgari Thug, Stinkweed Imp, Dakmor Salvage, Sideboard Necroplasm. Maybe a self-mill artifact for 3 or less). Splash white for 4 sun titans, 4 oblivion rings, and 4 unburial rites. Even then though, the card is meh in it.
The Universe (12 days ago)
like from the get go i knew that card had applications also >by default they must no they dont, thats not an argument >they arent meant for you thats implying that theyre meant for someting which >theyre designed for newer players you mean designed to take advantage of a players ignorance? >they need the right deck to be better theres a difference between a card being creative enough to build around, and shoe horning a deck to be built around a crap card >bad cards reward good players yeah because again, by taking advantage of a new guys lack of understanding of how the game works >some players enjoy hidden gems except a 3/3 for 3c1r isnt a hidden gem, its kindling for a fire. unless by "hidden gem" you mean "designed to be a poor card but instead got to see meta play" >R&D is only human thats a given, however that doesnt excuse intentionally creating a bad card
Zakki Orichalcum (12 days ago)
There should totally be a win con card that if this and all other cards you own are in Exile, you win.
keiharris332 (12 days ago)
My thoughts on why bad cards exist (I paused the video so I hope I don't just reiterate what you said...) Because when we learn what is BAD it gives us a sort of way point or at least some heuristic to know what is good! Combos aside: a terrible card points out what may seem super powerful but has glaring weaknesses. Like the life gain card you show cased. It teaches players that spending alot of mana on one card should have an increasingly strong effect per mana/color used/other downsides. 7 life gain vs the 5 life we gain from elixir of immortality shows this clearly (along with the amazing reshuffling of your grave to your deck) A new player doesn't see how the cost effectiveness of a card works till they lose because they are tapped out; even though they gained 7 life, and then take a hit for 15 to the dome ending the match. That 2 extra life was not worth the additional mana. This moment then teaches that flexibility is very important in card choice. So in conclusion I feel including these "landmine" cards helps to teach players fundamentals from the negative edge of learning: learning what is bad to see what is good
Louis Ashton (12 days ago)
Perfect to add to my shitty troll combo !!
mike long (13 days ago)
The parody of every homeless person alive
Draconic74 (13 days ago)
This is very interesting because Hearthstone's recent expansion has just released a similar card for one of the classes. Rather than discard the hand, it draws the entire deck (and with a limit of 10 cards in hand, burns everything you can't hold). This puts you into fatigue, taking increasing damage each turn, with nothing but the cards in hand and on board to win. But apparently it is actually being played. Being milled in this fashion is usually a good way to quickly lose, and there are plenty of decks in the past that have used milling the enemy as a win condition, but I'm pretty sure this is the first that does it to oneself.
Strider (13 days ago)
This card is meta when the game is in a format that allows it to be
Mr Supahpotato (13 days ago)
This card is honestly pretty good in muldrotha edh
Iniquum Iudicium (14 days ago)
"Naming Borborygmos, for example" >Picture is Borborygmos Enraged Clever!
Frontbutt88 (14 days ago)
Library of Leng works well with this card for anti-mill.
Eviyon Wygant (15 days ago)
i just learned of this card and i instantly thought it was great
Mrs. Featherbottom (15 days ago)
It’s not even fair that magic has a content creator this ambitious and competent. This is AMAZING.
David Remus (15 days ago)
Most "bad" cards are generally made when the game is in it's infancy when the creators had less creativity and no pressure of copying a card they've made before. It's the same for every card game they start simple but by gen 5 no card is "simple" they all have multiple effects and what not at some point they could add a card that switches your hand or a card with your opponents and some how forces the playing of that card who knows card games are constantly evolving.
Joseph Taylor (15 days ago)
Barren Glory. You're welcome.
Empurress (15 days ago)
All i gotta say is "The cheese stands alone" +. Either you know or you don't. ;)
Hippo (17 days ago)
I am angry that he called angel's mercy angels grace after talking about true wastes of cardboard lol.
MrTickely (17 days ago)
Its not the best at what it does - what about LED?
Consciousness (17 days ago)
I like the video, but i cant understand why anyone would pay someone money every month for a 10 minute video every 2 or 3 months. This dude doesnt need money to put together a slide show of pictures and talking. I think people have no lives and instead of investing in themselves and things to learn and progress at, they instead subscribe to hundreds of channels and pay money in the hopes of always having something to watch and combat self inflicting boredom.
Ryoma Ashikaga (11 days ago)
This just seems random 0-o
x505 (17 days ago)
You sure know a lot about life! You tell it like it is!
Rhystic Studies (17 days ago)
this is so profound. thank you for sharing.
Deconverted Man (17 days ago)
I like the idea of losing the game by removing everything from play - now, is there a card you can cast from the exiled pile for free?? :D
A Channel (18 days ago)
Screw it im still putting angels mercy in my commander
Ecuavaro (18 days ago)
Dredge :)
PAK215 (18 days ago)
I feel the biggest reason people dislike One with Nothing is because it is a rare. When thinking of bad cards that people hate, you'll likely be reminded of cards like One with Nothing, Dubious Challenge, Tree of Redemption, Tibalt, etc. People had very extreme reactions to these cards largely because they associate the card with wasted money and an attempt by Wizards to raise the value of the actual good cards. I think that, if you shifted Angel's Mercy up to rare (or, God forbid, mythic), people would talk about it negatively for years after the set it was in was released. Conversely, if you shifted One with Nothing to uncommon, people would likely remember it more as a fun curiosity rather than an attack on their intelligence (I imagine its reputation would be similar to that of Darksteel Relic). At times, it's hard to tell if Wizards is really being experimental, or if they're just trying to hide a design philosophy driven by greed rather than fun.
Ben Sherson (18 days ago)
I wouldn't say that One With Nothing is the best at what it does. Lion's Eye Diamond is clearly the best card that makes you discard your hand: it's free!
James Hess (19 days ago)
i have no idea what the hell magic is
Oneidman (19 days ago)
Um.....Ensnaring Bridge?
Teemu Myyryläinen (20 days ago)
Back in my teen years with beta^s being sold. I think that card would suited really well the meta of towers and racks being part of most decks. Idea being force both players draw huge amount of cards per turn and every card above 4 does one dmg to that player on end of turn. Was quite common to have 2 or even 3 racks early to stack damages . Tho.. now there are more often working decks and combos for cards that hard to say..... anyway... i havent played magic since then... (mid 90)
John Taylor (20 days ago)
Fuxk one with nothing. Demonic consultation. Is the best worst card
Matthew Sawczyn (20 days ago)
I think the designers were just having fun with this one.
Shrimp Bisque (21 days ago)
A card like this might be useful in Pokémon. There are some Pokémon that deal more damage the more Pokémon or Items are in your discard pile. Then again, we do have other cards that fuel the discard pile in more beneficial ways, like Professor Sycamore (discard your hand then draw seven cards) and Ultra Ball (discard two cards then pick a Pokémon of your choice from the deck and add it to your hand), so I guess we don't need a One With Nothing equivalent after all. It'd still be fun to see, though, maybe just as a gimmick card like Imakuni (confuses your own Active Pokémon).
Gebunator (21 days ago)
Michael Strouse (22 days ago)
Omfg turn 1 absolute suicide. Im building it.
Mike Warner (22 days ago)
Yo hold up I'm going to find a way to make this work in hollow one
Kevin Carter (23 days ago)
I can and will TRY to make a deck around this card
Gladius Draco (23 days ago)
I've never heard of this card... I do love magic though. Just made an information deck, that's supposed to win by knowing everything about everyone.
Ray Last (24 days ago)
Is it just me or are you forgetting to explain most of the likely consequences of the cards your describing, to the point where anyone who hasn't tried it out has no idea what you're talking about. Like first you say that this card counters that crazy death-mine card. Then you say it's impossible to use and beginners will be fooled into buying it. The you say it's mostly good for losing in a pretty impressive way. Ok, be that as it may, but now people are gonna be more confused. Anyone who doesn't already know exactly how this is going to play out in practice still won't know after watching this. And everyone who did know didn't need to watch, soooo....
Ray Last (24 days ago)
Funny, why do people think that Angel's Mercy is a great card? And one the other hand, why is it actually terrible? I never gave this card much thought before now...
Emjoria (24 days ago)
I don't even like Magic but I love card game history. Nice job.
oBerry (24 days ago)
"You are at the forefront of learning. You've battled a few dozen times..." Excuse me, what? By even just two dozen games, if you haven't learned everything, you have issues
Quentin Blondel (24 days ago)
Magic's own harakiri. Wow thx for the video. ... mindblown
jodinsan (25 days ago)
Play Ensnaring Bridge. Pass turn. Opponent declares attack. Cast One With Nothing. Laugh.
Gryflir (25 days ago)
I don't play magic but that last combo was cool
bundythegrim (25 days ago)
sooo.... One with nothing is on par with all Hearthstone legendaries is what you're saying?
Theodore Nash (25 days ago)
Have at least 10 cards in hand, and a flameblade with a phyresis on it. Swing for 10 infect!
ericb31 (25 days ago)
i've never played Magic, but i once read a couple of books about it, and a few interesting cards stuck in my mind: a monster card, i forget the name, with the weird disadvantage of life-point upkeep. that is, the OWNER loses Life Points over time while the monster is in play, and if i remember, this amount INCREASES every turn! so why use it? because it has a power rating of 6/6 and a VERY low summoning cost! it took players a while to realize how good that could be. one of the books also talked about several mistakes new players often make, like rejecting cards that damage BOTH players... "i have a wonderful strategy that's guaranteed to win in 10 rounds. the only problem is that i usually lose before that." one of the best cards, according to that book, is the "counterspell" card, that "counters target spell" for 2 blue Mana. but you need to be pretty good at bluffing to use it effectively.
ericb31 (25 days ago)
oh, i just remembered another weird card mentioned in that game: i can't remember the exact name..."glokenshpeil"? something like that, it's an icelandic word for a disaster that happens when a volcano erupts under a glacier: super-hot water shooting down a valley at VERY high speed with no warning! what the card does is to remove ALL cards from the field. BOTH SIDES. ALL summoned monsters, ALL active spells, ALL LANDS! sometimes called the "reset button" spell. just make sure you have good cards in your hand before you cast it...
Jeff C (25 days ago)
Not to mention, that "metal suicide" would also result in one mana burn.
Jonathan Gomez (26 days ago)
Library of leng, Necropo, and Zur. Fish what you need drop the rest back to the library.
Ralse (26 days ago)
The best way to end a game you can't win imo is mana burn, opponent can't stop it.
Patrick Star (26 days ago)
Ah yeah, this card reminds me a bit of kaervek's spite. 3B + Sac all your permanents and discard your hand to make your opponent lose 5 life point. I mean, on print just reading it, unless it's your opponents final 5 lp it's pure garbage, why would you ever put it in your deck. That is what i thought untill i found out about my academy rector, nice little card i never payed much attention to. When it is dead you can search an enchantment from your deck and put it in play. Back in the day, that was nothing special as enchantments were good, but not overpowered, then i noticed it's rather big price tag wondering why. Now enter barren glory, at the beginning of your upkeep if you contain no permanents except barren glory and have no cards in your hand, you win the game. Summon academy rector, use kaervek's spite at the end of your opponent turn, sac rector, get barren glory, you win. Is it cheap, well yeah, and really not really fun to play more then once in your life time, but that one time it is quite memorable.
Brandon Febres (26 days ago)
Run this with archfiend of ifnir
Afqwa (26 days ago)
I can't help but look at that card and think that it's some kind of hidden combo wonder. Like I had missed something.
nevin herren (27 days ago)
The card triggers madness galore.
Mathias Montagner (27 days ago)
Look Orcish Cannonade
Idiosyn (27 days ago)
Seriously though, 3 of these in a Madness sideboard would work well if the only or the last strat you should fit into a g2 mainboard is speeding shit along
Idiosyn (27 days ago)
Dump hand with 4 Bridges from Below. Viscera sac. Get 4 zombies for each sac.
OddJaguar15 (27 days ago)
It's funny how when I played Hearthstone when it first came out. Constantly self healing was actually a good strat because paladins had so many minions that healed them and so many good healing cards. Meanwhile in magic ateast on the MTG:A game, it seems like health is only good if it's used to do some stupid shit like have Ajani put a 50/50+ counter on something or make ajani pridemates go crazy.
InariKitsune (27 days ago)
The funniest part is the card actually works in many builds, mainly mill decks. Wipe out your deck, res your deck onto field for the cost of the res card, laugh at your enemies fighting your entire deck.
Rystic, there is also Laboratory Maniac for that last "Concede" combo. Instead of conceding, you just need an Island along with your swamp to win Turn 2 by setting down the Maniac, asking for an impossible card from your deck, and then doing anything to draw again (thus, win).
skorpionrazor (27 days ago)
Or you can replace Swamp for Lotus Petal (so no need of Sinkhole) and Tormod's Crypt for Relic of Progenitus so you can insta lose.
Kathey Ceass (27 days ago)
This card would be good in a wind grace deck
Dovahgatr (27 days ago)
Imagine something like this in yugioh. Oh god the potential.
Dovahgatr (27 days ago)
Also yes I knoe, Hand Destruction, but thats banned so ha!
Alex K (28 days ago)
This plus anything that gives you a full hand and graveyard pulls.
cat kook (28 days ago)
well, there are some cards that become more powerful bassed off of what's in your graveyard
joshawa roe (28 days ago)
Did this man say angels grace is bad?
joshawa roe (28 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣 I was gonna have to say! Ad nauseam is a top teir modern deck last time I checked!
Rhystic Studies (28 days ago)
I meant Angel's Mercy!!
Triskitout (29 days ago)
Great video
Chris Manuel (29 days ago)
It's the best card for Madness ever
Elliander Eldridge (29 days ago)
Try combining "One with Nothing" and "Rebound" to cause an opponent to discard their entire hand for 3 mana. Combining with "Divert" for a total of 2 mana can also work, but the opponent can block this if they have 2 available mana so timing is critcal with that combo. Using "Deflection" can work, but instead costs 5 mana. If you are running a 3 color deck, using "Gobling Flectomancer" means you can discard an opponent's hand for 4 mana, but the blue/black combos work best because there are also cards to reuse cards in your graveyard, meaning you can use "One with Nothing" as a major control card. My preference is to add several different ways to redirect, so I always have the required combo to make use of "One with Nothing". "Bosium Strip" would be a cheap way to play "One with Nothing" every turn, and if you have two out you can get the combo out regularly. Alternatively, add "Archeomancer" to your deck to return "One with Nothing" to your hand to keep re-using it's effect. "Back from the Brink" is an expensive enchantment that you can use to keep bringing back "Archeomancer", but it can work. If you are lucky, you can keep your opponent from playing anything fairly often. "Call to mind" is cheap sorcery that can be used to get "One with Nothing" back, effectively doubling the number of them from 4 to 8. Adding "Deja Vu" increases that again to 12. You can literally have an entire deck based around "One with Nothing" and it would be devestatingly powerful. Increase effectiveness by combining cards that let everyone draw, and mill opponents when you draw, so their hand size keeps growing. Alternatively, fill your deck with cards that return permanents to hands and then force them to be discarded completely.

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