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All Jaina Proudmoore Cinematics - Battle for Azeroth! (Spoilers)

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All Jaina Proudmoore Cinematics - Battle for Azeroth! (Spoilers) ✌️Join the Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/M7j3QpH 🤑Support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/leysttv ❤️ Remember to subscribe and like the video! Social Media: ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/leysttv ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Leysttv/ ►Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/leysttv ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Leysttv ►Snapchat: LeystTV World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is the upcoming seventh expansion set in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, following Legion. It was announced at BlizzCon 2017 on November 3, 2017. It became available for preorder on January 30, 2018, and will be released on or before September 21, 2018. The expansion will raise the level cap from 110 to 120, introduce the Kul Tiras and Zandalar continents, add dungeons and raids, add warfronts (20-player PvE mode against opposite faction NPCs), add uncharted islands, and introduce three allied races for each the Alliance and the Horde. Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles.
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LeystTV (3 months ago)
All horde cinematics: https://youtu.be/kYoPuBJfGP4 Kul tiran race preview: https://youtu.be/1nkroi5rIPs Kul Tiran heritage armor : https://youtu.be/qWAlHqlIkyY Zandalari Troll race preview: https://youtu.be/IkkhIO3wIaE Zandalari Troll heritage armor: https://youtu.be/CNQdMWdjQh4
Mage Mana (4 months ago)
fuck the alliance
Leonardo Bouza (5 months ago)
fuck the horde :3
Warlord Ganon (10 days ago)
7:22 Jesus, so epic !
cuddleswithphan (11 days ago)
jaina is my fav female character! the flashback cutscene made me emo, especially when they showed all the people whose death she blames herself for
April Keeping (19 days ago)
GOT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS. Crying over here like a baby.
LeystTV (18 days ago)
Ye me too when i watched it :(
Azrael Strutlokov (21 days ago)
Jaina made me stop wanting to play Alliance, her pityful and disgusting self-righteousness sums up everything that´s wrong with the lore nowadays. why isn´t she dead yet?
For everyone saying they shouldve used the old blonde model for jaina in the "memories" they shouldnt. Cause theyre not memories, remember this is a realm of torment. They arent memories. Shes reliving them all one after another in her head, its like its happening allover again. THATS why they used the new model.
Saeed haghi (24 days ago)
How beauty is jaina here ... love her eyes <3
LeystTV (24 days ago)
Haha we all do :D
Saeed haghi (24 days ago)
I just wana look at her face man i think im in love with her :D
LeystTV (24 days ago)
Jaina is amazing :D
SupremeLeader Smoke (27 days ago)
Jaina is so precious 😍😍😍
LeystTV (27 days ago)
She is always a cutie :D
SupremeLeader Smoke (27 days ago)
+LeystTV yeah. Shes cute especially when she hugged Lady Katherine
LeystTV (27 days ago)
She is a beauty :D
defenderofthenorth52 (1 month ago)
She’s one of the best characters lol
LeystTV (1 month ago)
Shes awesome :D
Manuel Relgeiz (1 month ago)
I'm not Crying you are Crying!
LeystTV (1 month ago)
No no I'm not the one crying you are 😪 Emotinal cinematics
MavTuber (1 month ago)
Seems the storyline for the Alliance really is completely different from the Horde's - seems I need another character on the other side as well ...
Naveena Vice (1 month ago)
Jaina is the reason Arthas completely lost it... she betrayed him and I will never forgive her for that
Naveena Vice (1 month ago)
LeystTV it’s not just that, she never truly attempted to reach out to him; she just turned away from him knowing that will only make things worse given they’ve known each other since childhood. Arthas is a quite complex character; thanks to his father he always felt like he had to prove himself to him, to his kingdom, to everyone. He felt bested by Varian as well, despite them being friends, and was kinda jealous of him. Jains knee Arthas has inferiority complex, and she knew how her turning back on him would affect him... later on she dared saying she’s no Arthas during Garrosh’s trial. Bitch, please, you were one of the two main reasons of what happened to him. Second reason was his father and his attitude toward Arthas
LeystTV (1 month ago)
Yeah , love makes you crazy :p
Let it goooooo, let it goooooo....where is my snoooooow????
And why a mage would use a board when can portal everybody instantly? Ssssshh is WoooooooW
LeystTV (1 month ago)
Haha :D they didnt want my portals :(
Sorry, boat lol
Break the ice (1 month ago)
when she summons the fleet outta nowhere: mage op
LeystTV (1 month ago)
Mages are way too op :p
Bleex (1 month ago)
Alliances greatest hero.
Stoyan Kolarov (2 months ago)
the best part was with Arthas only bcuz of this i will like the cinematics
LeystTV (2 months ago)
Yeah Arthas made it 1000x better :D
Leeroy Jenkins (2 months ago)
I actually hate the alliance, but this one killed me
LeystTV (2 months ago)
They made these cinematics pretty emotionel
Chad Pelle (2 months ago)
7:45 Lady AssBin what are your orders..... LADY ASS-BIN!! (Ass)
travis bickle (2 months ago)
Jaina proudmoore is my wife
LeystTV (2 months ago)
No no! She is mine!! :p
Zepphyra (2 months ago)
I've always been Horde but I love Jaina
just nope (1 month ago)
+LeystTV she is too op and smart jaina is not married to no person
LeystTV (2 months ago)
Jaina is love <3 :D
Morgan A (2 months ago)
Jaina has all my UWU
Liw Vedberg (2 months ago)
damn feels <3
LeystTV (2 months ago)
Yeah the feels are real :D
crv (2 months ago)
Blizzard is spending some solid cash on this equally solid voice acting.
LeystTV (2 months ago)
The voice acting is really good imo
volkan gül (2 months ago)
Jaina all the time was bitch. I can feel you Arthas ...
Divyanshu Mishra (2 months ago)
This arthas pic has been taken from Jose bv's video.
LeystTV (2 months ago)
LeystTV (2 months ago)
Sorry but that is false mate :) The pic on the thumbnail is from the video itself (Made by blizzard) and not Jose BV - no idea who that even is.
Divyanshu Mishra (2 months ago)
LeystTV I was talking about the facial picture of Arthas in the thumbnail. That picture is from Jose BV's warcraft animations. Real warcraft pictures of Arthas, made by blizzard are not that good. 😋😘
LeystTV (2 months ago)
what are you talking about?
BladePHF (2 months ago)
What's the song that starts at 4:51?
Stefan de Jong (3 months ago)
I wonder how many people got spoilered because of this video :P
LeystTV (3 months ago)
Just dont click haha :D
Stephen Craft (3 months ago)
Fuck the alliance and fuck Sylvanas. FOR THE HORDE
Dave Bernstein (3 months ago)
when arthas talks :<
LeystTV (3 months ago)
Sonnen (3 months ago)
I’d be her wife. Jaina a bad ass.
LeystTV (3 months ago)
She is badass :D
Colleen Kelly (3 months ago)
goosebumps when arthas enters the scene
Javier Escuella (3 months ago)
Did arthas visit the salon?
LeystTV (3 months ago)
ahahaha :D
Heikki Soikkeli (3 months ago)
Anyone else notice in the beginning when Jaina got spooked and spilled the ink on the map. And the ink seems to pour ominously on top of Stormsong valley. Foreshadowing something..?
zelos1826 (3 months ago)
Holy shit. These cinematics alone almost make me want to make an Alliance character.
LeystTV (3 months ago)
The cinematics are really good :D
Akira Rose (3 months ago)
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
For WoW storytelling this is actually rather good....but compared to Warcraft III? please....thats why we need Warcraft IV, cause it could have so much more deeper and more complex storytelling than WoW ever could....much of Jaina's past and the events that took place to shape her character happened there in first place.
nickolas wishon (4 months ago)
"do you really think you can testisize your guilt so easily!"
krono13 (4 months ago)
Jaina's new look is amazing.
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
Agreed....shame she doesnt look this good in previous expansions, talk about something that would also need to be remastered.... Oh well, I hope that if there is ever going to be Warcraft IV, that we would get retold/rewritten events of WoW there with cutscenes that would look atleast this good/even better, with lots more CGI cutscenes as well...which brings me to the question, I dont think we have ever seen Jaina in CGI trailer/cinematic during 14 years of WoW have we?...then again some goes for Thrall for example... Like I said we need that Warcraft IV and we need it to continue from Warcraft III: TFT and offer superior version of storytelling and cutscenes that we got with WoW. But to Blizzard's credit, Im surprised how well they managed to create these cutscenes....then again when they dont use pre-rendered cutscenes like this, the animation/mouth movements of in-game cutscenes are rather bad....and thats where the game engine is really showing its age.
LeystTV (4 months ago)
Shes hot :D
Dovahninja (4 months ago)
"It's just... good business"
Gamer 05010 (4 months ago)
6 days what the hell
Deryl Lovecraft (4 months ago)
I gotta say I like the horde more than the allience but Kul Tiras has the best cinematics
LeystTV (4 months ago)
Yeah i love the alliance cinematics
Blaze boy (4 months ago)
The only thing we go crazy is for arthas!
DEL (4 months ago)
Never have I ever been touched to the point of tears by a sequence of conclusive cinematics. Thank you, Blizzard.
The Dude (4 months ago)
Holy shit it's Robert Baratheon
Petr Galko (4 months ago)
God.. I wish soo much for Blizzard to bring Arthas back in any way so that I could see them togerther and happy once more.. :_( <3
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
Well Im not fan of bringing them characters back alive if they have already killed them, period....like they did with Illidan.... So that is why Im talking about retcon changes in alternative timeline, if they ever decide to do them, but me and other Warcraft RTS would perfectly settle for story that just retells the events of WoW in better way, as many of us have no intention/time to play WoW and all its expansions... Anyhow the only way they could bring Arthas (and Uther) back is in some sort of form of Light, like the Kure are creatures born out of Light (in my understanding) that way they could add some bittersweet moments between Arthas and Jaina, as Arthas could be there to atone for his sins,kind of like Medivh was in Warcraft III, without actually brining him back for good.
Petr Galko (3 months ago)
+Balnazzardi I dont want them to change Arthasis story. His death is a huge part of his and Jainas story. I just hope that they will in some way, for some reason bring him back to live. Alive or as a ghost, dont really care just want him and Jaina back together. Would be an amazing twist as him somehow coming back to live would most definetley forced Sylvanas to try and kill him making her slopy and giving Saurfang a room to retake the Horde for himself. I just see Arthas as a key part to all the stories Warcraft and Wow has told so far. He is connected to pretty much all of it. Sylvanas may want to wage a war at life it self but dont tell that she would let an oportunity to capture and punish Arthas if he somehow came back, slip away?
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
@Petr Galko well you could always hope (although its very unlikely to happen) that Warcraft IV would one day retcon itself from World of Warcraft more or less and retell the events in different way....although the death of Arthas adds more tragic to his story, so thats one thing why I wouldnt exactly want him to be return alive, but I kind of wish WC IV would change somethings, like add one bittersweet moment between him and Jaina after Frostmourne is destroyed and his soul is set free. One thing is for sure WC IV could tell these events in so much more better and deeper way than WoW ever could
Petr Galko (3 months ago)
+Balnazzardi Yeah but thats not the same.. I want for him to return in the current timeline.
Balnazzardi (3 months ago)
Well you might see some extra lore added to Jaina and Arthas cutscenes in Warcraft III: Reforged...ofc thats not gonna help you much when you know that there is going to be the moment that Jaina will later regret for the rest of her life for not trying harder to stop him.
Mage Mana (4 months ago)
Beware Beware, the daughter of the sea, Beware Beware, Of me.
Sminstes (4 months ago)
There's more of her
ninja01000 (4 months ago)
does any 1 know the music at the beginning plz??
FeatherMoon (4 months ago)
u mean the song that young jaina and her father sang? that's daughter of the sea i think
Anna Beatriz Marques (4 months ago)
Doed somebody know the name of the music from the start of the vídeo ??
Brett Harrison (4 months ago)
7:20 I heard you was talkin shit
Ryu Lee (4 months ago)
Damn, first time seeing Jaina's mother. Why couldn't she be in warcraft 3 too.
Liskenstein (4 months ago)
to bare a tru love of a damned, hatred from her family, JAINA could be, WARCHIEF /horde player
swaglordYOLO (4 months ago)
Literally only here for 3 seconds of Arthas. The fact that the original protagonist of warcraft 3 is now a "background lore" character for Jaina and Sylvanas is not sitting well with me
Lordlt82 (4 months ago)
Fuck bfa give me legacy Lich king servers
LeystTV (4 months ago)
hahaha :D
kuviras lover (4 months ago)
Jaina Proudmoore is the LIGHT OF MY LIFE
Smithers Withers (4 months ago)
Seeing arthas and hearing his theme revised was pretty awesome
MrChibirobo11 (4 months ago)
7:20 gives me chills everytime i watch it
Böri Şad (4 months ago)
Arthas Must Be Return..For Lordaeron..Our eyes are always looking for him
Sam Wise (4 months ago)
Lmao Humans with beer bellys
Franek Dolas (4 months ago)
BFA - total crap !
LeystTV (4 months ago)
hopefully we get out from the beta soon lol
John Hill (4 months ago)
Not even playing WoW anymore, but nice to see Jaina get a happy ending for once.The 'come topside sweetheart' line destroyed me :)
Tudor Turturica (3 days ago)
That's simply good writing. These cinematics gave me the feels.
Mohd Amri Razlan (5 months ago)
Oh Jaina...
Krioklon (5 months ago)
Behold! Your raid boss in 8.1!
LeystTV (4 months ago)
pretty much :D
Powercore Hellscream (5 months ago)
Dead of Jaina inc
Szaka (5 months ago)
I stil regret changing faction to horde after cata.
Andy Manhoof (5 months ago)
Someone give me an irl model of Jaina!!! Want to marry alook a like :D:D
McDragoneer (5 months ago)
best girl!
Julian Marco (5 months ago)
This drama is cool and all but I hate the excuse that a mage that can lift a freaking ship in the sky can't knock out a normal human or make them shut up. Jaina should have had the power to stop her father and at least take him under her protection. I am not trying to be a flamer but I dislike this victimhood mentality that Blizzard is putting on their main female characters. Ex. Kerrigan in Starcraft blamed her war crimes on Mangsck even when she got deinfested. And now Jaina, the world's most powerful mage failed to stop her father from dying because... he told her so? This misdirection of responsibility is annoying.
Zeck (5 months ago)
Ever since Warcraft 3 I have always loved Jaina Proudmoore.
Just break the Horde up already and allow us to play indy
Ben Baxter (5 months ago)
space3010 gamemaster (5 months ago)
I almost shed a tear seeing Jaina smile again
LeystTV (5 months ago)
Was pretty emotional ye :D
Abdullah Bashmail (5 months ago)
Was that captain of one Jaina's two brothers? Just wondering.
Miki (5 months ago)
Why did Arthas will to die :"(:(
Даша З. (5 months ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying
LeystTV (5 months ago)
Hahaha xD
BestShadow (5 months ago)
6:00 when does this cutscene comes?
Anna Beatriz Marques (4 months ago)
When you finish the dungeon...Bolarus something...
Emir Yıldız (5 months ago)
Surrender your will to the cabal....
Dan Bryant (5 months ago)
These are soo good.
LeystTV (5 months ago)
They really are :D
Alex Binkley (5 months ago)
This cinematic just made switch allegiances
Copykon's Music (5 months ago)
Blizzard knocks it out of the park with the Alliance story lines.
Roberto D'Alessandro (5 months ago)
Alliance is trying to save Jaina while Horde and Zandalari are trying to save the world. Legit!
LeystTV (5 months ago)
Word :D
XplosivCookie (5 months ago)
I can't believe some of the allys are actually complaining about the Horde quests being more interesting, I've only ever played horde but I've been singing daughter of the sea so much my neighbors must know the words by now.. Jaina is pretty awesome.
XplosivCookie (5 months ago)
So do I, thanks for uploading these for me to see as well ^^
LeystTV (5 months ago)
Tbh i like both story lines :D
Kaddahn (5 months ago)
Rob Hangsti (5 months ago)
im actually fighting for the hord ... if i compare both story lines i feel very betrayed lol this is just insane !!!
Wormy (5 months ago)
It seems hope has returned... with you! *My mage who has killed Gorak'tul thrice, Liberated stormsong valley and prevented pirate attacks all over Tirigarde sound AS WELL AS saved Jaina and Kathrine standing somewhere beside the two* 'Well hi there, my name isn't exactly hope, but I'm glad to be acknowledged...
npc Dave (5 months ago)
I just noticed her apprentice that died in Theramore standing between Varian and Ronin
LeystTV (5 months ago)
Yup ^^ :D
XxChocomintsxX (5 months ago)
So alliance get the cool heart warming storyline with Jaina bringing hope... and we get Garrosh 2.0 (Sylvanas) on a murdering streak, burning innocent ppl in the tree and plaguing her own people to KILL all hope..... wow blizzard thank you for making us horde feel proud and good while playing.
LeystTV (5 months ago)
We dont even see a sylvanas story :( we see the zandalari trolls story kinda :p
Silent Offical Gaming (5 months ago)
Jaina is getting beuatiful in BFA.
Silent Offical Gaming (5 months ago)
That's right.😊
LeystTV (5 months ago)
She is very pretty ye :D
Seamus Mac Seáin (5 months ago)
The way the Kul Tiran fleet snaps into view, wreathed in the fog, lightning flashing all around...mmmmm, cinematic gold!
James Douds (5 months ago)
This Expansion had me on a nostalgia high I had to play Warcraft 3 again. I just started the Undead Campaign.
LeystTV (5 months ago)
Haha :D I played wc3 not long ago :D
Jessica Foster (5 months ago)
it's hard to tell what the whispers are saying.
Nick Lancial (5 months ago)
all I can say is I'm hoping this means that Jaina might finally start reverting to her old self because it seems we find out the reason she's been so hostile is because every choice she made ended up slapping her in the face ......abandoning Arthas at Stratholme.......stopping King Wyrnn from taking out the horde ......letting the horde kill her father ......it seems she's finally ready to forgive herself although if she's grand admiral I wonder if she'll stay in Kul'Tiras at the end of the expansion
TheDaaren (5 months ago)
mah hart....mah sole...
Valzen Vids (5 months ago)
3:50 goosebumps. LOVED Wrath.
Joe Schmit (5 months ago)
This animation is amazing, but can I also throw in how amazing the voice actor for Jaina is? Being able to voice the adult AND a very convincing child's voice?! Amazing.
James ONeail (5 months ago)
That as awesome
MrPyrilo (5 months ago)
Gotta make a statue of her! You know, like her standing triumphant over the corpses of all the people that died because of her mistakes! That would sure be grand, grand Admiral even!
luchinazo (5 months ago)
Jaine looks liek Elsa
ihavcandygetinthevan (5 months ago)
This entire city must be Arthas! Arthas doing Arthasing!
Laurence Dixon (5 months ago)
Damn that cost is sweet. Gimme

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