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Mask (extended) Theme Guitar and Synth overdub

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A small tribute to my youth. I always loved this show, my brother and I used to watch it. But the theme always lacked a bit in the guitar department, so I added some guitar with a bitchin' solo (and of course a harmony) and some extra synths. Equipment used: Yamaha THR10X amp and audio interface Guitars: Jackson Soloist and Charvel So Cal VST Synths: Jupiter 9 and Oberhein OB-X
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GrumpyBear73 (1 year ago)
Omg I forgot about this
Raymond Doetjes (10 months ago)
Grumpy Network damn didn’t see this. I was in San Diego and later a weekend in Newark
GrumpyBear73 (1 year ago)
I am sorry LOL. Where you at?
Raymond Doetjes (1 year ago)
GrumpyPCer that shows your age mate ; hahahha btw I’m in your lovely country right now. Love the US
HappyStrat24 (1 year ago)
Ha ha, a trip back to one's youth is alway sweet, to matter what cheesy shit it is, right? Anyway, great playing, as always!
Raymond Doetjes (1 year ago)
HappyStrat24 yeah a bit of nostalgia never hurt :) especially 80s because some awesome theme songs were written. :)
RollingBilbao (1 year ago)
Fantastic upload my friend Raymond!!!, really nice video and song, big thumbs up from Spain and have a fantastic Weekend: Javier
Raymond Doetjes (1 year ago)
Thank you so much Javier! Big cheers and have a Nice summer Sunday

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